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  1. This letter offers up a guide to the world's most craven jobsworths, the ones most likely to prevent me from sleeping soundly at night. If I've missed some immoral misosophist who truly deserves inclusion, my sincerest apologies. Let me cut to the chase: If Cadet Chechen Wotan's attempts to recruit and encourage young people to reap a harvest of death, just as older drug dealers use young kids to push drugs, have spurred us to lead him out of a dream world and back to hard reality, then Wotan may have accomplished a useful thing. Don't let him delude you into thinking that the rules don't apply to him. He's just trying to marginalize the traditions and truths upon which our nation's greatness sits. He recently began transforming fear and its inculcation into the preeminent force ruling human existence. Once again, he has made a mockery of his pledge not to be so dastardly. It's too bad that Wotan lacks the decency to admit that he will probably never understand why he scares me so much. And Wotan truly does scare me: His intimations are scary, his personal attacks are scary, and most of all, he hates people who work beyond the predatory plasticity of his values. He wants such people nabbed, grabbed, and thrown out of the country.
  3. While Wotan frequently pretends to be creating a climate of cultural tolerance and understanding, he in fact has been creating a divisive culture of victimhood and entitlement. That's why you have to be careful around Wotan. Otherwise, you might overlook the fact that whenever I turn around I see him promoting the lie of expansionism. To deny such a truth would be to deny the evidence of our own senses. Of all of his exaggerations and incorrect comparisons, one in particular stands out: “At birth every living being is assigned a celestial serial number or frequency power spectrum.” I don't know where he came up with this, but his statement is dead wrong.
  5. We all know, in the world that surrounds us, that there are terrorists and home invaders and drug cartels and carjackers and knockout gamers and rapers and haters and scabrous, unrestrained airheads who scheme to respond to this letter with hyperbolic and uncorroborated accusations and assaults on free speech. What is often easy to forget, however, is that Wotan claims that society will benefit if he goes ahead with his plan to malign and traduce me. That's like pulling up a plant to see how the roots are doing. It also proves that Wotan is oblivious to the fact that heated comparisons of him to Hitler do have a measure of validity. Wotan isn't as distasteful and worthless as der Führer, but in the absence of any meaningful way to appeal for comity between us and him, many people retreat into laagers of place, race, or religion as a means of self-defense against Wotan.
  7. Sadly, the functions of the psyche known as conscience, rationality, critical thinking, and scientific objectivity are being numbed and virtually snuffed out altogether by Wotan's careless perversions. What can people like you and me do about that? Well, how about we start by casting a ray of light on Wotan's louche, scornful apologues? If Wotan had lived the short, sickly, miserable life of a chattel serf in the ages “before technocracy” he wouldn't be so keen to inaugurate an era of stultiloquent interventionism. Maybe he'd even begin to realize that no one likes being attacked by power-drunk ultracrepidarians. Even worse, Wotan exploits our fear of those attacks—which he claims will evolve by the end of the decade into biological, chemical, or nuclear attacks—as a pretext to set the wolf to mind the sheep. If you think that's scary, then you should remember that I can no longer get very excited about any revelation of Wotan's hypocrisy or crookedness. It's what I've come to expect by now.
  9. Wotan's brethren were recently seen attacking the very fabric of this nation. That's not a one-time accident or oversight. That's Wotan's policy. While there is inevitable overlap at the edges of political movements, it wasn't so long ago that people like you and me were free to challenge the soft bigotry of low expectations. Recently, that's become a lot harder to do. What happened that changed things so much? To put it briefly, Chechen Wotan happened. By converting houses of worship into houses of yahooism, Wotan has managed to feed us a fanciful load of horse manure as unassailable truth.
  11. If my memory serves me correctly, Wotan has been making our lives an endless treadmill of government interferences while providing few real benefits to our health and happiness. We need to have long memories and no forgiveness of that sort of behavior. Instead, we must ask the tough questions and not shy away from the tough answers.
  13. I was once asked, “How can Wotan blacklist his critics as terrorist sympathizers or traitors and then turn around and shed tears for those who got hurt as a result?”. I'm not quite sure how to answer such a question. The problem is that Nature is a wonderful teacher. For instance, the lesson that Nature teaches us from newly acephalous poultry is that you really don't need a brain to run around like a dang fool making a spectacle of yourself. Nature also teaches us that Wotan has been trying to convince us that I'm some sort of cully who can be duped into believing that he has the right to undertake extrajudicial reprisals against his enemies. That argument fails to take into account the reality that I avow that there are in fact many people who possess the intelligence, wisdom, talent, and ability to defy the international enslavement of entire peoples. My goal is to locate those people and encourage them to help me punish Wotan for his harebrained diatribes.
  15. Wotan's prevarications are not the solution to our problem. They are the problem. Now, I hope Wotan was joking when he implied he was going to endow animalism with a false legitimacy, but it sure didn't sound like it. Some people consider his put-downs a necessary evil, but the truth is that before he initiated an alarmism flap to help promote his high-handed machinations, people everywhere were expected to point out the glaring contradictions between Wotan's idealized view of materialism and reality. Nowadays, it's the rare person indeed who realizes that it is of vital importance that we make technical preparations for the achievement of freedom and human independence. It is a matter of life and death, a road either to safety or to ruin. That's why I feel that Wotan's reports are unequivocally swinish. However, for many theorists in the humanities today, the key issue with his reports boils down to one question: What provoked Wotan to treat anyone who doesn't agree with him to a torrent of vitriol and vilification? As you ponder the answer to that question, consider that he's a stolid flapadosha. I'm being super-extra nice when I say that. If I weren't so polite I instead would have stated that Wotan's libidinous precepts create alleged excuses for all forms of wrongdoing. That shouldn't surprise you when you consider that he has been trying for quite some time to convince us that he can bring about peace and prosperity for the whole of humanity through violence, deception, oppression, exploitation, graft, and theft. I suggest he take this rotting ordure and dump it where he and his fellow amoral flibbertigibbets congregate. At least then we could bear the flambeau of freedom without having to worry that he will conjure up dirt against his fellow human beings.
  17. We are a nation of prostitutes. By this I mean that as long as we are fat, warm, and dry we don't care what Wotan does. It is precisely that lack of caring that explains why Wotan's apologias for favoritism fail to convince me that his plane of understanding is beyond the realm of human imagining. If you doubt this, just ask around.
  19. Some people believe that one day Wotan's allies will reach out to others who share a commitment to a just society. Such people are doomed to disappointment, especially when one considers that Wotan says that he has the authority to issue licenses for practicing Lysenkoism. You know, I don't think I have heard a less factually based statement in my entire life. I apologize if the following points are hard to follow, but they're quite relevant to the gist of my argument. First, Wotan's bagmen form a vile organization devoted to harassment and barratry. And second, the trait of plutomania is enlarged in Wotan to the point of deformity. All of this means, of course, that it would be impossible, even between the covers of a thousand volumes, to list and describe all of the morbid things that Wotan has done. By somewhat the same token, although I admit it's not an exact parallel, he finds it convenient to blame all of society's woes on jaundiced, snotty pipsqueaks. Doing so fits with the rest of Wotan's populist sloganeering and takes less intellectual effort than investigating the structural factors and material practices that may in fact be the true reason that Wotan acts as if he were King of the World. This hauteur is astonishing, staggering, and mind-boggling. In closing this letter, let me point out that I would be remiss if I didn't remind you that anyone who has access to a search engine can confirm that Cadet Chechen Wotan makes it sound like he's some perfect angel of unstained ethical standards.
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