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Dec 30th, 2012
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  1. ; To add this set of quotes to your popup menus, use /load -rs sax0r.txt
  2. ; If the file is in a directory away from your mIRC.exe, then use /load -rs "c:\path\to\sax0r.txt"
  3. ;
  5. alias gimme {
  6. var %text = GiMMe SuM oF DaT $replacecs($upper($$1-),A,a,E,e,I,i,O,o,U,u)
  7. if ($isid) return %text
  8. say %text
  9. }
  10. alias jaloes {
  11. say uhhh yeah so?? ... i mean ur jaloes on $$1- or somethin :P ?
  12. }
  13. alias sutup {
  14. say $1 you litel sucker sutup $2 you too schut the f up $$3 don talk like a bitch .....
  15. }
  16. menu nicklist,query {
  17. -
  18. sax0r
  19. .why u a sax0r he ?: say $1 why u a sax0r he ?
  20. .such a comiker he ?: say why you such a comiker he ?
  21. .Becuse you are a dumy: say Becuse you are a dumy
  22. .the onli stupid is u: say $1 the onli stupid is u whit u schit tallk
  23. .the onli dumy is u: say the onli dumy is u
  24. .the onli saxur its U man: say the onli saxur its U man
  25. .kindergarten kid Eof.: say i comment whit my real irc name if you are so man like my $$1 act like a man and not like a kindergarten kid Eof.
  26. .addd to schitlist! \Eof: say addd to schitlist $$1 ! \Eof
  27. .cyber buddy!: say i dont understend wahts you probleam cyber buddy!
  28. .scan Defender ! ?: say maby somone want to revuve [DarkFire pro] Badchannel scan Defender ! ?
  29. .Bad chan Protecion !: say Advange Bad channel Protecion !
  30. .if You Nuke ...: say if You Nuke my you will get by killed!
  31. .5 suckers teling me: say i hate when i tring to see somthing and 5 suckers teling me how did learn english
  32. .xmmm ban protecion xmm: say xmmm wahts wrong whit this ban protecion xmm
  33. .englisch too good for me: say i don uderstoot my pairu friend sory you englisch too good for me
  34. .you are a litel ashol: say $1 i think you are a litel aschol
  35. .ultimate sucker kid!: say is a aop see to me i will sutup but if you seit to my i will sey u are the ultimate sucker kid!
  36. .play in the pizza corner: say you just angri becuse i not subtim to u seit so go and play in the pizza corner
  37. .Ban me lame!?: say Ban me lame!?
  38. .i'd like if u r more fin: say $1 i'd like if u r more fin like yje laste day byeeeeeeeeeee
  39. .dei eating a big mac: say i holp you dei eating a big mac
  40. .dei before cristmas: say i holp you dei before cristmas
  41. .kick in you ballas..: say $1 i gone give you a kick in you ballas.......
  42. .ramm you bals: say i gone to ramm you bals if not sut up
  43. .more gay the ok ?:say $1 why you are more gay the ok ?
  45. sax0r2
  46. .-a add a %: say -a add a %
  47. .to add a % for a Progress Bar Who?: say to add a % for a Progress Bar Who?
  48. .i'm away because ... burton!(?brtn): say i'm away because: tennis + spupettttrrreeeertyerre +l burton!(?brtn)
  49. .does not walk .. linux or Windows?: say $$1 $+ .. I am the one that myself today with the nick Mardam.. the theme that me command al email does not walk. : (Is alone for linux or Windows?
  50. .how do i get this mega flooder to work?: say how do i get this mega flooder to work?
  51. .GiMMe SuM oF DaT PLuS oH: say GiMMe SuM oF DaT PLuS oH
  52. .installing Proscript: say 4-8-4-8-4-8-4-8-4-8-4-8-4-8-4-8-4-8- 7Preparing For A New Installation Of Proscript 4-8-4-8-4-8-4-8-4-8-4-8-4-8-4-8-4-8-
  53. .u are more gay than mee: say but the diferences are that u are more gay than mee | say xD
  54. .all the too that put that are dumy: say all the too that put that are dumy
  55. .When shit was happened ... putz!: say When one shit was happened, in Brasil, some people said: putz!
  56. .why all the hostilitt child?: say why all the hostilitt child?
  57. .dont tuch me or im elite Dos You: say $1 dont tuch me or im elite Dos You
  58. .please i am change server how help: say please i am change server how help
  59. .U Have Swith Bar?: say U Have Swith Bar?
  60. .somebody kick me how can an fix this?: say somebody kick me how can an fix this?
  61. .the one that has script own writes /msg: say the one that has script own writes /msg $lower($$1)
  62. .what it`s the admin?: say what it`s the admin the $iif($chan,$chan, channels?
  63. .I see so many lammers today out: say I see so many lammers today out
  64. .hello; where do you from??: say hello | say where do you from??
