-The Get Chapter 5-

Jan 6th, 2014
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  1. - The Get Chapter 5 -
  3. "Sam?" you repeat. It's not a name you recall from anyone you've met in Equestria so far. In fact, it doesn't even ring a bell when you think about the show. In that case, there's only really one answer to who this person is.
  5. "Is Sam... another Poster?" you tentatively ask.
  7. Big Mac looks at you, his expression unreadable with its usual frown and heavy-lidded eyes. He eventually decides to give you an answer.
  9. "Eyup."
  11. Silence falls.
  13. "And?" you eventually push.
  15. Big Mac blinks. "Sam came here to live with us at Apple Acres. He arrived in Equestria a year or so ago, being the first of your kind here."
  17. Huh. So you really weren't the only person to suffer this insanity. You gain comfort from knowing you're not alone anymore. Thinking back to the stained-glassed window in Canterlot castle... Applejack was the 5 mil Get, wasn't she?
  19. "So is Sam still here at Apple Acres?" you question, wondering if you'd get the chance to meet him.
  21. "Nope."
  23. Silence falls again. Frustrated with this rather unhelpful answer, you start to press. "Where is he now, then?"
  25. Big Mac pauses again. Does it really take this long for his brain to process?
  27. "Not here. That's all you need to know. Please don't mention him to my sister, it'd only upset her" he replies in a rather somber tone. Out of respect for the guy, you agree.
  29. In all honesty, you forgot about the other Posters. You take a mental note to check up on their existences later.
  31. -
  33. Before you can probe further, AJ returns with a saddle bag. As she starts unloading various first aid supplies, you wonder how she was planning on applying bandages without magic?
  35. "Right, time to untie ya'll. If ya attempt to make a break for it, then we won't bother fixin' up yer wounds" AJ warns.
  37. With no fight left in you, you agree. After some knot-biting, the rope comes off allowing you to rub your chaffed wrists. AJ then proceeds to push the first aid supplies to you.
  39. "So I'm doing this myself?" Not that you minded, but still.
  41. "Your mess, your problem." AJ says simply. "You need to learn from your mistakes."
  43. Rather bitter at those words, you begin attending to your bite. Moving makes you realize how sticky and dirty you are, covered in drool and mud. In a moment of inspiration, you ask if you can get a wet towel. AJ agrees, leaving you and Big Mac alone again. Now's your chance.
  45. "What was Sam like, then?" You were burning for more info.
  47. Big Mac blinks.
  49. "He was a good guy." he finally says. "Took him a while to adjust, but he got there. AJ liked him a lot, treated him as a younger brother."
  51. "Liked?"
  53. Silence. Dammit.
  55. You'll get this information later. Pain was slowly obscuring your brain, so priority now was to treat the worse of these scratches and cuts. As you start poking the bite, AJ returns with a wet towel. She launches it across the barn onto your head, where it lands with a flap. Cold water hugs your face, and it actually feels kinda nice.
  57. -
  59. Spending about 30 minutes getting cleaned up, your bitten arm and blistered feet are now lightly bandaged. With AJ and Big Mac watching you the whole time, you can't help feel a bit awkward. Sitting down with legs stretched out your feet look slightly lonely with only one mud-stained slipper. The other slipper is now presumably Timberwolf dinner which saddens you.
  61. Just as the silent awkwardness reaches critical level a blue streak fills the air before rolling and landing gracefully in the barn. It's Rainbow Dash.
  63. "Have you guy's seen that weirdo guy yet? Rarity's fre- oh." she tails off, seeing you sitting there.
  65. "Hi" you reply, deliberately trying to make it as crushingly awkward as you could for her after being addressed as "weirdo guy".
  67. Dash looks a bit confused at seeing you there, before launching into the air again. "Does Rarity know?"
  69. "Nope, we thought we'd make sure he was alive first before raising the alarm." AJ states, her tone expressing how much of a nuisance you were.
  71. "He does look pretty beat up. Where'd ya find him?" Dash inquires.
  73. "Oh just in the Everfree forest" says a now-standing AJ, moving towards you. Dash does a weird flip in the air before practically shouting "IN THE FOREST?!". An "Eyup" comes from Big Mac.
