"ADateWithRarity" [Complete]

Oct 17th, 2019 (edited)
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  1. >Be anon in "ADateWithDash"
  2. >However its an alternate universe
  3. >And its actually a short "ADateWithRarity" story
  4. >A certain fashionista has recently acknowledged you as an individual with outstanding amounts of maturity and sophistication among ponys
  5. >Being mature and sophisticated is pretty easy when the bar is as low as it is
  6. >Just dont pick your nose in public and dont chew with your mouth open all the time
  7. >Meet those requirements and your practically a noble
  8. >And it would seem your mindfulness of manners and your noble demeanour has attracted the attention of Rarity
  9. >You had recently received a letter from her praising you on your manners and maturity
  10. >Within the letter she had also invited you to accompany her as her date to wine tasting party in Canterlot
  11. >You were kind of surprised at this, but you were also very interested
  12. >Rarity was probably one of the only ponys you have ever meet that actually acted their age
  13. >You and her shared many good conversations that didnt devolve into you talking about things like crayons, or yucky food
  14. >You were able to discuss more serious and mature topics with her and she would be able to keep up and support the conversation
  15. >Hell, that sole reason alone is more than enough for you to accept her proposal
  16. >So you did
  17. >You had gone and told her in person that you would gladly go with her
  18. >She was overjoyed with your response
  19. >She assured you that you were both going to have a wonderful time and she had even given you some new fancy dress clothes to wear for your date
  20. >The plan was to meet her at the train station tomorrow and so you did
  21. >The new suit she had given you was definitely something else
  22. >It was a soft comfortable blend of black wool and cashmere
  23. >It felt really light in your grip, but once you put it on it turned out to be very sturdy
  24. >A suit this nice wasnt just something you could go out and casually buy with pocket change
  25. >You hope Rarity didnt spend to much time or money making this suit
  26. >Shits starting to make you feel guilty just wearing it
  27. >You quickly find Rarity among the other ponys at the train station
  28. >You were able to easily spot her because of all the other ponys circled around her
  29. >Everyone had their attention focused on her and you can easily understand why
  30. >She was nothing less than stunning
  31. >She was wearing a beautiful deep black dress that greatly complimented her elegant form
  32. >It made her appearance give off an air of authority yet also conveyed a sweet gentleness as well
  33. >It was hard to tear your eyes away from her
  34. >And it would seem other ponys seemed to be just as affected as you
  35. >Ooohss and ahhhhs had been coming from many of the ponys observing Rarity and she ate it all up
  36. >She was receving compliments on her dress left and right
  37. >Ponys were commenting on how shiny and pretty it is.
  38. >Many asking where they can get pretty and shiny clothes like hers
  39. >Kinder ponys seem to have an affinity for shiny objects and materials
  40. >Its part of the reason glitter is in high demand all over Equestria
  41. >Rarity takes notice of you and wades her way through the crowd of amazed poners
  42. >"Anonymous! You look absolutely dashing in your new suit!"
  43. "Ah, thanks Rarity. I gotta say you look absolutely gorgeous in your dress."
  44. >Rarity blushes at your comment and looks away slightly "Oh, thank you darling. I just wanted to look my best for our date is all. I assure you tonight is going to be one to remember Anon.
  45. "Thats good to hear Rarity. Im excited to see how things will go."
  46. >"I as well darling, I as well!"
  47. >The train doors open and a conductor pony call for ponys to get on the train
  48. >"Oh! It looks like we had better start boarding Anonymous! I had made sure to reserve a couples seat for us at the front of the train."
  49. "Ah well then."
  50. >You back up slightly and motion your hand towards the train
  51. "After you"
  52. >She smiles at your gesture and makes her way towards the train doors "You are quite the gentlehuman Anonymous."
