Iberian lies

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  1. Hazel eyes, IBERIAN lies
  2. Muffled natives women's cries
  3. Natives big and small, Hernán Cortés kills them all
  4. Left, right, right, left
  5. IBERIAN sows the seeds of death
  6. Not a stone is left to stand
  7. When IBERIAN sails across the lands
  8. After invading the Americas and some
  9. The IBERIAN work was still not done
  10. enlisting the Austrian and Vatican on his mission
  11. He made a new one: the Holy Inquisition
  12. To sate his thirst for native blood
  13. That he wanted, that he got
  14. Now tenochtitlan is devoid of cheer
  15. Americans have fear; the Iberian is here
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