Henric and Alex XIV (v1.3)

Apr 23rd, 2014
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  1. Tags: Villainous Male Knight / Virtuous Female Squire, reverse trap, soul molestation; Crocodilian Male Lizardfolk / Revenge-Driven Female Rogue, oral.
  4. "What's the matter Alex?" The false visage of Ellis the Necromancer had conjured neared her. "I thought you liked me. I thought you trusted me."
  6. She lifted a leg and kicked him in the chest. "Back off. You are not Ellis. You’re just a freak."
  8. Alex' blow pushed Kerran back a bit, and he released her hands. "And you're not Alex." His face seemed to snap back to the necromancers much faster than it shifted to Ellis'. He moved closer to her again, and he was smiling once more. He watched her with keen eyes that were more interested in her body language than her breasts, but that didn’t mean she planned on giving him any special privileges.
  10. She twisted her face away from his as he drew nearer. "Then who do you think I am? I'm not Roxanne. She was going to grow up to be a lady, and only a lady. Roxanne was never going to be a knight."
  12. "You're still growing up a lady whether you like it or not. I've even seen Henric treat you as one." He reached a hand between her legs and briefly, so quick that it happened before Alex even realized it was happening, ran a finger up her crotch gently, still outside of her trousers. He brought the hand to his chin and rested his head there thoughtfully.
  14. She grit her teeth, but this was a form of abuse that Alex knew well, and she would almost have said it was something she could handle. He turned his back to her and opened a cabinet to start pulling things off of shelves, mostly liquids in bottles.
  16. Alex gathered her words and used them to attack. "Just because I have tits doesn't make me a lady. Just because you don't doesn't make you a man. You obviously aren't one of those."
  18. He sighed, and took the time to set everything down on the table in careful arrangement before he reacted. Kerran finally turned back to Alex with eyes that made him seem almost bored, eyes of a man growing tired of his work who was ready to head home and start again in the morning. His hand rushed over her mouth and squeezed at the sides for a moment before he pulled it back from her, wrenching an invisible mass from her throat. "I know that you love to taunt him. Henric enjoys it a lot more than he lets on. I however, do not care for it. And I can take more from you than he ever could."
  20. She wanted to gag, but her body wouldn't, couldn't react that way as she felt him tugging and pulling and finally taking away from her the strange, translucent object. So she tried to speak, and found that she could not. It wasn't that her voice was gone, nor that her mouth wasn't working. She couldn't find a single word in her mind. She could think, but the moment she wanted to express anything, she went blank.
  22. "That's a bit better, isn't it?" Kerran smirked as he pulled a jar from the table and expertly pushed the soft, floaty mass into it.
  24. Alex felt out of breath more and more as Kerran plugged the jar with the cork lid. She leaned back against the table, breathing hard. There was a fatigue in her now. It was like she had just been running for hours, harder even than Henric usually made her run when she carried the backpack full of sharp rocks.
  26. "I bet Henric would enjoy this." Kerran turned the jar in his hand, examining it. "At least for a while. I'm sure it'd make you easier to handle. But, like I said, he actually does like the talking back. The banter I suppose. It’s not for me. I’d rather just talk to people I enjoy talking to. I'm afraid I find you pretty boring."
  28. Alex looked at the jar in Kerran's hand, and thought that the object inside looked like a drop of milk in a glass of water. She longed for that wispy thing, longed to hold it and press it to her chest to remind it that it was part of her, that she had not abandoned it. She started to get up to try to reunite with it, but fell to her knees and couldn't get up after several attempts and failures.
  30. With a chuckle, Kerran set the jar down and walked over to Alex. "Here, let me help you." He pressed his fingers to her skin and once again brought her to her feet like his own personal puppet.
  32. She twisted and tried to make him stop, but she felt like there were ropes pulling on her that she could not fight. Even being held up that way, she wasn't steady and wavered continually, feeling that she might fall at any moment. Alex knew that if she did, she wouldn't be fast enough to catch her fall. She tried to stabilize herself by leaning against the back of a chair as she stepped.
  34. "Why don't you lie down for me over there, hm?" His fingers moved and walked her to a bed in the corner. As she walked her hands were forced to remove her belt.
  36. Alex staggered where he directed her and tumbled to the bed while she kicked off her trousers. It was a comfortable bed, and she wished she could just sleep on it until she felt strong. He’d said he wouldn’t rape her at least. She had a flash of a fantasy wherein she reclaimed the wisp in the jar and ran away.
