AlexanderGrey - Rarity Has a Goo Time

Jun 30th, 2015
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  1. >”Alright, here it goes…” Twilight whispers to herself in observation booth as she firmly presses her finger onto the activation button.
  2. >The machinery begins to rev up in the testing chamber while making loud, whirring hydraulic noises. The testing chamber, which is one large circular room, is lined with three evenly distributed propellers that lie parallel to the surrounding steel wall.
  3. >Beginning to spin rapidly, the beam shaped propellers orbit around the Smooze in the center of the circular chamber. They begin to rotate faster and faster as the minutes go on, eventually reaching speeds equivalent to that of a fighter jet.
  4. >The force from the rapid movement is heavily affecting the air pressure in the chamber, forcing the Smooze to spin around with the vortex of wind that is being created. Separating Twilight from the conditions in the testing chamber is a thick window of industrial plexiglass.
  5. >Twilight promptly pulls a switch, which causes a number of inward-facing panels on the propellers to emit a small electromagnetic pulse. This part of the experiment is dangerous, and can only be done correctly with the propellers moving as just the right speeds.
  6. >A brief flash of light fills the chamber as the whole laboratory shakes, bright enough to damage one’s eyes. Luckily, Twilight’s eyes are shielded from this flash by the protective lensed goggles she is wearing. Using them to shield her eyes is part of the procedure.
  7. >A second and more powerful electromagnetic pulse surges through the building as Twilight anxiously waits to see the results of the trial.
  8. >The floor shakes for a few seconds from the blast, causing Spike to lose his balance and fall over in another room. He gets back up to watch a series of ripples appear in the water in his dog bowl.
  9. >Rarity, who rests on her fainting couch that she brought over, is woken up by the blast’s vibrations.
  11. >”My goodness! What in Equestria is Twilight doing over there?” Rarity groans as she sits upright. “Is she mixing jet fuel with dynamite or something?”
  12. >Spike looks over in the direction where Twilight is experimenting.
  13. >”Is the Smooze going to be okay? I know it’s made of jelly or… something. But with the way things are sounding over there, I’m starting to get worried about it.” He proclaims.
  14. >The testing area and the waiting room that Spike and Rarity are in is only separated by a long corridor with one door on each end. The rooms that the doors lead to are the waiting room and the observation booth.
  15. >Rarity furrows her brow as she gazes down the corridor.
  16. >”I have a strong notion to go over there and find out what the devil is going on. We’re going to be late to the party if this continues any longer.” She announces as she slides off the fainting couch, stands up, and begins to walk over to the doorway. “Spike, wait here and watch my purse while I’m over there. I will return momentarily.”
  17. >”Aw, what? Why won’t you let me come with you? Wasn’t it your job to supervise me this whole time?” Complains Spike.
  18. >”It is. But I feel it’s too dangerous for you to go over there. Just stay put right here and I’ll be right back.”
  19. >”But…”
  20. >”I’m sorry, Spike. I just don’t want to risk anything happening to you while I was supposed to be watching you.”
  21. >”Well what makes it any less dangerous for you if you go over there?” Protests Spike as Rarity begins to close the door behind her.
  22. >Rarity turns to Spike one last time before gently closing the door.
  23. >”It’s nothing personal, Spike. But if I recall correctly, pets are not allowed in that area anyway.” She points out. “And one of the last things I would ever do is blatantly violate a policy. I respect rules, darling.”
  24. >And with that, Rarity shuts the door and begins to trot down the dark hallway.
  26. >She looks up to the nearing entrance to the observation booth with an expression of concern. The small window on the door is the only source of light that is filling the corridor other than ten or twelve dim lightbulbs. The bulbs are positioned along the tops of the walls and span over the length of the hallway.
  27. >On the door is a white, jaded printout of the number 3.
  28. >Silence dominates the hallway as Rarity stops right outside the door before calling for her friend. She stares blankly through the small window for a few seconds, waiting for any kind of sound to be heard.
  29. >”Twilight? Is everything okay, darling?” Rarity calls out.
  30. >The sounds of lab equipment can suddenly be heard get pushed around as Twilight works her way over to the door. Rarity watches the handle turn and the door open to reveal Twilight in her lab coat and goggles.
  31. >The reason why she would do experiments like this, especially on a night like this, is something that only Twilight can understand.
  32. >”What is it, Rarity?” Twilight asks. “It’s not time to leave yet, is it?”
  33. >Rarity looks over at the clock on the wall.
  34. >”You might want to take those goggles off and look at the time. It’s 9:32.” Rarity points out.
  35. >Twilight pulls the goggles up to her forehead and places her pencil and paper on a small clear spot on a table, the only surface that isn’t cluttered with pieces of equipment.
  36. >”Do you even have your dress on?” Rarity asks.
  37. >”Oh my goodness! I had no idea it was so late. It’s so hard to see out of those things.” Twilight gasps. “I’m sorry, wait right here. I need to go find the cute little outfit I picked out for Spike. He’s… still in the waiting room, right?”
  38. >”Yes. I told him to stay there.”
  39. >Twilight pauses for a couple of seconds and sniffs the air.
  40. >”Rarity… are you wearing that perfume again?” She asks.
  41. >Rarity lets out a sharp sigh.
  42. >”Twilight, I’ve already explained this. It makes me more… appealing to my dates.” She tells her.
