Achieve vs Eamon (4/21/2021)

Apr 21st, 2021
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  1. Eamon vs Achieve
  2. (Early April 2021)
  4. R1:
  5. Both fighters set themselves up to start moving at each other with vigor from the start; but, Eamon beats Achieve to the punch and jumps in aggressively.
  6. Eamon shifts his weight from what seemed to be a front kick motion into a fast jab while moving his head off the center line.
  7. Achieve uses a gallop type motion to pump his right leg up whilst Eamon is moving into position to then convert his punch into a long hook to the body.
  8. Eamon's stabs into Achieve's body with a subtle impact while Achieve counters with a lead knee to the armpit/upper rib/shoulder area of Eamon's body.
  9. Eamon utilizes the pull of the left arm still driving into Achieve's body to then counter sling from his last position and throw a right punch.
  10. Achieve lands a weak stiff arm hammerfist to Eamon's head whilst Eamon lands his right hook to the upper left rib area of Achieve with vigor.
  11. This exchange causes Achieve to step back whilst Eamon steps to the side to restance and launch to a spinning hook kick.
  12. Eamon then shows a tornado kick fake to then jump off the octagon wall to land a left hook to the back of the head of Achieve.
  13. Achieve keeps good stability and poise throughout the exchange. Stepping back only to reset the distance with a punch to the chest while Eamon steps back into his stance, punching.
  14. Eamon throws a left hook to the guard of Achieve and begins a motion for the right follow up but stops it short as he realizes he's not in range yet.
  15. Achieve attempts to probe with a jab but is deflected by Eamon's guard.
  16. Achieve begins to duck down and start moving but is stopped by a front kick from Eamon and is forced to guard it.
  17. In some sort of a weird situation, Achieve's right hand sticks into Eamon's left foot as he tries to catch it for a takedown.
  18. As Achieve pulls it up to perhaps try to topple Eamon over and punch, Eamon escapes Achieve's grip and kicks him in the right side of the face.
  19. Achieve continues to plow through Eamon in order to drive him towards the ground.
  20. However, Achieve does not follow when Eamon is on the ground. Perhaps, he forgot the controls as he attempted to do a WWE style drop kick at the end through Eamon's guard.
  22. 10-9 Eamon
  23. It is a bit hard to ignore Eamon's efforts this round to push the pace and get in Achieve's face to do significant damage. Aggressively jumping in and giving Achieve two for his one at the very beginning and winning the center positioning of the octagon. Even when he begun spinning, he played off of it and built a progression to use the spins to set up meaningful strikes.
  24. The takedown at the end is valid; however, there was no control of any positioning or intelligent striking on the ground for Achieve after the takedown.
  26. R2:
  27. Both fighters start off a bit more tenatively this round. Achieve aggressively throws his kick out but is checked by Eamon.
  28. Both fighters restance and hand fight in transition until Eamon is the first one to make meaningful contact with his left jab to square center of Achieve's face.
  29. Eamon sets himself backwards and begins lowering his stance as Achieve pursues.
  30. Achieve finds an opening above the defensive traffic Eamon is putting out and jabs in the empty space towards the right eye of Eamon.
  31. Achieve shows a right cross but does not step into punching range, Eamon attempts to counter the right cross with a left kick but makes light contact with the tip and side of his foot against the chest area of Achieve.
  32. Both fighters restance
  33. Achieve begins a left punch but is parried by Eamon.
  34. Eamon throws a right kick that toe taps Achieve. Achieve throws a counter low kick that makes very meaningful impact as Eamon places his right leg back down.
  35. Eamon throws another right kick but again toe taps Eamon's chest area, not making meaningful impact.
  36. Eamon steps back while Achieve pursues with a right high kick to Eamon's guard followed by a left high kick that is out of range as Eamon resets the distance.
  37. As Achieve is forced to step back in and restance, he throws out a left jab as Eamon begins a kicking motion.
  38. Eamon kicks across both thighs of Achieve with a vicious low kick that even Achieve acknowledges mid-fight to sell the kick at the end of the replay.
  40. 10-9 Eamon
  42. Despite not making the most impact with his kicks, Eamon did a good job of continuing to fire off kick after kick to stay in the fight and force Achieve to fight back, not giving him time to use his movement to set something up when he got into range. Achieve was able to land a devastating low kick counter to Eamon's kicks; but, Eamon was in turn able to throw an arguably equally as devastating low kick counter across both of Achieve's thighs. Punch for punch, low kick for kick, but Eamon did a great job of landing more kicks, even if they did not have the most impact, for every punch Achieve landed on Eamon's guard.
  44. R3:
  45. Achieve goes for a similar low kick setup shown in the beginning of the previous round but Eamon immediately moves towards a 360 spinning crescent kick that lands to the back of Achieve's arm and skims by his body.
  46. Achieve shifts his stance forward while Eamon keeps the distance with a framing jab until he is ready to restance and assume posture.
  47. Achieve moves in and attempts to punch on one leg to make the distance with his left side but barely misses as Eamon steps back after setting his posture straight up.
  48. Eamon then uses this step to shift weight from his left leg to his right to find the rotation for the left hook as Achieve is forced to eat it as he regains his own balance from the punch attempt.
  49. Achieve steps into a short stance and throws a left hook that lands on the guard of Eamon.
  50. Eamon throws another left hook that lands across the lower jaw/chin of Achieve.
  51. Achieve tries to counter with a right but is essentially rolled by Eamon.
  52. Achieve shows a left hook but converts it to a gripping action and throws a right knee out of the exchange as Eamon reactively ducks to prepare for the hook but is met by the knee.
  53. Eamon frames his left arm as a frame across the top of Achieve's thigh as he comes in
  54. The knee makes hard contact with the shoulder of Eamon.
  55. As Eamon is moving his head back up, Achieve uses his right collar tie to pull with Eamon as he relinquishes his left hand to convert into a hook but is met by the guard.
  56. Achieve restances and Eamon sees this as a chance to throw a right hook but Achieve responds immediately by ducking underneath the trajectory of the punch.
  57. As Achieve comes back up to find a punch, Eamon's left hook begins to fire off again but Achieve sees it and parries it with his right hand.
  58. This causes the both of them to step off backwards.
  59. Achieve is forced to squat over to stop himself from falling and to get his posture up back up while Eamon pushes off the cage in a mad dash into a jumping 540 spinning right straight arm hook into Achieve's face as Achieve attempts to duck and fall down to dodge a possible 360 kick.
  60. This lands with little impact but was pretty stylish.
  62. 10-9 Eamon
  63. It's very difficult to see this round going any other way. Eamon landed a succession of left hooks whilst Achieve arrived in the pocket to meet him with punches that were interrupted by Eamon's quickness. And when they met again in the center, it was Eamon that ended up on top.
  65. 30-27 Eamon
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