(MLO) The Times of Anon Sparkle: Prologue

Mar 9th, 2013
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  1. >13 years ago…
  3. >There once a was a mare named Twilight
  4. >Who, all in all, was extremely bright
  5. >But a social shut in was she
  6. >And not heard of flower and bee
  7. >So in her books did she choose to write
  9. >She was the monarch’s favored student
  10. >And in her studies she was most prudent
  11. >But along came a royal colt
  12. >Who gave her quite a jolt
  13. >And her biology became fairly fluent
  15. >Unfortunately outrage soon followed her around
  16. >”How dare this hussy be so close to the crown!”
  17. >So they kicked her out
  18. >As she had no clout
  19. >But the princess didn’t want her life to be so brown
  21. >As soon as she was gone she was replaced
  22. >A young blue unicorn was accepted with haste
  23. >But the crown was quick to insist
  24. >In her studies she was to persist
  25. >So she was sent to a library to save face
  27. >All too soon she was with a child
  28. >And for it her problems were riled
  29. >With money too tight
  30. >She saw him as a blight
  31. >And onto him all of her hates were piled
  33. >And what of Anon, the foal who was hated?
  34. >Whose desire for acceptance went unsated?
  35. >His love for her was never diminished
  36. >As she left her words unfinished
  37. >Despite the situation he had been fated
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