  44. >”Are you sure that it is completely necessary to wear perfume like that? I mean, It’s okay to want to smell fresh or something, but I saw the advertisements for that stuff. It doesn’t take a genius to know what it’s really for.”
  45. >Rarity shrugs.
  46. >”I’m sure it’s nowhere near effective enough to literally drive a man insane. Otherwise, it would be unfit for sale.” Rarity emphasizes. “Anyway, we must hurry. The girls are probably already waiting for us!”
  47. >”Okay, I’ll be back in about five minutes tops.” Twilight informs as she removes her lab coat, uncovering the dress she’s has already been wearing underneath.
  48. >”Oh.” Rarity utters. “Well that was clever. It looks like I’m not the only one who wears my formal attire ahead of time.”
  49. >”Yeah.” Twilight responds as she carries the lab coat across the room to set it down somewhere. “Always prepared and one step ahead when it comes to- ah!”
  50. >Twilight is interrupted by the goggles fall back down to her eyes. She stumbles back for a couple of steps and collides with her chair, which rolls a little bit on its wheels before tripping Twilight to the ground.
  51. >Rarity quietly giggles as Twilight removes the goggles from her head. Trying not to further embarrass herself, Twilight places the goggles onto the nearest flat surface she can find. There is a small metal tray right next to a chute that leads to the testing chamber. The chute is most likely to be used to feed long-term test subjects without making contact with them.
  52. >”It’s quite alright. I won’t tell anyone about that, darling.” Rarity assures her. “Nobody saw that.”
  53. >Twilight blushes as she paces out of the room, trying to keep a cool grin on her face.
  54. >”Yeah, okay. I’ll… just go find Spikes outfit now. Close the door so Spike can’t get in, okay? Once I come back, I’ll knock three times and you can come out.” She says as she rushes out the door and down the hallway, still a little flummoxed.
  56. >Rarity nods and waits until she is sure that Twilight is completely out of earshot. Then, she quietly bursts out laughing.
  57. >”Aww, that poor thing.” Rarity says to herself between chuckles. “She’s always so focused on her work.”
  58. >Just at this instant, Rarity hears a clanking somewhere around the control board. She looks over to find that something had fallen into a little metal chute that connects to the testing chamber.
  59. >All of the machinery in the chamber itself has been turned off. The lights in there have been dimmed and it is hard to see into there.
  60. >She walks over to the chute, looks right into it and squints her eyes to see what lies at the bottom. Rarity peers through the chute to make out the outline of the goggles that Twilight was fumbling with a minute ago.
  61. >Luckily, there is a thick protective trapdoor at the end of the long chute that prevents the goggles from falling all the way into the testing chamber.
  62. >”Oh, come on!” Rarity grunts as she sticks her head and arm into the opening and tries to grab the goggles.
  63. >Her arm barely isn’t long enough to reach the bottom of the chute, but the goggles could still be reached with a tool or something. Rarity looks around the room to find anything that could be used to claw the goggles out.
  64. >All there is in the lab are buttons, other stationary controls, paper, clipboards, glass cups, test tubes, a couple of computers and a few locked file cabinets.
  65. >Rarity decides to try to grab ahold of it between her feet, since her legs are a bit longer than her arms. It would be inconsiderate not to retrieve Twilight’s lost piece of lab equipment for her. Without thinking to remove her high heels first, she carefully climbs onto the square metal surface, which turns out to be slightly slanted towards the opening to the chute.
  66. >The opening to the chute is just large enough for Rarity to fit. She lets herself sink in deeper before she finally feels her feet reach the goggles against the trap door.
  68. >What Rarity doesn’t realize is that her arms are pressing against the control boards on either side of the metal tray.
  69. >Right next to the chute is the button that opens the little trapdoor that allows passage between the testing chamber and the control booth. That button is pressed.
  70. >Rarity finally grabs the goggles with her feet and manages to pull herself out of the chute. She has to clamp her feet on with side of the goggles really hard to make sure they don’t fall back down the chute. After the majority of her body weight is on the outside of the chute again, Rarity tips away from the chute and stumbles to the floor with a loud thud. The goggles came tumbling down with her, but one of Rarity’s high heels came off during the process and fell back down into the chute.
  71. >”Ugh! Blast these things!” Curses Rarity as she checks her reflection in the plexiglass window to make sure her hair isn’t ruined.
  72. >She analyzes her reflection for a few seconds, and then looks down into the chute to see if her shoe actually went in there. Unfortunately, she is unable to see the trap door or the shoe this time for some reason.
  73. >Rarity begins to look around the room for the shoe, praying that it just fell to somewhere else on the floor and didn’t realize it. She expands her search to the control board and the floor below it, searching in every crevice she can find. But the shoe does not turn up anywhere.
  74. >”No… no…” Rarity begins to panic. “This can’t be happening! The party starts at 10!”
  75. >The frantic search intensifies, spreading to all over the observing booth. Rarity looks all over the place and sifts through every single piece of equipment. Eventually, ten minutes of searching passes with no success.
  76. >Why hasn’t Twilight come back yet? She said she would be back in five minutes.
  77. >Rarity slowly turns her head over to the chute that runs between the two rooms. There is an indicator on the dashboard next to the chute with the word “open” on it.
  78. >It was not lit up before.
  80. >Rarity widens her eyes as she slowly comes to terms with what happened. She is completely silent as she stares at the lit up indicator; this can only mean one thing.
