Dungeon Master in Equestria - One Shots (Mar 28)

Sep 25th, 2012
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  1. This will likely contain multiple one-shots, based on the same idea, but maybe the player ponies and the characters they play as will vary.
  2. Last updated March 28th 2013
  4. -------
  6. One-shot #1
  7. Players:
  8. Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Fluttershy
  10. "Okay Applejack, your turn."
  11. >"'bout time! Ah line up another shot to the beast's face and fir- Uh, I mean Ah use this power, Hunt's End!"
  12. "Roll 'em."
  13. >Applejack proceeds to roll a d20, somehow
  14. >16, which you both know by now is a hit
  15. >Applejack rolls the damage dice and gives you the total
  16. "Wow. Okay, the dragon roars in pain at your shot and stumbles for a moment. It's not giving up yet, but you can tell it probably won't be able to take another hit."
  17. >"Alright, way to go AJ!" Rainbow cheers
  18. "Twilight, you're up."
  19. >"Okay. So, since my character speaks draconic, I can talk to this dragon right?"
  20. "Yep."
  21. >Twilight clears her throat "It's over dragon! Let us pass and we will spare your life!"
  22. --
  23. >RD:"What? Are you serious Twilight? We need to slay this dragon, it's the only way to get into the temple!"
  24. >Twi:"You don't know that Rainbow!"
  25. >AJ:"Yeah Twi, our contact told us we had to kill it!"
  26. >Twi:"Well, maybe that's the only way he knows? It's worth a shot isn't it!?"
  27. >AJ:"Ugh. Help us out 'ere Anon!"
  28. "Hey, don't look at me. Twilight has a point, but this is up to you."
  29. >Twilight smiles at your comment
  30. "So Twilight? That's what you say to the dragon?"
  31. >"Yes!"
  32. "Okay, roll a diplomacy check."
  33. >"A.. what? I have to roll to speak to him like this?"
  34. "You're attempting to convince him to stand down, the roll basically determines if he believes you or not."
  35. >Twilight scoffs, then proceeds to roll
  37. >"A three!? Well that's no good.."
  38. "Nope. Unfortunately, the dragon just glares at you and snorts some dark smoke from it's nostrils."
  39. >"So, what, I just didn't sound convincing enough or is this dragon just ignorant?"
  40. "Haha, interpret it however you like Twilight, but the dice roll makes the decision. Sorry."
  41. >"Fine then.." she pouts
  42. "Okay, next up is.. Fluttershy..."
  43. >FS:"Oh, um.. okay.."
  44. "Are you going to do anything this time?"
  45. >"Umm.. yes, actually.."
  46. >The group turns to Fluttershy, curious that for once she actually wants to do something on her turn
  47. "Well, this dragon is hanging on by a thread, so how about dealing the final blow, eh?"
  48. >"N- no, I couldn't ki-.. *mumbles*"
  49. >AJ:"Come on Fluttershy, let's get this thang over with already!"
  50. >FS:"I.. I use.." she stutters, looking over her list of powers "Healing Word."
  51. >Twi:"On who? I don't think any of us are very hurt."
  52. >FS:"Umm.. the dragon... Anon did say he was about to die after all."
  53. >Rainbow and AJ look to Fluttershy in disgust
  54. >You can't help but chuckle
  55. >RD:"What the buck Fluttershy!? This dragon is our enemy, it tried to kill us!"
  56. >FS:"Yes, but only because you tried to enter its temple. He's only trying to protect his home.."
  57. >Fluttershy drops a d6, and Rainbow drops her jaw
  58. >RD:"Anon, how can you allow this!?"
  60. "It's not against the rules Rainbow. You'll have to convince her yourself to not be a neutral pacifist. Besides, it's things like this that make the game more interesting and fun... Well, at least for me."
  61. >FS:"So, um.. did it work?"
  62. "Yes, it doesn't seem to be a substantial boost, but he's definitely feeling better. The dragon even turns to you and speaks a few words to you in draconic, although Twilight is the only one who can understand it."
