doppio/boss theory

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  1. Doppio's mother gave birth while in a women's only correctional facility on a remote island, after having been in prison for 2 years. She also mentioned that her husband has been dead for 2 years. This implies that she went to prison right after her husband died. Doppio has 2 personalities within him. When meeting with the fortune teller, he correctly guesses that Doppio is looking for his daughter, but then comments on how Doppio is too young to have a daughter. The boss is looking for Trish. I know it is already confirmed that the boss and Doppio are one. However, my theory is that the boss was the husband of the woman in prison. He impregnated her and transferred his consciousness to her child somehow. This would explain Doppio's double personality as well as how a child so young can have a child of their own. Both Trish and Doppio were born roughly around the same time. The fortune teller also mentioned that "the deaths of others will bring you good fortune." How can death bring good fortune? Reincarnation! The grasshopper was a very prominent figure in Doppio's arival. He mentioned multiple times that he was happy the grasshopper didn't get squished. There are plenty of old Japanese and Chinese poems and stories about grasshoppers signaling reincarnation. One theory suggest that the reason humans fear spiders so much is because we used to be grasshoppers. It would also explain why he says "my dear Doppio" so often. He talks to doppio as if he is his child. And when the child was born, there was no screaming only wide open eyes, as if the soul inhabiting the child at birth wasn't an ignorant child but rather a man that knew he has succeeded in reincarnation. The bosses ability to erase time is a little vague, so it could explain how this woman was able to become pregnant under those circumstances. Maybe he erased the eight months of time necessary to be pregnant and hid? Not too sure on that part. But I feel like the boss has to be a reincarnation of her husband. It would also explain why the cowardly kid hid his mother under the floor. It was actually the husband trying to avoid people finding out that he used some kind of stand ability on the mother to reincarnate using her body. It would also make a sort of poetic sense as to why his fate is now dying over and over again. He is a man who cheats death by reincarnating. The mother was kept alive and never shown to have died, even after the city was burned. Maybe he has to keep her alive in order to live? Like a parasite/host relationship? Hiding her under the floorboards keeps her safe from external threats and accidental death.
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