TEK-052 Osaka Haruna MUTEKI AV debut was Naruse Risa origina

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  1. TEK-052 Osaka Haruna MUTEKI AV debut was Naruse Risa original AKB48 ! ! !
  3. Download ASAP!!!! Will be deleted soon!!!
  6. [Rating: 90 points - recommended! [Fixed monthly adult movies]]
  7. Original members of the public idle MUTEKI coming! Excitement MAX institutions and popping Hatachi discrimination level of talent! Become a swimsuit kiss her first, in front of the camera for the first time, we take off the nude his first it, ...
  8. Face-to-face with the man as the picture surprise and control more such! MUTEKI lead to a miracle! When there is they, because it is a high school student, Naruse eighth grade at the time, had been advanced it will Saeki Mika Naruse synchronized campaign and school Kuramochi Asuka first.
  9. April 8, 2009, to remain official blog active for the treatment of disc herniation was announced. It is not possible to continue the strenuous exercise and even national recovery, but graduated from the 24th AKB48 5, 2009 at one point.
  11. Female college student taking raw Hamehame: Name: Osaka Haruna Naruse Risa AKB48 category
  12. Duration: 00:46:35
  14. Download ASAP!!!! Will be deleted soon!!!
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