Non-Canon Tattoo Anon oneshots

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  1. Day Twin tattoos in Equestria.
  2. >Today, you got an unusual request.
  3. >A pair of sisters, two pegasii by the names if Flitter and Cloudchaser wanted a pair of matching tattoos.
  4. >While this in itself isn't strange, what they wanted as their tattoo was.
  5. >they wanted what would essentially make their hooves look like there were holes in them.
  6. "You girls ready?" You ask, and they nod.
  7. >Flitter goes first, the needle and medicine knocking her cold.
  8. >Always hovering closeby, Cloudchaser watches as your needle goes to work, creating hole looking marks on her hooves.
  9. >With fifteen minutes left for the medicine, and only three hooves done, you elect to give her another dose.
  10. >"Hey, is that safe?" Cloud asks, concerned for her sisters safety.
  11. "Yes. The first dose is nearly through her system, so adding a second will not have an overdose effect.
  12. >"Okay, but if something happens." She holds up a hoof, and you raise your hands defencively.
  13. "I got ya, loud and clear."
  14. >Turning back to your work, your needle starts inking another hole in her hoof.
  15. >"Hey, you're not gonna try anything funny on me while I'm out, right?"
  16. "If it were up to me, I get withing ten feet of your junk, but a job's a job."
  17. >She gets in your face again, and you have to quickly pull back the tattooing pen or risk hurting Flitter.
  18. >"So you think I'm ugly, huh? Well, what do you think of this?"
  19. >Turning around, she shoves her ass and vagina in your face, and you fall backwards off your chair.
  20. >She plops down on your face, and says "If you want to move, you better prove you think I'm not ugly."
  21. >Grabbing her by the flank, you shove her aside and sit up.
  22. "Like hell. I never said you're ugly, I just don't find your kind's junk attractive."
  23. >She suddenly looks embarassed, and flits back a bit.
  24. >"Oh... Sorry."
  25. "Ugh, whatever." You mutter, turning back to your work and grabbing your tool.
  26. >Your pen, you sicko's.
  27. >Cloud doesn't interupt you for the remainder of Flitter tattooing, and when you carry her to the finishing room, she pops in, just to make sure.
  28. >"Hey, I'm sorry about earlier, Its just... Flitter's always been the girlier of the two of us, and stallions were always hitting on her."
  29. >"I was always protecting her, but at the same time, rumors started spreading of me being a muff licker."
  30. >"Even though I know it's a lie, a lot of stallions thinks its disgusting, and now its hard to get a date, or even a guy friend who isn't gay."
  31. "No problem. Like I said, I didn't mean anything by it except that I'm not really attracted to ponys."
  32. >She lets ou a strained chuckle, before moving back to the front.
  33. >Hopping up on the table, she waits while you swap ink cartridges and needle.
  34. >Taking out the medicine, you are about to give her the injection, when she says "Just so you know, you're a pretty cute guy. I'd date you if you weren't uninterested."
  35. >Poking the needle in, you put her under and prepare to work.
  36. >An hour and a half into the procedure, Flitter knocks to be let out and you take a moments break.
  37. >"Hey, hows Cloudy doing?"
  38. "Same as you, unconcious."
  39. >She glares at you, and you smile.
  40. "She was fine. A bit protective, but otherwise harmless."
  41. >Your needle hums away quietly, and Flitter moves over beside you.
  42. >"You know, she's a really nice mare, maybe you should get to know her better,"
  43. >Pulling away a moment, you gently poke her in the nose.
  44. "She said the same thing about herself before going under."
  45. >Flitter smiles, and you get back to work.
  46. >Like with Flitter, it takes a second dose to get all four hooves done, and soon she is in the finishing room, Flitter staying in there with her.
  47. >When you get the knock to let them out, your jaw drops at what you see.
  48. >Both mares are wearing spandex suits, and they have a blue monkey in a matching suit with them.
  49. >"Ready Flit?" Cloudchaser says, looking at her sister.