  38. Kerran swept to her, now holding a bowl of something he’d mixed together from the bottles on the table. He dipped a finger in it and swirled it around, and with this finger drew several lines in her skin. His finger left a glowing trail as he sketched strange arcane marks upon her naked body.
  40. Her breathing sped up again as she thought of acid, the marks that Henric had covered her with. Would these new marks be stuck with her too? She panicked and tried to kick at him, her bare leg swinging lazily into his side. One of her hands reached up and tried to swat his hand away, and she rolled on the bed, hoping to wipe away the magical lines that he was writing on her.
  42. His hand grabbed her shoulder to pull her up. His fingers falling precisely where Henric's hand had scarred her. The former scar began to glow with the same bluish tint as the marks on her chest.
  44. Alex cried, her voice returning because she wasn't trying to form words. Her weeping was loud, frightened, miserable. Her shoulder burned under his touch the way it had when Henric had first pressed the acid into her. She didn't know if that was in her mind, if it was from her or from the wizard, or if he was actually reopening the wound with his own acid. The sounds of her pain carried out to where Aziz and Henric sat, and Aziz shuddered, got up, and went farther into the woods to erect his tent.
  46. Kerran flipped her to her back once more while her screams continued. He couldn't remove gut instincts like shrieking, unfortunately. His free hand pinned her down while his hand continued to etch the marks in her body.
  48. She continued to hallucinate, to dream, to have her visions and sensations. The phantom pains ran deep in her mind, and she couldn't look at Kerran. She wanted to ask him why, but when she tried to ask her mouth became fuzzy again, impossible to control or force out sound. Only the wild yelps and whimpers from memories of acid filled the room. All she could make was a choking sound until the strange sights gradually faded.
  50. Once the numerous designs on her body were complete, he pulled from her and looked down to marvel at his work. Alex now felt only an imaginary prickling of her skin. She had relaxed.
  52. "You're all done here." The arcane marks had begun to fade as he approached the table and grabbed the jar. "Head on back to your knight, he probably isn’t too happy I kept you so long." He tossed the jar to her.
  54. Alex didn't catch the jar, but when it hit her in the chest she immediately fumbled to grab it opened it to fish out the wisp and press it to herself. It greedily entered her body like water poured into a potted flower's dirt, and she felt a blessed rush of energy and breath. With her newfound strength she jumped into her pants and pulled on her shirt (there was no time, she felt, to bother tying her wraps even as she grabbed them) and fled like a bat from Hell out of the dome, looking for Henric.
  56. He wasn’t too far away, and had been more or less waiting for her emergence. The look of shock on her face didn’t surprise him, but he saw her breasts through her shirt, erect nipples making small points in the fabric at the front of the very noticeable bulge. He stood from where he sat under the tree and went to her.
  58. "He stole my... I couldn't talk, I could only scream, he stole my words. He made me take off my clothes," she stammered. "He put a piece of me in a jar and I felt like I was dying."
  60. Henric looked and saw only Ssazra, sitting by the fire he’d made. The knight pulled Alex along into Ssazra’s tent and found that she wasn’t resistant to him yanking her along while she jabbered to him about her soul. “Alex,” he told her, “Calm down.”
  62. “You calm down!” she retaliated at once, though Henric’s voice had been perfectly level. “That guy took a chunk of my soul out of my body! He made me get naked! He painted some insane… bullshit all over me!”
  64. “Stop worrying,” Henric said. “Kerran knows you’re important, he’s not going to actually hurt you.”
  66. “You don't understand how much that hurts, how awful that is to have a soul chunk taken out. This wasn't a ritual, Henric. He backed me into a table, made me take off my shirt so he could look at me, and he touched me between my legs. He's just like you, just with fucking... evil magic."
  68. “Well he did practically raise me,” Henric admitted, partly to remind her not to speak ill of Kerran. At the same time, he didn’t like some of the things that Alex said Kerran had done. He thought of her as a possession, as his possession, and he was bad at sharing. But, ultimately, he trusted his mentor with his squire, and decided then that he would be sure to go with her next time Kerran wanted to experiment so that any nudity would be on his own terms. “I’ll have you know that he and I spoke at length about your soul and he does not intend to damage it in any way. Nor would I allow that, you know I plan to train you to be a great knight.”
