[RGRE] Seashell Accidentally the Entire Cock

Jan 29th, 2017
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  1. Happy birthday, Pen-Pen. <3 u 5eva (cuz 4eva 2 soon)
  3. >You are Seashell, aka Bombshell, aka a cuddle-less virgin.
  4. >A cuddle-virgin, if you will.
  5. >You knew what the stallions liked, and you just didn't have it.
  6. >A cute, tiny butt...
  7. >Nice thick tuft hair...
  8. >Little teats that are nicely tucked away unless she's pregnant...
  9. >All you've got are wide hips that you can't help but sway when you walk.
  10. >Barely-there chest-hair...
  11. >And these big, dumb, wobbly teats that have big, dumb, fat nipples on them that you know everypony stares at all the time.
  13. >....
  14. >But you're going to change this.
  15. >You're going find a colt, and you're going to stuff his face RIGHT into your tuft.
  16. >And he's going to LIKE IT, dammit!
  17. >You-
  18. >"Hey, Seashell."
  19. >Oh hey, it's Anon.
  20. >Hi, Anon!
  21. "Anon!"
  22. >You immediately forget about your troubles and try to get onto your hooves.
  23. >Problem is, you were on your back, and all you can really accomplish is wriggling around and kicking your widdle hoofsies ineffectively.
  24. >Thankfully, Anon takes pity on you and grabs you around your barrel and picks you up.
  25. >You curl up against his chest and happily wriggle into him.
  27. >You are Anon, and your new best friend is being adorable, as usual.
  28. >Much like any other day, she's giving off weapon-grade cuteness.
  29. >Like, just right now?
  30. >She was stuck on her back like a turtle, and she was kicking her widdle hoofsies around ineffectually and AAAAAH
  31. >You couldn't control yourself.
  32. >You knew that most mares have a problem of being picked up and cradled, but you were going to explode if you didn't cuddle the SHIT out of Seashell.
  33. >Like, right now.
  34. >Luckily for you, she seemed fine with it.
  35. >You assume that's what cooing and burying her face into your chest meant.
  36. >It's too much for you.
  37. >You are unable to resist the urge to bring this pony home with you.
  39. ---------------------------------------------------
  41. >You are Seashell once more, and you think - YOU THINK - you might be on a date.
  42. >Anon picked you up and brought you back to his house, and THIS time it wasn't because you were all sticky and got stuck to his shirt.
  43. >What is this; second base?
  44. >....
  45. >Third base?
  46. >Are you his marefriend now?
  47. >You puff out your cheeks and put on your angry eyebrows as you feel the determination build up inside of you
  48. >You'll be the BEST marefriend for him!
  49. >You follow Anon into a new room and OH MY GOODNESS
  50. >An excited squeak uncontrollably escapes your throat and you get the biggest open-mouthed smile on your face.
  51. >Before you stands the most cushion-ey, most comfortable-looking sofa you've EVER seen in your entire life!
  52. >Without waiting for a proper invitation, you gallop over, stop in front of it to wriggle your butt, and hop up onto the couch.
  53. "Ohh..."
  54. >The plush cushion is so soft under your hooves, and a couple of spins in place tell you that it has just the right amount of give.
  55. >It's thick enough that you sink into it, but it's stuffed full enough that it supports your weight.
  56. >You sink to your stomach and rub your face into the cushion that you're going to spend the rest of your life sitting on, closing your eyes in bliss.
  57. >!!!
  58. >Your eyes snap open when a certain scent comes off of the couch and into your nose.
  59. >It smells just like Anon!
  60. >Best. Sofa. Ever.
  61. >"Seashell?"
  62. >Anon's deep voice snaps you out of your "I'm sitting on something soft and I like it" daze.
  63. >Your heart skips a beat and a flush heats up your face as you realize exactly what you've done.
  64. >You let out a little distressed whimper and your ears flop against your head.
  65. >Dang it, why do you have to be such a ditz?
  66. >Why did you have to behave like excited filly when a colt invited you into his house for the first time?!
  67. >You force yourself to sit up (you MIGHT have wriggled your rump into the cushion in the process) and stare Anon deep in the eye with a determined expression on your face.
  68. >Anon hasn't started yelling yet, so he's probably going to let you explain yourself.
  69. "I live here now!"
  70. >Buck.
  71. >You're the WORST marefriend.
  72. >Anon's amused smirk really cements how badly you bucked up.
  73. >You feel so embarrassed that you slide onto your tummy and bury your face in your hooves, whimpering slightly.
  74. >Oh, pony-Magoo. You've done it again.
  75. >You can feel the couch dip down off to the side, indicating that Anon has sat down beside you.
  76. >You're about to apologize when you feel Anon's hand land on top of your head.
