Akibaranger E13 TL Notes

Apr 14th, 2016
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  1. Akibaranger E13 TL Notes
  2. ***Original Over-Time TL Notes are denoted with a dash (-). Additional notes/changes by OZC-Live are denoted with a tilde (~)***
  4. - The segments on the Akibaranger weapons have nods to Samurai Sentai Shinkenger's narration style, parodying lines from Shinkenger's combination sequences, the previews and the end of the episodes. The narration voiceover on these segments is by Hironori Miyata, narrator on Shinkenger.
  6. - The eyecatches used on this episode are made in the style of Showa Era Sentai eyecatches.
  8. - (18:43) By the way, don't forget to BUY OUR FIGUARTS! Preorders now at a middleman near you:
  9. DekaBlue:
  10. Black Condor:
  11. There's also a blatant advertisement for the MMZ-01 on the first segment. So expensively cheap!
  12. Machine Itasha also appears on this screen. This episode broadcasted a few days before the official announcement of SHFiguarts Machine Itasha / Itasha Robo's release date and price.
  14. - (20:13) Wada Masato, Akiba Red's actor, is part of D-BOYS, the acting troupe mentioned by Yumeria. She's also poking fun at a recent trend on Sentai productions (and Riders too) of casting members from young male actors troupes as the leads.
  16. - (23:43) Live shows, such as the Akibaranger Live Stage and Talk Show that took place a few days after this episode broadcasted.
  18. - (24:11) Common tropes of a sentai show.
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