  81. >There must be a door that leads to the testing chamber somewhere in the building. It’s unlikely that the Smooze got there by the chute, since it has probably been closed the entire time up until now. Rarity knows she has no time to waste.
  82. >She takes off her other shoe, exits the observation booth and sprints back down the hallway. The dull hum of the lights almost teases her as she rushes past them.
  83. >Rarity opens the door to the waiting room and enters as quickly as she can. But she finds that the room is empty and her friends are nowhere to be seen.
  84. >”Twilight? Spike?” She calls out. “Darlings, I need assistance!”
  85. >There is no answer.
  86. >Now becoming desperate, Rarity exits the waiting room through another door that leads back out to the rest of the building. But it’s Friday night, and there’s nobody else in the chemistry building at the present time.
  87. >It’s apparent that Rarity is now out of options. If she wants the shoe back, she needs to go retrieve it herself.
  88. >The looming hallways are filled with nothing but locked doors, sealed for the night and probably the weekend as well. Rarity remembers that the door to the observation booth had the number 3 on it, so all she has to do is find the door to a testing chamber with the number 3 on it.
  89. >Rarity runs through the hallways in search for the door that leads to the testing chamber that she needs. All she comes across is locked doors that lead to empty classrooms and smaller laboratories. Even the doors that lead to the stairs that go to the higher floors are locked.
  90. >Finally, Rarity approaches a gated corridor that presents a sign saying: “To Testing Chambers”. She already knows which number to look for, but that is no use if she doesn’t even have access to the door itself.
  92. >Realizing there’s nothing she can do, Rarity turns around and heads back to the observation booth where she first lost her high heel. As she wanders back, Rarity considers the size of the chute that her shoe fell down. It shouldn’t be very hard for her to climb all the way through it, given that she was able to fit her entire body and head inside of it. In Rarity’s mind, it’s worth a try.
  93. >After a couple of minutes, Rarity is back in the observation booth and glaring through the thick glass. She can barely see through the semi-translucent fog of darkness of the dim room. Seeming to coat the floor is that same green goo that the Smooze was made out of. It is evenly distributed across the room.
  94. >”Um… Mr. Smooze, sir?” Rarity says as she lightly taps on the cold glass. “Can you hear me?”
  95. >It’s hard to tell, but it looks as though the green goo that is apparently the Smooze is shifting around. It’s too dark to see if this is actually happening, but if it is, perhaps it can find the shoe and throw it up from the bottom of the chute. Then Rarity can close the trapdoor and pull the shoe back up to herself.
  96. >There is still no answer. Rarity hesitates for a number of minutes, reluctant to do what she is really hoping not to. She bites her lip, squinting back through the glass into the darkness before turning to look at the clock.
  97. >The time is 9:51. And strangely enough, Twilight and Spike have yet to return.
  98. >Rarity looks into the testing chamber, then back at the clock. Then back into the chamber. And then she looks at her own reflection, easily seeing the concern in her eyes. Rarity then looks back at the clock.
  99. >The time is now 9:52.
  101. >”Where in the world are those two?!” Rarity urgently complains to herself.
  102. >She glances back over to the open chute. And making it back up shouldn’t be too much of a problem, so long she doesn’t slip back in.
  103. >After a couple of seconds of hesitation, Rarity decides to take the chance and go for the lost high heel. She takes a deep breath and re-enters the opening of the chute, legs first. She lets herself gradually slide in and eventually finds herself holding onto the rim of the top opening with her hands.
  104. >She stays at the top of the chute for a moment, pressing her arms and legs firmly onto the sides of the walls. Perhaps it’s still possible for Twilight to come back in about 20 minutes or so; there’s no way she would just leave without even saying anything. But still, time to make it to the party on time is running out.
  105. >Rarity would have chosen to just allow herself to be a half an hour late or so, but that was if she didn’t have any alternatives like this. Besides, all she has to do and retrieve the shoe and go back up, which should take about one minute tops. The thing couldn’t have gone far.
  106. >Loosening her hold, Rarity allows herself to slide down the chute. She gradually lowers herself towards the bottom along the slant of the chute, soon making it to the rim of the open trapdoor. It right along the edge of the wall of the testing chamber, allowing Rarity to poke her head out and try to spot the shoe before getting her hooves dirty. But it’s too dark to make anything out.
  107. >”Aw… awwkay…” Rarity nervously says as she loses her usual character. “So… I’m just here to get my heel back. I… understand that might sound a bit silly to you, but…” She trails off in mid sentence.
  108. >Only a faint swishing can be heard along with Rarity’s shaky breathing.
  109. >”M…Mr. Smooze?”
  111. >The faint swishing doesn’t die down or intensify. It appears to only remain constant upon Rarity talking to it. Based on what Rarity remembers seeing of this room before, there is a lot more green goo to amount to just one Smooze in this room. In fact, there’s so much filling the bottom of the chamber, it looks more like the Smooze was cloned at least 30 times and then all of the cloned were melted and mixed together.
  112. >What did this machine do?
  113. >Without another word, Rarity rolls onto her back and slowly slides out into the chamber. She lets her bare feet make contact with the goo first. The tips of her toes meet the material. Right away, Rarity can feel some kind of electric feeling emitting from the ooze. She can almost swear that it flinched upon her touching it.
  114. >Her feet sink deeper and deeper into the goo, becoming more submerged until the floor can finally be felt. She then plants the bottom of her feet onto the floor, letting the goo rise above her ankles.
  115. >”I… just want my heel…” Rarity repeats as she gets ready to move forward.