  63. >Twi:"Well, what did he say?"
  64. >You tap a finger on your forehead, giving Twilight the signal to open a telepathic link
  65. >She opens the link and smiles widely, anxious to hear what the dragon said to Fluttershy
  66. >AJ:"Oh come on Anon, we wanna hear too ya know!"
  67. "Yeah, but Twilight's character is the only one who understands it. This makes things a little more realistic, it's up to her if she wants to tell you in-game or not."
  68. ><"Well!?"> you hear Twilight's voice in your head
  69. <"Thanks. I'll make sure your death is quick and painless.">
  70. >Twilight ends the link and moves back, eyes widening
  71. >You simply laugh, as the others look on, confused
  72. "Well it looks like the dragon is ready to fight once more. Rainbow, you're up, then it's his turn. So what are you gonna do now?"
  73. >Rainbow grins "Be awesome, that's what!"
  76. ------End
  79. One-shot #2 -Continuation of the first one!
  80. New players:
  81. Pinkie Pie and Spike
  83. "Once again, you bring the Young White Dragon very near to death. It's now his turn, and he uses Frightful Presence."
  84. >You roll a d20, and it lands on.. 20!
  85. >The p0nies look on in horror; this is a skill the dragon hasn't used yet, and you just rolled a crit, so they have no idea what's about to happen
  86. "Luckily for you all, this attack does no damage. It does however stun all of you, so until the end of his next turn, none of you can do anything."
  87. >Everyp0ny gasps
  88. "The dragon manages to take flight, and begins flying away, up and in the direction of the mountain peak behind it. Since you're all stunned, another round goes by bringing it back to his turn, where he double-moves and gains quite some distance from you all."
  89. "Applejack, you're up."
  90. >AJ:"Alright, is he within range?"
  91. "Yeah, but just barely."
  92. >AJ:"Okay then Ah'l use careful attack!"
  93. >Applejack rolls a d20, and..
  94. >AJ:"A two!? Dangit, that's no good."
  95. "Nope, sorry AJ, your arrow drops way too short."
  96. "Twilight?"
  97. >Twi:"Well, I sure as heck can't hit him fr- ..hmm, wait a minute!"
  98. >Twilight begins opening books and scanning them frantically
  99. >Oh good, miss 'I've studied every book a thousand times and know all the rules and how DnD physics work' has an idea
  100. >You can't wait to hear this
  101. >Twi:"Ah-ha! Everyp0ny form a line!"
  102. >RD:"A line? What's that going to do?"
  103. >Twi:"Just trust me on this!"
  104. >Everyp0ny uses only a move-action on their turns to line up with one-another
  106. >You had a couple extra players join the game mid-battle with the dragon; Spike, who was playing a sorcerer, and Pinkie Pie, who was playing a bard
  107. >Yeah, a bard. You couldn't wait to see where this was going to go
  108. >Twilight's character hands her spare lance to Fluttershy's cleric who's standing in the back of the line, as her fighter takes the front
  109. >You can't believe what she's doing
  110. >You've heard of this massive bullshit theory before, and you're quite impressed that Twilight managed to think it up as well
  111. >AJ:"So what's the plan Twi?"
  112. >Twi:"Okay, Fluttershy, get ready to hand the lance to Applejack. Everyp0ny else, ready an action to pass the lance to the next p0ny in line as soon as you get it. My readied action will be to throw the lance at the Dragon!"
  113. >Everyp0ny looks on at Twilight in mass confusion
  114. >Yep, she was doing it alright
  115. >Twi:"Okay Anon, you got all that?"
  116. "Yep. Oh by the way, it won't work."
  117. >Twi:"What? But I haven't even told you everything yet!"
  118. "Yeah well, people in my world have tried the exact same thing before. The game physics only go so fa-"
  119. >Twi:"But since we all readied an action, the lance will pass all the way down the line to me in just a couple seconds right? So it'll be traveling pretty fast, and when it gets to me, I'll send it shooting into the sky! It's bound to hit that dragon!"
