Dadonequus Discord Part 211

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  1. >But the truth itself...
  2. >Twilight probably bothered you. It bothered you that even despite the dream, it still seemed disadvantageous to tell the whole truth.
  3. >Or maybe it was disadvantageous to lie at all.
  4. >That dream, it had to be caused by all the stress.
  5. >You remember back to your date...talking with Luna and Celestia. Perhaps there was a little more to that than you initially thought.
  6. >Your old life, totally gone. But if you kept lying about your new life...well. Eventually the ponies would stop believing you....believing in you..
  7. >You look over to Fluttershy...she'd...stop believing in you too. She wasn't blood related to you, and no matter how soft flutter butter was. There had to be a limit where she'd stop taking that kind of shit.
  8. >....lordy...
  9. >You look over at the gentle napping pony, and slowly get up onto your hoove. Your did hurt.
  10. >And as you look back, you could see your back was wrapped with bandages and such. That made sense,
  11. >You slowly get off the bed and move over to Fluttershy, giving her a gentle shake to awaken her.
  12. "Aunt Fluttershy....Aunt Fluttershy..Can you get up please?"
  14. >Fluttershy softly moaned as she shifted and slowly opened her eyes. The moment she saw you out of bed, she immediately sprung up. "Anon..Anon?! What are you doing out of bed?"
  15. "Well I didn't want to yell to wake you up, I want to talk to you about something."
  16. >You notice that like in your dream, Fluttershy had a blemsish on her face. But nowhere near as bad as your dream made it out to be. It seemed as to fit the goat's intelligent nature that he also hit pretty wimplike.
  17. >" shouldn't be moving around at all, you're hurt...mnnn.." Fluttershy was closely examining you. She was deathly afraid that you were mentally scarred. seemed ok...that was odd. " you remember what happened?"
  18. >You climb back into bed as to not worry her, answering her as you do
  19. "You mean with the Chimera...and Trixie? Yeah...she's really ok, right?"
  20. >Fluttershy nodded, but she still looked worried. In fact, she was even more worried. "Anon...Are you alright? Do you wanna talk about anything? I'm here if you need to say anything, or cry. Or if you woke up from a nightmare, talking about it will help."
  21. >She was probably worried that you nearly died. But, that didn't bother you so much as it probably should. You were getting so used to Equestria that you still had the mindset that you would have been saved. Which you, it was what nearly happened to Trixie that probably would have left the scar.
  22. "...There is something I want to talk about."
  23. >Fluttershy sat up, waiting and willing to listen and help you with anything you might need. She wanted to be there for you. "Then I'll listen, but if you feel uncomfortable at all. Or want to stop talking. Just let me know..ok?"
  24. >...she was so sweet...dammit. Yeah..for her most definitely, you had to do this.
  25. "...I'm not really worried about what happened with the Chimera. That's all settled up I think. Aunt Fluttershy, I want to talk about what I said after you guys pulled me away"
  27. >Fluttershy shook her head, she didn't want to hear it "No Anon, you don't need to say anything about that. That's not what's important right now.....I don't want you to stress yourself.."
  28. "..Aunt Fluttershy, I want to talk about it though. It's eating away at me..please"
  29. >You sounded so damn sincere about it that Fluttershy right there, right then realized that somehow, at least from her perception, that it was somehow eating you up more than the trauma she thought you suffered.
  30. >"Anon....Anon wait." Fluttershy hovered from the bench to your bed and planted herself to the side of you, close to you.. She wanted to be there, close to you if you needed a hug. Because she realized she might not be able to stop you. "Anon...are you sure that's what you want to talk about? Nothing else is bothering you?"
  31. >You shook your, being nearly killed didn't bother you. Human life brought you to that point once or twice. But causing someone else's death? In a world like this?....yeah..that'd do it...and the guilt of lying to boot.
  32. "Aunt Fluttershy...please, I just want to talk to the fact that I lied to everypony. Why don't you want to talk about it?"
  33. >Fluttershy softly murmured to herself
  34. >"'s not as important as your health and well being right now."
  35. "But nothing else is bothering me right now...and I know at some point, it's going to be brought up...probably by Twilight, right?"
  36. >Fluttershy hesitated, then nodded. "...right...she was wondering about all of that. But we're more worried about your health right now. More than anything else."
  37. "...Aunt Fluttershy...What I did was wrong. I shouldn't have lied about the horn, to Trixie, or to Twilight."
  38. >Fluttershy was being really reluctant on answering that. She didn't want to hurt your feelings or make you worry about any consequences....but.
  40. >"....of course you shouldn't have. You should have been more honest with all of us. It actually worries me that you lie like that, it seems to happen more often than I thought it did...." Fluttershy stopped herself "Anon, we really shouldn't talk about this. Not until you're at least feeling better..."
  41. >You lay back, looking straight up at the ceiling. feeling frustrated that she was being dodgy about you being...dodgy.
  42. "Aunt Fluttershy...please. I really just want to get this off my chest. It'll make me feel better more than anything else."
  43. >You roll to your belly, and scooch yourself to look directly at her. only feeling minor aches in your back.
  44. " treat me like a mom and a friend? Instead of an Aunt? Please? I just want to be taken seriously.I want you to listen to everything I have to say...and tell me what you have to think. I really need this, it really will help me.."
  45. >Fluttershy could see it in your eyes the desperation to talk about this. That was really odd to her. Normally a child would try to hide it for a slong as they could. or Just not want to talk about it. Only talking about it when called out on it or if something related to it happens. She was reluctant yes...but if it meant helping you, her nephew, she would. "..Anon..if you really think this will help. Then ok. But don't over exert yourself. in fact, as your mother." She started to sound firmer now "If you start over exerting yourself and don't tell me, then I'll punish you by making you rest in bed until you're it?"
