Changeling Domination

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  1. (The three changeling characters are Copyright of Carniflex/Siansaar. Don't let him know I made this story, or you'll most likely get me in trouble.)
  3. I was lying down on my back in a cave somewhere. It was dark, but I can see a little bit of where I was. Then as if out of nowhere, I witness 3 changeling queens; One in a shade of magenta, another in amber, and the third in blue. I was warned about these three, but I never knew what they were capable of.
  5. "Well well well," smirked the first changeling, "You're finally awake." I was curious as to whom was speaking to me, but I dare not spoke. "Looks like you're with mama Miasma now," the changeling spoke. "Miasma!" I thought to myself, "That must mean I'm in the presence of Chrysalis' sisters..." The other two changelings beside her were Ambrosia and Myxine. Ambrosia was the queen of a changeling pack known as the Honeycomb hive, and Myxine's changelings are usually found at the coast. What were all three queens doing here?
  7. Miasma smirked and I saw two holes where her mouth cheeks are supposed to be. Pretty creepy. "We thought we'd play a game with you," she cooed, "Our poor bottoms are aching severely, and we want your face to be our seat cushion." I kept quiet, prepared for I had no clue what. "Well," Miasma turned to her sisters, "What do you think? I go first, and you two follow?" "Whatever you say," Myxine agreed, "Boy, is he in for a surprise." This got me nervous. I know now what they mean by my face being their chair, but what was the surprise?
  9. The first to sit on my was Miasma. Her butt was pretty much the smelliest, as she and her changelings had grown a custom to sewage systems and garbage dumps. It smelt like rotten fruit, but I kept my cool. I might've smelt worse. "Oh yes," Miasma sighed, "This DOES feel good." Suddenly I noticed her anus starting to pump and bulge, and before I could question what was going on, I heard a small audible "Puff". What followed was a vile, nauseating smell. "Oops," the changeling giggled, "I guess I should've warned you that we're sort of 'full of air', if you know what I mean." It was then I realized that Miasma had just passed gas on my face. I coughed a little, but I still smelt the nasty air pretruding from the soft plump bug-booty. Miasma still felt something going on in her bowels. "Uh oh," she teased, "Looks like I still have more." *Pfffrrrrrrt!* That one was a little louder than before, and it smelt no better. Was this their "game"? Letting me sniff their farts? "Maybe just one more for good measure," said Miasma. *Brrrrrrt!* Yeah, that one was DEFINITELY foul.
  11. Then she stood up and spoke, "Ambrosia, it's your turn." "Okay," Ambrosia said, eagerly. When she sat down, she then leaned her bottom side to side, as if she was trying to find the most comfortable spot. While Ambrosia's butt wasn't as stinky as Miasma's, it was pretty moist and humid. "Ready for what I got?" she asked, Before I could say anything, she let out a quick and small fart. *Poot!* It smelt terrible, but with Ambrosia, I guess it wasn't too bad. "Ooh," she groaned, "My tummy's really acting up." I couldn't imagine why. Ambrosia then lifted her leg. *Brrrreeeeep!* Out steamed a squeaky fart. It sounded a little like a peek toad, but I didn't think it was summer yet. "P.U.!" Ambrosia laughed, "That must've smelt AWFUL." It smelt bad, definitely, but not entirely eye-watering, maybe just eggy. Then, TWO farts came in. *Pffft! Parrrp!* Both were twice as strong in both smell and humidity. I thought my face would turn green at that point. "Ew, stinky stinky!" Ambrosia giggled.
  13. "Don't be hogging the prey, sis," Myxine cut in, "Let me have a turn." "Okay," answered Ambrosia. And sure enough, my face came in contact with Myxine's ass, and it was just as soft and round as the other two's. While Miasma's butt had the scent of decaying food, and Ambrosia's had that of a corpse flower, All I got from Myxine's butt was simply the smell of raw fish. But I was yet to learn there's more than just sea-food smells coming from that black anus. *Pblblbrrrrt!* A wet fart! I was lucky she just had gas at that point. And it smelt pretty foul to boot. "You like that?" Myxine smirked, "I'd been holding that in all day." *Blooorrrrp!* Yet another bubbler, weaker in smell this time, but still quite humid. "Oh, here comes a really good one," Myxine smirked. And man, did it come! *Pblrrrrpbpbpbpbrrrooorrrp!* "Ahhh..." she sighed, "Sooooo good to let it all out."
  15. When Myxine finally rose, all three saw my dazed and still body. That last gas bomb was pretty potent as it had knocked me cold. "We figured you'd have a kink for this," chuckled Miasma, "You should be satisfied that you helped feed three hungry girls." Curious? Changelings feed on love. I know, it doesn't make a bare lick of sense. but it's their way of life. I later awoke in a hospital. And there was somepony there to aid me. "You've been out for two whole days," the nurse informed me. "But, on the plus side, you're organs are in tip-top shape." I just smiled and felt relieved that I wasn't seriously injured. "Though, I am curious," the nurse asked, "What exactly happened to you? You looked like you've been gassed, or something." I just snickered and said nothing. I HAVE been gassed, but I thought it'd be best I didn't tell her. It'll just be a secret I'll keep to myself.
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