  77. >Things just start to blur together once he starts scratching your ears.
  79. >Before you know it, Anon's fingers have dug into the soft flesh of your underbelly, parting the soft fur as he drags his hand up and down.
  80. >You can feel a whine trying to sneak its way out of your throat, and your leg threatens to twitch in pleasure.
  81. >You wanted to keep it together for Anon and show him that you could be a tough marefriend for him, but his belly rub game is too strong.
  82. >You tried, darn it.
  83. >You tried so hard.
  84. >If something like a belly rub is too much for you, then how can you-ohhh.... Sweet Celestia, he's scratching your chest tuft.
  85. >You try to roll a bit more onto your back so that Anon has more access to your tummy, but your back has already hit his chest.
  86. >You kick your rear hoof involuntarily and try to figure out if you just came a little bit or not.
  87. >How can something so simple as a belly rub feel so good?
  88. >As Anon's fingers dance expertly across your tummy-tum-tums, you think back to the time when you TOTALLY lost your virginity back in high school (and NOT when you were 24)
  89. >....
  90. > this sex for humans?
  91. >Should you worry about protections?
  92. >Are you going to get him pregnant?!
  95. >And what in the world is poking you in the back?
  96. >You wriggle against it a few times experimentally, scrunching up your snootle in concentration.
  97. >Is it..... his hand?
  98. >; you've got both of those rubbing your belly.
  99. >"S-Seashell?"
  100. >Is it..... his foot?
  101. >You wriggle extra-hard.
  102. >; those are both on the floor.
  103. >"Seash-shell..."
  104. >Darn it, what IS this thing?!
  105. >You start moving up and down in addition to left and right.
  106. >You're SURE that if you move around enough, the answer will present itself.
  107. >It's hard, but it's got some give to it.
  108. >Firm, but yielding.
  109. >Almost like a peni-
  110. >"EXCUSE ME"
  111. >With a squawk, you're lifted up into the air and deposited onto the ultra-soft cushion that Anon was sitting on.
  112. >You barely get a glance at a big tent in his pants before Anon jogs out of the room
  113. >"Be right back!"
  114. >The scent of Anon in those cushions of his hits you before you even rest your head down on them.
  115. >It smells like Anon, only stronger and a bit more sour.
  116. >Kinda musky...
  117. >....
  118. >It WAS a penis!
  119. >Your face heats up the the revelation.
  120. >Okay.
  121. >Okay, wow.
  122. >Sure.
  123. >Whoo!
  124. >J-Just gonna give him a few minutes.
  125. >Y-you know, to... to compose himself.
  126. >It... it shouldn't take too long, r-right?
  127. >N-not that you would know!
  128. >You don't have an older brother or anything!
  129. >You didn't peek on him when he didn't know about it!
  130. >....
  131. >Y-You didn't steal his testicle bras sometimes...
  133. >....It's been over two minutes.
  134. >Okay, you're calling shenanigans.
  135. >He's just hiding in the bathroom until you leave, isn't he?
  136. >Isn't he?!
  137. >Why do they always DO that?!
  138. >No, no. You and Anon are best friends and you might have maybe had sex a few minutes ago; you aren't sure.
  139. "Maybe he's dying."
  140. >"Hnng~ Ah! FFFFFFFFFUU-"
  141. >Oh, Luna's moon! He IS dying!
  142. >You leap to your hooves and gallop through the house.
  143. "Seashell's coming, Anon!"
  144. >This is just like your adventure books!
  145. >The beautiful maiden rescues the dashing rogue from the dangers/perils of his own bedroom!
  146. >...most of those books don't actually have the characters leave the bedroom.
  147. > MIGHT be thinking of those books you found in dad's closet with that mare, Fabian, (you know; the one with the long, blond mane) on the cover...
  148. >Come to think of it, it's basically just smut.
  149. >No time for that, though!
  151. >You find the door that has all the moaning coming through it and buck it as hard as you can.
  152. >Never before have you been more thankful that you've got Apple blood in you on your mom's side.
  153. >You leap into the room and strike a pose on the plush carpet.
  154. >If you're going to save Anon's life, you want him to remember how heroic you were doing it.
  155. "Don't worry, Anon! I'll save you!"
  156. >You peer around the room for Anon and....
  157. >thatsapenis.gif
  159. >You're treated to the sight of Anon, naked, with a penis in his hand.
  160. >Presumably his.
  161. >He's flushed from the chest up, and delicious-looking rivulets of sweat drip down his chest.
  162. >Over his pecs, across his nipples, down his-
  163. >Wait, are those teats?
  164. >Is Anon a girl.... with a penis?
  165. >You didn't know this was going to be like your favourite japoneighs animes!
  166. >You are excite.
