Smells like love (GlimxAnon, fluff?, Sol?) to do

Aug 29th, 2017
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  1. >"Oh, you're right! It does look like Spike, hahah!"
  2. >You force a chuckle to try and keep her oblivious to the fact that you've been smelling her mane for the past five seconds
  3. >It's not your fault! She just smells so good
  4. >And she's so cute
  5. >And smart
  6. >And beautiful
  7. >Fuck
  8. >She lifts and turns her head to meet your gaze, her front hooves still on your thigh
  9. >Way too close to--
  10. >No! No, she's a great friend, and a pony
  11. >And there's no way she'd like you like that anyway
  12. >"Are you okay?"
  13. >She asks worriedly
  14. "Why do you ask?"
  15. >"Well I don't know, you've been spacing out a lot today,"
  16. >That's bound to happen if you're to pass the entire afternoon so close to her
  17. >And even though glimglam has always been the 'distant' kind of pony, she's been warming up a lot to you, so much that she doesn't mind you invading her personal space, or her invading yours, the same way she's doing now
  18. >You just can't keep your eyes off of her
  19. >Especially her eyes
  20. >"and you've been sniffing a lot too, are you sick?"
  21. >Your eyes widen in surprise
  22. >You can't believe she caught that!
  23. >Maybe pony ears are more sensitive--
  24. >Before you can react, her forehoof is against your forehead
  25. >"Mmmh... your temperature seems okay, but you do seem kind of red right now,"
  26. >You can't stop your nostrils from flaring when the closeness of her hoof sends a whiff of her scent--
  27. >She's just so close! You could simply lean forward and you'd be able to bury your nose in the nape of her neck--
  28. >You gotta move
  29. >It's a miracle that she can't yet hear the thumping of your heart
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