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Directorial Debate #3

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Jan 11th, 2012
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  1. 02:21:23: <SMB> Last time, it kind of jumped between a few people asking questions.
  2. 02:21:44: <SMB> This time, it will be randomized and we will be asking questions based on who is chosen by the random process.
  3. 02:22:42: <Tucayo> When GameServ's bottle lands on you, you may ask a question
  4. 02:22:44: <Tucayo> If you have one
  5. 02:23:15: <SMB> Sorry
  6. 02:23:16: <Tucayo> We'll just wa--- there he is
  7. 02:24:20: <SMB> In that case, let us begin.
  8. 02:25:04: <Tucayo> Ok, here we go
  9. 02:25:05: <Tucayo> `bottle
  10. 02:25:06: GameServ spins the bottle for Tucayo and it lands on...
  11. 02:25:06: <GameServ> Bulbasaur!
  12. 02:25:38: <Tucayo> Looks like he's not here. Let's spin again.
  13. 02:25:39: GameServ spins the bottle for Tucayo and it lands on...
  14. 02:25:39: <GameServ> Mario4Ever!
  15. 02:25:39: <Tucayo> `bottle
  16. 02:25:51: <Mario4Ever> Ok, my question's for Tucayo.
  17. 02:25:57: <Tucayo> OK
  18. 02:26:37: <Mario4Ever> You surprised quite a few people by announcing yourself as a third candidate for this election.
  19. 02:26:46: <Tucayo> Even myself, yes
  20. 02:27:34: <Mario4Ever> I'm wondering what inspired you to run and what (aside from that list of credentials listed in your campaign) you believe makes you more qualified than the other two candidates.
  21. 02:29:05: <Tucayo> Well, to be quite honest, these election was going on just like last year's, so I wanted to make it interesting. And, I now have more time for The 'Shroom than I did when I was a SMW Sysop.
  22. 02:29:09: <Tucayo> as for the second part
  23. 02:29:51: <Tucayo> As greatly qualified as they are, I think my experience is what gives me an edge. Also, I hired both of them ;)
  24. 02:30:25: <SMB> Alright Mario4Ever, does that answer your question? Or do you have a follow-up question?
  25. 02:30:48: <Mario4Ever> That answers it well enough. Thank you, Tucayo.
  26. 02:31:10: <Tucayo> Thanks to you.
  27. 02:31:17: <mg1> OK!
  28. 02:31:26: <mg1> Let's find out who's next!
  29. 02:31:27: <mg1> `bottle
  30. 02:31:27: GameServ spins the bottle for MG1 and it lands on...
  31. 02:31:28: <GameServ> SMB!
  32. 02:31:31: <mg1> !!
  33. 02:31:35: <mg1> SMB? Question?
  34. 02:32:13: <apocalypseArisen> Oh uh, go ahead and skip me if the bottle happens to land on me.
  35. 02:32:13: <SMB> Yes, I have one for Tucayo. Well, I actually have a few, but here is the first one I have for him:
  36. 02:32:45: <SMB> I would first like to ask you about your plan on announcing 'Shroom releases via the Sitenotice- how exactly do you plan on getting the Wiki Administration to agree to this plan? What happens if there is a conflict between you and the staff on what to put up?
  37. 02:33:24: <Tucayo> Good question. Of course, here it depends on the Administrative Staff, and since I am no longer a Sysop that would make things a little bit more difficult.
  38. 02:33:26: <Tucayo> But,
  39. 02:33:54: <Tucayo> I'll be sure to include Super Mario Wiki Admins on my Core Staff, so they can represent The 'Shroom in front of the Wiki Staff.
  40. 02:34:59: <SMB> Alright, thank you for your answer.
  41. 02:35:18: <SMB> We can move on to the next question.
  42. 02:35:24: GameServ spins the bottle for SMB and it lands on...
  43. 02:35:24: <GameServ> Crocodile_Dippy!
  44. 02:35:25: <SMB> `bottle Nest up is,
  45. 02:36:17: <Crocodile_Dippy> shit
  46. 02:36:26: <Crocodile_Dippy> Um...