  65. .sites that you my to give?: say sites that you my to give < $$1 > doesn't go what I make?
  66. .download some switch bare ??: say where can i download some switch bare ??
  67. .i need some swich bare: say i need some swich bare
  68. .where can i finde it ?: say where can i finde it ?
  69. .loading swich bare: say can you told me what's the script that i have to use for loading swich bare
  70. .why u r talking like this: say why u r talking like this
  71. .r u bz or u have proud on ur self: say r u bz or u have proud on ur self
  72. .wut r u talkin bout shut up: say wut r u talkin bout shut up
  73. .does this channel will be useful?: say after $$1 had quit, does this channel will be useful?
  74. .im joined to see hjow stupid you was: say im joined to see hjow stupid you was
  75. .I you could give me on notepad: say hey $$1 $+ ... if ya wanted I you could give me on notepad and I would create a new page
  76. .what prog do i need for lamming pls: say what prog do i need for lamming pls
  77. .i like burguers of Mc donalls: say i like burguers of Mc donalls
  78. .MmMmmMMMmm =) very very delicius: say ..MmMmmMMMmm =) very very delicius
  79. .i`am houngry`: say i`am houngry`
  80. .but my house this far a mcdonalls: say but my house this far a mcdonalls
  82. sax0r3
  83. .stupid: say don't me out to be stupid :)
  84. .i liek it: say i liek it, i epceaisl liek the blue
  85. .btw i like this fase: say btw i like this fase >> :s lolz
  86. .core errors: say It happens if the core errors, download and re-install.
  87. .bob marley: say Oh yeh someone run a server plzzzz... bob marley was trying to play before and he couldnt so now he has to go do something boring..
  88. .lol yeh dude: say lol yeh dude
  89. .too much bugs: say My MP3 Is Better You Got Too much Bugs
  90. .urm......SHIT ON PLATE: say urm......SHIT ON PLATE
  91. .my aunt got me new shoes: say my aunt got me new shoes my friend called me stupid and I gotr all mad her and she said we weren't friends anymore
  92. .sole from the shoes: say Nlist.dll to him does not arrive nor at the sole from the shoes from nicklist.dll
  93. .Neva eva start wi me: say email me again and my bro will hav ure IP address. Neva eva start wi me
  94. .I was post to know: say Hi $$1 $+ , | say I was post to know if can i to use the your addon of irc2hmtl in a project there i was make.
  95. .s2pid_luv movie: say pa send naman yung s2pid_luv movie plss tnx
  96. .cocky say god you ppl are some cocky ppl.
  97. .this are stup*d: say this are stup*d
  98. .your offended me: say your offended me so that means that your stupied and needs a doctor and not me !!! ok?
  99. .Stop being so up yourself: say $$1 $+ : Stop being so up yourself.
  100. .RAM error: say If a % $+ variable is global it can leak and have a RAM error.
  101. .just protections: say Please I need very good protections just protections | say can u give me ?
  102. .problem with my loops: say Hii i have a problem with my loops
  103. .Tutrile of switchbar: say I found a problem In The Tutrile of switchbar
  104. .Scan for clones ?: say can you give me Scan for clones for the all network ?
  105. .find me clones: say i didnt undarstand how its find me clones ... please help
  106. .You're A Lammer ;): say You're A Lammer ;)
  107. .Prepare for engleesh: say Prepare for sum good engleesh without sense :p
  108. .I downloaded the thing?: say $1 I downloaded the thing off your site and the popups don't seem to be working. Can you give me a version of this that is not like this?
  109. .uihh ask [-maverick-]: say uihh ask [-maverick-] in a old version of sirc.. he hat the sb floaded..
  110. .u suckers dun 1: say u suckers dun 1 help dun help lar dun post craps InSIDE!
  111. .i want web??: say i want web download icons What web??????????
  112. .i dot no f dis is it: say i dot no f dis is it
  113. .Absolutly almost flawlist: say Absolutly almost flawlist :)
  114. .iam dumpass i liek verry match: say iam dumpass i liek verry match
  115. .no... you gotcha all wrong !: say no... you gotcha all wrong !
  116. .Can U Make A Sciprt...: say Can U Make A Sciprt...Say $messedup($$1) Script 1.0
  117. .i want to cr8 my own channel: say pls.. help e i want to cr8 my own channel on pinoy central can u pls.. help me pls..
  118. -
  119. }
  120. alias -l messedup {
  121. if ($left($1,1) isin ^_|\`) return $upper($mid($1,2,1)) $+ $mid($1,3) $+ $ifmatch
  122. if ($right($1,1) isin ^_|\`-) return $ifmatch $+ $upper($left($1,1)) $+ $iif($len($1) > 2,$mid($1,2,$calc($len($1)-2)))
  123. return $upper($left($1,1)) $+ $mid($1,2)
  124. }
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