  70. “He’s not your dad, is he?” Alex asked more nervously. The similarities between the men’s faces and voices were too close for her comfort.
  72. Henric seemed taken aback and confused, raising his dark eyebrows. “No. I’ve mentioned my father to you before. He was a drunk and a gambler and there wasn’t much more to him.” Henric let go of Alex.
  74. The girl slipped more deeply into Ssazra’s tent. She steered clear of where Ssazra’s things were piled on one side and went to the furs in the corner to collapse. “I should have figured, you know, that going to meet this asshole was just going to be another excuse for me to be tortured in some way. Everything leads to suffering around you.”
  76. Henric started to remove his clothes. “Did you ever think that it was that everything around you led to suffering, and not me? A cosmic rebalancing to bring a spoiled brat down to the level of the common folk?”
  78. “No,” she said. “Because you’re a rapist. You. It’s not like I was getting raped before I had to squire for you. And now you’re letting this guy fuck with my soul. If there was a cosmic rebalancing, terrible things would happen to you, Henric.”
  80. That ended that talk.
  82. She didn’t react when Henric finished removing his armor and slipped into the makeshift bed to join her, but rather let go of whatever unpleasantness stirred in her. She could live through the things he liked to do. She thought of her birthday coming up, and felt reassured.
  84. He didn’t speak to her or bother making noise when he slid a hand up her shirt to fondle her breasts. They were just big enough to comfortably fill his hands for him to idly squeeze and jiggle. Alex could almost sleep through this now, except that all of his stimulation over time had made her nipples extremely sensitive. As it was, she liked to wait out the night time groping. It was better when he just lay still and was a source of bodyheat. She liked him that way, distantly, and rolled over to face him and warm her cold nose on his neck and tuck her cold toes between his shins.
  87. The squire left the tent fully dressed, stepping over Henric’s legs and Ssazra’s six foot long tail.
  89. She and Yorick ate breakfast the next morning as the first ones awake. Alex felt nauseated for no reason, but Yorick kept her distracted with amusing tales of a young girl with a curse on her shoulders being raised by a barbarian. The squire listened as intently as she could, but sometimes felt like her head was moving through a fog.
  92. Kerran’s experimentation continued the next day. Henric was present to sate his own curiosity. He wanted to know what was making Alex scream. It curtailed Kerran’s chattiness with Alex, but it just made him chatty with Henric instead. The knight was alarmed when he saw Alex flinch and shut her eyes, and Kerran ripped a white thing that moved like a bundle of hair underwater through the air from the squire’s eyes. “You mean to put that back, don’t you?” Henric asked.
  94. “Of course, Henric,” Kerran said with a playful eyeroll as he stuffed it in a glass jar and closed it. “She can’t see without it.”
  96. Alex was too frightened to open her eyes and find the truth of what Kerran had taken away from her this time. She didn’t want to know what it would feel like to be blind, but already with her eyes closed she knew it was different than normal--she didn't see the blackness of shut eyes, she saw nothingness.
  98. “She’ll be good as new when I put it back,” The necromancer promised. “She isn’t a zombie. Her soul lives in and belongs in this body and I only just took it out, if I opened the jar it would zip right back to her. I just need to see how the rest of her reacts to the distance.”
  100. Alex heard him step close to her, and then she heard nothing, as though all sound in the world was gone. She opened her eyes on gut instinct only to be reminded that sense was gone as well. There wasn’t darkness, only the same nothingness. She curled up into a ball and suffered under her own thoughts. They were far too loud in her quiet head. The girl supposed that she had looked pathetic enough, because after a while of feeling her body shake with sobs, she felt Henric’s unmistakable grip on her shoulder, then his hand running up the back of her neck and through her short hair, stroking her cheek. She imagined she was being pinned down to the earth to prevent her body from floating away.
  102. Kerran kept explaining to Henric with a great deal of enthusiasm. “Twin souls are just different about how they handle being apart and together! They take it harder, don’t like being alone. The more pieces you make of them, the faster they go a little wild. But once they're back together, they're usually happy as can be.”
  104. “I wouldn’t know,” Henric reminded Kerran, who was studying the jar. He looked at the wisp and then rattled the jar so it bounced and ricocheted around.