  50. >"Ready Cloudy." Is her reply.
  51. >The two of them rush out into the streets, monkey right behind before bumping hooves and yelling "Wonder Twin Powers, Activate!"
  52. >You immediately Nope and turn back inside, shuting the door.
  53. >Today was an 80's tv show day.
  56. Shining Armor wants a tattoo to help him in the bedroom, but the tattoo is super vague so it backfires.(Cadence may leave him for some HOT MONKEY LOVE)
  60. Day not enough [spoiler]LOVE[/spoiler] in Equestria.
  61. >Checking your mail, you find a letter emblazoned with the royal seal, and you take it inside, along with your weekly newspaper.
  62. >Putting the newspaper on the counter, you break the seal and open the letter.
  63. >*To, Anonymous the Human.
  64. >This message is of vital importance, and I need you to come to Canterlot post haste.
  65. >Bring all necessary tools for applying a tattoo.
  66. >A train ticket dated for today at three is attached, and I expect you to be on it.
  67. >From, A Royal.*
  68. "Ugh, always so secretive and rushed..." You mutter, removing the ticket before crumpling and tossing the letter in the trash.
  69. >When Celestia set you up, she made sure to make a magic battery for your tool that draws residual magic from the air to keep it charged.
  70. >It makes your gear moveable, but also heavy as fuck.
  71. >Seriously, how the fuck does a battery the size of a cup weigh fourty pounds.
  72. >Grabbing your backpack, you start heave the battery and pen into the bottom, before grabbing a carrying tray for the inks and needles.
  73. >You fill it with most basic colors, as well as any other colors you think you may need.
  74. >Hefting the bag onto your back, you scrawl up a quick note for on the door.
  75. >With nothing to do for the next half hour, you stop by Sugarcube Corner for a snack.
  76. >As energetic as always, Pinkie shoots to the counter the moment the bell rings.
  77. "Hey Pinkie, I'm looking to pick up something for a snack on my train ride to Canterlot, you got any suggestions?"
  78. >She ducks behind the counter, before hopping out of the kitchen a minute later.
  79. >"Here you go Nonny, one train ride special. That'll be four bits for my favourite human."
  80. >Counting out the required bits, you pass them over the counter before grabbing the box.
  81. "I'll see you when I get back Pinkie." You call out, waving as you leave.
  82. >The train does have seats suited for minotaurs, so you aren't smushed in.
  83. >Even so, there is no first class minotaur seats, only coach, so the rooms are tiny and there is no service.
  84. >Pinkie's snack box consists of two muffins, a donut and a slice of lemon cheesecake.
  85. >In her infinitly crazy wisdom, the snacks last exactly to Canterlot, and you are greeted by a half dozen royal guards.
  86. >"If you would kindly follow us, Sir."
  87. >Nodding, you follow them, all the way to the palace, begging the question who called you.
  88. >The guards escort you all the way to the royal suites, only increasing your curiosity, and they lead you into an empty room.
  89. >"Set your stuff up here, your customer will arive soon."
  90. >The guards leave, and with nothing else to do, you get your tools set up.
  91. >After only five minutes, three unicorns bring in an exact replica of your customer chair back in the shop.
  92. >They set it up without a word, and you are once again alone.
  93. >With nothing better to do, you hop up and relax on the chair, waiting for your customer.
  94. >Just before you fall asleep, the door opens and a cloaked figure enters.
  95. >"Anonymous, what happens here does not leave this room." A magicaly modified voice says.
  96. "Yeah, yeah, I know the deal."
  97. >The cloak drops, revealing a white coat and electric blue mane.
  98. >"I've been having... Issues with the wife. I've heard your talents can help."
  99. >Crossing your arms, you look over at him
  100. "Let me guess, Twelve seconds isn't enough to please her?"
  101. >He glares at you, before snapping "I've heard of your 'Mythical' [spoiler]HOT MONKEY DICK[/spoiler], and how you can go for minutes, but I think that is a load of bull. Still, the report came from Twily, so you must last longer than stallions at least."
