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  1. Headline: Hi I'm Brandon & I love to code.
  3. Bio: Hey! Glad you're checking out my site. My name is Brandon El Haj and I'm a
  4.      Full Stack Developer based in Portland, OR. My love for coding grew during my college years where
  5.      I earned an A.A.S in Web Development and Design from Portland Community College. After college, I
  6.      started a small web design firm with my partner dedicated to developing small business websites and
  7.      brands. I enjoy creating unique user experiences and making aesthetically pleasing websites to make
  8.      the internet a better place. I recently enrolled in Thinkful's Night's and Weekend program. It's been
  9.      great tackling problems and finding solutions with an amazing cohort of Web Developers. The paired
  10.      programming has taught me the joys of working on a team and how to be a good team player. When I'm not
  11.      coding you can find me playing soul music on my electric bass, exploring new restaurants in Portland, or walking
  12.      my dog Rod.      
  14. HotKey Quiz App Description: The Mac HotKey Quiz app is built for the Mac user who wants to test their HotKey knowledge.
  15.                              The quiz runs through the most important HotKeys for operating your Mac computer. At the end
  16.                              of the quiz the user sees their grade and determines whether or not they need to study more.
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