Anon vs. Anonfilly

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  1. >Anon steps in front of Anon Filly
  2. >Both were determined, both promised a prize for winning in a fight over the other.
  3. "Fighting a girl? This is gonna be cake..."
  4. >Anonfilly rolled her eyes at the Anon "....I'm not actually a girl you moron. But whatever, Twilight promised me a day of freedom if I kicked your ass..."
  5. >She then eyes Anon up and down, noticing the horn on his head. "Goddammit? A unicorn...really? How is that fair?"
  6. "Oh, I'm not actually a unicorn"
  7. >Anon gives a smug smile as he taps his horn
  8. "This is a horn of chaos, I can do whatever I want. I can blast you to smitherines or turn you into a balloon or whatever....You have noooooo chance. So, why don't you just give up now?"
  9. >Anonfilly eyes widened for a moment. She couldn't beat that. That's fucking gary stu retardation right there. She had to act fast.
  10. >She gave Anon half slitted eyes, a seductive smile accompanying it. She was giving him the bedroom eyes look. "..But Anon...aren't you lonely...Doesn't it suck being a guy with no girl to relieve you?"
  11. >Anonfilly walks past anon, giggling as she gently whips her tail in his face
  12. >"I can make that happen...."
  13. >Anon blushes hard. He hasn't been able to fuck a thing since arriving in Equestria...and suddenly this anonfilly was throwing herself at him. He didn't care if it was originally a guy. pussy was pussy...and he wanted some. Fuck Diamond Tiara.
  14. "Ohh yeah...I do want some of that. We can call this match a tie, since now the prize is so much better. Don't worry babe, I'll treat you right"
  15. >"oohh I know~...but..if your magic can do anything. Then I'm gonna need you to have a much bigger pair. You're a little too small for me"
  16. >...ohhh baby...
  17. >anon uses his horn to enlarge his member and balls to quadruple size. His horn changing back to a Sombra horn and falling onto the ground after use. He was now ready to fuck.
  18. "Yeah...Let's do this!"
  19. >"....yup..let me just have a look see for myself"
  21. >Anonfilly gave Anon a kiss on the nose and giggled again
  22. >Oh man, Anon was so rock hard right now.
  23. >or he was, because the moment Anonfilly went behind him. She started smashing his balls to a near pulp, making him whine in a squeaky voice as he fell to the ground.
  24. "Y-you b-b-bitch....t-that's..m-my...tactic"
  25. >Anonfilly grinned a smug grin at Anon as she walked off, stopping to take one last look at him "Yeah whatever, I was here first asshole. Enjoy the hospital visit, they are gonna need a huge ass air pump to get those looking good again."
  26. >Anonfilly walked off, victorious as Anon rolled around in pain.
  27. >in the distance was Anon's Discord and Anonfilly's Twilight
  28. >Discord was just looking stoicly on as he watched, eating popcorn "Well then, that was quick. and...." Discord looks down to see Twilight masturbating "...What are you doing?"
  29. >Twilight shushed him as she watched Anon yelp in pain "Quiet you! Ball smashing is my fetish..."
  31. the end
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