  116. >The Smooze can still be heard softly swishing around in the chamber. Rarity takes a deep breath, then proceeds to step forward. The thick goo gives way to her shins upon her pushing it hard enough. As this takes place, Rarity scouts the surface of the Smooze, looking for her shoe.
  117. >As she wades through the Smooze, Rarity can’t help but feel uncomfortable about how it glides along the surface of her feet. She’s not sure how, but she’s getting the notion that it is somehow feeling her walk through it.
  118. >It’s almost like it is reacting to her making contact with it.
  119. >A few more seconds pass until Rarity is able to spot a banana-sized right in front of her. She hasn’t waded very far into the chamber, so it somewhat makes sense that it took such a short time to come across her shoe.
  120. >”Al… alright…” Rarity hesitantly stammers. “I’m just going to…”
  122. >Her voice fades away as she slowly reaches out towards the shoe that floats on the surface in front of her. The smooze around her can tell she’s beginning to bend down to grab something. It can sense something strange about Rarity, some sort of aroma.
  123. >It’s some sort of perfume, and it has some sort of strangely alluring trait about it.
  124. >Rarity continues to try to grab the shoe, but it’s not leaving the goo that surrounds it. Instead, it is being held tightly in place as she gets ahold of it and pulls. She doesn’t know whether separating some of the smooze from itself will hurt it or not. It feels almost as though the high heel is being pulled back and away from Rarity.
  125. >Without uttering a single word, Rarity tries to figure out what to do about this. The smooze begins to envelope the shoe deeper into its volume and push it in the direction away from her. Rarity’s shaky breathing intensifies, becoming loud enough to echo throughout the large circular room.
  126. >She takes one more step forward to regain her close distance from the shoe. The smooze feels this, beginning to swish around a little bit more than before. Rarity freezes as she hears this happen, realizing that she might be somehow agitating her green company. She doesn’t move another inch, already changing her mind about retrieving the footwear.
  127. >Rarity looks behind her towards the trapdoor. It should be about ten steps away from her if she turns around right now, but what will the smooze do once it feels her do this? Surely it will know if she’s suddenly getting closer to the exit.
  128. >A sudden soft surface can be felt on the side of Rarity’s right shin. She tries her hardest not to flinch as she turns her head downward. A small mound of the smooze can barely be seen out of the corner of Rarity’s eye. It’s starting to climb up the trunk of her shin very slowly on all sides of it, appearing to be attempting to devour the bottom of her leg.
  130. >She shivers in apprehension, taking one more desperate glance at her only escape. It seems so much further away after seeing the advances of the material that surrounds her. Rarity keeps in mind that it’s wise not to make any loud sounds or sudden movements.
  131. >Out of a sliver of fortitude, Rarity carefully turns around, trying to do it as slowly as she can as she hopes the smooze doesn’t notice. Just as she’s just about facing her exit, she can feel the other shin being reached. The lobe-shaped accumulation of goo gently slides up the skin, reaching her knee in a matter of seconds. Rarity can only pray that it doesn’t notice her shaking so hard from her poignant discomfort.
  132. >She stays as still as she can, waiting for the smooze to stop moving up her legs. It’s not certain whether it will stop or not, but the options are few.
  133. >The right leg goes forward first, ever so slowly plowing through the goo. The single step takes what feels like minutes to complete, but Rarity manages to place her bare foot back onto the floor of the chamber under the goo.
  134. >The goo on her shins starts to recede from the pulling. After a couple of seconds of pulling, the smooze begins to try to move back up again.
  135. >She glances down again, but this time right in front of her. The smooze that she gazes upon doesn’t seem to be moving as much as she can feel on her legs. Rarity then nudges her left leg forward and tries to inch forward by pulling on the grip she has with her right foot. She’s shaking uncontrollably now, and there’s no doubt in her mind that the smooze can feel it at this point.
  136. >She’s trying so hard to ignore it and walk forward, but the urge to dart away is getting too strong. She has no idea what the smooze will do if she tries to run for it. What can it do?
  137. >The one step forward is successful, but the goo creeping up Rarity’s legs is starting to get a lot more interactive. It can reshape its grip since it’s a soft collection of a substance up against another surface.
  139. >Not wasting another second, Rarity steps her legs forward through the goo, one at a time. They go through, and she moves forward a little bit more. But the exit to the chute can only feel so much further away as Rarity realizes she still has so many more steps to take.
  140. >Rarity moves her right leg forward once more, and then the left one. All she has to do is keep stepping like this in the direction of the chute and everything should be fine. She looks back up to the window to the observation booth. Twilight is still nowhere to be seen in the lit room up there. The small room up there makes the surrounding testing chamber seem so much more darker in comparison. Rarity can barely see, or even move to an extent.
  141. >And all the smooze has to do is wait and feel.
  142. >Rarity tries to move her legs forward again… they cannot move.
  143. >The surrounding goo is holding them in place, not even allowing them to rise up out of the depths. Rarity feels a shock charge through her spine as this dawns on her. She tries to pull her right leg forward again. The smooze firmly holds it in place.
  144. >”Aa-” Rarity whimpers for a half a second before silencing herself.
  145. >The two mounts of smooze start to flatten themselves and spread up to Rarity’s thighs. They gently start to push down into the flesh, feeling it give way to their pressure.
  146. >A spark of resistance possesses Rarity to slowly reach down and push the goo back down with her hands. It’s so chilling when it hits her skin.