  121. "Twilight, DnD railguns don't work. Sure, per-rules you can line up even a few hundred people and move an object from one end to the other in less than six seconds, but that doesn't mean once the last person throws it it's going to keep that momentum."
  122. >Twi:"But why not!?"
  123. *sigh* "Nowhere in the rules does it say anything about momentum. When the last person throws the item, in this case the lance, that action is the only thing that is accounted for. So you might as well just give up. Nice try and all, I give you credit for coming up with it, but it won't work."
  124. >Twilight pouts and drops her head to the table
  125. "Well, the dragon is too far away now for any of you do really do anything. So what's the plan?"
  126. >RD:"Duh, let's check out the temple."
  127. >Twilight and AJ nod in agreement
  128. "Okay, the temple is just in front of you, the entrance is sealed via a large stone door."
  129. >RD:"I'll try to push it open!"
  130. "Nothing happens."
  131. >PP:"Ooh ooh mememe!"
  132. "Okay Pinkie, wh-"
  133. >PP:"Open says me!"
  134. " say that to the door?"
  135. >PP:"Mmhmm!"
  136. "Okay, nothing happens."
  137. >Pinkie's hair deflates somehow, and she pouts in defeat
  138. >Twi:"Rainbow, you're a wizard aren't you? How about you do something like, oh I don't know, an arcana check, and see if this door is magically sealed or something?" she says sarcastically
  139. >Rainbow glares at Twilight, but tosses a d20 anyway
  140. >She gives you the result; not very high, but something
  142. "There is a magical barrier on the door; you can tell it has a simple trick to being opened, you'll just have to figure it out."
  143. >RD:"Buck that. I cast magic missile on it!"
  144. "..You sure about that?"
  145. >RD:"Yep!" she confirmed, tossing a d20 again
  146. >RD:"Alright, a 17!"
  147. "Yeah, you hit the door with a magic missile. Not that it was hard to hit or anything."
  148. >You roll a d20 of your own, much to the surprise of the party
  149. "Hmm, natural 18. Yep, that hits you."
  150. >RD:"Wait, what!?"
  151. "The magic missile is reflected back at you from the door's barrier, causing-" you roll a couple d4 "Six damage."
  152. >RD:"Not cool man!"
  153. >You chuckle at her misfortune, and are joined by AJ, Twilight, Pinkie and Spike
  154. >FS:"Umm, Anon.. Can I try something?"
  155. "Of course."
  156. >FS:"Okay.. I walk up to the door, and.. *mumble*"
  157. "What was that Fluttershy?"
  158. >FS:"Knock. I knock on the door."
  159. >A grin forms on your face
  160. >Oh Fluttershy, how you always manage to surprise everybody
  161. >Just what would they do without you?
  162. "Lucky you, the door responds and opens up."
  163. >RD:"Wha- Seriously!?"
  164. "Sometimes the simplest methods are the best. So I assume you all proceed into the temple?"
  165. >Everyp0ny nods in agreement; Fluttershy smiling at her victory and Rainbow upset at her failure
  167. ----- End
  169. One-shot 3
  170. Pretty much the same setting
  172. "Okay, you all arrive at The Prancing P0ny tavern. I assume you make your way inside?"
  173. >The p0nies around the table all nod
  174. "Seems like any old tavern. Big bar, small makeshift stage, some poker tables, and other normal tables and chairs filling the rest of the room. The place is pretty busy right now, plenty of patrons drinking and having a good time."
  175. >Twi:"Hmm, we're looking for a Kobold, correct?"
  176. "That's what you were told."
  177. >Twi:"Perception check!" Twilight shouts with way too much enthusiasm as she tosses a d20 onto the table
  178. >The dice rolls on a 1
  179. >Twi:"Darn it!"
  180. >You chuckle
  181. "Umm... something got caught in your eye as it starts watering. Guess ya can't look around quite yet."
