Glimglam's big nub (glimxAnon, clop, fluff) WIP

Aug 2nd, 2017
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  1. >"Anh~, A-Anon! Stop!"
  2. "What?"
  3. >"You perfectly know 'what'!"
  4. >Her blush deepens when she sees the knowing grin creeping its way up your lips
  5. >And your hand drifts down from her neck, your fingertips grazing her coat all the way down to her barrel
  6. "I'm just petting my marefriend,"
  7. >A shiver runs up her back when your hand reaches down, and you see her tail give a strong flick when you feel the small bumps of her teats
  8. >These are sooooo sensitive, maybe that's just glimmy tho, but that makes sense since they're kind of hard to reach with hooves
  9. >A couple ponies passes by and wave your way
  10. >You know they can't see exactly what you're doing from there, to them you're just sitting on a bench with your arm wrapped around your little glimglam, but the squirming from your little mare lets you know that she doesn't share your conclusion
  11. >"T-they can see us, stop!"
  12. "And what if they do?"
  13. >You don't let her scowl stops you, you lean down and give her lips a quick peck
  14. "Maybe we could give them a little show?"
  15. >"N-no, wait--"
  16. >She gasps as your left hand go down, ever so slowly, your fingers threatening to reach her flower to let her know how serious you are...
  17. >Right before you retract them, your palm stroking its way back up to rest on the little bumps of her teats
  18. >She was still trying to look mad, and adorably failing to do so, her frown easily betrayed by the glint of anticipation inside of her eyes as well as the way her chest heaved in sync with her deep inhales
  19. >"Stop it!"
  20. >You don't, scooting even closer to her and giving her lips another kiss, this one lingering for just a second as you reach for her neck with your free hand
  21. >You can feel her heart hammering away
  23. "Why?"
  24. >"B-because other ponies will see us!"
  25. "I don't mind,"
  26. >You lie
  27. >You do mind, you don't want anyone else but you seeing her like this, but you can't tell her that
  28. >Not yet
  29. >But it's not like there's that many ponies on this side of town and at this hour, just a little fun should be fine
  30. >"Well I do--"
  31. >You lean down once more, and her eyes close, her lips puckering up slightly, expecting yours to touch them once more
  32. >She's so adorable
  33. >But you don't kiss her, not on the lips at least
  34. >You move the hand still against her neck up to cup her cheek and pull her muzzle to the side to make it easier for you to hit your target
  35. >"Ahnon~!"
  36. >She whines as you nip at her neck
  37. >You could distinctly hear as much 'please stop' and 'please keep going' in there
  38. >She could use her magic if she really wanted you to stop, right?
  39. >So you don't
  40. >And your left hand travels down as your mouth tends to her neck
  41. >And she gasps again when your fingertips finally brush against her heat, its wetness instantly sticking to your skin
  42. >She's already in the mood, and her back legs shift a bit to get more comfortable, or maybe to give you an easier access
  43. >And a whiff of her scent hits your nostrils
  44. >And your blood flows south
  45. >If this keeps up you really won't be able to keep it in your pants
  46. >Maybe you could do it behind a tree or in a bush or something...
  47. >You lift your head so your nose rests right next to her ear, and you inhale, deeply, making sure she knows you can smell her
  48. >Another flick of her tail, and you feel her petals parting, her sizable pearl peeking its way out to greet your palm before it retreats back inside a fraction of a second later
  49. >And you groan, and she coos when your fingers press into her, sliding down ever so close to her entrance
  50. >But that's not what you have in mind
  52. >So you pull them up, slowly, splitting her plump lips apart on their way up until you find it, and you push it in
  53. >And she has to bring a hoof to her lips to stifle this moan
  54. >Good lord how much you love this sound
  55. >The fact that she's trying to stop other ponies from hearing it makes it even hotter
  56. >She doesn't want anyone else but you to hear it, you're the only one that's allowed to hear it
  57. >"S-stop playing with that!"
  58. ""That'? What do you mean, 'that'?"