  53. >Cheessy yet effective
  55. >The train ride to Canterlot was rather uneventful yet still enjoyable
  56. >The couples seat that you both sat at was just two single pony benches with a small table in between them
  57. >Considering your human size you ended up having very little room between the two of you, however that seemed to only add to the intimacy of your date with Rarity
  58. >You apologized for taking up all the room, but she had insisted that the fault was hers, not yours
  59. >She mentioned she had forgotten to take your size into consideration when reserving the seats, but she didnt mind the lack of room between you two
  60. >Once the two of you had found comfy positioning between each other you began to talk about your trip
  61. >You had both spent most of the train ride talking about the wine tasting party that you would be attending
  62. >It was an upscale wine shop just outside the castle
  63. >Apparently a lot of important Canterlot ponys frequent the place, and not just any pony could waltz in
  64. >You could only get in if you had the proper connections and apparently Rarity had those connections
  65. >You cant say you were to surprised you were going to some upscale place
  66. >Its actually something you expected when Rarity mentioned being her date
  67. >Your more surprised that these ponys actually drink alcohol
  68. >The only beverage you have encountered in Equestria with an actual alcohol content was a batch of "messed up" cider AppleJack had made
  69. >She said it wasnt safe for pony consumption and that it needed to be disposed of
  70. >You had kindly offered to dispose of it for her and she accepted your help
  71. >Hell she even tried to pay you
  72. >But the familiar taste of booze was payment enough
  73. >If she knew you were gonna drink the stuff she would probably have called you crazy
  74. >Anyways Rarity had assured you that what you will be drinking today is a special beverage that only those with a mature and sophisticated pallet can handle
  75. >Your not exactly sure what that meant, but if it means you can get even the tiniest bit of sloshed, your in
  76. >Now your really starting to look forward to this wine tasting thing
  78. >Be Anon
  79. >In the corner of the "Wine" shop filled with noble ponys dressed up in silly fancy clothes
  80. >Your currently sucking on your box of "wine" and eating your string cheese while Rarity and a group of snooty ponys gossip about matters you frankly cant find any interest in
  81. >Its not that your not trying to keep up and understand
  82. >Its just that talk about celebrity relationships were never really your thing
  83. >Really its not even that great of gossip either
  84. >Talk about ponys that you dont know who may or may not be in a relationship
  85. >Really you have just been wondering how your gonna get more of that "bad" cider from AppleJack
  86. >Your gonna have to figure something out real soon too since your running low
  87. >"Really? Holding hoofs in public! You dont say!" Rarity says in astonishment
  88. >The moustached noble pony takes a light sip from his juice box and pulls off a strand of his string cheese and pops it into his mouth "Thats right, or at least thats what ive heard from reliable sources."
  89. >Rarity looks up to you with intrigue "What do you think Anon? Absolutely scandalous dont you say?"
  90. >Oh shit what were they talking about again? You werent really paying attention
  91. You remove your straw from your mouth "Uh yeah, thats pretty crazy...."
  92. >Somehow sensing your lack of commitment to the conversation, Rarity's expression becomes one of concern
  93. >Oh shit did you say the wrong thing. You dont want her think your not enjoying yourself
  94. >However juice boxes, string cheese, and gossip arent really your definition of a good time, but that doesnt mean your not having fun!
  95. "H-hey Rarity im starting to run on empty." You shake your juice box to show exactly what you mean by empty "Im gonna go grab another jui- wine box, would you like one?"
  96. "Oh sure thing dear, but actually I will accompany you as well." Rarity says still looking somewhat concerned
  97. >After saying her goodbye to the moustached pone, you and Rarity both slowly make your way towards one of the serving ponys holding a tray of juice boxes
  98. >Rarity stops you and taps your leg lightly "Anon.... are you enjoying yourself darling? If your not we ca-"
  99. "Ah no Rarity im having a good time! I have just been a little lost is all. I havent really ever done this thing before and I guess its just not quite what I was expecting."