  46. >that nearly made you laugh. But you held it couldn't hide that smile though. Fluttershy was pretty cute when she was trying to be more firm. It actually put you in better spirits.
  48. "Ok, look. What I said back there.'s true. I lied to Trixie and Twilight about the horn. Princess Celestia took it from me for the rest of the visit because I used it to get into her castle. You know, to show off for my date... I know it was wrong. Why I lied about the horn to Trixie and Twilight? I didn't want them to know what happened, and I wanted to know if Trixie could be trusted. If she thought I had the horn, then she would probably either act like she was being nice, or actually try being nice. And if she attempted to take the horn from know. She'd find nothing and she'd have been outed. But I was wrong...I should have told everypony the truth. If I told them the truth, then maybe..."
  49. >Well actually, truth or not. the chimera thing would have happened regardless.
  50. "...well..I guess that attack would have still happened. So I guess, the only thing that would have been wrong would be after the lessons. I would have had to keep my end of the deal, and then everypony would either know I lied...or.."
  51. >"You'd have to come up with another lie, so you could hide the fact that you didn't have the horn. And then that would have turned to more lies...and even more lies as you try to cover your other lies up. Anon, why do you have to lie at all? I understood with Starlight, but I only accepted it because I thought Twilight was being too harsh. Now it feels like you just lie so you don't end up getting in trouble...Anon, it hurts me to know that it could be that..."
  52. >Your ears droop..because it was mostly that. You turn your head away in shame.
  53. "'s...pretty much that. Aunt Fluttershy...I try to tell the truth sometimes. But then there's the times I lie. I don't like lying to hurts when I lie. You.."
  54. >You look up at her, there was something you had to hear. something..that you hope she'd say no to.
  55. "...don't think I'm a big liar, do you? I can do better...I promise that I can..."
  57. >It was taking her a moment to answer, and a moment was all it took for tears to start welling up in your eyes.
  58. >The shame....damn..that dream. Maybe it would have been better if it was real.
  59. >Fluttershy shook her head however. She didn't want to make such a big assumption. Not on a colt, and especially not on you. You hadn't shown yourself to be that bad, especially with how apologetic you are. "You're not a big liar to me Anon, not one bit. You just need to do a little better next time. You do understand that lying is wrong, right?"
  60. >You nod, oh god, you couldn't hold back the tears.
  61. "M-Mhmmmm"
  62. >Why were you crying? why did it hurt so much? You should have been bigger than this. we're you really so much a child that you couldn't handle keeping a straight face during lies anymore? That they crushed you so badly that you had dreams about it? Because you were truthfully hurt for everything you did. you couldn't hide it.
  63. >And Fluttershy could see you were already exerting yourself. "Shhh..Anon..shhh..come don't need to say anything more."
  64. >You gulped, and whimpered as you dragged yourself on your belly into her, and hugged onto her.
  65. "A-Aunt Fluttershy...I-I'm so sorry...I got you hurt too...I almost got you eaten..I-I'-"
  66. >" more talking Anon...none at all.." She holds you close, and rubs her hoof along your back gently. "We're not going to talk about this anymore, ok?"
  67. >You couldn't stop crying, you could feel weight on your conscious. But until you could talk to Trixie and Twilight. It'd have to wait. You also had to try to start fresh from here. You couldn't reveal everything you've done with your new life. Like how you became a hero colt. It involved Discord,. You just had to accept that as a truth. Even if it still made you feel like a schmuck.
  69. >You couldn't stop. You just couldn't. If this was the human world, it'd be so easy to lie. Everyone does it. it was a necessity.
  70. >But here...lying to your friends...lying to her...It was becoming more overbearing with each lie.
  71. >You cried, and cried...and cried until her fur was damp and your eyes started to become red, your face flushed and soaked in tears.
  72. >Fluttershy could see just how badly this really affected you. To her, it was like you felt that you lost all your credibility and that no one was going to be there for you anymore. That just wasn't the case.
  73. >So she gently went on her own back, holding on to you so you rest on her belly. She moved her back leg to get it under the blanket, and then tossed the blanket upward so it went over you, it wasn't the best toss, but it did the trick. She then hugged you close to her., and started to sing a lullaby.
  74. >Those soft soft tones...she was singing just for you. You knew she felt safe,loved, forgiven. As long as she forgave you....everything would be ok. Because if you couldn't get her forgiveness...then it meant nobody would forgive you.
  75. >Fluttershy sung her lullaby until your sobbing stopped.All you could think of now was nuzzling your head gently on her warm chest. You loved Fluttershy so much..and it was times like these you were so glad you were actually a colt. She'd never love you like this if you weren' one would. it actually was scary to think that even in this place, that being a grown stallion could be as lonely as being a human if you had no connections and no family. In truth, you had to silently thank Discord for this. This was something you never...ever...wanted to lose.
  76. "I love you....Aunt Fluttershy"
  77. >You say as you drift off to sleep.
  79. >"I love you little Anon" You didn't know it, but she was crying too. but she held fast...for you. Not shedding a single tear until you were asleep. She was hoping you'd be ok. She was hoping that Twilight, when she did get around to addressing this herself, wouldn't judge you too were just a colt. A colt who for all she knew grew up in a bad orphanage and was doing better than anyone could expect under Discord's care. She truly believed in you, and wasn't going to doubt you. She couldn't just do that to you. But she also hoped you would trust her more, and tell the truth all the time. She was proud of you, and didn't want any reason to be disappointed in you. She never wanted to reach the point where she'd have to scold you, and if she had to...discipline you. If Discord wouldn't do it..she knew she'd have to be the one.
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