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  1.  Ok then. Danii was a 17 year old girl who joined back in August.
  3. Background and context: In the early days of this game, most of the community was made of up users from 4chan. Typically 4chan has a very hostile and unforgiving userbase. Danii was not from here, but her roommate was, this is how she came to play the game. It is also worth noting that Danii had mental issues and was on anti-psychotic medication.
  5. Story: Danii started out on this game by advertising that she was in fact, a girl. She also enjoyed posting her picture on the forums. She actually was fun to talk to at this point, and she grew rather fond of me. Eventually, she started sending me nude pictures (amongst other things). Eventually, she batted some eyelashes and was referred to be CM, and got the position. This is where things started to go south.
  7. She would usually log on and immediately announce to global that she had arrived. She quickly amassed her own little following in global (more like a harem). If another girl came on and started to "steal the spotlight", Danii would usually lash out. If someone made fun of her, she would usually cry and make a scene. Danii frequently complained to me about how people were mean to her, or about how she didn't like people spamming her with messages. However, her obvious love for attention said otherwise. Eventually, she began to talk down to me like one of her permavirgin lackeys, so I called her out on being an attention-whore and an overall shitty mod. She stopped talking to me after that (and stopped sending nudes lul).
  9. Sometime after we stopped talking, Danii formed a relationship with then-CM Plizard. They got pretty close, and Danii started sending him nudes. They eventually met IRL (and yes, they banged). However, Danii would tell me that she found Plizard "creepy" and how she "rejected his advances". She would also tell Plizard the same thing about me. This continued on for quite some time, and eventually she did the same thing with Orangeslash. Sending pics, and telling him how she had rejected the others. This circle of lies kept spinning for awhile.
  11. However, Danii's frequent outbursts and jealousy eventually caught up with her. She was stripped of her CM position for harassing members. She then made a huge scene. She told me she had to quit the game because "there was nothing left for her". When I told her to just name change and get over it, she refused. She wouldn't admit it, but having her special-princess title was the ONLY reason she enjoyed playing.
  13. Now it gets interesting. At the same time this was happening, Plizard, Orange, and I discovered she had been sending out nudes like candy. I confronted her, asking if she had ever sent pictures to anyone besides me. She denied it, so I provided evidence she had sent pics to Plizard. She then confessed saying "well we weren't talking, I would never do that to 2 people at once".
  15. Then I provided evidence she was stringing along Plizard and Orange at the same time. She finally broke down and admitted it, claiming she "made a mistake" and "didn't mean to hurt anyone". I told her that clearly she did, and that she was just bullshitting so that I felt sorry for her. Then she did what any psychotic teenage girl would do when she had no more lies to hind behind:
  17. Danii did a mock-suicide. She cut herself, but not nearly deep enough to actually kill her (she knew this). She sends me some picture of her hospital bracelet, saying "You made me do this!" (obviously trying to draw out more pity). I called her a pitiful excuse for a human, or something similar, and never spoke to her again. She lurked the forums for a little after, and people called her on it. I haven't seen her since.
  19. Fin.
  21. Credit for this story goes to Dahaka
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