  47. 02:36:51: <Crocodile_Dippy> I guess I'll just ask SMB about his plans for affiliates?
  48. 02:37:35: <SMB> Sure.
  49. 02:38:39: <SMB> Basically, I feel that having affiliates helps to strengthen the standing of The 'Shroom. It helps us create networks and can help provide us with some traffic (through cross-linking).
  50. 02:39:00: <SMB> So I, of course, would like to expand on the amount of affiliates we have.
  51. 02:40:02: <SMB> Does that answer your question, or do you have a follow-up?
  52. 02:40:12: <Crocodile_Dippy> Follow-up: Do you have any plans on how to strengthen the relationship with our affiliates?
  53. 02:42:20: <SMB> Yes. As I have mentioned in my campaign, I hope to introduce a new 'Shroom article that presents a list of our affiliates and gives more information about them. I also plan on including a section in the paper (probably the Pipe Plaza) that presents news on our affiliates and updates on their site and whatnot.
  54. 02:43:53: <Tucayo> Does that answer your question, Dippy?
  55. 02:44:30: <Crocodile_Dippy> Si.
  56. 02:44:35: <Crocodile_Dippy> Molto grazie, mio amico.
  57. 02:44:59: <SMB> No problem, thank you. :)
  58. 02:45:07: <Tucayo> So, here we go again
  59. 02:45:09: <Tucayo> `bottle
  60. 02:45:10: GameServ spins the bottle for Tucayo and it lands on...
  61. 02:45:10: <GameServ> AwayBrock!
  62. 02:45:18: <Tucayo> Brock, do you have any questions?
  63. 02:46:14: <Tucayo> Looks like he's away
  64. 02:46:16: GameServ spins the bottle for Tucayo and it lands on...
  65. 02:46:16: <GameServ> Salsa!
  66. 02:46:16: <Tucayo> `bottle
  67. 02:46:28: <Salsa> will fassad be running for director this year
  68. 02:46:34: <Tucayo> Salsa, any questions for one of the candida--
  69. 02:46:58: <Fassad> no, he's too lazy to get stuff done
  70. 02:47:12: <Salsa> oh :(
  71. 02:47:34: <apocalypseArisen> Lol?
  72. 02:47:34: <Tucayo> Any questions for a candidate, turb?
  73. 02:47:48: <Salsa> follow-up: will any of the candidates be including him as one of their
  74. 02:47:53: <Salsa> staff members or whatever
  75. 02:48:00: <Salsa> regardless of how lazy he may or may not be
  76. 02:48:42: <Tucayo> Who'd you like to answer first?
  77. 02:48:48: <Salsa> i don't really care
  78. 02:48:55: <Salsa> whoever wants to answer i guess!
  79. 02:49:08: <Crash> Howdy Smasher
  80. 02:49:13: <smasher> hi
  81. 02:49:19: <Tucayo> I'll probably will
  82. 02:49:24: <Salsa> ok
  83. 02:49:37: <Salsa> if no one else wants to answer i guess you can move on?
  84. 02:49:45: <Tucayo> MG1?
  85. 02:50:13: <mg1> Hm, I will definitely be including Gamefreak as a core staff member until he fails at his duties or resigns
  86. 02:50:23: <Tucayo> SMB?
  87. 02:50:24: <Salsa> neat
  88. 02:50:32: <SMB> As for myself, I will be asking all staff members if they wish to continue their roles in the Core Staff. It is up to each individual as to whether they will continue or not.
  89. 02:50:41: <Crocodile_Dippy> Salsa
  90. 02:50:45: <Crocodile_Dippy> that was a very bizarre queston
  91. 02:50:46: <SMB> So, yes, that means Gamefreak75 will be invited back.
  92. 02:51:01: <Salsa> thank you
  93. 02:51:02: <Crocodile_Dippy> I may as well ask if Blocky is going to be core staff. :|
  94. 02:51:05: <Salsa> move on i guess
  95. 02:51:05: <Tucayo> Good, we may proceed
  96. 02:51:10: <Tucayo> `bottle
  97. 02:51:10: GameServ spins the bottle for Tucayo and it lands on...