  167. >A little bead of precum slowly drips down from the head of his dick, and you can't help but follow the trail with your eyes.
  168. >Your tongue futilely licks at the thin air as you subconsciously try to catch it in your mouth.
  169. >You square your horseshoulders and puff out your AVERAGE THICKNESS and TOTALLY ADEQUATE chest tuft.
  170. "Okay, Seashell," you mutter, "Time to mare the buck up. Don't be afraid of cocks like your mom always said you would be."
  172. >Remember the bath, Seashell.
  173. >Remember Sempai's love all over your face.
  174. >This is just like how you and Anon met, only THIS time you won't drink something too sour and humiliate yourself in front of him.
  175. >You aren't going to humiliate yourself at ALL.
  176. >There's no shirt for you to get stuck on this time!
  177. >...but it would almost be worth it if it meant getting some more of Anon's sugar cookies.
  178. >Mom always said that if a stallion can cook and he isn't crazy, then he's a keeper.
  179. >You prepare to jump up onto the bed and holy moley is it ever high up.
  180. >That just means you've gotta earn this.
  181. >EARN IT
  182. >You jump up on top of the bed, but you only manage to get your front hooves over the edge.
  183. >Your forelegs stretch out in front of you as you slowly fall back down to the floor, nearly taking the bed sheet with you.
  184. >Horse apples.
  185. >You try again, this time making sure to wriggle your butt SUPER HARD (it makes you jump higher) and leap!
  186. >You ALMOST get a solid hold on the sheets and you scrabble with your hind legs, trying to find purchase.
  187. >All you accomplish is looking adorable as you fall back down onto the ground.
  188. >You land on your back and squeak as your wings splay out.
  189. >....
  190. >Oh, right.
  191. >You can fly.
  192. >You REALLY hope that Sempai didn't notice your first two attempts to jump up on his bed.
  193. >A hop, skip, and a flap later, you're perched on Anon's soft bed.
  194. >You give yourself a good eyeful of Anon's special place and your face heats up.
  195. >N-No sheath?
  196. >Does that m-mean that he's been flopping around all t-this time?
  197. >Just inches away from your face?!
  198. >l-lewd~
  199. >Maybe that means he's going to be okay with some of your dirtier fantasies...
  200. >......
  201. >......
  202. >[spoiler]cuddling.[/spoiler]
  203. "Don't you worry, Anon."
  204. >You rub the soft under-belly of your hoof up and down Anon's shaft.
  205. "I won't get you pregnant."
  206. >Anon blinks rapidly and stutters.
  207. >"Wh-what?"
  209. >"Don't worry, Anon. I won't get you pregnant."
  210. "Wh-what?"
  211. >You're suddenly worried that you didn't pay enough attention to Twilight's crash course in pony biology.
  212. >Is.... is Seashell going to lay eggs in your dick?
  213. >You're so caught up on your confusion (and potential imminent oviposition) that you forget to put up some kind of resistance to Seashell just coming up onto your bed and fellating you.
  214. >You mean, seriously.
  215. >What the fuck, Seashell.
  216. >Your thought process is interrupted when Seashell tries to gobble down your entire cock.
  217. >You mean, granted, she really only sucks on the head, but it's something.
  218. >'A' for effort; the thought was there.
  220. >You give Anon's cock a firm lick from the scrotum allll the way up to the tip.
  221. >The saltiness is unreal, and the taste makes you feel a little bit light headed.
  222. >It's time to prove that you can make Anon feel good; and not just with your hooves.
  223. >You take the engorged head into your mouth; stick your tongue out; relax your throat, and push yourself down as deep as you can go.
  224. >Yes
  225. >YES
  226. >You're going to make this stallion feel SO GOOD
  227. >Then you're going to taste sempai's love~
  228. >Then you can-
  229. "HAURK"
  230. >oh no
  231. >You feel your throat squirm and your stomach tighten.
  232. >You and Anon's eyes meet, and you both know exactly what's about to happen.
  233. >You try to pull away, but it's too late; all you really accomplish is give your throat more room to constrict painfully.
  234. >Acrid bile rushes up your throat and tears (both of pain and regret) spring from the corners of your eyes.
  235. "HEARURUH-"
  237. >You are Seashell, but right now you think that your nickname of Bombshell would be more appropriate.
  238. >You and Anon are currently soaking in his bathtub, trying to get the smell out of your fur.
  239. >He's such a nice colt, helping you scrub.
  240. "I'm really sorry, Anon. I... I understand if you don't want to be my friend any more..."
  241. >You're cut off when Anon squeezes you and plants a wet, soapy kiss on your snootle.
  242. >"Next time," he says, sounding amused, "YOU'RE getting the oral sex."
  243. >Laugh track, fade to credits
  244. >This story was written in front of a live studio audience
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