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  1. First adventure: Prison of the Hated Pretender
  2. A knight, a wizard, and a thief, raid the tower. The thief shortly abandons the party in the middle of the night. They are joined by a slightly deranged sailor from a distant land who punches two phantasms to death and then falls out a window, coming within 1 round of death. They manage to fully loot the temple and decide to leave the Hated Pretender alone. In the process, they kick down one of the doors, destroying his last hiding place, pretty much ensuring he'll go completely mad from constantly being torn apart by the phantasms.
  3. Second adventure: Going home
  4. On the road, they encounter another sailor escorting a holy man of an obscure cult to civilization. They join the rag-tag band and prove their worth when they were attacked by mounted bandits, well, more the sailor than the cleric. He just landed a lucky hit in the back of a confused bandit.
  5. Third adventure: The Sanctuary Ruin (yeah, I'm the guy who shills it, it's bretty gud)
  6. A burning cart in the distance! Shrill goblin chants! A dwarf peppered with arrows and a butchered mule. The party realizes that the fighters and knight are very good at fighting and the non-fighting characters...not so much. After looting the corpses, they find a hobbit trapped inside a chest. They return him safely to the town and he vouches for their heroism. They set off into the forest, get ambushed by a goblin patrol and their wizard gets one-shotted by an illusionist of all people. They return to town, arms filled with crappy goblin spears, daggers, and short swords. They work out a deal with the local dwarven blacksmith to sell him weapons for "scrap metal" in exchange for heavy discounts. They return to the forest and try to draw the goblins out. The knight goes down under the jaws of a wolf. The rest of the warband would have been murdered quite quickly if not for the intrusion of a giant spider.
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