  106. “Well souls are like puzzles, Henric. You can split them apart and pull them in separate ways and as you know it’s even possible to cut a person off from a soul entirely. Like puzzles though, you can always put them back together if you can get all the pieces.”
  109. Ssazra heard the yelps from within the dome of trees and went to Yorick’s tent for company. It was sealed, but he knew he always had permission to enter. He went in, dropped to all fours to avoid hitting his head against the canvas top, and resealed the tent when his tail was inside all the way.
  111. “Do you hear the screaming?” he asked, walking to where Yorick sat, maskless and reading. Ssazra was silently alarmed to see her so casually out of her out of her disguise.
  113. “Yeah,” Yorick replied, lifting her yellow eyes from her book to look at the lizardfolk.
  115. “I thought that sort of thing was what you were looking to prevent,” Ssazra said. He looked confused.
  117. Yorick sighed, and she nodded her pale head. Lack of sun exposure over years made her horrifyingly pale, and on top of her yellow eyes the skin only looked more sickly. Without her padded armor she was rail thin. “I never actually thought they would ever let him have a squire,” she said, setting aside her book.
  119. Ssazra lay down at her side, almost submissively, and Yorick lay a white hand with prominent blue veins over his green snout. She kept talking, “I genuinely thought that they’d skip over him with the squires.”
  121. “They have no reason to suspect him of being a rapist,” Ssazra said. “The knights, I mean. You never said anything. If there were others they never said anything either. And I’m not sure who knows about Alexander.”
  123. Yorick bristled at the subtle implication that she was at fault for not outing Henric for what he was. “Don’t remind me that I should tell. You could have said something and you haven’t either. Don’t try to take the moral high ground here, and don’t remind me that I’m a selfish rat who doesn’t care who gets hurt along the way as long as I can get to Kerran.”
  125. She was bitter about her own cruelty, but unwilling to yield.
  127. “I try to interfere as little as possible. I’m just here to watch the world happen.” Ssazra lifted his head and put it in her lap heavily. “And, you, your desire for revenge is born of love. This is something we honor in my people.”
  129. “Revenge?”
  131. “No. Love, Yorick.”
  133. Yorick trailed fingers over Ssazra’s eye ridges thoughtfully, looking at where scales met and all the tiny grooves between them. “At this point I know where Kerran is and what he’s planning. I don’t need Henric anymore. I could kill the knight when he goes to sleep. He’d never hear me...”
  135. “No,” Ssazra said. “There are hundreds of dead bodies buried in these woods waiting to climb out of the dirt if Kerran suspects anything is wrong. I can smell them.”
  137. “I can too,” Yorick said. “I smell them more strongly than you do.”
  139. “Then wait,” Ssazra told her simply. “Wear your mask and wait. Don’t kill Henric until you have already killed Kerran. Don’t give yourself away or you might lose your chance.”
  141. Yorick couldn’t make that final promise. Her life was coming together. Though many had tried to kill Kerran Myar, she meant to be the one to finish the job. Ssazra gave good advice and she knew that she should listen to him, as always.
  143. Ssazra sat up and let out a low rumble from his chest, so low in tone it was almost inaudible. He pressed the tip of his snout, his nostrils, to Yorick’s neck and jawline and sniffed heavily.
  145. “You came in here with an agenda?” she asked Ssazra accusingly, pushing his snout away, briefly wrapping her hands around it and holding his mouth shut. It was a fact not well known to humans, and one that he wanted to keep relatively unknown, that it was quite difficult for a lizardman to open his mouth if something held it shut. He waited demurely for her to free him.
  147. When he was released he told her in all honesty, “No. I just wanted company. But being around you without the mask is distracting. It’s been a while.” He rumbled again and pressed his nose to her neck once more.
  149. They weren’t truly lovers. To be of two very different races and try to be true lovers was too difficult, and Yorick had a false identity to maintain around everyone who wasn’t Ssazra. Instead, they were companions. Who occasionally fucked like the wild animals they were. Yorick kissed his snout. “It has been a while.”
  151. If Ssazra could have blushed, he would have. He crawled over Yorick with one arm and leg on either side of her body and pushed her down gently with his snout. Sheepishly he asked, “Could I… convince you to use your mouth?” Oral sex was not something that Ssazra could (safely) get from a female of his own species, and was something he enjoyed about laying with human women, almost as much as actually penetrating them. "At least for the beginning?"