  100. >Rarity looks a bit relieved, but still shows signs of concern
  101. >"Oh Anonymous, I must apologize for my carelessness. I should have been more attentive with you. Oh I know just the thing that well help you get into the swing of things! Let me just go ask the server for something a bit more special, and then I'll show you what these partys are all about! Just wait right here!"
  102. >Rarity trots away over to a pony sitting behind a bar that seems to stock with a variety of juice boxes
  103. >She seems to be talking to the pony at the bar while pointing over to you
  104. >The bar pony nods his head and walks out from his bar and into another nearby room
  105. >Your not exactly sure what Rarity is up to, but you figure its just best to standby and watch for now
  106. >A server pony carrying a tray of juice boxes and string cheese comes up to you "Oh hello sir! Care for more wine or maybe some cheese?"
  107. >You take a few more drags from your juice box and find that you are on about empty
  108. "Oh yeah sure thing, what do ya got?"
  109. >The server pony smiles and begins to list off the different juices he has "I have apple juice, cranberry juice, orange juice, and uuuuhhhhhhhh grape!"
  110. "ummm I'll take an apple juice."
  111. >The pony magics over a box of apple juice to you while taking your empty one
  112. >"Would you like some cheese as well" he asks cheerily
  113. "Yeah sure."
  114. >He levitates a stick of cheese and you take it from his magical grasp
  115. >He stares at you eagerly with a big smile as if expecting something from you
  116. >Oh right, he probably wants a tip
  117. You look down at the server pony "Your really good at your job and your mane is well kept."
  118. >The server pony blushes slightly and bashfully paws at the ground
  119. "Your also really good at listing off the different types of "wine" and are generally a pleasant pony to be around"
  120. >That had ought to do the trick
  121. >Thats one thing you can appreciate about this crazy poner land
  122. >Ponys love a good compliment in reward for good service
  123. >The server pony seems to be overjoyed with your very generous "tip" and gives you a slight bow before giddly trotting over to the bar counter
  124. >He is practically dancing over your compliments
  125. >You must of really made his day
  126. >He is almost literally jumping and dancing with joy
  127. >Hopefully he decides to stop twirling around in time to avoid Rarity who is now making her way over to you with a very large juice box
  128. >Ummmmm no he is still doing his joyful little twirls
  129. >Ok maybe you can warn Rarity to move before this ecstatic pone crashes into her
  130. You call out to Rarity "Uhhhhh Rarity you might wanna move over really quickly!"
  131. >Rarity pauses for a moment and looks slightly puzzled "Im sorry darling, you want me to what?"
  132. >Uh oh
  133. >The server pony crashes into Rarity
  134. >Both of the ponys look shocked and confused as they collide into each other
  135. >The startled server pony momentarily release his magical grip on the trays he was carrying causing empty and full boxes of juice to fall onto him and rarity as well as sticks of cheese
  136. >Rarity loses her focus and drops her large box of juice onto the ground
  137. >Despite causing quite the commotion and gaining the attention of all the other ponys in the room the mess was relatively small
  138. >A few drops of juice from the empty boxes had managed to find their way onto Rarity, lightly staining her dress and fur while the server pony had been covered in cheese
  139. >Fortunately none of the full boxes had broken open, especially Rarity's larger box
  140. >The server pony takes notice of the mess he had made of his surroundings as well as Raritys dress and fur coat "I-I-Im so very sorry miss! I d-didnt mean to! It was an accident! he stutters
  141. >Rarity's eye twitches slightly and she forces an awkward yet reassuring smile "It's.....quite alright Darling....accidents need to make a big deal out of a few drops of wine haha....."
  142. >Rarity looks over to you still wearing her forced smile
  143. >You force your own smile and give Rarity an awkward thumbs up in order to help and try and calm her nerves
  144. >Despite the slight tension in the air, the server pone seems to be somewhat comforted by Rarity's words and decides to try and rectify the situation "Oh I know! We have some paper towels in the back that you can use to clean yourself up, miss! Let me go get them for you!
