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DDO setup

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Jan 19th, 2016
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  1. This is the torrent for the updated game, download it first, this download comes WITH THE ENGLISH PATCH, NO SEPARATE PATCH NECESSARY.
  3. don't do anything with the files once downloaded yet
  4. -
  5. For the rest you'll need a VPN, the one I use and that was recommended for the game is Softether, this version:
  7. Once installed, to connect to a Jap server just open up the main menu of the client, double click 'VPN gate public VPN relay Servers' and then sort the servers by score, highest to lowest (should be the right most column, you'll have to scroll across the window). Try connecting to Jap servers (make sure their location is Japan) from the highest scoring one down. In my experience connecting to the top 1st or 2nd server with the UDP method works most of the time.
  8. -
  9. Activate a Jap VPN and download the client from the website, VPN must be active
  11. Install it
  12. -
  13. Change the region/time zone of your PC to Japan, launcher will not function otherwise. (this won't have any adverse effects aside from obviously showing you the incorrect time).
  14. -
  15. Run the launcher (you will always have to have a VPN running when launching the game). Enter your username/password in the two obvious boxes, check the small one underneath so it remembers the spastic username capcom gives you. Press the big button underneath the login boxes to login. Now it'll check your files (my VPN disconnected here which caused the Launcher to infinitely check, if something similar happens that could be why) give it a good 5 minutes to verify (there'll be some jap text and 5 pulsating white boxes if it's verifying). Once it's checked what files you have, it will begin to download the game. Close the launcher here.
  16. -
  17. Extract the files from the complete game torrent into capcoms folder.
  18. For instance for me I extracted the 'Dragon's Dogma Online' folder to C:\Program Files (x86)\CAPCOM
  19. Overide and replace all conflicts.
  20. -
  21. Now your game is up to date (as of when i made this, there could be patches to download with the launcher even after doing this if you're viewing this at a later date). There's just one last thing to do so you can play the game without running a VPN constantly. You will need to do the below step once every time you boot your PC, it will persist until you restart.
  22. <<<Make sure your vpn is not running when doing this step.>>>
  23. -
  24. 1. Run command prompt as an administrator
  25. 2. Enter the following: route add MASK <default gateway>
  26. 3. Replace <default gateway> with your router's default gateway without the <> (just type ipconfig into command prompt to your default gateway)
  27. 4. Log into the game with the VPN turned on then simply disconnect the VPN once you're in the character select screen or in-game.
  29. If you need to remove the route just enter: "route delete". Be careful not to do anything else to your route table as this can potentially make it so that you are unable to connect to the internet.
  30. -
  31. That should cover everything. The english speaking world when logging in with your character is World 13, channel 0.
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