  102. >"I don't like it, but I want you to tattoo my cock. On it, I want you to mock up a [spoiler]HOT MONKEY DICK[/spoiler] to give me more stamina."
  103. >You can't help but chuckle, and he glares at you again.
  104. "I'm just going to say this now. Don't expect to be able to get an erection without serious pain for a week or two."
  105. >"I'm quite sure I can handle it. Now, can we get to work? I want to get plowing my wife as soon as I can."
  106. >Hopping off the Chair, you motion him up while prepping the medical needle.
  107. >A thought strikes you, and you turn to Shining.
  108. "There's a problem here. how are you going to keep hard while unconcious?"
  109. >"I know an old prank spell, and as long as you don't jack me off or anthing, it makes a stallion hard until he releases."
  110. >Thinking back to your college days, you can't help but smile.
  111. "That's something I would have loved to have been able to use, back when I was in school."
  112. >After he climbs onto the seat, he lays on his back and starts casting the spell.
  113. >You have to hand it to him, despite being only the physical size of a normal stallion, he is packing a solid ten and a half inches.
  114. >Once the spell is complete, you quickly knock him out, before loading the first needle and black cartridge.
  115. >As you start working, one thought keeps surfacing in your mind.
  116. >[spoiler]HOT MONKEY DICK[/spoiler]...
  117. >Even through this though, you remain professional, and on both sides of his meaty member, you draw out a human penis.
  118. >Cleaning him proves to be a bit of a problem, so you opt for a bucket of nad-shrivelling cold water dumped on it, before a near indian burn drying with a towel.
  119. >Leaving him to let the medicine wear off, you Remove the needle and set it in a case to be burned.
  120. >Seriously, the guy is husband to the princess of "[spoiler]LOVE[/spoiler]", who knows how many pony STD's she's packing, and by proxy, him.
  121. >Putting everything else away back in your bag, you take a seat on the far wall, not wanting to be anywhere near him when he comes to with his cock burning like it's on fire.
  122. >As the two hours finishes up, he slowly stirs before letting out a sharp yelp, hooves grabbing for his stallionhood.
  123. >"BUCK! You weren't lying when you said this would hurt. How am I supposed to get off like this?"
  124. "Can't you just dispel the magic or something? You cast it, so it should be easy, right?"
  125. >Still cupping his pride and joy, he clenches his eyes and focuses.
  126. >Slowly his cock shrinks back into its sheathe, before letting out a pained gasp.
  127. >"After a moment of relaxing breathing he says "Okay, thats a bit better. Your payment will be sent with you."
  128. >Without another Pinkie snackbox for the train ride home, you are getting quite hungry by the time you reach Ponyville, not trusting the food cart.
  129. >Logicaly, the first place you head is Sugarcube Corner, your kitchen away from home.
  130. >The Perky Pink mare is right there to meet you, despite it nearing ten at night.
  131. >"NONNY! YOU'RE BACK!" She exclaims excitedly, bouncing over.
  132. >When your stomach lets out a leonine growl, she giggles, before vanishing into the kitchen.
  133. >She comes out, a tray balanced on her head and one on her back, which she scoots onto one of the tables.
  134. >"I saved us some dinner, since you promised to come over when you got back."
  135. "Thanks Pinkie, you're a great friend."
  136. >You can't help but smile as she giggles, before hopping up into a seat.
  137. >Taking the seat oposite her, you both dig in, enjoying the home cooked meal.
  138. >As you finish, you head home, saying goodbye to Pinkie.
  139. >With nothing planned for the next little while, you laze about the shop, creating drawings or hanging out with friends.
  140. >A week and a half after Shining's call, you wake up to find a visitor in your house.
  141. >"Good morning, Anonymous." Cadence says, lying next to you in bed.
  142. "Uh... Good morning princess." You reply, too stunned to formulate a proper thought.
  143. >She rolls onto her side, pessing in on your side.