  145. >Once again becoming oblivious to his surroundings, the server pone begins to make his way to the back room, however, his first hoof step forward is ill-placed as it lands directly on top of the gallon-sized box of juice that Rarity had dropped earlier
  146. >In less than a second one side of the box had heavily bulged out and burst with a torrent of juice that resembled that of a fire hose
  147. >The torrent had relentlessly assailed Rarity with cartoonish amounts of fluid
  148. >The juice had just kept coming and coming and coming with no end in sight
  149. >Ponys just stood still with mouths agape watching the scene unfold
  150. >Both you and the server pony were no exception either
  151. >Holy shit, how much juice was inside that box?
  152. >It must have been enchanted or something along those lines because the amount that had spilled out was more so equal to 20 gallons if not more
  153. >Finally after a good 15 seconds, the geyser of juice had petered out to a steady trickle that on the floor
  154. >The silence in the room was palpable
  155. >No pony dared make a move and the only sound being made was the sound of juice trickling off of Rarity
  156. >You suddenly get an odd feeling in your stomach
  157. >Like something was about to go horribly wrong
  158. >You look around and see other ponys begins to fidget slightly and some are starting to even look a bit......panicked
  159. >What is their deal, and why do you feel like shit is gonna hit the fan soon?
  160. >Its not like Rarity is going to...
  161. >Shit
  162. > way she would do such a thing, especially here of all places, in front of all these fancy ponys
  163. >She would never do the craziest thing that a pony could do in this magical pone land
  164. >She would never throw the universally feared and dreaded tantrum
  165. >R-right?
  166. >You feel a bead of sweat roll down your face
  167. >Very rarely when a pony is put under great amounts of stress and the right circumstances are met they may overcome their evolutionary "flight or run away" response and opt for a more drastic response
  168. >Thats how Twilight explained it to you at least
  169. >You have never seen one in person, but you have heard of one that had occurred in Manehatten not to long ago
  170. >Apparently they had to shut down a whole section of the city
  171. >Though its likely they were overreacting as ponys tend to do
  172. >You still would not like to have to deal with the utter chaos that would follow the mass pony freakout
  173. >Observing Rarity's current state, you begin to become somewhat concerned
  174. >That torrent of juice had did a number on Rarity and to say it nicely she was kind of.......a mess
  175. >Rarity's body had been soaked with copious amounts of the reddish liquid and it had definitely taken its toll on her appearance
  176. >Her usual greyish white coat was now stained a light pink colour
  177. >Her mascara ran down her face in inky black trails
  178. >And her previously done up hair, now sopping wet, lay flat against her face dripping with juice
  179. >For a pony obsessed with her appearance, this was probably the worst-case scenario for Rarity
  180. >Rarity slowly looks down at the puddle of juice surrounding her causing you as well as everypony else in the room as well to flinch
  181. >She observes her reflection in the puddle for a few moments
  182. >Rarity's lack of action is starting to take its toll on some of the ponys in the room as they start to become even more panicked
  183. >Rarity begins to slowly look up at the server pone
  184. >Her face is devoid of emotion
  185. >The server pone, on the other hand, is the exact opposite
  186. >What he is now feeling is nothing less than pure terror
  187. >His chest is heaving rapidly and he is obviously sweating up a storm
  188. >Rarity pierces him with her gaze and the sever pony just cant bring himself to look at her
  189. >You almost feel bad for the poor clumsy poner
  190. >The server pone slowly lifts his hoof from the now empty box and quietly sputters "I-I......Im s-s-so....s-sorry......miss...I-I-I-It was a-a-an accident....."