  182. >Rainbow Dash snickers at Twilight's misfortune
  183. >"We wish to search for this, 'Kobold,' as well!" speaks Luna, rolling a d20 of her own
  184. >You always enjoyed watching Luna's dice roll across the table
  185. >She had crafted them to look transparent, and exactly like her mane and tail
  186. >They were even enchanted to the point where it looked like the design was constantly flowing; again, just like her mane and tail
  187. >The dice lands on a 16
  188. "Taking a look around, you spot a few Kobolds in the tavern. One is sitting at the bar by himself, one is sitting at a table with an Elf and a Dragonborn, and there's a group of three others at a poker table."
  189. >L:"We shall approach the one at the bar!"
  190. "Alrighty. Anyp0ny else doing anything?"
  192. >PP:"Ooh! You said there was a stage right?" Pinkie Pie asks
  193. "Yeah, though it's really just a bunch of small crates stacked up next to each other."
  194. >PP:"Then I stand up on the crate-stage-thingy with my trusty flugelhorn!"
  195. >Oh man, here it comes
  196. >Pinkie Pie jumps up onto the table, standing up on her hind-hooves
  197. >Raising one of her fore-hooves up and outward, she begins to sing
  198. >Fluttershy smiles and watches
  199. >PP:"My name is Pinkie Pie~! And I am here to stay~!"
  200. >Twilight and Applejack face-hoof while Rainbow Dash takes it a step further and plows her face into the table
  201. >PP:"I'm gonna make you smiiiile, and I, will brighten up your daaayyyyyyayayayyyyy~!"
  202. >Luna is glaring at you, un-phased by Pinkie's shenanigans
  203. "Uhh... Oh, right. So, Luna, you approach the Kobold at the bar. What do you do?"
  204. >L:"We shall... poke thy Kobold, upon his shoulder."
  205. "O-kaaayyy, sure. He turns around and glares at you, 'the fuck do ya' want?' he asks."
  206. >L:"Give us the location of Captain Coldeyes!" she shouts in a just slightly toned-down royal voice
  207. "Wh- Luna, you're not even sure this is the Kobold you're looking for. You sure you wanna do this?"
  208. >She just stares at you, eyes penetrating your very soul
  209. "Alright. He leans back and his eyes widen in surprise at first, then it looks as though he's panicking. 'Uh, sorry miss, don't know nobody bah' that name. Now if you'll kindly fuck off, I best be goin'!"
  211. >Applejack snickers at your attempt of an accent similar to hers
  212. >PP:"Cause all I really need's a smiliie, smiiile, smiiiiiiile~!"
  213. "The Kobold stands up from his seat at the bar and begins walking away."
  214. >L:"Why dost thou wish to leave with such hasty abandon? We asked thou a question!"
  215. "He ignores you and sets his sights on the front door."
  216. >RD:"Hey, I'm seein' all this right?" Rainbow Dash chimes in
  217. "Uh, sure, not like you said you were doing anything else."
  218. >RD:"Alright then I block the door before he gets there!"
  219. "Okay. The Kobold approaches you at a fast pace, 'out the way bitch!' he says
  220. >RD:"No way! The lady asked you a question, and I'm not letting you leave here until you answer it!"
  221. "'Git bent! Besides, Ah said Ah don't know nobody by that name!'"
  222. >Twi:"Anon? I'd like to roll an insight check on this Kobold!"
  223. "Okay, go for it."
  224. >Twilight tosses her d20, and it's a 15
  225. "Yeah, he's totally fuckin' lying. You can easily spot the nervousness and panic in his eyes."
  226. >Twilight giggles
  227. >Twi:"Princess Luna, you're lucky he's the one we're looking for."
  228. >Luna scoffs at Twilight, keeping her gaze on you
  229. >PP:"Just giiive me a joyful grin, griin, griiiinnnn~!"
  230. >Fucking Pinkie Pie
  231. >RD:"So you do know where he is! You know if you don't tell us, we'll have to beat it out of you!"
