Izumi's Inventory

Jan 29th, 2019
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  1. Izumi's Inventory
  3. ******This list is not kept up-to-date on a job to job basis and will only be updated during relevant situations with the character.******
  5. (Common) Weapons
  6. ----------
  7. -Demonkiller Katana
  8. Her personal katana, it is one of the few things brought with her to The Intersection. It's made out of a strange, extremely powerful metal that inflicts a searing pain to demonic entities- this has shown to be the case in a large number of worlds. Interestingly, she claims it was NOT 'folded a thousand times', and in fact such a production method would make a sword exceedingly WEAK, such tales being annoyances of hers. She cares for the sword almost more than her own self.
  10. Bo Staff
  11. Pair of Daggers
  12. Assault Rifle
  13. Automatic Pistols
  14. Sniper Rifles
  15. Exotic Scimitar (Fire)
  16. Sais
  17. Dao Sword
  18. Escrima Sticks
  19. Tonfas
  20. Tri-section Staff
  21. Morning Star
  25. Tools
  26. -----------
  27. Grappling Chain
  28. General Purpose Gun Repair Kit
  29. Sword Cleaning Kit
  30. Portable Sword Sharpening Toolkit
  31. Murmur Stones
  32. Bag of Holding
  33. Large 5-Crystal Pack (250 Mana * 5)
  34. 2 Pairs of Murmur Stones
  35. Oxygen Respirator
  36. Mana Condenser (2500 Mana per 12 hours)
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