  75. Dash looks astounded, quickly stammering something about telling Rarity before she zooms off. Ignoring this interruption, Big Mac mentions something about getting back to work and also leaves. You and AJ are now alone.
  77. -
  79. "Uhm... thanks for your help..." Face beginning to burn, you were tired of being embarrassed all the time. Looking AJ straight in the eyes, you see a small smile creep across her face.
  81. "And darn tootin'. Though I couldn't exactly leave somepony in danger. Can ya'll stand?" she asks, looking at your feet.
  83. Muscles massively lethargic and strained from all the running earlier, you shakily rise off the ground. Winching, you kick off the ruined slipper. Except for the thin bandages, you're back to being barefoot.
  85. AJ's smile turns to a small frown, giving you a sorry look. "Do your hooves hurt that bad?"
  87. Trying to understand what she meant, you eventually nod. "Yeah, my feet hurt. They're too soft and squishy."
  89. Not taking her eyes off you, AJ repeats your words.
  91. "Feet... Foots. That's right, I remember now."
  93. "Remember what?" you press. Might be your chance to wheedle more Sam information, though you remember agreeing with Big Mac not to mention it...
  95. "C-can ya'll stay there for a minute? I want to give you something. Give me a moment."
  97. She briskly trots off, leaving you standing awkwardly alone in the barn. Did you just upset her? Fuck. It was only about mid-noon, but you'd already fucked up so many things. This day had already overstayed its welcome. You long for your Futon, the only true sanctum in this world.
  99. Walking rather cautiously over to the exit, your feet sting on contact with the lumpy ground, hay getting caught up in the bandages. Urgh.
  101. -
  103. When you finally reach the door, the cool air brushes your still-damp face. Apple Acres is a really lovely area with apple trees as far as the eye can see. It feels so peaceful here. Despite all that's happened, you grin. Bar today, the most you've seen of outside was from the Carousel Boutique window. Yet now, it as all out in front of you. You even got some decent exercise.
  105. Taking a few minutes to hearty inhale the air, a soft "Ahem" from behind makes you jump. Applejack had returned.
  107. "Here" she says, dropping something in front of you. You look down, allowing a small excited squeal to escape.
  109. "For me? Really?" Oh man, you thought Rarity was supposed to be element of Generosity.
  111. "Eyup!" she says, sounding like her big brother.
  113. Kneeling down, you look at what AJ delivered. A fine, sturdy pair of brown leather cowboy boots. The best bit being that they were seemingly designed to fit human feet. That's odd...
  115. "So... You have people shoes? For people like me?" Burning curiosity returns in full force.
  117. AJ's ears slightly flop and she looks away. You realize that you've put her on the spot.
  119. "Uh, yeah... These boots are for hoomans. They belonged to a friend, but they don't need 'em anymore."
  121. A low tone in her voice tells you not to press the matter. You don't. Instead, you boop her on the nose. Caught by surprise, her eyes expand to a rather alarming size, before she lets out a giggle.
  123. "Whut?" she laughs.
  125. "Really, thanks. I'll take care of these."
  127. -
  129. The leather boots fit pretty well. Sure, they are a bit bigger than your current foot size, but they're still comfy and easy to wear. Having some proper, sturdy footwear was a damn novelty too as you do a little ecstatic jump. With your knees popping on landing though you instantly regret it.
  131. Being out in the sweet air and roasting sun of Apple Acres quickly draws attention to your crusty lips. Now that you think about thirst, your tongue feels as if you've been licking carpet for hours.
  133. "Hey AJ, uhm, do you have any drinks here? Like water or something. I'm pretty parched."
  135. Giving a rather loud fake tut tut, AJ raises an eyebrow.
  137. "So you distract us from work, take our first aid supplies, I give you free attire out of kindness and now ya'll want fed?!"
  139. Her tone was jokey and accompanied by a smile, but it did make you feel rather rude asking.
  141. "If you wouldn't mind..."
  143. God damn these ponies make you feel completely incompetent, like some kind of needy child.
  145. Rolling her eyes in jest, AJ heads round the back. You follow her, feeling suave as fuck with your new boots.
  147. "I need some way to repay you guys for your hospitality..." you begin saying.