  232. "Rainbow, roll an intimidate check."
  233. >RD:"Wh- huh? Oh, yeah, sure."
  234. >She rolls a 9
  235. "Eh. He believes you'll try, but he's not very scared of you."
  237. >RD:"Pfft, yeah right, if it were actually me there, he'd be scared out of his mind!"
  238. "Yeah, sure." you say sarcastically as the p0nies around the table join in some laughter at Rainbow's expense
  239. >Twi:"Don't worry, just tell us what we need to know and you can be on your way. I promise!"
  240. "Do you actually promise that, Twili-" you're cut-off by Luna
  241. >L:"We place our ho- er, hands, upon this creature's shoulders and turn him to face us."
  242. "Uh, Okay."
  243. >L:"You filthy lier! If thou refuses to give us the information we seek, thou shalt be destroyed!"
  244. >AJ:"Way ta' be subtle in a public place there Princess!"
  245. >Before you have a chance to ask, Luna tosses her d20 onto the table
  246. >L:"Intimidate!"
  247. >It's a 20
  248. "Luna, you're intimidating as fuck. In fact-"
  249. >You pause for a moment, rolling a d20 of your own behind your DM screen
  250. >It lands on 3
  251. >Hmm... sure, why not
  252. "So intimidating, that he pisses his pants."
  253. >FS:"Oh my."
  254. >AJ and Rainbow chuckle
  255. >Twilight rolls her eyes
  256. >Pinkie is still fucking singing
  257. >But at least that provides a bit of a background atmosphere, even though it's inappropriate as all hell
  258. >PP:"I give a smile, I get a smile, and that's so special to me~!"
  259. "At this moment, you notice a few people around the tavern stand up and look at you all, raising weapons."
  260. >AJ:"Ah, darn-it Princess, now look what ya' did! ...Ah well, 'least now I got somethin' ta do!"
  261. >RD:"Alright, time for some action!"
  263. >Twi:"Ugh, why can't you guys ever be civil about something!?" Twilight groans in frustration
  264. >FS:"I'll just, umm.. go wait in a corner, if that's okay with you, anyway." Fluttershy stutters
  265. "Sure, whatever."
  266. >Pinkie Pie seems to be listening, but she's still singing
  267. >PP:"All I really need's a smile smile smiiile~!"
  268. >Okay, fuck this
  269. "One of the creatures that stood up is a female Minotaur in the center of the room. She picks up a halfling sitting next to her and tosses him at Pinkie Pie."
  270. >Everyp0ny stops, even Pinkie, and stares at you
  271. >Fucking FINALLY
  272. >RD:"BAAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!" Rainbow tumbles out of her chair onto the floor laughing hysterically
  273. >Rolling a d20 behind your DM screen again, it's a 5
  274. >Dammit
  275. "Lucky for you Pinkie, she missed."
  276. >You roll another d20, this one landing on 17
  277. "The Halfling sticks his landing. He produces a dagger and jumps back past you, charging at the Minotaur."
  278. >Rainbow Dash struggles to get back on her chair, still snickering
  279. >Pinkie Pie is still standing on the table, hair deflated
  280. >PP:"So... is my song- over?" she asks, pouting
  281. "Well that's up to you. But that Minotaur obviously didn't like it."
  282. >RD:"Yeah Pinkie, you should teach her a lesson!"
  283. >Pinkie obtains a devilish grin and sits back in her chair
  284. >PP:"Nop0ny ruins a Pinkie song. Let's do this!"
  285. "Alright everyp0ny, roll for initiative!"
  287. ----- End
  289. One-shot 4
  290. Essentially the same characters, setting/situation suggested by lovelymuffins. I'm kinda meh about it but I guess it works.
  292. "Okay, you're all being escorted through the castle halls and into the throne room. As you enter, you spot the Dwemer king upon his throne, seeing to the daily court. There is a short line of who you assume to be citizens awaiting their turn to address the king with their issues."
  293. >Twi:"So, I guess we get in line then?"