  153. Yorick rolled Ssazra over onto his back and ran her hands down his exceptionally smooth frontside. She’d seen him vicious in combat throwing acid and hacking targets to pieces with his machete, but for her he was a tame beast, looking up with a slight smile. Yorick slid back to sit between his scaly thighs, kneeling comfortably. She untied the animal skin he wore around his waist and greeted his erection with a soft kiss at the pointed tip.
  155. Ssazra let out a hiss in the back of his throat to stifle the louder sounds he wished he could make. Yorick smirked and stroked his inhuman cock. It was massive, smooth--more so than any of the humans she’d been with. It might have put off some women, but Yorick was much more adventurous than her peers had ever been.
  157. She started low on his shaft, lapping the sensitive base with her tongue. He had quite a taste to him and Yorick loved it. She began to take heavier licks as her hands held his groin for a better grip.
  159. At first he looked down at her, pleased, with a clawed hand resting on her head and holding her close to him. But when she began to lick more heavily, he grunted and tipped his head back, one of his eyelids covering his eyes as if he had just leaped into a body of water. "Go on," he urged.
  161. She grabbed his member with her hand before trailing her tongue up his smooth cock. "Gods I love this thing." Yorick beamed and happily she wrapped her lips around his tip, sucking ever so lightly.
  163. He made a growling noise this time, "I can tell you’re quite enamored by it. There is nothing like the worship of another race's women to lift one's spirits."
  165. She gave a laugh muffled by the organ in her mouth. The vibrations of her voice sent a wave down his shaft and she circled his tip with her tongue a few times while she steeled herself to push him deeper. It took eight swirls of her tongue, but she finally worked up the courage and pushed down as far as he'd go into her tiny mouth.
  167. "Good," he managed to say as salty precum dripped onto the back of Yorick's tongue. "Yes, good. I hope you enjoy this as much as I, but I do not believe that is possible."
  169. Her mouth tightened as she swallowed his precum and soon after she began to bob her head with her tongue dragging upon the underside with each thrust of her neck. Ssazra reached his limit, and needed to make her stop or else he knew he'd choke her with his semen. While the thought of Yorick attempting to gulp down his seed amused him, he didn't want things to be so over and done with. Giving no warning, he withdrew from her mouth and sat up, pouncing to roll her on her back with him on top of her once again.
  171. There was a motionless moment in which his inner eyelids peeled back from his amber, slitted eyes to look down at the pale woman. When he was on top, she was his prey and he was her predator. That was how she liked it. Again, he rumbled a purr to her, and his chest vibrated as it pressed against hers. She inhaled with excitement and grabbed at his scaly shoulders.
  173. Though it was Ssazra’s gut instinct to tear her clothes from her as his nostrils were seared by her familiar, delightful scent, he was enough of a gentleman to get them off without tearing anything from her. He was still a bit forceful with her, rolling the young woman over under him and twisting her legs and arms slightly as he took her clothes from her and tossed them to the side. But he knew her, and he knew how much she liked to be picked up and pulled at and tossed around like a ragdoll. Or a scrap of meat.
  175. Yorick's pale body was wrought with many lines crossing and crisscrossing. Some were jagged, other were smooth, but all came with a story of some sword fight or quest from her past. Her breasts were small, but they were enough. Her chest heaved with excitement, and she couldn't help but blush as the reptilian man loomed over her. She felt a soft fear, the pleasurable kind that made her skin tingle and her breath quicken, but she knew he would not hurt her.
  177. He inhaled loudly and deeply of her and he salivated. His mouth opened and his enormous pink tongue trailed up between her breasts to her neck while his claws gripped her hips tightly. His eyes focused on hers. It was rare for a human to have eyes the same color as his race's.
  179. Suddenly Ssazra's tongue returned to his mouth with a wet snapping sound, and he offered a low growl as he placed his snout near her ear. "Oh, you’re so edible... my tasty little Treat." He let his purring words hang in the hot air of the tent for a moment before he moved suddenly and caught one of her nipples with his teeth,--oh how she gasped--holding it with surprising gentleness as he carefully pinched and toyed with it. His slippery tongue flicked against her delicate flesh. Yorick’s red blush had extended down to her neck.