  98. 02:51:10: <GameServ> Fassad!
  99. 02:51:31: <Tucayo> GF, any questions for a candidate?
  100. 02:51:52: <Fassad> er, no, my mind is a complete blank
  101. 02:52:17: <Tucayo> OK
  102. 02:52:19: GameServ spins the bottle for Tucayo and it lands on...
  103. 02:52:19: <GameServ> Crash!
  104. 02:52:19: <Tucayo> `bottle
  105. 02:52:23: <Tucayo> Crash?
  106. 02:52:54: <Crash> Oh, uh
  107. 02:53:31: <Crash> SMB, you always seem rather busy to me, will you be able to juggle Userpedia, The Shroom, and whatever you're running?
  108. 02:54:19: <SMB> Alright, while we're at this, I'd like to have this directed at all candidates (if you don't mind). One individual sent in very similar questions for all three candidates. :P
  109. 02:54:37: <SMB> Is that okay?
  110. 02:54:41: <Tucayo> OK for me
  111. 02:54:42: <Crash> sure
  112. 02:54:48: <SMB> Alright, neat.
  113. 02:54:55: <SMB> I suppose I'll respond first.
  114. 02:56:28: <SMB> I will most certainly be able to balance all of my projects and will be sure to have time to properly run The 'Shroom (as I have done for the past year).
  115. 02:59:11: <Tucayo> Ok, now MG to answer the same question
  116. 02:59:39: <mg1> OK, well, most (actually all) of my duties fall on the MarioWiki and its forums, so they're all easily combined into one thing
  117. 03:00:16: <mg1> And as for the extra projects, I've already figured out how those will be run - so it's no problem at all there
  118. 03:00:32: <SMB> And now for Tucky.
  119. 03:00:46: <Tucayo> Before I retired I was perfectly able to handle The 'Shroom, and now I have less duties than I had 2 years ago, so I consider myself capable of running The 'Shroom. Should anything happen, I have the Core Staff to support me.
  120. 03:01:19: <Tucayo> Ok, any followup, Crash?
  121. 03:02:08: <Crash> Nope.
  122. 03:02:10: <Fassad> is it who i think it is?
  123. 03:02:23: <Salsa> possibly
  124. 03:02:28: <Tucayo> Ok, let's move on
  125. 03:02:35: GameServ spins the bottle for Tucayo and it lands on...
  126. 03:02:35: <GameServ> Crash!
  127. 03:02:36: <Tucayo> `bottle
  128. 03:02:41: <Mario4Ever> lol
  129. 03:02:44: <Tucayo> Hmm
  130. 03:02:45: GameServ spins the bottle for Tucayo and it lands on...
  131. 03:02:45: <GameServ> Bulbasaur!
  132. 03:02:46: <Tucayo> `bottle
  133. 03:02:51: <Tucayo> Away.
  134. 03:02:54: <Crash> My turn again? SMB, you always seem rather busy to me, will you be able to juggle Userpedia, The Shroom, and whatever you're running?
  135. 03:03:16: <SMB> :P
  136. 03:04:04: <Tucayo> Ok, we'll switch method.
  137. 03:04:28: <Tucayo> If you have any questions please send them via query to a candidate other than the one you want to ask.
  138. 03:04:36: <Fi> 10Thank you.
  139. 03:04:37: <Tucayo> Then we'll decide the order and ask them.
  140. 03:04:47: <Mario4Ever> How do I do that?
  141. 03:05:00: <SMB> /query individual
  142. 03:05:21: <SMB> Replace "individual" with the person you will send your question to.
  143. 03:05:21: <Tucayo> Or double clicking our username on the sidebar
  144. 03:05:29: <SMB> And yeah, what Tucky said.
  145. 03:05:35: <Mario4Ever> Thanks.
  146. 03:05:54: <Tucayo> Ok, I will start with this new method.
  147. 03:08:15: <Tucayo> SMB to ask the first question in my behalf
  148. 03:09:18: <SMB> Alright, this is from Tucayo, directed at Marioguy1:
  149. 03:09:23: <SMB> "How many Special Issues do you plan to have? And what will be their motives?"
