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Jenn Frank & Phil Fish

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  1. Subject: Jenn Frank & Phil Fish.
  2. Sources: Twitter, Patreon, 1up, GameSetWatch, MobyGames.
  3. Date Compiled: October 11th, 2015.
  4. Credits: Original Research.
  6.                                                 **************************************
  8. Summary:
  9. Phil Fish was a patreon supporter to Jenn Frank for over a month at the last publically visible time period of August 06th 2014, although it's likely that he continued being a patreon supporter past that date and past the date of the article listed. Furthermore, there is some evidence that Phil Fish and Jenn Frank may have professional distance issues. These factors could have influenced her inclusion of Phil Fish in the article.
  11. Tweets:
  12. 02.23.12: (@PHIL_FISH) @jennatar i love you, jenn.https://archive.is/ddZJS
  13. 02.23.12: (@jennatar) @PHIL_FISH i love you back, monsieur poisson https://archive.is/QLPKW
  14. 07.26.14: (@jennatar) Phil Fish and I became best friends in 2008 because our two favorite bands, at that time, were McLusky and Malajube: http://bit.ly/1k1Om4T https://archive.is/NOu05
  15. 08.14.14: (@jennatar) Which RULES because I bought Phil and his wife this painting in March (it's Andy Kaufman) https://archive.is/3kY1q
  17. Patreon Support. (This is the latest version found before his patreon went private.)
  18. 08.06.14: Philippe Poisson has been supporting Jenn Frank on patreon for 36 days. https://archive.is/b6nRK
  20. Additional Information:
  21. Most likely mutual followership on twitter from Nov 2008. https://archive.is/N4kLj
  22. 02.21.08: The IGF is Good People: (She recounts the IGF trophy episode) https://archive.is/aZuO9
  23. 02.08.10: "or for that time she snuck into a Sony party using Phil Fish's IGF trophy as collateral." https://archive.is/wCqss
  24. 04.13.12: Fez Credits: Phil Would Like to Thank (Jenn Frank) https://archive.is/FDGyt#selection-1971.0-1975.0
  26. Articles with Potential Conflicts of Interest.
  27. 09.01.14: How to attack a woman who works in video gaming (Guardian) https://archive.is/QNWLT#selection-1899.111-1899.169
  28.   "or Phil Fish, designer of the beautiful platform game Fez."
  31. Further Notes:
  32. There were allegations that Jenn Frank was an IGF judge in 2012 when Fez won the Seumas McNally Grand Prize, however she has denied that she was a judge for IGF 2012. https://archive.is/npeIo
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