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Revange gathering

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  1. Hello guys,
  3. Unusual paste but some desperate situations need some help sometimes.
  5. I'm in a stupid situation that some of you've been aswell.
  6. My girl I've been dating and living to gather for more then 3 years cheated on me several times with a guy. I'm not really sad anymore at this point but they way she profited of me,my money ,my time and my love and now insults me by other people and cheated on me deserves some sort of revange. I don't know how good karma will do his job or maybe if someone should help it out a bit.
  8. I'm open for ideas and experiences from you guys and would really love to see that person suffer at least as much as I did. I hope there is some fairness in life and it will strike back.
  11. cheatingwhore390@gmail.com
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