  150. 03:10:02: <mg1> The Special Issues were a topic of great focus in the planning of my campaign
  151. 03:10:26: <mg1> I, of course, wanted to keep up last year's standards
  152. 03:10:31: <mg1> But I also wanted to raise them
  153. 03:10:43: <mg1> However SMB brought up a good point, that might decrease the quality
  154. 03:11:52: <mg1> But I think I have managed to balance it in a way that I can have up to four special issues
  155. 03:11:58: <mg1> One for each season
  156. 03:12:14: <mg1> Of course, I will have a feedback survey in January asking the users what they want in this category
  157. 03:12:19: <mg1> But I think it will cap at four
  158. 03:12:39: <SMB> Alright Tucky, do you have any follow-up questions?
  159. 03:13:07: <Tucayo> Indeed I do.
  160. 03:13:10: <Tucayo> Four. Which is, one third of the year's issues. Wouldn't that reduce the "special" factor?
  161. 03:14:45: <mg1> I thought I mentioned this, but I guess I deleted that part, but the special issues will have some characteristics of special issues
  162. 03:15:16: <mg1> (they will be big events, they will have some reflection on the actual issue)
  163. 03:15:37: <mg1> But a better name for two of them might be "Special Events"
  164. 03:15:56: <mg1> As they are about 20% issue and 80% outside factors
  165. 03:16:09: <mg1> Like for the Poll Committee Election, I will definitely do something for that
  166. 03:16:21: <mg1> However it will be mostly made of debates, chat parties and stuff like that
  167. 03:16:33: <mg1> With some special sections in the issue reflecting the election
  168. 03:16:44: <mg1> "Special Issue" is more of a generic term
  169. 03:17:04: <Tucayo> Ok, that might differ from my idea of Special Issue, but I like your idea. Thanks.
  170. 03:17:29: <Tucayo> SMB to ask the next question on behalf of BMB
  171. 03:20:42: <SMB> Alright,
  172. 03:21:04: <SMB> This is from Baby Mario Bloops to Tucayo, ""You entered the election almost halfway through it, along with the fact you have been retired for more than a year. What made you decide to unretire and straight back to charge?"
  173. 03:22:35: <Tucayo> Actually it's somewhat less than a year, but anyways.
  174. 03:22:43: <Tucayo> And I mentioned this earlier, but anyways.
  175. 03:23:09: <Tucayo> 20:29 Tucayo Well, to be quite honest, these election was going on just like last year's, so I wanted to make it interesting. And, I now have more time for The 'Shroom than I did when I was a SMW Sysop.
  176. 03:24:15: <SMB> Alright BMB, does that answer your question, or do you have a follow-up?
  177. 03:24:38: <Fi> 10I got a follow-up.
  178. 03:26:01: <Fi> 10The way you are stating it, it makes me feel like you are only doing it to add more variety. What I want to know is that can we take you as a seroius director if you got in with the reason being "to make it interesting"?
  179. 03:26:54: <Tucayo> Yes. I was a serious Director/Sub-Director for 2 years, I think I can be one for a third year. Also, I don't like to take myself too seriously.
  180. 03:27:33: <Tucayo> Having fun is essential, always.
  181. 03:28:02: <SMB> Alright BMB, does that answer your question?
  182. 03:29:13: <Fi> 10No, I think that's all I need.
  183. 03:29:17: <Fi> 10*yes
  184. 03:29:23: <SMB> Alright then.
  185. 03:33:42: <SMB> To answer your question, yes, I already have quite a few places in mind. I would prefer not to share that information right now, but I will work hard with the Affiliates Manager next year to ensure that these potential affiliates are added.
  186. 03:35:18: <mg1> OK so BMB
  187. 03:35:21: <mg1> Is that good?
  188. 03:35:53: <Fi> 10Hold on.
  189. 03:36:09: <Fi> 10Just a quickie, do you plan to strengthen the bond with NIWA?
  190. 03:37:22: <SMB> Well, there is not much we can do there. Our correspondant (RAP) went inactive, and there is not much new with NIWA as of now.