  191. >Rarity continues to stare down the poner with her unmoving expressionless stare "Your.....sorry?" she asks in a quiet monotone voice
  192. >Oh shit here it comes
  193. >The server pony now in very obvious duress cant bear to bring himself to respond to her question
  194. >"You spill wine all over me and all you can say is your sorry?" Rarity say with a slightly less monotone voice
  195. >Tears are beginning to run down the server ponys face and he looks like he is about to faint "I-Im s-s-sorry." he sobs
  196. >Rarity finally lets go of her icy stare in exchange for a more furious looking "Do you even understand exactly what you have done!?" Her voice gets louder and is borderline shouting
  197. >Ok maybe you should get involved before this escalates any further
  198. >You begin to take a step forward towards Rarity and the server pone, however your brought to an abrupt stop as a pony almost crashes into your side
  199. >You quickly step back in order to avoid the terrified poner
  200. >She wastes no time darting past you to who knows where
  201. >Jeez what the hell was up with her
  202. >As you finish the thought you can feel something bump into you from behind causing you to almost fall over
  203. >Fortunatley you manage to catch yourself and avoid falling to the ground
  204. >You look behind yourself and see the source being another frantic looking pony
  205. >Actually now that you have taken your eyes off of Rarity and the server pony for a few moments, your able to see that everything has devolved into pure and utter chaos
  206. >Everypony in the room was in a state of terror and panic
  207. >Poners were running all over the place causing a big commotion
  208. >There was no method to their panic either
  209. >Many of the ponys just were running around the room aimlessly occasionaly crashing into objects or even other ponys
  210. >Some ponys had even taken to hiding under tables, chairs, trash cans, napkins, whatever they felt could provide them protection from whatever threatened them
  211. >Oddly enough, you saw a few scared ponys gallop out the door of the building and soon a few more ponys that looked just as scared as the ones that left ran inside the building and joined the madness
  212. >Alright you had really ought to get Rarity and leave
  213. >You turn back to Rarity and see her unloading her anger onto the server pone who is now curled up in fetal position on the floor
  214. >You attempt to make your way over to Rarity
  215. >You are forced to dodge a few more charging ponys and take a big step over a grown stallion who is crying his eyes out on the floor
  216. >As much as you want to help these ponys and try and calm them down, you think this might be a little bit more than you can handle
  217. >Espically considering that there are more ponys in the building now than there were before the mass freakout happened
  218. >Where the hell are all these new terrified poners coming from?
  219. >How does this shit even work?
  220. >After managing not to trip over a pony hiding in a pile of napkins, you finally manage to get near Rarity and the server pone
  222. >Oh jeez Rarity is really giving it to that poor poner
  223. >Fortunately Rarity's constant shouting seems to have caused him to pass out from fear
  224. "Uh Rarity...."
  225. >Rarity turns to you still looking enraged "WHAT!?"
  226. >You recoil slightly with the harsh tone Rarity takes with you
  227. >You raise your hands in front of you to show that you mean no harm
  228. >Rairty continues to seeth with anger as she stares you down, but her angry expression seems to falter as she begins to realize your not just some random pony interrupting her rage
  229. >"Oh.....Anon...Im sorry.....I didnt mean to raise my voice at" Rarity finally takes notice of the mayhem that is surrounding her
  230. >The more she observes the chaos around her the more her rage fades into sadness and guilt
  231. >Finally she looks down at a puddle of juice near her hoofs and observes her own reflection
  232. >She cringes at the sight of the pony in the puddle and looks up to you with watery eyes
  233. >"I-im sorry Anon......Th..things weren't supposed to turn out like this....And.....and it's all my fault they did....."
