S28 IM Top 8 Rankings

Jun 25th, 2018
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  1. I will preface this by saying that every team this season in IM has suffered a loss, and chances are, some teams will rank lower than teams they have defeated. It's inevitable to happen. IM looks very interesting this year, and these rankings were definitely harder to put together than before, especially with all the roster changes.
  3. These rankings reflect where I think teams will end up at the end of the season when it's all said and done, not where I think they stand right now in conjunction to the teams they have beaten.
  5. 1.) mr_popo_rocks (8-1) --
  7. Scouts: John_Milter & reimu
  8. Soldiers: tambo & meyy
  9. Demo: vaati
  10. Medic: mr_popo
  12. With their only loss so far being 4-5 to Faint, mr_popo_rocks has been mostly very solid against every other team. They did have a close run in with Kings Crew, scraping by with a controversial 4-3 victory on product, but they easily dismantled both WXVY and Sporadic. With reimu on scout and meyy on pocket (cutting out n3), they're looking like the team to beat. The reason I have them ranked over Faint Gaming despite losing to them is that the rest of their schedule is much more consistent, and as a result, they are ranked higher. The roster switch up should make them slightly stronger, and if these two teams do meet up in the finals, I think popo will be the slight favorite.
  14. 2.) Faint Gaming (8-2) --
  16. Scouts: sandblast & laz
  17. Soldiers: slemnish & broKING
  18. Demo: exile
  19. Medic: delete
  21. It took me a while to decide on Kings Crew or Faint Gaming for #2, but I decided to go with Faint Gaming. Obviously, if we are going by H2H, Faint deserves the spot, because they 5-0d Kings Crew. However, while this does factor in as a reason, using it as a deciding factor isn't a legitimate reason to rank a team over another, and it would also ignore Faint's losses to both HappyBois and WXVY.
  23. While for a team to be ranked #2 and suffer those losses is pretty dreadful, and Kings Crew has been much more consistent during the regular season, I still feel that Faint has a much more impressive roster. Also, when push comes to shove, if Faint Gaming were to ever go down a game in playoffs, I have a hard time believing that we wouldn't see laz and slemnish switch spots. Standings wise, it's very likely that if both these teams win out, they will be facing each other in Semi-Finals as well, which Faint will have the upper hand in, considering they just beat Kings Crew 5-0. While Kings Crew has had the better season thus far in my opinion, Faint Gaming has the better outlook.
  25. 3.) Kings Crew TF2 (8-2) --
  27. Scouts: pauldogg & change
  28. Soldiers: phelon & okiewaka
  29. Demo: kuestif
  30. Medic: lucrative
  32. I already discussed my feelings about this team in the previous paragraph, so there isn't too much to add. If I was a betting man, I'd put better odds on Faint Gaming than I would Kings Crew right now to make the finals.
  34. With that said, big shoutouts to this team, because they have had a really great season. One of their only 2 losses is almost a non-loss against mr_popo_rocks, which without the stupid pause glitch THAT HAS NOT BEING FIXED DESPITE BEING A PROBLEM FOR OVER A MONTH NOW, they probably would have won. They've had solid victories over Sporadic and Chinchilla Champions, while dominating WXVY Division right after WXVY beat Faint Gaming. They're looking good right now.
  36. 4.) Sporadic eSports (7-3) --
  38. Scouts: Rikachu & phone
  39. Soldiers: Goku & hayes
  40. Demo: fygg
  41. Medic: Phantom
  43. We lost to the three teams above us, and I think we have a more impressive roster/schedule than the teams below us. It'll more than likely come down to how we fair against WXVY Division and HappyBOIS Squad that will decide our spot.
  45. 5.) AyyLmao HAppyBoi squad (9-1) --
  47. Scouts: bwelp & uber
  48. Soldiers: Alexandros & Christie
  49. Demo: Alex.exe
  50. Medic: Happybob
  52. I was preparing a long, mental speech about how every single season, there's this good but not the best team that hits the RNG jackpot, gets a super easy schedule, looks really good, and then just falls off the face of the planet...
  54. But then they beat Chinchilla Champions, which while they are 5-5, they look much stronger with their new roster lineup. Now they beat Faint Gaming 5-4? I'm looking at the rest of the teams right now, specifically WXVY, and it doesn't look like any other team deserves the #5 spot right now. In the end, I gotta give it the squad. I'm still holding my breath, especially considering their earlier loss to FAZE BROCKHAMPTON, but I have to give credit where credits due. They're performed very admirably thus far, and they look like a real threat to make an upset happen in the postseason.
  56. 6.) WXVY DIVISION (6-3) --
  58. Scouts: reece & tony
  59. Soldiers: lights & fabulous???
  60. Demo: stock
  61. Medic: drake
  63. Once upon a time, Faint Gaming looked to be the best team in the league, looked unrivaled in comparison. Then, one fateful night, the immaculately dressed gamers known as the WXVY Division got an upset win against Faint Gaming 5-2, and looked to be the new team to beat. With a future so bright, they looked unstoppable...
  65. ...until they were dominated three games in a row by Kings Crew (0-5), mr_popo_rocks (1-5), and Chinchilla Champions (2-5), while also, according to their roster page, losing their pocket fabulous. Not to mention, Faint Gaming doesn't look nearly as strong anymore, taking away a lot of respect their win once had. The hype looks to be almost dead to me, especially if fabulous has truly left the team. They still have plenty of time to bounce back this season, but they aren't looking nearly as strong as they once did.
  67. 7.) Chinchilla Champions (5-5),
  69. Scouts: dev & link_1012
  70. Soldiers: tresh & mustardoverlord
  71. Demo: Hedgehog Hero
  72. Medic: figsy
  74. With a new trio of tresh, mustardoverlord, and musteroverlord's brain replacing crab_f and kia, this team looks like they have much more of a direction and a sense of purpose. Their scouts are great, hedge is a phenomenal demoman, and the rest of the team looks playoffs capable. The biggest thing this team lacked in my opinion was a maincaller, and mustard, despite how much of a meme he may be, is capable of providing that. While it's going to be difficult to make playoffs, I'm a lot higher on this team than most other people. I think this team can work together well, and their players are massively underrated. They are essentially guaranteed to lose to popo and faint, so we'll see if they even make the postseason, but I think they're going to scrape in with a 9-7 record.
  76. 8.) Every_Villain_Is_Lemons (7-2) --
  78. Scouts: dippidy & micah
  79. Soldiers: Reflecto & faust
  80. Demo: Shylo
  81. Medic: zheep
  83. Reflecto "I can't believe we just dropped three rounds to an open team" and company make it to top 8. This is, without a doubt, my most controversial ranking thus far, but I'm holding by it. Despite fielding a talented roster of players, this team just has not looked good in my opinion. They've consistently dropped rounds to weaker teams thus far, have not beaten any good teams so far, and have not impressed me personally so far. I don't think cutting emo or Slicerogue is going to help them too much, either, and they're very lucky that they got two forfeit wins against Chinchilla Champions and Faze Brockhampton. The next couple of weeks will determine their fate for me. I need to see that money on the table, and you know what, I don't think their going to do it. Prove me wrong.
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