  191. 03:37:41: <SMB> Potentially? Yes, I have a few ideas in mind once certain projects on NIWA are accomplished and set up.
  192. 03:38:04: <Fi> 10Okay, thanks.
  193. 03:41:26: <Tucayo> Next question
  194. 03:41:39: <Tucayo> Once again from BMB, this time for MG1: "Are there any major changes to the 'Shroom that you want to make while director, besides the addition of more Special Issues?"
  195. 03:42:05: <mg1> Well, I would not say that the addition of the special issues is a change
  196. 03:42:18: <mg1> It's more of a by-the-year basis
  197. 03:42:56: <mg1> Aside from that, I pinpointed problems with the 'shroom
  198. 03:43:04: <mg1> And all of my changes are to solve them
  199. 03:43:21: <mg1> So no, I will not make any policy changes to the 'shroom, but I will change the way the 'shroom approaches writers
  200. 03:43:37: <mg1> And I will change the way the 'shroom treats continuous sections
  201. 03:43:45: <mg1> (the ones that are not monthly)
  202. 03:44:26: <Tucayo> Does the answer satisfy you, BMB?
  203. 03:44:59: <Fi> 10Yes.
  204. 03:45:35: <Tucayo> Ok, moving on, MG1 will post the next question
  205. 03:48:08: <mg1> From SMB to Tucayo: "My next question to you is about your promise to include contests. Marioguy1 mentions that he might introduce a new Core Staff position- the so-called "Activity Director"- to carry out events, which I assume includes contests. Would you consider implementing a position similar to the one Marioguy1 proposes?"
  206. 03:48:20: <mg1> (for the record, yes, all special events fall under that coverage)
  207. 03:49:20: <Tucayo> That was one of the ideas I liked the most about MG's campaign, so yes, I'll include it, with his support.
  208. 03:50:09: <SMB> Alright, thank you for answering.
  209. 03:50:48: <Hanako> where is the debate
  210. 03:50:52: <mg1> Once again, the second-last question of the night, from SMB to Tucayo: "I would like to ask you about your idea on removing section limits: does this extend only to the Music & Artwork Team, or to all teams in The 'Shroom?"
  211. 03:50:55: <mg1> Hanako: Right here
  212. 03:50:56: <mg1> Right now
  213. 03:50:58: <mg1> So shhhh
  214. 03:51:07: <Hanako> ok ok gosh
  215. 03:51:26: <Tucayo> To all teams.
  216. 03:51:36: <SMB> Alright, I have a follow-up.
  217. 03:51:42: <Tucayo> Just curious, why the assumption it may have been only to M&A?
  218. 03:51:46: <SMB> Oh,
  219. 03:51:58: <SMB> "Some users who want to sign aren2019t very proficient in English, so we can suggest them a section where grammar is not needed, like some Fun Stuff sections, or Music & Art. Also to remove the sections limit. "
  220. 03:52:12: <Tucayo> Oh, I see.
  221. 03:52:12: <SMB> They were in the same point. :P
  222. 03:52:22: <SMB> But as for my follow-up,
  223. 03:52:32: <SMB> I personally feel that section limits can play an important role in maintaining the quality of The 'Shroom- it prevents one individual from holding control over too many positions.
  224. 03:52:50: <SMB> That said, I myself support allowing for flexibility in this situation: if the leader of a specific team feels that they may need to increase or decrease their section limits, then I will consider allowing them to do so, as I plan on having a Core Staff that understands the unique situations that their team might be facing.
  225. 03:53:07: <SMB> A team might have a level of interest that allows the Director of that team to implement section limits in order to ensure that many individuals have a chance to write for the paper. Another team might have little interest, and thus must increase the section limit in order to encourage a few individuals to fill up several positions.
  226. 03:53:21: <SMB> My follow-up question is: how does your "one-size-fits-all" approach to entirely removing section limits actually solve the problems The 'Shroom faces now?
  227. 03:53:44: <Tucayo> Of course, this would be decided by the Staff. If the Staff considers that user is already writing a great quantity of sections, we may tell him that he can't write any more.