  234. >Rarity hangs her head low and clamps her eyes shut in an effort to keep her tears from spilling
  235. >Its all for nought however as tears still manage to squeeze their way through and begin to roll down her stained fur cheeks as she begins to let out quite sobs
  236. >Ah fuck Anon
  237. >You hate seeing ponys cry
  238. >Espically when its pony you care about
  239. >This is probably the worst things could possibly get
  240. >You gotta do something about this mess
  241. >Fortunately when things are this bad, there is nowhere else to go but up
  242. >You kneel down and pick up the crying juice soaked Rarity
  243. >You support her bottom with your forearm and wrap your free arm around her back pulling her close to your shoulder
  244. >Your gonna need a better setting if you want to cheer Rarity up, so you had better get the hell out of here
  245. >Plus you dont want to get caught up in the quarantine zone the guards will surely set up
  246. >Rarity doesnt give much of a reaction to you picking her up as she is still too busy sobbing uncontrollably
  247. >But she does however wrap her hooves around your neck and buries her face into your shoulder making it a bit easier to carry the pone
  248. >You deftly dodge panicked ponys left and right as you and Rarity make your way to the exit
  249. >You wanna help out these poor ponys and help calm them down, but Rarity comes first
  250. >You near the door leading to the outside, but quickly stand to the side as a few flustered poners come charging inside
  251. >Before the door closes, you and Rarity slip out leaving the mass freakout behind
  252. >Or so you thought
  253. >The streets of Canterlot seem to be just as if not worse
  254. >Ponys are freaking out on the streets as well
  255. >There are ponys running around aimlessly, crashing into objects as well as each other just like they were doing inside
  256. >Shop stalls have been tipped over, Chariots lay flipped on their sides, and you think you can see a trashcan that somehow managed to catch fire
  257. "Oh man..."
  258. >You can feel a damp spot begin to grow steadily as Rarity's sobs begin to grow heavier
  259. "Hey come on, cheer up Rarity!" you softly whisper
  260. >You adjust your hold on her so that way your grip on her is even more secure and your head is closer to hers
  261. >Despite the slight readjustment, she still makes an effort to mash her face into your neck and refuses to look at you
  262. "Don't worry Rarity, I know just the place that we can go that will help make you feel better!"
  263. >Rarity shuffles in your grip slightly and you can feel her heavy sobs pause for a moment, the pressure of her face on your neck softens slightly
  264. >"Hmmm?" She curiously moans into you
  265. >Looks like you got her attention
  266. "Oh yeah! I promise you will love where we are going! Its a surprise though, so while I get us there, you just sit tight and try to think how many scoops you want. Sound good?"
  267. >Rarity pulls away from your neck completely now and looks at you with a puzzled expression "Scoops? What do you mean by scoops darling?"
  268. >Good you were able to pull her mind away from the whole wine tasting fiasco
  269. "Heh its a surprise Rarity, but you'll know when we get there!"
  270. >You briskly jog away from the chaos surrounding you
  271. >You wanna get as far away as you can from this huge catastrophe
  272. >Espically before the guards make it over here and block off this whole area
  273. >You also really wanna help Rarity feel better about...well......everything you suppose
  274. >Its safe to say that this date didnt quite turn out how she expected it to
  275. >Hell, you bet the only reason she isnt bawling her eyes out right now is likely because she is to busy trying to figure out where you are taking her
  276. >Fortunatley you have a plan
  277. >Based on how many ice cream tubs Rarity keeps in her fridge, its safe to say your plan is pretty much full proof
  278. >Fortunately for you Canterlot just so happens to be home to one of the most kickass ice cream parlours you have ever been to
  279. >You go there whenever your in the area, and you can easily say Cold stone creamery has nothing on this place
  280. >You would probably get diabetes and die from said diabetes before you could finish trying every one of the flavours this place has!
  281. >Plus you know what they say, "Bomb-ass icecream heals all wounds!"
  282. > say that at your head......
  283. >"Anon darling?"
  284. You turn your gaze slightly towards the unicorn while steadily jogging towards your destination "Yeah Rarity, whats up?"
  285. >"I think I have settled on having 4 scoops of sugar in my tea if thats alright darling."
  286. >You let out a small chuckle and the pink stained unicorn looks at you even more puzzled than before
  287. "We arent going out for tea Rarity, we are getting something much better!"
  288. >"Really? Better than tea? What is it? Why dont you just tell me what it is already darling? I really want to know!" Rarity says with a mix of curiosity, excitement, and slight annoyance.
