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Nov 24th, 2018
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  1. Why..Why was I here?
  3. My leather jerkin grew damp with cold sweat
  5. What possessed me to do this?
  7. A loud screech filled the air, and the heads of the company of soldiers I marched with snapped up. A single dark, winged monstrosity circled above, and even from the ground, her predatory smile was visible. She quickly flew away as a few men took their crossbows and took aim.
  9. I felt the cold chill of fear settle around my heart. It was made abundantly clear that we were to be seen as we approached the camp, but... why now? Why so early?!?!
  11. Strangely enough, aside from the few harpy sightings, there was hardly a monster in sight as we approached their war camp. Were they toying with us? Where were the vanguard, the forces that would crush our puny army? Where...?
  13. Our only true assurance lay in the small squadron of paladins at our front. Shining in their gleaming armor and practically glowing with the blessing of the Chief God. They were the only ones to not even bother glancing upwards as the harpies mocked us.
  15. That put some heart into me, but not much.
  17. Time passed, and my legs felt made of lead as the camp finally came into view on the horizon. A large, circular wooden outpost at the base of a cliff, it was...deserted?
  19. Not a single monster in sight. What was going on? The Paladins hurried about, smashing open huts and ordering some of the more veteran peasantry to maintain vigilance for a possible ambush. I stooped down next to a campfire, and felt the ashes.
  21. Still warm. Which meant-
  23. "HUSBANDS!"
  25. I nearly cracked my neck with how fast I looked up. A long line of Harpies, of all sizes and shapes and a practical rainbow of colour, lined the cliff above us. Worse yet, a loud droning filled the air above us all, and a cursory look confirmed the worst- A flock of unholy size was flapping lazily about above us, and each and every one had their eyes trained upon us. There must have been some kind of illusion; How could a horde of this size gather without us noticing them?
  27. A single Paladin snapped out of his shock and bellowed for formation. At least they had drilled that into the heads of us village bumpkins- We were nice and lined up to die within minutes, as the flock watched our every errant twitch.
  29. "TAKE AIM!"
  31. Hundreds of shaking bows somewhat lined up. It wasn't too hard too aim, the damnable beasts were everywhere.
  33. "READY!"
  35. I drew back on the bow, but something caught my eye. A few of the more brightly colored ones flew higher up, and dark clouds began to gather.
  37. What..?
  39. "FIR-"
  41. The Paladin was cut off by the world exploding into light. I dropped my bow and curled up, as my ears ringed and my eyes BURNED! I couldn't hear, my eyes were scorched, and yet i could feel my breeches nearly burst from my massive arousal. Even as I writhed in somehow pleasurable agony, I was appalled with myself.Was I attracted to imminent death this badly?!?
  42. Finally, the ringing settled down somewhat, and my eyes recovered. Uncurling, I beheld the situation.
  44. We were all fucked, in a surprisingly literal manner.
  46. The vast majority of my fellow peasantry were pinned down and being ridden like the harpies would die without a good session of sex. Screams of both pleasure and horror filled the air, and the noises of their soppy lovemaking invaded my skull.
  48. A few men were actually chasing down a Harpy, and as I watched one collapse in exhaustion and get mounted by a waiting harpy with dark wings, The other chap caught up, bent her over, and proceeded to violently pound away like she owed him gold.
  50. Judging from the pleasured shrieks, this was her goal.
  52. I soon realized that it may well have been possible that curling up had somehow obscured me from the immediate perception of the strangely lusty birdwomen. Perhaps if i crawled...
  54. A talon slammed the earth in front of me.
  56. The Chief God protect me, I was a dead man.
  58. "Oh, do you feel left out, you lowly worm?"
  60. She tucked a talon under my belly and roughly flipped me over, allowing me to behold my soon to be rapist. A surprisingly gorgeous rapist.
  62. Large, heavy breasts heaved up and down with every exerted breath, and her breathtaking face was red with carnal desire. Her hips were wide and motherly, and smooth skin changed to claws and fur down her waist, and talons as well as large, mjestic wings where her hands should have been.
  64. She was also completely naked, and dripping arousal onto my jerkin despite her arrogant words.
  66. She layed a claw onto my neck, and i shut my eyes. The other harpies were smaller and seemed gentler than this ferocious beast, and i had some misgivings about her laying something no doubt sharper than a blade nearby my throat.
  68. She cut down however, and my chest, as well as my lower body were soon exposed to her hungry gaze. a few harrowing and impatient slashes made quick work of my smallclothes. exposing my ragingly hard penis.
  69. "Well look at you! Those damn thunder sluts sure did their job well!"
  71. Lowering her head, She gave a few tentative licks to the head of my cock, watching my face. I groaned, and she smiled.
  73. SHe sat up, and carefully positioned herself for impalement. I stared at her helplessly- how was I going to survive a hip pounding from this immense, if sexy, creature?
  75. She smiled, and slammed herself down.
  77. She sighed as i shouted in pain. By the GODS, she was heavy! She raised herself and dropped down again, albeit lighter this time, as she positioned her claws to hold up some of her weight.
  78. " There we go, wouldn't want to break your weak body, hmmm? does that feel better..,"
  80. She blushed harder for a moment, still shaking her hips atop me.
  82. "H-Husband?"
  84. For a moment, i contemplated resisting, and spitting her consideration in her face. it DID feel better, and now i could properly enjoy both the incredibly velvet grip of her wet insides around my cock, and her swinging breasts in front of my face.
  86. I soon discarded that suicidal thought. I leaned forward and gripped her breasts, bringing one closer to lick and suck on as i teased the other to show my approval.
  88. She moaned like a whore, and began pounding faster as her canal tightened. Suddenly shifting her weight to one claw, she lightly grabbed the back of my head and dragged my head up for a deep, wet kiss.
  90. She snapped her head back and screamed to the heavens as she climaxed.Overwhelmed by her own orgasm,I finished myself deep inside of her.
  92. "HUsband..Husband, that was wonderful," she breathed as she relaxed atop me. Perhaps she was finished..?
  94. Suddenly, her hips began to move again, slowly picking up speed as she felt me stir in horrified arousal.
  96. Her eyes stared into me with the look of an unsatisfied predator.
  98. "Now. AGAIN!"
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