  228. 03:53:52: <Tucayo> To answer concretely,
  229. 03:54:53: <Tucayo> Different situations may be considered. And this helps because some users have the ability/time/will to write more sections, so, as long as they keep a good quality, we shouldn't limit them.
  230. 03:56:26: <SMB> Alright, thank you.
  231. 03:56:38: <SMB> A correction, by the way: there are two more questions for tonight's debate.
  232. 03:57:18: <SMB> This one is from Mario4Ever to Tucayo, "Whenever it's appropriate, I've got a question for Tucayo. First, I want to know how holding games and contests would benefit the 'Shroom. Second, given the importance of staff meetings in producing real-life publications, I wonder what stopped him from bringing up the idea of staff meetings back in 2009."
  233. 03:58:17: <Tucayo> To answer the first question,
  234. 03:58:56: <Tucayo> During the 43 Issues I have worked for The Shroom I have noticed games bring many people's attention, so games are a god way to attract them into The 'Shroom.
  235. 03:59:03: <Tucayo> As for the second question,
  236. 03:59:32: <Tucayo> I suggested them once but the idea was never developed. Now I plan to fully develop it and make use of it.
  237. 04:00:13: <SMB> Alright Mario4Ever, does that answer your question?
  238. 04:00:37: <Mario4Ever> More or less. Is there time for a follow-up?
  239. 04:01:31: <Tucayo> Sure
  240. 04:02:28: <Tucayo> A quick one
  241. 04:02:40: <Mario4Ever> ok
  242. 04:03:14: <Mario4Ever> When you say it was never developed, does that mean discussion stagnated, or you weren't able to organize an efficient system?
  243. 04:03:55: <Tucayo> It was just left as an idea, we didn't even get to the planning stage.
  244. 04:04:11: <Mario4Ever> All right, thanks.
  245. 04:05:54: <mg1> OK guys!
  246. 04:06:06: <mg1> We have just three more questions, and no more are being accepted!
  247. 04:06:32: <mg1> From SMB back to Tucayo
  248. 04:06:36: <mg1> That is a good point that you made in your campaign (the one about the conflict of coverage between PipeProjects and the Spotlight). However, in another section of your plans, you mention having a "Users Voice" section, in which "the writer of this section would poll users to see what they think about features of the wiki, or aspects of the Marioverse."
  249. 04:08:18: <mg1> Isn't this conflicting the polling process that we run on our Main Page (which is also actually why we removed the old Poll section in the Fun Stuff)? Do you then not conflict yourself on the point of preventing overlap with other projects on the wiki?
  250. 04:09:42: <Tucayo> This is a different kind of poll. The one on the Main Page allows only for pre-selected answers, while this Users Voice goes beyond. Though I must agree, I hadn't thought of the Main Page poll, so yes, it may overlap.
  251. 04:10:16: <SMB> Alright, I have a follow-up response.
  252. 04:11:36: <SMB> How exactly do you intend on the "Users Voice" section to actually be run? Your campaign is pretty vague on that, considering that it is one of your major plans for The 'Shroom. And will you still allow this section despite the overlap that it could have?
  253. 04:12:31: <SMB> Considering the fact that you intend to remove one project based on overlap, it doesn't make sense to introduce another one that will potentially overlap.
  254. 04:13:34: <Tucayo> I'll consult with the Staff to see how the overlap could be changed, if it's not possible, the section could be somewhat like a companion to the poll, asking users to elaborate on their answers for the polls.
  255. 04:13:54: <SMB> Another follow-up, if that's fine.
  256. 04:14:06: <Tucayo> That way it supports another project
  257. 04:14:08: <Tucayo> Sure, go ahead
  258. 04:15:07: <SMB> I understand your point about consulting the staff on this (it is always important to do so in these sorts of situations). But why wouldn't you give the same consideration for the 'Shroom Spotlight? Perhaps having it as a companion to the PipeProjects and whatnot.
  259. 04:16:19: <Tucayo> As I mentioned, The Spotlight's area of focus could be to promote PipeProjects
  260. 04:16:29: <Tucayo> "What could be done is to enforce a particular PipeProject each month." qupte from my campaign
  261. 04:16:53: <SMB> Ah, okay.