  289. "I told you already Rarity, its a surprise! Dont worry though we are almost th-"
  290. >You quickly pause your words as you see a large mass of white and yellow making its way rapidly towards your direction
  291. >Its taking up the entirety of the street leaving little room to get by and is making quite the loud commotion
  292. >Thinking quickly, you take Rarity and find cover in a nearby alleyway and wait for whatever it is to pass
  293. >You would prefer not to get sidetracked or caught up in any more chaos, you have definitely had your fill of excitement for today
  294. >Peeking out from the alleyway in order to see exactly what the large mass was, you see what must be at least 50 royal guard soldiers hauling ass towards the pony freakout zone you and Rarity had just left
  295. >They all wear serious stern expressions as they charge down the street towards their destination
  296. >At least a third of them are carrying big yellow rolls of tape that says "Do not cross"
  297. >You feel Rarity shuffle a little in your arms and you turn your attention down to her
  298. >"A-anon.....darling, why are there so many guards heading down the street and what do you think they are going to do with all that tape?"
  299. "Looks like they are gonna try to quarantine the area before the panic spreads. Cant say I blame them considering how fast ponys who weren't even taking part in the wine tasting had begun to flip their lid."
  300. >As the last of the guards pass you by, you begin to get ready to take off down the street towards the ice cream parlour
  301. >However you halt any thoughts of progression when you feel Rarity lightly trembling in your arms
  302. "Hey Rares, everything all right?"
  303. >You look down once more towards the pony only to see her cheeks have found new dampness and her eyes are now clenched shut
  304. " afraid nothings all right....."
  305. >Rarity lets out a small sniffle and begrudgingly looks in your direction
  306. >"I-I never should have....this was all a mista-" seizing your chance before she can say any more you quickly move in and steal a kiss from fashionista pony
  307. >from her cheek of course
  308. >Rarity freezes for a moment and once she realizes what you had just done her cheeks burn red and she tries to say something but only manages to trip over her own words
  309. >""
  310. >As she blurts out nonsense she melts into you arms as if she were made of putty trying to use her front hoofs to cover her blush
  311. >Funny, it tasted kind of like vanilla and grape juice
  312. >Had these ponys been a bit less pure you might have actually gone for mouth to mouth
  313. >But you wouldnt dare take one from her lips unless you wanted her to think that you were asking for her hoof in marriage, you learned your very awkward lesson after a big misunderstanding involving homemade alcohol and Pinkie
  314. >You smile, seeing your risky plan has paid off, you finally make your way to get what is rightfully yours
  315. >Some ice cream will do you both some good after this long day
  316. >You stroll out of the ally with vigor, intent on stopping for nothing
  317. >Rarity offers little in the form of protest as she is to busy babbling out words to focus on the events of earlier
  318. >With nothing more than a quick stride you happen upon your destination
  319. >Still cradling the gooey pone, you carefully push the door open with your foot and enter the building
  320. >The bell at the top of door lets out a pleasent jingle
  321. >The somewhat burly looking unicorn pony behind the counter tears his gaze away from the smoke in the distance and gives you two a wide smile
  322. >"Welcome to the "Princess's bucket" ice cream parlour! What can I get for-.....Anon! It's been way to long! I was beginning ta think that yous was givin up ice cream!" The pony says joyfully in a funny Boston accent
  323. >He looks down at the squirmy blob of Rarity in your arms "Uhhh whos is that you got with ya? Is she alright?"
  324. "Oh, this is Rarity and its kind of a long story."
  325. >"Ah I get ya, well whatever yous gets is on da house! For old times sake, and because it looks like yous guys had quite the day."
  326. "Thanks Cold Stone."
  327. >Cold Stone is pretty based, you would share some of your homemade alcohol with him if you were certain it wouldnt kill him
  328. >You look to the pony in your arms and notice that she is slowly moving her head up to your face with pursed lips
  329. >As soon as notices that you noticed her, she quickly recoils and stuffs her face into your arms
  330. "Hey Rarity come on out, we are here."
