(MS) Galehaut [M. Donkey Sentry] MLPFEMTORPG

Nov 29th, 2014
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  1. Name: Galehaut
  2. Gender: Male
  3. Race: Donkey
  4. Class: Sentry (Paladin/Knight/Tracker)
  5. Talent: Body Shield (Instead of one target, Galehaut can choose multiple targets for Protect, each additional target causing him to take one more wound when the effects of Protect end. Furthermore, When cast together with Retaliate, Retaliate no longer is a spell, and is automatic.)
  6. Hit/Wounds: 7/7
  7. Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  9. Skills:
  10. (Free Racial) Unbreakable Will: passive; famously stubborn, donkeys are immune to mind control, domination, intimidation and suggestion
  11. (Racial) Pain Tolerance: passive; Your body isn’t too large, but it is resilient. You can take more of a beating than most other races. You start the game with an extra wound bringing your base total to 5/6.
  12. (Free Multiclass) I Can Still Stand: passive; Every time you successfully stand up from helplessness, add +1 to all future attempts to get up. This bonus also applies to anyone trying to help you up. Lasts until combat ends.
  13. (Class) Protect: automatic instant, recharge 3 after effect ends; Takes all damage for a target until the end of next turn (2 turns total). Neither can be rendered helpless in that time, but the knight becomes helpless afterwards if the target would have become helpless during Protect’s duration.
  14. (Class) Retaliate: Spell, Recharge 3 after effect triggers; After three turns, you deal out damage for every hit you lost during those three turns. Going Helpless before the end of the three turns causes the effect to release. Critfails don't count toward the charge of this spell.
  15. (Immortal Soul) Supreme Survivor: passive; automatically passes all spot checks, autocrits on jump, climb and other traversing checks.
  16. (Immortal Soul) Cavalier: passive; A rider and steed are a dominating sight on the battlefield. Being part of such a pair allows you to pick three points of the following:
  17. (Cavalier)x3 Animal Husbandry: May be picked multiple times. You gain an extra racial.
  18. (Animal Husbandry) Tough: passive; Earth ponies take 1 additional hit before becoming helpless as well as 1 extra wound once they become helpless, for a total of 6 hits and 6 wounds without other modifiers. They can also lift, carry and move heavier objects than unicorns and pegasi.
  19. (Animal Husbandry) Sound Hound: Passive; Intelligent canines have to put up with so much. However there are some perks to being a diamond dog. While heightened hearing can be annoying at times (you know way more than a dog your age should) with a bit of concentration and focus, it’s a very nifty thing. You can listen on whispers and distant conversations with ease; your ungulate friends can’t keep a secret from you. Allies that know that you can do this can communicate with you in confidence escaping the notice of others (except other diamond dogs of course). Also when an enemy engages combat, for the first turn any attack targeting you hits on a DC+2 (DC+1 for stealth attacks and ambushes). You are also unaffected by light-level.
  20. (Animal Husbandry) Restless: passive; The founders of coffee drinks and rumored to never sleep, goats always seem to have much more energy for a creature of their size. While you and your kin neither confirm nor deny the rumors, you do have an unnatural tolerance to sleep magic and effects. You are completely immune from skills such as Sleep Serum or Knockout as well as magic meant to put you to sleep and are no longer required to rest for the night on long journeys (although your companions will probably keep you)
  22. Inventory:
  24. -Black Empress Cleaver: Great tag, no critfail disadvantage. [A black double-headed battleaxe commonly wielded by Changeling marauders from Lesser Yath. The snarling teeth that are their insignia are present all over this weapon. The weapons and armor of the Changelings of Lesser Yath are forged of a metal known as bittersteel. The process behind making this highly durable alloy is unknown, for the Changelings do not part with their secrets.]
  26. -Dusk: Shield tag, allows for weapons to be used alongside. [A black kite shield with a golden filigree, with the symbol of a shooting star painted on it. Intended to be used alongside a sword, and is most efficient while dueling. Likely to have belonged to the famous knight Francois. Francois, also known as the Moonlight Knight, was a warrior serving Rin under the rule of King Elstred the Unlikely. He was famous for his swordsmanship, wielding the greatsword Dawn alongside his shield known as Dusk. His vanishing during his search for the legendary Sword of Moonlight suggests a grim fate, made even more grim by the finding of this shield.]
  28. -Plate Armor & Tattered Ortague Tabard (see for armor reference [not an image of Galehaut])
  29. -Locket (Contains an image of a young jenny)
  30. -Bag of Minor Holding: Rations, Two Waterskins, a book labelled "The Stormender Rebellions", a book labelled "Chronicles of the Monarchs of Rin and Their Most Devout" by Withick of Irontown, a book labeled "Artifacts Lost To Time" by Withick of Irontown, a solved and locked wooden puzzle box, pouch of 17 gold,
  32. Traits:
  33. Galehaut is a male Donkey. His fur is a dark grey and he has yellow-orange eyes. Galehaut was once a guard posted inside the city of Ortague. When the curse fell upon the land of Rin, he was drafted into Ortague's army to protect the city from Alorian attackers. There he watched his squad, family, and friends die to battle priests in the battle that was later known as the One Day War. He was left alive and emotionally distraught. His simple life of living with his family, doting on his neighbor's daughter, and easy job of standing outside a building was reduced to less than nothing in a matter of months.
  34. Now, sixteen years later, Galehaut tries to live his life to continue to serve his broken country as best as he can. Coming to terms with his losses years ago, Galehaut protects parts of Ortague from cursed beasts, trying to protect all those who still hold their humanity. He holds not a grudge to Aloria, but to the curse itself, wishing he could do something find a way to nullify it. His voice is gravely as well as demeanor, however he is protective of the untainted citizens and remaining land, hoping he can give them the chance at their own normal life.
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