  294. "That's where the guards have led you. They still don't seem to trust you very well, considering you're outsiders, and not dwarves, so they decide to stick around."
  295. >RD:"Pfft, let 'em. Not like they could stop us from doing anything anyway!"
  296. >Twi:"Rainbow, knock it off! We're here to make peace, remember that!"
  297. >Rainbow Dash scoffs at Twilight, "Yeah yeah, I know, just sayin'."
  298. "As the line shortens in front of you, you notice a younger female dwemer sitting in a lesser throne adjacent to the king, a short distance away."
  299. >RD:"Oh yeah? What does she look like?"
  300. "Uhh- curious you didn't ask that about the king, but okay, hold on."
  301. >You open up your own dungeon masters guide and find an illustration of the finest looking female dwarf you've ever seen. Which really doesn't say much.
  302. >Holding it up for the group to see, they all take a gander. Rainbow's eyes widen, as if it's some extravagant thing of beauty she's never laid her eyes upon before.
  303. "Dash?"
  304. >RD:"Wh- huh?" she says as she shakes her head and brings her attention to you.
  305. "See somethin' ya like?"
  306. >RD:"What!? Uh, no, I'm just uh, not used to seeing creatures like that- yeah! It's nothin'."
  307. "Hmm..."
  308. >Rainbow has a hoof behind her head, but she spots the inquisitive look in your eyes and doesn't like it.
  309. "Dash, you had a bit to drink before coming in here right?"
  310. >RD:"Uh- yeah? Why?"
  311. "What was it, four? Five ales?"
  312. >RD:"Yeah, so what!?"
  313. "Roll a will save for me."
  314. >RD:"What? What for!?"
  315. "You're inebriated. You're party is coming up to a skill challenge, and your condition could affect it."
  317. >RD:"Wh- you gotta be kidding me!" Rainbow shouts, standing up in her chair.
  318. >Twi:"Anon? Just how is it going to affect this? We agree'd I would be the one to talk right?"
  319. "Well sure, but if one of your companions is drunk, they might but in or something. Who knows."
  320. >Twilight face-hoof's. "Oh Celestia..." she mutters.
  321. "Well?" you ask, raising an eyebrow at Rainbow Dash.
  322. >She reluctantly rolls a d20 off her hoof and onto the table.
  323. >It's a four. The female dwarfs' charisma is way higher than that, and that's good enough for you. Time to have some fun.
  324. >RD:"Oh, GREAT... So, what happens to me now, huh?"
  325. "Oh, nothing much. You just find yourself infatuated with the dwarf sitting beside the king."
  326. >RD:"WHAT!?"
  327. "Being drunk in-game, failing a roll, even showing interest out-of-game. Makes sense to me." you respond to Rainbow with a smirk.
  328. >Twilight giggles, while Applejack is trying to hold back some real laughter. Fluttershy looks a bit confused, but stays quiet as usual.
  329. "One of the guard who escorted you in leans over and whispers to you, tell you that she's the kings' daughter. He gives you a stern, disapproving look."
  330. >Applejack can't hold it anymore as she busts out into open laughter.
  331. >Rainbow raises a hoof to speak, but 'hmphs' and sits back down, defeated.
  332. "As your turn to speak to the king arrives Twilight, you can't help but notice Rainbow mumbling some things you can't understand. Also having a hard time keeping her balance."
  333. >Twi:"Oh great..."
  334. >Rainbow just glares at you.
  335. >AJ:"S'alright Twi, Ah'l hold her an' make sure she don't fall over or anything."
  336. "So you're holding onto her?"
  337. >Applejack nods.
  338. "The King address you all now."
  340. "You lot, we're not familiar with yer kind, where do ye hail from?"
  341. >Twi:"Far away, beyond the Narrow Sea, sir-"
  342. "Beyond the Narrow Sea? Ha! Good one!" you chuckle, doing your best to try and remain in character, "Don't matter where yer from anyway, what business do ya got with me?"