  331. >" fine w-were I am Darling, thank you...." She says, voice muffled by your arm
  332. >You walk up to the display where they display all 50 flavours of ice cream
  333. >These ponys are serious about their sweets
  334. You lower your mouth down next to her ear and whisper "Rarity look, ice cream."
  335. >Her ears immediately perk up and she lifts her head up with newfound alertness
  336. >As soon as she notices the ice cream display, she practically jumps out of your arms and presses her face to the glass
  337. >" many flavours...."
  338. "Go ahead and get whatever you want Rarity, Cold Stone has us covered."
  339. >Cold Stone gives you a reassuring nod and walks over and opens up the display
  340. >"What'll it be miss?"
  341. >Rarity shots up from the glass display and looks at Cold Stone with a sense of urgency
  342. >"Do you do waffle bowls here!?"
  344. >Be Anon still
  345. >Sitting across from a renewed and revitalized Rarity who is currently on her third waffle bowl triple sundae
  346. >Jeez she sure can put it away
  347. >You wonder where she puts it all
  348. >Maybe in her fla-
  349. >A loud belch suddenly interrupts your thinking
  350. >You look up in astonishment at Rarity
  351. >She sheepishly grins "Oh.....excuse me Darling."
  352. >Lifting the last piece of the waffle bowl into her mouth, she munches down on it until nothing remains
  353. >She then leans back and relaxes into the booth until her slightly more plump than usual tummy slides underneath the table
  354. >"Oh I really needed that." she groans in pleasure
  355. "I agree, that really did hit the spot. Maybe next time we could maybe just skip the wine tasting and come straight here if that's okay with you Rarity."
  356. >Rarity looks at you with a soft hopeful smile "N-next time?...You mean you would l-like to do this again.....with me?" Her smile quickly fades "Even after everything that happened?"
  357. "Yeah of course!" you say with genuine enthusiasm "I actually enjoyed how exciting things got. Doesnt get much more exciting than inciting a freak out riot, avoiding the ponice, and getting some ice cream afterwards."
  358. >"Ha....ha....I suppose not." Rarity laughs nervously "But maybe for our next date we can just go on a picnic or go sightseeing or something small......with ice cream of course!"
  359. "Sounds like a plan Rares." You pick up your spoon and take a scoop of your dwindling ice cream and pop it in your mouth
  360. >Raritys warm smile quickly turns to an upset frown
  361. >"Anon.....I think you were very rude earlier today!"
  362. You take the spoon out of your mouth "Huh what, I was?!"
  363. >Oh shit did she see you picking your nose, or did you accidentally look at another mares flank while she was looking!?
  364. >"Y-you k-kissed me when I was vulnerable! I should have b-been the one to kiss you! In Equestira, its the mare who kisses the stallion!"
  365. >She puffs her red cheeks up to try and seem serious, but you cant help but let out a light chuckle
  366. "My bad Rarity, im still getting used to Equestrian customs. I let you do the smooching next time."
  367. >" glad we got that cleared up then."
  368. >You take the last spoonful of ice cream and pop it into your mouth
  369. >You turn to stare out the window and look at the plumeing smoke in the distance
  370. >You didnt notice the white poner across from you slowly closing the distance between you two with lips pursed
  371. >You feel slightly guilty about all the chaos you two instigated
  372. >Hopefully the damages arent to dire over on the other side of Canterlot
  373. >Well, the guards did have a ton of police tape with them so they probably have it under control
  374. >Rarity, only inches away from your face quickly mutters "A-anon darling! Youhavesomeicecreamonyourcheekletmegetitforyou!"
  375. >Hearing Rarity say something, you turn towards her only to unexpectedly feel something press against your lips
  376. >Cold Stone lets out a high pitched squeal that you swear could belong to a filly "Anon! You didnt tell me you twos were getting married! When is the wedding?!"
  378. >The End
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