Anon - That Darn Book [Butterscotch/Anon/spooky]

Feb 27th, 2018
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  1. Full tags: Butterscotch, Anonymous, spooky
  3. >You are Butterscotch, and you are currently humming happily while you sip your herbal tea at the kitchen table
  4. >You are soon off to bed and you’re doing a bit of light reading on the book Birch recommended for you
  5. >Honestly it’s not really that good as she let on, at lest yet. Kind of scary actually
  6. >taking another sip of your relaxing herbal tea you flip another page and keep reading as you set the cup down
  7. >after a few lines you let out a big yawn and blink your eyes, noticing how dry they feel
  8. >it’s time to head off to bed
  9. >You hop off from the chair and start walking towards your and Anons bedroom
  10. >Your husband is currently away for business, he should be arriving home tomorrow
  11. >Letting out another yawn you put the lights off from the hallway to the bedroom and walk in
  12. >Glancing back at the empty house, you can’t help but to think it does feel a bit eerie like this
  13. >You flip the lights off from your bedroom as well and climb into the large double bed you and Anon share
  14. >You settle down, and then lie there, waiting for yourself to drift off to sleep
  15. >You open your eyes and sit up a bit, shifting ab-
  16. >You freeze
  17. >There’s a dark shape in the doorway
  18. >With cold dread running your body, you stay still and stare at the form
  19. >with this much darkness you are not sure if it is moving or not... wait a minute!
  20. >you breathe out a sign of relief
  21. >It’s just Anons long coat and hat he left on the chair once again
  22. >You shake your head and shift onto your side
  23. >Only to freeze once again in horror
  24. >Anons coat and hat lie in a pile on the floor
  25. >You feel the sense of dread return as you hear something moving about, walking from the entrance of the bed to Anons side of the bed...
  26. >You sigh at your own stupidity.
  27. >”Welcome back honey”
  28. >There’s a very weak sounding groan behind you as Anon lies onto his side of the bed
  29. >You shake your head as you smile goofily
  30. >There are no other humans in Equestria except Anonymous. He must have gotten back home already from his business trip, since it’s nothing uncommon
  31. >You make a mental note to tell Birch how paranoid her slightly creepy book made you and how you almost gave your husband a heart attack
  32. >You can hear Anon breathing behind your back already, unmoving
  33. >Aww, so tired not even a little goodnight kiss? Shame on him...
  34. >”Welcome back Honey~”
  35. >There’s no answer, just Anon's steady breathing. Did he fall asleep already? Then again it’s pretty late, he must have been up for ungodly amount of hours
  36. >You start to close your eyes again, resisting the urge to turn around and snuggle against him, waking him up
  37. >Just as you are about to close your eyes you notice the letter on your nightstand
  38. >Oh right, one arrived earlier today from Anon to you but you forgot all about it due to all the hassle you had to work trough today
  39. >”I forgot to read your letter, hope it was nothing too important...”
  40. >No answer, your loving husband seems to be in such a deep sleep you are sure he’s going to start snoring slightly at any minute now
  41. >Out of curiosity you take the letter into your hooves and open it up, might as well see if it had anything important written on it
  42. >You start to read the letter
  43. >Dear Butterscotch. I’m sorry but I ran into unexpected difficulties so I’ll be back over the weekend. I promise I’ll make it up to y-
  44. >You stop reading as your eyes water and that chilly feeling shoots trough your body once again, making your hairs stand up as you realize three important things simultaneously
  45. >Anon does not own another jacket nor hat like that
  46. >His breathing has been sounding unusual and off all the while he’s been lying on the bed
  47. >The being behind you is not your husband Anonymous
  48. >You open your mouth but find yourself too terrified to speak as a tear rolls down your face as the breathing behind you starts to sound more and more ragged, labored and just wrong
  49. >As you feel something touch you you suddenly jolt and scream while trashing abou-
  50. >the feeling of hard, cold floor
  51. >You blink in surprise as you stare at your kitchen ceiling
  52. >Carefully you sit up and look around
  53. >You are sitting flat on your ass on the kitchen floor
  54. >The chair is behind you, fallen to it's side and the book lays on the floor as well
  55. >Quickly you put the two together and then scrunch while blushing and getting up
  56. >You fell asleep while reading and had a nightmare
  57. >You lift the chair back up and then put the book back on the table
  58. >No more of this story for you
  59. >Shaking your head you flip the lights off from the kitchen and turn around so you can head to the bedr-
  60. >You jump back in shock and stare at a corner as a feeling of dread shoots trough your body, making your eyes moisten a bit
  61. >...
  62. >You could have sworn you saw the same humanoid shape there
  63. >You stare at the corner, too scared to look away
  64. >but only for a while before growling a bit angrily and shaking your head, and then relaxing your body and heading off to the hallway that leads to your bedroom
  65. >”That’s the last creepy book I’ll read in a while...”
  66. >Anon is going to have a field day when you tell him you got this scared due to reading a book and staying home alone
  67. >With a scrunch on your face you decide to keep this a secret from him, he’d just poke fun at you...
  69. and end
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