  181. His head moved with the speed of a predator leaping from the water to snap at a passing bird, and he latched onto her other breast just as eagerly. His eyes shined as he heard her sounds, and he growled happily to her to remind her--he was the apex predator in the tent. She clasped her hands to his snout and smiled at him, "Are you done playing with your food?" Yorick jested with the alchemist.
  183. He growled at her less playfully as she held his mouth shut, arching a brow at her. He looked at her, mildly embarrassed by this as the comparatively diminutive human woman held his snout prisoner.
  185. "Get to eating," she smirked as she pressed his jaw to her groin. Oh how she would love that tongue inside her and oh how she'd love for those teeth to graze her clitoris as delicately as they had her nipples. At least, she'd like that for a while, just until she could be filled with his fat cock.
  187. He growled, slightly annoyed by her pushiness now that he was aroused and feeling some of his more animal instincts rising to the front of his mind. But for Yorick, and only for Yorick, he did as she wanted when her grip loosened. His mouth opened and his long, flat tongue emerged. He pressed it against her clitoris and tasted her not for the first time, pressing the tip of his snout closer so that he would feel his pearly teeth touching her sensitive skin.
  189. "Oh, yes." Yorick moaned. Her hands tightened and writhed about her own body. She was wet enough from having him in her mouth, but became even more so when his tongue touched her.
  191. The corners of his maw turned up in a smile, hearing her little sounds. He grabbed her thighs and pushed them farther apart before pushing his tongue inside of her and flexing it every which way. She had to clasp her hand to her own mouth to stifle any noise. He took that as a sign he'd better stop, and withdrew his tongue, slupring it into his mouth like a pink eel. Ssazra moved as if he meant to mount her, and looked down at her face with a cocky, toothy, smile.
  193. "You know what I find so endearing about human girls?" he asked, rubbing his cock against her vulva, letting it slide in their mixed spit. "Your noises are like prey. Satisfies so many of my instincts to hear your little cries, Treat."
  195. "I love it when you call me that," Yorick gasped as she pulled her hand from her mouth.
  197. "I know, Treat," he purred.
  199. From his experience just now with his tongue, he thought she was ready enough to take him. If not, well... she was tough. She would take him regardless and she would like it. Ssazra shifted and lined his monstrous member up with her slit, then thrust with his pelvis to penetrate her fully in one go, holding her tightly so that she would not slip away from him. He groaned and shut his eyes all the way. She was unfathomably tight, he almost wondered how he had managed to fit inside of her at all.
  201. Yorick gritted her teeth and smirked, letting out a little yelp.
  203. "Shh, Treat. We do not need Henric to discover a second girl in boy's clothing." The predator thrust into her relentlessly from the get go. He was as gentle as he could be, but by human standards he was still quite rough.
  205. He hissed in her ear every time she got too loud, but did not go any easier on her as he sat back, pulling her up with him so that she was in his lap, gravity pushing her farther down his cock as the strong lizardman thrust up. He was nearing his finish, but put it off as best he could.
  207. Tremors poured through Yorick as she felt his cock throb within her, he was close. "Come inside, just let it flow."
  209. "Very well," he sighed, and with a heavy grunt he did as she bid, squeezing her in his arms to make sure that not a drop of his semen escaped her and clamping his powerful jaws shut on air as he gushed his thick seed inside of her. His orgasm was long, and so was his ejaculation.
  211. Even the force of it hurt, but she loved it. Silently she came around his already soaked cock and fell forward into his chest, panting heavily. With her orgasm he felt her squeezing the last drops out of him, and stroked her head and back. "You mammals," he commented chidingly as he trailed a claw down the small of her back and looked to Yorick's face. "And your sweat." He collapsed on his back on her bedroll like a tamed beast again, still keeping her on his chest with his cock inside of her.
  213. “Yorick,” he asked softly. He knew it wasn’t the woman’s real name, and that did irk him a bit. “Will I ever know your real name?”
  215. “Not yet. I’ll tell Kerran, before I kill him for what he’s done. After that, I’ll share it with you.” She thought about her plans for the future, and about killing Henric. “I don’t think I’ll kill Henric.I feel like someone else deserves that more than I do at this point. I missed my chance.”
  217. “Whatever happens, I’ll write the story. When Henric dies I’ll find another person to tell a story about.” Ssazra felt a sinking feeling in his abdomen that he wouldn’t have to, though. Henric was the man he followed doggedly for a reason, and he didn’t think he would be that easy to kill.
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