  144. >"I believe you owe me an explanation, and other things."
  145. >Not wanting to anger one of the three most powerful beings on the planet, you simply nod.
  146. >"Good, now. Tell me, what tattoo did my ex-husband have you give him?"
  147. "Ex-Husband? Shining wanted something to help give him more stamina, and he heard of mine, though I'm not sure why he refered to it as a 'Mythical' [spoiler]HOT MONKEY DICK[/spoiler]. Realy, twelve minutes can't be that long, can it?"
  148. >"Well, that might explain his actions..." Cadence muses "And it might explain how he wasn't able to get it up and also why he felt the urge to [spoiler]LOVE[/spoiler] an endagered monkey when we visited the zoo."
  149. "He did a..." You have to bite your lip to keep from laughing, but you just can't hold it.
  150. >"Yes, it is rather ammusing, but since it was an endangered species, depite being royal, he was sentenced to life in prison. That is why I'm here."
  151. >"I need a new husband, one who can generate massive amounts of love, and while I dislike loosing Shining, he did lead me to you."
  152. "You... Want me to marry you?"
  153. >"Not exactly..." She says, licking her lips. "You are going to make me love you with that Mythical [spoiler]HOT MONKEY DICK[/spoiler] of yours, wether you like it or not."
  154. >Her magic takes hold of your body, pulling off the remaining clothes.
  155. >Looks like someone is getting some [spoiler]HOT MONKEY LOVE[/spoiler].
  156. >Today was a thank god she didn't have any STD's kind of day.
  159. Cadence and Shining visit the Zoo (Part of Day not enough [spoiler]LOVE[/spoiler] in Equestria) (From the perspective of Cadence)
  160. >Rolling out of bed, you look over at your husband, who is trying not to squeak in pain as he works to get off.
  161. "Why are you refusing to tell me what you had done? It can't be that embarrassing, since it seems to involve a pain in your dick."
  162. >Groaning, he lets loose, his jizz splattering all over the clean blankets.
  163. >"It's just a temporary side effect, it should be gone within a few days."
  164. "So last night was just a 'side effect'? Are you sure you are not slipping?"
  165. >He shoots a soft glare at you, and says, "You try and get hard when it burns like hot coals are pressing in on it."
  166. "You didn't have any problems this morning, or for the last several mornings," you shoot back with a sly smile.
  167. >Grumbling about morning wood and un-rutted mares, he storms into the bathroom.
  168. >Giving a small chuckle, you levitate your brush over and start running it through your hair.
  169. >By the time you have it straightened out, you see Shining come out of the shower, mane dangling down, wet.
  170. "Here, you need to get that straightened out, we have a public appearance today, remember," you say, tossing him your brush.
  171. >"Very funny," he says, setting it aside, before using magic to straighten and dry his mane, "It's a trip to the zoo, right?"
  172. "Our first real date in so long," you say with a smile.
  173. >After donning his armor, he trots over, helping you put on your crown and shoes.
  174. >"One of the pains of being royal, I guess."
  175. >With your necklace/chest piece on, you give everything a quick tweak with magic to make sure everything is in place.
  176. >Satisfied, you start to the door, looking back at Shining.
  177. "Shall we be off then?"
  178. >Rushing over, he opens the door and says, "After you, my dear."
  179. >Swatting him on the nose with your tail as you pass, you start into the halls and he quickly catches up to you.
  180. >"Shall we stop for breakfast first?"
  181. "No, we can get something at the zoo. And besides, it's been so long since I've had a fresh pretzel, I can barely wait."
  182. >Travelling to the carriage bay, there is one all hooked up and ready for the two of you.
  183. >Like the gentlecolt he is, Shining opens the gate for you, and closes it behind you.
  184. >Taking his seat, the carriage starts with a small jolt.
  185. >As with every time you travel through Canterlot, you wave at the ponies you pass, a soft, warm smile always on your face.
  186. >Shining has slowly gotten into it too, instead of acting as the guard captain, he gives a few waves and nods.