  149. "It's fine. Ah'm sorry I was a bit rough with you before, but I don't like what ya put Rarity through."
  151. "Right... so there has to be some way I can make it up to all you guys, right?" you say, sounding slightly desperate.
  153. "Well..." AJ ponders. "I suppose ya'll could help out around the farm someday?"
  155. -
  157. Doing something other than sewing? You feel such a rush even at the idea of menial labor.
  159. "Apple bucking? Helping out you and Big Mac?" you jabber, thrilled at an excuse to go outside.
  161. "Yup, bits n' bobs. Mind, you'd be working for free - no pay. There's apple pie and juice in it though, if you're good."
  163. "You bet! Any excuse to go out and stretch my legs. I feel like I'm going mad cooped up in that shop..."
  165. "I can imagine, silly dresses and 'frou-frou' nonsense. Take a seat on that there barrel, I'll be back in a lickity-splick."
  167. "A what?" you call behind her but she'd already gone inside.
  169. Pulling yourself onto the barrel, your mind keeps creeping towards 2 things: Rarity and Sam. The first because of how bad you were feeling right now; the latter because where the hell was he if not here? What was his story?
  171. Your train of thought turns back to Posters. You remember the imageboard that brought you here as if through haze. If only the other shitposters could see you now. If only they knew all those foul things they posted could actually come true now that Equestria was real. You think "IWTCIRD" and inwardly chuckle. What had you wasted your life on?
  173. Sitting there with AJ, a chilled bottle of apple juice now firmly in your hand with a warm slice of apple pie snug in your stomach, your emotions were soaring. This morning you felt the worst a person could go, but after a near-death experience and some time outside, you felt so happy. Not for long, though.
  175. -
  177. Before you could enjoy the radiant sun much longer, you hear ushered voices. With both you and AJ turning round to identify the source, you briefly see Rainbow Dash flapping in the air. She seemed to be speaking with someone on the ground though they were obscured by the barn.
  179. AJ, who was also partaking in some chilled apple juice, gets up. As you see her orange rear recede she looks at you and jerks her head in the direction of noise, clearly communicating for you to go with. Sigh.
  181. As you both go from the back of the house to the front of the barn, you hear voices getting louder. It sounds like both Twilight, Dash and... Rarity. The first two seemed to be comforting their friend, while the third...
  183. "Howdy ya'll!" AJ announces, crossing to the front of the bar. Desperately you stay out of sight. With all of them there? Hell it was going to get horribly cringe-worthy, and fast. No dice though as AJ practically pulls you into view. Well, at least you identified the voices correctly.
  185. With 4 sets of pony eyes on you, you can only look back at Rarity. Her usual sleek, curly mane of deep violet is frizzed up, and as soon your eyes meet hers, her face contorts into the biggest scrunchy-face imaginable.
  187. Bracing yourself for the sonic boom of voice; there's nothing. Slightly confused, you continue watching the scrunchy-face reach levels of mass proportion before, finally, the flood gates open. Rarity breaks down into dramatic, loud, hysterical sobs.
  189. -
  191. Dash puts a foreleg around Rarity, all 3 ponies looking at you expectantly. Here goes, curling up your toes inside your new boots.
  193. "...I'm sorry, Rarity. It was wrong of me to run off like that."
  195. "And?" Dash adds.
  197. "And? Uhm... Sorry I put myself in danger in the forest?"
  199. "And!?" Dash nudges on.
  201. "Sorry for... letting my hair get stuck down your drain?" you say wildly as the ponies all collectively go "Eww". Thankfully Twilight steps in.
  203. "I think Dash wants you to also apologize for making Rarity worry."
  205. "Worry? About ol' me?" you chime in, trying to sound jovial. It doesn't work.
  207. Speaking through loud, wailing sobs, Rarity blurts out "I WAS SO WORRIED! Who knows WHAT you were planning!" You think those words over for a second...
  209. "Planning?" you repeat though you can see where this is going. You had just been dealt a crushing blow of news only yesterday, one that affects your entire life. Could it even push one to extremes...? No, never. You now understood Rarity's concern though.