  343. >Twi:"Well, we're aware that you are at war with a nearby tribe of Kobolds, and we'd like to ask for a truce, on their behalf."
  344. "A truce!? Hah! They know why we're at war, they know what we want, so why send the likes of you?"
  345. >Twi:"Oh well- because your people won't let them anywhere near your kingdom?"
  346. >You glare at Twilight, who's still confident, but looking a little more nervous.
  347. "Aye, 'tis true. What do ya plan on offerin' me for this truce then, hmm? And let me tell ya first, there's only one thing I'll accept from those vermin."
  348. >Twi:"We're prepared to offer you the Heart of the Mountain."
  349. "Twilight, roll a diplomacy check."
  350. >Twi:"But- Oh, to see if he believes me right?"
  351. "Exactly. Considering you don't actually have it on you."
  352. >Twi:"Are you sure that's not a bluff check then?"
  353. "Well... I guess it could be, but you are telling the truth, so no."
  354. >Twilight lifts up a d20 with her magic, begins spinning it in mid-air and then drops it onto the table.
  355. >It bounces and rolls, landing on a-
  356. >Twi:"Oh no!!"
  357. "Well, that's a one. Critical-miss on a diplomacy check, those never end well."
  358. >Twi:"Oh come on Anon, it can't be that bad, can it!?" Twilight looks at you pleadingly.
  359. "Heh, well that depends. Rainbow, roll another will-save."
  360. >Rainbow raises an eyebrow at you again.
  361. >RD:"Just what are you scheming here Anon?"
  362. "Just hoping to have a little fun, that's all. Now roll it!"
  363. >Rainbow drops her d20 on the table. Much to your excitement, it lands on a three. Which is obviously a fail.
  364. >An evil grin forms across your face as you think of how exactly you're going to ruin this situation. When Anon's the DM, there is no mercy!
  365. "Twilight, as you begin speaking, you hear Rainbow mutter out some words of her own. Something about wanting to rut the Kings daughter."
  367. >Twilight covers her mouth with a hoof as Rainbow smashes one onto the table in protest.
  368. "Hey, don't look at me, this is the kind of game you wanted, right? Random, unpredictable, not going easy on you?"
  369. >Rainbow sits back down, glaring at you. Again.
  370. >Twilight has a look of shear horror in her eyes, watching you, waiting for you to drop the hammer.
  371. "Rainbow's words travel clearly into your ears, causing you to lose focus entirely because of your failed roll. Instead of offering the Heart of the Mountain, you say- 'We're prepared to rut your daughter.'"
  372. >Twilight's eyes shrink to pin-pricks, Rainbow is still glaring at you, Fluttershy is now covering her mouth with her hooves, and Applejack is losing it.
  373. >AJ:"Oh wait, that's bad, aint it?" Applejack asks as her laughter comes to an awkward halt.
  374. >RD:"Gee, no DUH..."
  375. "WHAT!?" you shout in your slightly-deeper voice of the king, startling the pone players.
  376. "The King stands from his throne and points at you all. "SEIZE THEM!" he shouts, as every guard in the room draws their axes and spears at you."
  377. >Twi:"Wha- No! That's not what I meant to say! We can give you the Heart of the Mountain!"
  378. >Twilight drops another d20 as she stands up in her chair and shouts to you. It rolls an eight.
  379. >She gives you the total, but it's not quite there.
  380. "The Heart of the Mountain you say? No way those vermin would give that up so easily!"
  381. >Twi:"It's true!"
  382. "Then show it to me!"
  383. >Twi:"Well, we don't have it on-"
  384. "That's what I thought. Take them away!"
  385. >RD:"Oh no, buck this, I'm not going down without a fight!"
  386. >Twi:"Rainbow, please! We can still get out of this, fighting back is only going to make things worse!"
  387. >RD:"I don't care! I gotta take my anger out on something, might as well be these goons!"
  388. >You let out a chuckle at Rainbows comment.
  389. "So. Initiative?"
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