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Lynching madness

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  1. [21:31:52] dank shredder: 3 mayors
  2. [21:31:59] dank shredder: 5 vt
  3. [21:32:02] dank shredder: 2 lynchers
  4. [21:32:12] dank shredder: 1 jester
  5. [21:32:33] dank shredder: 1 lynch bait
  8. Town:Town wins if they get the 2 lynchers lynched
  9. Lynchers:Lynchers win if they get both of their targets lynched or lynchbait get's lynched
  10. Jester:Jester wins if they get lynched however if they get lynched the game dosen't end.When they get lynched and win they can kill someone in the day.
  12. There are no nights in this format.
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