  187. >Slowly coming to a stop at the zoo, the guards who towed you open the carriage doors.
  188. "Thank you, Men, It was an excellent ride."
  189. >They bow, before hooking back up and towing it away.
  190. >"So, where should we go first?"
  191. >The two of you walk to the entrance, where there is a map of the zoo.
  192. "The food stalls are here," you say, pointing to the map, "So if we go this way, we should reach there within an hour."
  193. >"You really want that pretzel, don't you?"
  194. >Giving him a not very amused look, he cracks a big smile, making you smile as well.
  195. "Can't you let a girl enjoy herself?"
  196. >"Of course not, dear wife, otherwise what kind of Man would I be?"
  197. "One who won't be my husband for much longer, that kind."
  198. >He lets out a laugh, swatting your flank lightly with his tail, "I guess we better hurry then, I don't want to have to find somep0ny else who will put up with me."
  199. "Since we all know I'm the only one who could put up with you, that's not going to happen."
  200. >The two of you, smiling like a new couple wander the zoo, observing all the interesting wildlife Equestria has to offer.
  201. >You get your pretzel, and everything seems right in the world, until you arrive at the monkey pavilion.
  202. >Your first warning sign comes when you notice his tail and ears starting to twitch eagerly.
  203. >First is a pair of male gorillas, lounging around their cage, one swinging from a rope hammock.
  204. >His eyes trail it as it moves back and forth, swinging without a care.
  205. >The next cage is empty; the common chimpanzees normally within are asleep inside the shelter.
  206. >Approaching the third cage, a shiver runs down your spine, like somep0ny just dragged an ice cube down it.
  207. >Inside, there is a rare, female, silver-furred monkey, one of the six in captivity, and one of only an estimated eight hundred left in Equestria.
  208. >Almost instantly, he is up against the cage, his ears shooting forward.
  209. >"Hey, cutie, what are you doin' here?"
  210. "Uh..."
  211. >There is a slight sound, and you see your husbands cock sliding out, no signs of this morning’s pain.
  212. "Uhh, Shining...?
  213. >Before you can react, he teleports inside the cage, drawing the monkey’s attention.
  214. >Walking forward, he says, "What's a cute gal like you doin' in a place like this?"
  215. >The monkey tilts her head, eyeing him curiously as he approaches, and this is where everything falls apart.
  216. >Magic suddenly forms around his horn, wrapping around the monkey.
  217. "Shining, what are you doing?"
  218. >"I'm gonna call you Twily!" he exclaims with a twisted smile, pulling the now scared simian over.
  219. >Unable to look away, you can only stare in horror as he starts turning the monkey into a different position, one ready for...
  220. >"Imma wreak you with my [spoiler]HOT MONKEY DICK[/spoiler]!"
  221. >Staring, jaw dropped, you can only watch as he nearly mounts the monkey, before he is tackled by zoo staff, who drag him off, and calm the traumatized simian.
  222. >"Excuse me, Princess Cadence?" one of the zookeepers addresses you, "Are you alright?"
  223. "I... Uh... What!"
  224. >"Please, follow me princess, it would be best if you were to take a moment to process."
  225. >Following the zookeeper, you end up back at the food stall, and with a steaming warm soft pretzel in hoof, you finally realize what you just saw.
  226. "He just... I need a new husband."
  227. >"I agree that you should at the very least divorce him, since the minimum punishment he is looking at right now is life in prison."
  228. >Taking a bite, you chew and think, before swallowing and sighing.
  229. "I would hardly believe it, if I didn't just see it happen."
  230. >Shining is brought by in chains, and as he passes, you turn to him.
  231. "I'm getting a divorce. Sorry."
  232. >He nods in depressed agreement before the convoy leaves.
  233. >At least you got your pretzel...
  235. Spitfire clop(wonderbolts academy)
  236. >You and Dash sit and wait in the Wonderbolts Stadium and Training Facility front lobby, while you wait for Soarin to talk with Spitfire.