  59. >She groans
  60. >"You totally know what I mean by thaaaaahn~!"
  61. >You gave it a squeeze, your fingers diving between her folds to meet it as your thumb rolled against her outsides
  62. >And it comes out to say hello, before it disappears yet again
  63. "I want to hear it, I want you to say it,"
  64. >A low whine escapes her lips
  65. "What is it that you don't want me playing with?"
  66. >You give it another squeeze
  67. >And she moans once more, but you muffle it with your lips
  68. >She has a hard time keeping her eyes in yours
  69. >"M-my clit, stop playing with my clit!"
  70. >You throb in your pants
  71. >Such dirty words for a cute pony
  72. "Why? Don't you like it? You seem like you like it from here,"
  73. >You don't squeeze it this time, preferring to rub your fingers up and down the entire length of her slit, pushing harder when they reach her button
  74. >Her breath hitches in her throat as you feel her nectar streaming down your hand, her entire frame quaking for an instant
  75. >You blink, before an amused smile appears on your face
  76. >She really is in the mood
  77. "See? Didn't you like that?"
  78. >You kiss her once more, tenderly this time
  79. >And her hoof comes up to rest on your chest, pawing and pulling on your shirt to keep your lips right where they are
  81. >But a pout greets you when you break apart
  82. >"Why do you always have to-to play with it! You know how much I hate it!"
  83. >You smirk, and she harrumphs, her frown deepening as well as the blush on her face
  84. "Define 'hate', because if that's what happens when I do something you hate,"
  85. >You quip, as you bring your soaked hand in front of her, her nostrils flaring as her fragrance hits her
  86. "Then I can't even imagine how hard you'll come when I'll do something you love,"
  87. >She's not amused by your antics
  88. >Aroused, but not amused
  89. >"Ugh! That's not what I meant!"
  90. "I know, but I still don't understand why you hate your love nub so much,"
  91. >"Because it's so big! And ugly! Have you looked at it?!"
  92. "I did and I fell in love with it the first time we slept together,"
  93. >She rolls her eyes, obviously thinking that you're just trying to spare her feelings
  94. >"It's like the size of my hoof!"
  95. >It's not
  96. "Woah, don't you think you're exaggerating a bit right there? It's way bigger than your hoof!"
  97. >She blinks, and a flash of anger runs over her face
  98. >"Anon!"
  99. >You chortle when she gives your chest a quick jab with her hoof
  100. "I'm sorry, I had to do it,"
  101. >"Hmph!"
  102. "But what if it's 'big'? Who cares? Because I certainly don't."
  103. >"But I care!"
  104. "Why?"
  105. >She opens her mouth, but closes it instantly
  106. >And she turns away from you on her next attempt
  107. >"B-because ponies can see inside..."
  108. >Her mumble was way too low for you to hear
  109. "What? I didn't catch that,"
  110. >She lets out a frustrated sigh, and her eyes find yours
  111. >"Because ponies can see inside!"
  112. >You blink
  113. >Inside what?
  114. "Inside what?"
  115. >And she turns away once more
  116. >"Inside me..."
  117. >You really do your best trying to understand and mull over what she just told you for a good ten seconds
  118. >But nothing comes
  119. "I don't get it."
  120. >"Anon!"
  122. >You lift your hands in your defence
  123. "I swear, I'm not messing with you! I just don't understand,"
  124. >"My insides! My walls! My vagina! They can see everything because of it!"
  125. >Does she mean...?
  126. "You mean, when you're horny?"
  127. >"Yes! Whenever I'm horny! Whenever I'm with you! When we walk together and you start scratching my ears, or you tell me h-how cute and pretty I am and you start saying those naughty things and I can't stop it from 'coming out' and it shows everything to everypony!"
  128. >You didn't expect this turn of events
  129. >And you have a hard time deciding whether you want to comfort her, fuck her, or start laughing at how silly she's acting right now
  130. >Maybe laughing right now would be a bad idea...
  131. >You'll keep it for later
  132. >So... can you comfort her with your dick? Would that work?
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