  147. >Another bit of the smooze can suddenly be felt, but this one is working its way up Rarity’s inner thigh. She’s a lot more delicate here, and it shows in how much more prominent the goo feels against her body.
  149. >The smooze feels her trying to pull it away, and tightens its grip on her legs before trying to move up their surfaces even faster. Rarity tries to pull her legs away again, this time yanking them as hard as she can. The smooze stretches, but sticks to the legs and holds onto them tightly.
  150. >Continuing to struggle, Rarity frantically pushes down the goo on her legs that continues to advance. The hands are met with a counter grip that holds onto the fingers and tries to pull them down towards the floor. Rarity slaps away at the goo on her legs at the same time the goo starts to get on her fingers. She’s hyperventilating now. Only a few seconds pass before Rarity’s legs are restrained and become enveloped by a growing mountain of smooze that is being collected from all over the room.
  151. >It’s gathering around her.
  152. >Rarity keeps trying to break free with all of the strength she has left while the goo continues its way up the entire circumference of her thighs. The goo is making its way under the skirt of Rarity’s dress now.
  153. >It gradually creeps its way up and under, hardly being stopped by Rarity’s desperate hands. It even slides under the parts where the dress is wrapped tightly against Rarity’s skin. Rarity begins to let out whimpers of panic.
  154. >”No, stop! That’s going to leave so many stains!” Cries Rarity in a terrified voice. “Please let go of me!”
  155. >The goo spreads under the bottom of Rarity’s dress, momentarily sliding above her thighs and breaching her hips. The feeling of the slightly warm ooze forcing its way up against her panties puts a shock or urgency into Rarity and pumps a scream out of her.
  156. >She tries to swat it all away as fast as she can, but it’s just creeping up her legs in too many different places for her to push it all back down at once. Every time she forces one part down, the goo on her other leg will advance even further than it had before. And Rarity’s hands are beginning to become trapped in the smooze as well.
  158. >Rarity can only nudge herself less and less and the rest of the smooze gathers from all around towards her. She can feel it slip into the interior of her dress, searching for creases and places to slip into. It instantly finds a way to work its way up, tightly sliding against everything it passes over. It eventually reaches the rims of her panties, which are easily slipped past and infiltrated by the thick green liquid.
  159. >It all slithers under, being met with Rarity’s exceedingly panicked hands. It’s cold on the surface of Rarity’s pelvic region, chilling and shocking every new area it touches. Rarity kicks her legs and squirms around with the goo collectively coating more and more of her underneath. It brushes against her and spreads itself in every direction on her.
  160. >The smooze starts to fiddle with her, touching and feeling the tenderness of her warm body. It makes it through the small creases between the panties and Rarity’s skin, and finally get the chance to feel her ass without anything in the way. It mostly just stays still after completely enveloping her waist and crotch in it’s gooey material to enjoy what it all feels like. Rarity is held perfectly motionless from the waist down, feeling the smooze invade the surface of her figure and stick to everything it touches. She realizes she can’t get away as it further tightens its grip, and she’s at the mercy of the smooze. A few more seconds pass, but nothing else happens.
  161. >But Rarity’s absolute breaking point is reached when she can feel it slither up past her inner thighs and into her cunt that has been practically pressing against it. Alarm surges through Rarity as she feels her privates being invaded by the goo, forcing screams to escaper her lungs before she realizes it. She can barely even reach to the front lines of the invasion at this point now it’s gotten so far up her skirt.
  163. >Her screams fill the chamber to accompany the now excited smooze that starts to swish around even more energetically as it ambushes Rarity’s body underneath her dress.
  164. >But it’s already obvious what the smooze wants. Suddenly, the collection of smooze around Rarity’s legs starts to work at bending her knees. Rarity tries to stiffen her legs in attempt to keep them standing up, but her energy is running out. She knows in the back of her mind that there is nothing she can to stop the smooze from forcing her to lower herself into it.
  165. >Rarity’s entrapment is slow and steady.
  166. >She can barely move her own legs anymore; she’s been trying to break free this entire time. Now is the time for the smooze to overcome her. The goo once again begins to press the inner knees, nearly effortlessly bending them. Rarity no longer has the strength to keep her herself above the smooze.
  167. >Under the dress, the goo rises above the waistline of Rarity’s panties after completely engulfing them. It’s slithering up her sleek abdomen, reaching and passing her bellybutton in just a couple of seconds. The tingling that Rarity feels from this is terrifyingly bone chilling; it’s spreading itself up and all over her body.
  168. >Rarity tries to pound it with her fists through her clothes, but she just can’t even seem to get to it anymore. But it has already gotten to her.
  169. >The smooze inside of her dress cannot be seen, but only felt by Rarity as she watches the bulge from it’s accumulation move further and further up her abdomen. Rarity’s cheeks redden up under the tears that stream over them. Her punches onto herself die out as she realizes that it’s already too late.
  170. >With a soft splash, Rarity’s shivering knees are immersed into and under the smooze. The excited green goo clamps onto her legs from all directions, making standing back up impossible.
  172. >The smooze begins to emerge up and onto Rarity’s ass under her dress, pressing into it. It slithers up her back along the skin until it closes in on her bra strap.
  173. >Rarity is held still in her kneeling position as the goo forms extremities to wrap itself around her bra. The smooze slides itself around all over Rarity’s limber body, wrapping itself around her torso and legs with a tight hold. She lets her screams fall to nothing but defeated whimpers while she starts to feel the goo force its way under her bra cups.