  262. 04:17:01: <SMB> I believe that answers my question.
  263. 04:17:21: <Crash> Grubba dub dub
  264. 04:18:42: <Grubba> burpin beetles
  265. 04:18:44: <SMB> Alright, we are moving on to the final question, which will be posed by BMB for all three candidates:
  266. 04:19:00: <Hanako> three candidates?
  267. 04:19:03: <Hanako> man i shoulda ran this year
  268. 04:19:30: <Hanako> (i would probably have ~1 vote though lol)
  269. 04:20:18: <Fi> 10I want to know, where is the bar set on your terms for writers good enough for the 'Shroom and ones that aren't fit for writing for the 'Shroom? And tell me why it is set there.
  270. 04:21:35: <Tucayo> Being a non-native English speaker, I am much more tolerant with mistakes. However, this doesn't mean I'll allow anyone to write for The 'Shroom, All appllications will be reviewed by the staff
  271. 04:22:17: <mg1> I'll go next
  272. 04:22:57: <mg1> As I did not find a problem with our current strategy when I was looking over the problems with The 'Shroom
  273. 04:23:04: <mg1> I will probably continue to use that strategy
  274. 04:23:23: <mg1> As it really isn't up to the director whether or not to hire someone - it is their final decision, but the core staff gives contributions too
  275. 04:23:27: <mg1> And I plan to keep it that way
  276. 04:23:46: <SMB> And I will now give my response.
  277. 04:24:10: <SMB> Pretty much, I would have to say that after directing The 'Shroom for the past year,
  278. 04:24:57: <SMB> The 'Shroom having an application process has been amazingly effective in helping us hire good writers.
  279. 04:25:07: <SMB> Before we had such a process,
  280. 04:26:14: <SMB> We had no way of screening writers before they joined.
  281. 04:26:28: <SMB> In our application form, which we revised earlier this year,
  282. 04:26:43: <SMB> It asks a few questions to applying writers.
  283. 04:26:46: <SMB> These questions are,
  284. 04:27:08: <SMB> 1.) Which position would you like to apply for?
  285. 04:27:26: <SMB> 2.) The staff reserves the right to remove writers from their position if they engage in activities that reflect badly on The 'Shroom. These activities include extensive misbehavior on the Super Mario Wiki and/or its forums. Do you agree to not engage in such activities for the entire duration of your employment?
  286. 04:27:33: <SMB> 3.) Please write a full-length demo of your section. That way, we can have a bit of your work to decide if you can be on the team.
  287. 04:27:58: <SMB> A fourth question about a submission schedule will be added should I win reelection.
  288. 04:28:08: <SMB> To answer your question, BMB,
  289. 04:28:21: <SMB> I will strictly adhere to contract that is our application form.
  290. 04:28:40: <SMB> Once my plans are implemented, we should see an increase of individuals interested in writing.
  291. 04:29:08: <SMB> We will be able to strictly enforce the contract, specifically item #2 (about representing The 'Shroom in a good manner).
  292. 04:30:03: <SMB> Writers must submit quality sections (as defined by the Core Staff), be well-behaved and overall good users, and will have to agree to a release schedule.
  293. 04:30:22: <SMB> Should they fail to do so, their contract /will be/ terminated and they will not beable to write for the paper.
  294. 04:30:26: <SMB> No exceptions.
  295. 04:31:32: <SMB> So I hope that answers your question in full detail.
  296. 04:32:49: <mg1> OK guys!
  297. 04:32:57: <Fi> 10For once, I got more than I was hoping. Thanks.
  298. 04:33:02: <mg1> Since Tucayo is no longer here, we cna't have any follow-up
  299. 04:33:09: <mg1> Which means this debate is now officially over!
  300. 04:33:12: <mg1> Thank you for coming!
  301. 04:33:25: <Mario4Ever> It was a pleasure.
  302. 04:33:31: <mg1> We will most probably not have another one, so make sure to place votes before the next issue is released
  303. 04:33:37: <mg1> And we will see which director comes out on top!
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