  211. "Oh Rarity, I'd never do that." you say truthfully. As you approach her, Dash backs off and lets you give Rarity a hug. Her sobs now reach maximum volume blasting your right ear. Giving a helpless look to the other ponies, you see AJ tilt her hat forward, obscuring her face.
  213. "In the end, we're all here and well!" Twilight says happily, "This will make a great entry into our friendship diary!"
  215. Heh, same old socially awkward Twilight.
  217. -
  219. After apologizing to Rarity she slowly begins to calm down. "Slowly" being a rather loose term, as she still sobs for another 10 minutes or so. You finally manage to make her stop crying by showing her the shiny boots that Applejack gave to you. Immediately, Rarity's eyes light up and she starts blabbering about potential cowboy designs she could make for you. Yeah, nah.
  221. At the end of the day though, the drama was over - everyone's exhausted. To celebrate this little get-together, and because it was getting near that time, Applejack decides to host a little dinner party for everyone. An hour passes and everyone who matters is there: The mane 6, AJ's family and Spike. After a massive feast of apple-related treats, you all laze out on the grass soaking up the soothing sun at Apple Acres.
  223. While this peaceful end to a traumatic day was wonderful n' all, Twilight was starting to get on your nerves. If she wasn't constantly chatting away at your ear, she was offering your more food. Not wanting to be rude, and not to upset AJ's cooking pride, you kept accepting. By the end of the party, you've eaten about 8 slices of apple pie, 3 apples and 5 or 6 fritters; all fermented in 3 pints of apple cider. Honestly it was getting near barfing point, and thankfully the sun sank below the trees when it did.
  225. "Looks like the Sun's setting, I think we should probably all start heading back" Twilight announces, picking up Spike.
  227. "Awwww!" Pinkie cries deflating dramatically.
  229. -
  231. Departing from Apple Acres as a group, stomachs full of apple-treats and moods soaring, everybody says their goodbyes to the Apple family. AJ stands out front waving her hat frantically.
  233. "Ya'll come again!"
  235. Damn right you would as you recall that job offer. A minute later, both Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash fly into the deep red sky waving their forehooves as they go. They seemed to somewhat accept you now which was a happy thought. You even managed to break the ice with Fluttershy after talking about your Timberwolf experience. She claimed it was your own fault for "scaring" them. You just laughed it off.
  237. The walk was wonderful with your boots protecting your ruined feet though your bulging belly was being a source of discomfort. You had definitely eaten too much tonight. All too soon you were arriving at the dismal Carousel Boutique, Twilight giving a few words before her departure.
  239. "I hope you both try getting along better. I know it's tough but you can do this! If you need any help, you know where I live!"
  241. Ugh, always trying to be the voice of reason. You and Rarity just nod.
  243. Upon Entering all energy is drained from your body; instead being directed to the food-baby you were currently supporting. Slinking upstairs, sleep was the only goal.
  245. "'Night Rarity... we'll talk about it all tomorrow" you mumble. She smiles, waving to you.
  247. Back in the dismal room it's time to escape these dirty clothes.
  249. As you undress, you glance in the mirror.
  251. A bold number "20" is displayed on your hip.
  253. -
  255. You blink. There you stand half-naked, glazing at your reflection with your top already thrown onto the floor, trousers half-way down your legs. Surely this must be some trick of the light? It was pretty dark in here, plus you were covered mud and bruises. Still... you need to check this out.
  257. Taking a cold hand and running it over your hip you try to feel the strange marking, even pinching it slightly. There's no distinct texture, feeling just like skin. It's almost like it's actually -in- your skin but... how's that possible? Maybe time to postpone the early night plans and instead head for the bathroom to wash this off.
  259. Yanking up your trousers and spinning on the spot, you dash to the door and throw it open with a bit more vigor that was needed. Speedily tip-toeing across the hall, you wanted to avoid Rarity's concerns at the moment. Unfortunately sneaking wasn't enough, as after you close the bathroom door you hear a call of
  261. "Are you alright? I just saw you practically zip across the hall topless!"
  263. Quick, say something assuring.
  265. "Uh I'm fine! Just need... bathroom. Too many apples. Plus, clean mud and stuff."