  237. >Or at least you wait; Dash is too busy ogling all the signed Wonderbolts suits and photos.
  238. >"Hey Anon, did you know Spitfire is the first female captain in almost fifty years? Most of the time it's given to a guy, just because of the whole gender imbalance, but Spitfire proved she has the skills to be the captain."
  239. >"That's right. Hey, you're the kid from the Young Flier’s competition. Rainbow Dash, right?"
  240. >Spitfire trots into the room, her mane smoothed out and hanging down around her face.
  241. >She gives you a subtle wink, before saying, "So, what brings you out here, Anonymous?"
  242. "A couple things. Soarin owes me a favour, I have a promise I made to him, stuff like that."
  243. >"Oh, what kind of favour does he owe you?"
  244. "Do you think we could discuss this in private? I'd rather keep it from getting out prematurely."
  245. >"Of course! We can talk in my office."
  246. >Turning, she leads you through a door, her flank and tail swaying as she walks.
  247. >It reminds you of home, and the way girl’s hips would sway as they walk.
  248. >"You like what you see?" she asks, looking over her shoulder and giving you a sway.
  249. "I would be lying if I said no," you reply, hardly changing your focus.
  250. >A lusty smile flickers momentarily on her face, but she changes it back to normal and turns back.
  251. >"We're here. After you," she holds the door open and you duck under.
  252. "Thanks." Taking a seat, you wait till she has as well before speaking again. "So, would you rather talk business or pleasure first?"
  253. >"Pleasure!" she responds excitedly, before coughing and replying with a more serious tone.
  254. >"Pleasure, please. Business can wait."
  255. "Would you consider a threesome?"
  256. >"YES! Wait, with who? Rainbow Dash?"
  257. "Soarin."
  258. >This was obviously not what she expected, and her nose scrunches up.
  259. "He was going to try and get lucky by walking in on Dash while she was masturbating, and I made him stop, but I had to promise to try and convince you to consider it."
  260. >"I'd rather not, but if it's with you, I would put serious thought into it."
  261. "I know how you feel. I'd rather not share my partners, but I don't mind being shared, if they don't mind."
  262. >You feel her gaze focus intently on you.
  263. >"Do you have a herd?"
  264. "A what?"
  265. >"A herd, you know, one stallion with multiple mares?"
  266. "Ah, you mean a harem. No, I'm not involved with anyone right now."
  267. >Stepping around her desk, she walks around you with the same sway as before .
  268. >"I'm surprised. A handsome, kind and heroic stallion, or rather, man, like you not having somepony special."
  269. >"It's a shame, if you ask me," her wings lift her into the air, and she drifts onto your lap, "so I'm going to do something about it."
  270. >She leans in, eyes closed and lips pursed.
  271. >Reaching behind her with a hand and pushing your face forward, you take the lead.
  272. >Feathers brush along your arm as her wings shoot out is surprise, but she quickly fights back.
  273. >Tongues pass lips, and your mouth is filled by a pleasant spicy warmth come from her.
  274. >Her mouth tastes much the same, and you feel her hooves fiddling with your shirt.
  275. >Pushing up with your free hand, you step forward and push her on her desk.
  276. >The kiss broken, she looks at you with lust filled orange eyes, which trace up your stomach and chest as they are bared.
  277. "You like what you see?" you say jokingly, leaning over her.
  278. >"My wings couldn't get any stiffer. Does that answer your question?"
  279. >With a flick, you undo your jean's button, and pull them down.
  280. >Her wings spread even further, knocking papers and writing supplies off the table, and her eyes are glued on your boxers.
  281. "It looks like they just did. I wonder what would happen if..."
  282. >Toying with the waist band of your underwear, you see her bite her lower lip, wings quivering in anticipation.
  283. "But I think that can wait, instead how about I..."
  284. >Leaning in close, your nose brushes hers, before you focus lower, gently licking and nipping at her neck.