  174. >The smooze is far from finished. Rarity desperately tries to break free again as she feels it seeping its way in and out of her nether region. It’s a gentle penetration, but remarkably definite as well.
  175. >She feels more and more smooze enter her, slipping its way in and filling her with its gooey softness. It holds her in place, the same kneeling position, as it softly plunges in and out. It’s so smooth and sleek and virtually just swishes back and forth.
  176. >With her arms now pretty much restrained at this point, Rarity briefly gives in and relaxes her entire body. The smooze feels this, and collects a lot of itself to the front side of her body. It pushes Rarity off of her balance and she falls over towards her back, allowing the smooze to further engulf her. As the goo continues to ungulate around inside of Rarity’s privates, it begins to squeeze onto her tits and slide around her upper body as well, finally reaching her shoulders as it seeps out of the top of her dress.
  177. >A now softly crying Rarity is arched so the middle of her torso is highest in the goo, and her knees are still bent as she leans back. But her legs are still being forced apart. Rarity can only quietly moan as she waits for all of this to be over. The smooze passionately rubs itself all over her and pulls at her dress from all angles. It starts to slide up and down along her clit, which doesn’t take long to make it quiver from the motion.
  179. >It rubs Rarity’s delicates very slowly, feeling the skin move along with it’s own sticky mass. Before trying to resist it, Rarity can feel some un-welcomed excitement in her groin.
  180. >Rarity’s dress begins to get pulled in every direction, mostly from the smooze that slithers around under it and all over Rarity’s body. It clamps onto the edges and thinner surfaces of the fabric. Seconds upon seconds pass, and Rarity can begin to hear a ripping sound. The whole world falls away from her as she realizes what is ripping.
  181. >The damp and weakening fabrics of the dress begin to give way, separating threads and portions of the cloth to give way to the goo coated body that lies underneath. It is all pushed from underneath the outfit as more goo rushes in. The lower half begins to rip first on the side of Rarity’s leg. The rip gradually spreads up the thigh and eventually makes its way to the hips, exposing the waistband to Rarity’s panties. It then starts to reveal the side of her torso, allowing more goo to slip in and invade the inside of Rarity’s dress. It all spreads around to the other side and then upwards.
  182. >The top of the dress is the next to go. It is torn at the front of the collar, spreading the gap down to slowly uncover Rarity’s cleavage. The dress was still fairly tight on this end, letting the force of her breasts pushing out aid the fabric’s ripping. The bottom of the dress is meanwhile able to start being pulled away to one side.
  183. >The goo that fondles Rarity’s genitals now lies in the open, kneading and squeezing the holes that it spreads itself upon through the extremely thin defenses of her panties. They weren’t covering much in the first place. The smooze doing this invokes a tingling throughout Rarity, who begins to shiver again in response.
  184. >Rarity’s sleek, white body is forced to be unveiled as the lower half of the dress is pulled away more and more.
  186. >Her diamond cutie mark glistens in the goo with the waistband of her panties is pulled to the point where it snaps, completely falling away from her right hip and only able to wrap around her left thigh at this point.
  187. >All straps are glided down Rarity’s slippery shoulders. The strands of fabric struggle to hold on as they are pulled apart from a now dazed Rarity. As Rarity’s bra is slipped down as well, her chest is brought out from under the tearing dress, sliding away from the cloths as it is covered in smooze.
  188. >Rarity begins to cry loudly as she realizes that there’s no way she can save the dress.
  189. >She strains with what little energy she has left, but it’s already clear it won’t do anything. She’s already been made bare from the abdomen down, and pretty much from the abdomen up, too. Rarity’s nipples are out in the open, having let everything else slip off of their slippery surface. The panties have been completely removed, leaving behind Rarity’s bare ass and pussy for as mush penetration they can take. The smooze forms dicks with its material, and finds enough momentum to ram its new extremities into Rarity. It soon comes to the point where the only part of the dress still covering Rarity is a single strand around the middle of her torso. And even that is being pulled wider and wider.
  190. >The Smooze proceeds to clutch Rarity’s crotch while entering its openings. The feeling of the goo clutching on her crotch makes Rarity tense herself, enduring the sensitivity. She can feel herself heating up while the rubbing gets harder. Something is definitely coming.
  191. >The remains of the dress are ripped to shreds and pulled away from Rarity’s body. The smooze ravages Rarity’s body with prying excitement, exploring her entire world in the grasp of its hold. Feeling this happen all over herself, Rarity shuts her eyes and begins to groan. The feeling of this goo all over her and inside of her makes her feel extraordinarily provoked.
  193. >Rarity experiences some wave of acceptance as she surrenders her nude body to the smooze that tenderly caresses it.
  194. >Her crying becomes increasingly deafening. The tears flow from her eyes and mix with the smooze that is now gliding against her cheeks. Rarity has completely given in, having nothing left to do but weep as she is violated out of any innocence she had left.
  195. >But that’s not even the worst part. The most humiliating thing that Rarity is feeling is the fact that she doesn’t want to leave. She stopped struggling because something inside her said that it didn’t want this to end. And whatever that was, it was forced out of the darkest corners of her mind and brought out to be the only thing she can think about. These sudden thoughts are strangely the most overpowering thing in the room.
  196. >Without thinking, Rarity lets out a cry that she’ll never forget herself saying.