  267. Praying to Celestia that Rarity didn't catch on to your empty explanation, you stand silently heart thumping.
  269. "Okay dear. I should probably give you credit - I didn't really take you as the hygienic type!"
  271. Painfully swallowing your response to this you wait until Rarity's retreating trots are heard, followed by her bedroom door closing.
  273. -
  275. After hastily locking the door, trousers are instantly abandoned and you stand fully naked in Rarity's bathroom with just a few bandages attached. With the light in here being sufficient enough, the mirror is your first port of call.
  277. Yeesh. It's not a pretty sight. Your hair was sticking up at strange angles after being gelled with tree sap; scratches littered your face and proceeded across your arms and knees; mud was grossly stuck to your body and your feet looked positively diseased. Enough of this shit you say internally, sticking your hip towards the mirror.
  279. There was no mistaking now, what looked like "20M" was marked on your skin like a grotesque tattoo. What the utter fuck? This just feels so wrong on so many levels. It's like you've been branded, as if someone was somehow taking ownership of you. Immediately directing your attention to the sink and twisting the cold tap you start slapping freezing water over the mark in a futile attempt to wash it off. If anything, it only stands bolder. Entering a bit of a frenzy you turn round to try again, only to notice another marking on the other hip. Shit. You'd only seen your right side, but now you got a view of your left. There's another "20M" marked there.
  281. As you try to think up the wildest, silliest explanations for this, none stick. It's beginning to dawn on you that the obvious was happening here, and yet you completely refuse to admit it. It's completely preposterous.
  283. No way in hell was this your cutie mark.
  285. -
  287. With this rancid thought penetrating your brain, you feel lost. This was the first piece of solid evidence that flat-out proves you weren't supposed to be here in Equestria. You do consider having a freak-out, but the mental image of projectile vomiting your apple-flavored food-baby all over the bathroom, and Rarity's resulting reaction slow you down. You're too tired to be upset at the moment, so instead, you settle for another bath.
  289. Filling the tub up, squirting in various expensive soaps and swishing the foam around... You don't know why but bubble baths make you really relaxed. Removing most of the bandages and slipping into the aromatic waters there's a slight stinging in your ruined feet. As they're drowned in the tub the pain slowly subsides and you lie there basking in comfort, trying not to think about weird hip tattoos.
  291. Washing away the day's filth and shame was just what you needed. You decide the bath is over when the water reaches an alarming brown color, and proceed to get out and dry off. With one last sorry look at your hip in the mirror, you drain the bath and exit.
  293. So this really was happening. Just like Twilight said - You were changing. You still don't understand. Right now isn't the time to care though as your mind fogs over. Easing into the futon and rubbing your stomach, you belch. Sleeping with a full stomach is a terrible idea, but so was accepting all that damned food. Well, if worst comes to worst, toilet's just across the hall...
  295. -
  297. Sleep was fighting back that night. Every few hours you'd jerk awake having no recollection of any dreams or any indication to why you awoke. After lulling back into another light doze, the cycle would start again. Getting fed-up and feeling incredibly stuffy under the covers, you reluctantly open a weak eye.
  299. Faint sunlight is beginning to leak into the room, meaning it couldn't be any later than 6am. You were desperate to sleep for longer, yet the poorly re-applied bandages were itching uncomfortably in the heat and now that you were awake you realized that you needed to use the bathroom. Guess the food-baby was finally digested. Might explain the stuffy futon...
  301. As you sit up and rub your eyes with your palms, there's a new sensation. When moving, you felt a rather odd weight on your chest. Unable to see properly through bleary eyes, you crawl in front of the mirror and take a proper look. You soon wish you hadn't, as you are met with a new pair of breasts. Why did you have to sleep topless?
  303. Without thinking, you grab the left one. Oh god, what? It's so soft and squishy and yet as you cup it there's a rather tender feel. Are these man-tits from eating all that food? That's just fuckin' silly. On further inspection your nipples were looking larger too, with a hint of perkiness.
  305. Still in a groggy state, you firmly squeeze the breast. You instantly regret it, as it hurts quite a lot. Your yelp doesn't sound though, as you realize you have no voice anymore.
  307. -
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