  285. >Hooves grab your shoulders, pushing you downward and you happily oblige, leaving a trail of wet fur, faint bite marks and hickies.
  286. >The pushing stops when you hit a pair of small mounds tipped with small, pert nipples.
  287. >They may be small, but each one is perfectly smooth, and incredibly sensitive, her moans attesting to this as you spiral your tongue up them.
  288. >Taking one in your mouth, you bring one of your hands to join as you suck and tweak her teats.
  289. >Under you, she squirms, her thighs trying to rub together, but they're held open by your position.
  290. >Quickly moving, you plant a kiss on her lower lips, and she lets out a very feminine gasp unlike anything you have heard from her.
  291. >Lips still pressed to hers, you look up at her, and see a deep blush being sported by her golden cheeks.
  292. >Your tongue slides in excruciatingly slowly, and you watch her face reflect the depth of it.
  293. >"Come on *moan* stop playing Anon."
  294. >Tongue curled back, you lick from the bottom, up as far back as you can reach, along the top and across her love button before you pull your tongue back to savour her taste.
  295. "Mmmmm, how do you taste so good? Humans at best don't have a taste."
  296. >"Dig in and don't ruin the mood, idiot."
  297. >Laughing softly, you follow her advice, and she soon starts squirming again.
  298. >The closer she gets, the hotter her insides feel, and her rear legs start kicking lightly.
  299. >Pulling her legs as far apart as she is comfortable with, you slide your tongue in as far as possible, and her back arches.
  300. >Sweet and spicy juices course over your tongue and down your chin.
  301. >Sliding a finger up your chin, you gather her juices and pop it into your mouth.
  302. >Watching you slowly lick her release of your finger, she bites her lip again, before looking down at your boxers, and the massive bulge you are sporting.
  303. "That was quite the appetizer; Ready for the main course?"
  304. >As you toy with your boxers' waistband, she nods hurriedly, lower lip still held in her teeth.
  305. >With a quick flick, you drop them, and Spitfire's eyes dilate.
  306. >"It's so... different."
  307. >Hands on her inner thigh, you idly thumb her lips, your tip just prodding her.
  308. "How about we talk business now?" you ask, watching as she shifts her hips, trying to get you inside her
  309. >"Stop teas..."
  310. >Silencing her with a thrust, your rod fills her tight love tunnel up.
  311. >Hilted, you start grinding slowly as she comes down to Equestria.
  312. "Now, Rainbow Dash, Does she get a shot at the Wonderbolts?"
  313. >"It's so... it fits so perfect, I love it."
  314. "You'll love it more when we get going, but you still haven't answered my question."
  315. >Resting one hand on her flank; the other on the desk beside her, you pull back, her nethers resisting your movement.
  316. >"YES! JUST RUT ME!"
  317. >Without missing a beat, you drive back in, the desk squeaking under you.
  318. >As you pound, her eyes roll back and her tongue flops out.
  319. >"So... just..."
  320. >Barely able to form a coherent thought, Spitfire weakly thrusts back against you, until she reaches her limit.
  321. >Her climax pours all over her desk, soaking into what few papers remained on it, as well as her back and wings.
  322. >It doesn't take much more before you climax, filling her womb to the brim.
  323. >Pulling out, you get to see her, Captain of the Wonderbolts, laid out on her desk and cum leaking out of her pussy like a common whore.
  324. >"That was... I can't describe..."
  325. "You weren't too bad yourself," you say, nowhere near as out of breath as her.
  326. >Sitting up, she gives you the same sultry orange eyes as before, and asks, "So, how would you like to be the Wonderbolts' 'personal support' man?"
  327. "I'll think about it," you reply, giving her tight and toned flank a light smack.
  328. >"Keep up that attitude, and I might not make it an "offer"..."
  329. >Pulling you by your hand, she catches you with a kiss, "...I'll make it an order."
  330. "Yes, captain."
  331. >with a salute, you pull on your clothes before walking out, leaving her to deal with the mess.
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