  197. >”Please! I love you, darling!” She sputters the words out.
  198. >She jolts suddenly, feeling some kind of pulse in her body. The pulse happens again, this time spewing out a burst energy into her. And then a brief beam of energy every half second or so, emitting in spurts.
  199. >It then stops, followed by the smooze suddenly feeling like it’s mellowly melting away and out of where it was intruding Rarity.
  200. >Rarity can soon feel herself kicking her legs around in a fit of excitement. Her eyes shoot open to find that the goo that had been holding her has been loosened. It feels almost like a bath now, given that the thickness has reduced to that of water. Rarity panics, and quickly runs over to the opening to the chute without any second thought.
  201. >Rarity shakes the green goo out of her mane and off of her body and escapes into the chute before the liquid around her can reach her again. Her hands and feet are too slippery to get a good grip. She even slips back down a little bit every few seconds, but eventually makes it back to the top after a minute or so.
  203. >Rarity pokes her head out of the top opening to the chute and takes one long gasp for air. She concludes her extremely rushed escape by pulling herself out of the chute and landing on the floor below.
  204. >She sits there, blankly staring into open space. There’s no telling how long it’s going to take for her to process what has just happened to her. How long it’s going to take for it to sink in. Rarity turns her head towards the clock.
  205. >It’s 10:12pm.
  206. >Rarity glances back at the floor, now starting to imagine the smooze being all over her again. Her face contorts as her eyes fill up with tears. She buries her face into her hands and weeps while shaking violently on the floor of the observation booth.
  207. >It would have made sense for Twilight to come back and save her at some point. This is her studying area. Why didn’t she come back when Rarity was in such danger?
  208. >Rarity slowly leans over and rests onto her side.
  209. >After a minute or two, she curls up into a fetal position, not making a sound, and lies on the floor for some time. Twilight does not return at any time during this.
  210. >Eventually, Rarity stands back up on her feet, covering herself with her hands. She gradually turns over to the window.
  211. >At the bottom of the testing chamber is a bright green brew with copious amounts of steam and bubbles emitting from the surface. The dress, or what’s left of it, is nowhere to be seen in the boiling mess. Rarity glances down at the green glow, trying to convince herself that she was not just down there. That none of these events had just happened.
  212. >But strangely enough, part of her doesn’t completely want to forget. It doesn’t feel like any form of enjoyment towards what happened, but it still feels a need to keep the memory. Rarity could spend all night naming and counting the number of thoughts racing through her head right now as she stares back down at the smooze.
  214. >Rarity pokes her head out of the top opening to the chute and takes one long gasp for air. She concludes her extremely rushed escape by pulling herself out of the chute and landing on the floor below.
  215. >She sits there, blankly staring into open space. There’s no telling how long it’s going to take for her to process what has just happened to her. How long it’s going to take for it to sink in. Rarity turns her head towards the clock.
  216. >It’s 10:12pm.
  217. >Rarity glances back at the floor, now starting to imagine the smooze being all over her again. Her face contorts as her eyes fill up with tears. She buries her face into her hands and weeps while shaking violently on the floor of the observation booth.
  218. >It would have made sense for Twilight to come back and save her at some point. This is her studying area. Why didn’t she come back when Rarity was in such danger?
  219. >Rarity slowly leans over and rests onto her side.
  220. >After a minute or two, she curls up into a fetal position, not making a sound, and lies on the floor for some time. Twilight does not return at any time during this.
  221. >Eventually, Rarity stands back up on her feet, covering herself with her hands. She gradually turns over to the window.
  222. >At the bottom of the testing chamber is a bright green brew with copious amounts of steam and bubbles emitting from the surface. The dress, or what’s left of it, is nowhere to be seen in the boiling mess. Rarity glances down at the green glow, trying to convince herself that she was not just down there. That none of these events had just happened.
  223. >But strangely enough, part of her doesn’t completely want to forget. It doesn’t feel like any form of enjoyment towards what happened, but it still feels a need to keep the memory. Rarity could spend all night naming and counting the number of thoughts racing through her head right now as she stares back down at the smooze.
  225. >Rarity doesn’t want to admit this, but half of her is excited to have not been able to escape. It wants her to embrace this… strange substance and allow it to have access to her. This half wants to confess it’s newfound feelings, but it’s still confused.
  226. >The other half is too afraid to think straight.
  227. >Shutting her eyes, Rarity can feel the smooze leap onto her leg. It feels about a third of her size, and it’s fairly light. She can only hope that it will all be over quickly as she feels it spread across her body, analyzing it once again.
  228. >She doesn’t even know what to think.
  229. >…
  230. >Moments pass, but nothing appears to happen.
  231. >Rarity shoots her eyes open, still feeling the smooze all over her. But it feels… warmer and dryer. And it appears to be touching her a lot more gently. She looks down to see the green substance begin to turn to a light bluish color; the color of her previously destroyed dress.
  232. >Automatically, Rarity does not understand what is going on. She can’t believe that she’s watching the smooze literally morph into a perfect replica of her dress.
  233. >”Wha… what?” Rarity quietly gasps.
  234. >She feels something happen on the inside, startling her once more. The mimic-fabrics are beginning to rapidly shift around, mainly over her crotch and her breasts. After a few seconds, Rarity begins to comprehend what is happening under there.
  235. >The inner layers take their shape and form separate pieces of clothing. Rarity is quite skeptical, but not really in any kind of position to do something. She wants to rip it off of her, but something keeps her from doing anything at all.
  236. >”A… are you…” She stutters.
  237. >The new clothing turns warm, perhaps trying to come off as comforting. But the thing is, it feels to Rarity like it’s working. She stares at her own clothes for several minutes. She’s so skeptical, nothing really seems to be actually happening anymore.
  238. >Rarity’s first rational thought since apparently losing her mind is to go find Twilight
  240. >Seeing that she’s fully dressed, just like how she was in the first place, she leaves the hallway, passes through the waiting room and seeks her friends. Rarity walks through the hallways until she reaches the front doors. Once she gets there, she cannot believe what she sees.
  241. >Twilight and Spike are right there outside of the glass doors, sitting against them with their backs turned towards her. Rarity’s jaw drops before she stomps over to the doors and opens them from her side. Spike, wearing a little doggie tuxedo, falls backwards from the door being opened away from him while Twilight lets out a startled gasp.
  242. >”Rarity! Oh thank Celestia you found us!” Chimes Twilight.
  243. >…
  244. >”What have you two been doing out here?” Rarity impatiently asks after a short pause.
  245. >”It’s all my fault, Rarity. I left the lab in such a rush, I forgot my keys to the building. They’re still right outside the door to the observation booth. I’m so sorry!” Twilight apologizes.
  246. >It is only now that Rarity realizes that the smooze has also replaced he high heels with exact replicas.
  247. >”Oh… um… I lost track of the time, staring at how marvelous the smooze looked in there when it was all swirling around and all that jazz.” Rarity carefully constructs her lie. “O’m the one who should be apologizing. It’s my fault, darling.”
  248. >Twilight stares at Rarity for a few seconds. Rarity smiles awkwardly, hopeful that the awkwardness in the smile would signify a reflection of what she just said, and not what she was thinking when she said it.
  249. >”Aw… that’s all it did? Again?” Twilight responds. “Darn. I really thought it was going to work this time. I’ve been trying to get that smooze to mimic all sorts of materials and objects for weeks now. I guess it’s back to square one once Monday comes around… again.”
  250. >”I’m sorry to hear that, darling. But.. aren’t we still late for the party?”
  252. >”Oh, right! I forgot again!” Twilight replies. “I’ll just go ahead and get my keys and we’ll be at that party in no time. They’re right outside the door, so I’ll be right back. For real this time.”
  253. >”Splendid.” Rarity responds.
  254. >Twilight enters the building to retrieve her keys. Rarity anxiously waits with Spike for Twilight to come back. A minute passes.
  255. >Rarity remembers the building not being very small, so maybe it’s just taking Twilight a long time to get to the room and back. But her optimism about this is hindered slightly when Twilight doesn’t come back for another 6 minutes.
  256. >It’s almost certain that Twilight knows at this point, she’s far from gullible enough to not be able to put the pieces together. Rarity starts to increase her breathing with a nervous look on her face.
  257. >”Uh, Rarity? Are… you alright?” Spike asks.
  258. >Rarity holds her breath, trying to calm herself down before answering.
  259. >”Oh… e-everything’s fine, darling!”
  260. >”What’s that?” Spike questions while pointing to a tiny green spot on Rarity’s hair.
  261. >Rarity notices it and shrieks right before quickly brushing it off. She turns back to Spike, who was apparently startled by the sudden noise she made.
  262. >”Oh…” Rarity stutters. “Aha… ha… I… thought it was a bug.”
  263. >”Was that…?”
  264. >”W… was it what?”
  265. >Spikes eyes widen as far as they can go. His cheeks become blush and his jaw slowly lowers. It isn’t hard to tell that he’s made the connection.
  266. >”Rarity!” Twilight’s voice abruptly sounds in an slightly harsh from behind.
  267. >”T-Twi… darling, I-” Rarity starts off before seeing what Twilight is dragging with her.
  268. >”You forgot your couch, Rarity.” Twilight announces as she pulls the light fainting couch over with one hand towards its owner and sets it down next to her. “It’s really hard to move things like this through the doorways.”
  271. >Rarity looks over at Spike, who pushes his lips inward to signify that he’s not going to say anything. After realizing that she’s still scotch free, the tremendous weight is lifted off of her shoulders. In a fit of light headedness, Rarity gasps, sighs, and falls over directly onto the fainting couch. Twilight glares at her with a playfully annoyed look.
  272. >”Oh, Rarity. There’s no need to be such a drama queen.” Twilight groans. “Oh, and why was my lab coat on the floor? I almost tripped over it.”
  273. >”Oh!” Rarity gasps. “Um… well…”
  274. >”You were trying it on weren’t you?”
  275. >Rarity stares at Twilight for a moment.
  276. >”Ah, you caught me, darling.” She pretends to admit. “I promise I’ll properly hang it up next time.”
  277. >”Thanks.” Twilight tells her. “Well, come on. Let’s get this thing back to your house. We’re already late enough as we are.
  278. >The three disappear into the distance in the direction of Rarity’s house. Rarity tries as hard as she can to take her mind off of the disguised smooze as her outfit, focusing on anything else as much as she can. It’s not like she can randomly strip naked in front of her friends and in public; that didn’t turn out too well last time.
  279. >Back in the testing chamber, the boiling green liquid slowly starts to calm down as the night goes on. It’s beginning to re-solidify. But not there’s something extra in it’s mix.
  280. >Rarity’s essence.
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