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Kaiju (ChipFic)

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  1. >People ran through the street as buildings were toppled over; screams erupted as cars exploded
  2. >A massive monster stomped around causing chaos in New York, bodies were trampled underfoot by giant feet as a mighty roar was let out
  3. >"Buh!"
  4. >"We can edit in a monster roar laters, keep going Lulu!"
  5. >Lizy held up a camera as she sprawled out on the carpet to get a better shot of the baby stomping through a cardboard and toy replica of times square
  6. >Lulu, sans pacifier with her jaw split open and teeth bared, was still the least threatening monster ever
  7. >she batted on the fake buildings with curiosity and happily ate strategically placed gummy bears that were acting as stand ins for civilians
  8. >"Lulu do the thing!" Lizy was miming a swiping motion with her arm and Lulu tilted her head; looking down at her hand she wiggled her fingers and then weakly slapped a building
  9. >"No no not like that! Use the claws" Lulu nodded happily and flexed her fingers as she reared her arm back; razor sharp bone growing in an instant as she slashed forward
  10. >The cardboard gave no indication that the baby had swung at it, before suddenly sliding down the cut line as gravity took over
  11. >Lulu held her arms up with a big smile and Lizy was jumping up and down "Good job Lulu! Thats scene 1!" she set the camera down and ran over to hug her sister "Now its time for scene 2"
  12. >The ground rumbled as the fleeing people came to a stop; they pointed up "Our savior, the protector of humanity is here!"
  13. >Heavy metal ground against itself as a giant figure stepped into view, a blade of pure energy was ignited with a buzz and hummed with power
  14. >The monster turned its attention to its adversary and changed to unleash a mighty swipe of its claws
  16. >"Noooo, Lulu! Stop hugging her, you're suppose ta fight"
  17. >Bed dropped her cardboard tube sword with a smile and leaned forward to embrace the happy baby "Cut!"
  18. >Lizy set the camera down and ran over "Bed you gotta fight Lulu, she's the bad guy and you're the good guy!"
  19. >The cardboard clad girl looked down at the giggling baby and then up to Lizy, a frown on her face as she rapidly shook her head
  20. >"Lulu will be ok, its just cardboard, you don't even hafta hit her hard, I can edit the effects in later!"
  21. >Bed still looked unsure as the director leaned down the baby and set her on the floor "Lulu, Bed is gonna hit you and you're gonna fall down ok?"
  22. >Lulu's attention was elsewhere as she grabbed a nearby toy car and took a bite out of it, metal crunching easily in her jaws "Ok good!"
  23. >Lizy ran back to her camera and got in position "Ready?" Bed tried to lean down to pick up her fallen sword, but her mighty armor made it difficult to move and robbed her of flexibility
  24. >Finally with much struggling she one again wielded her powerful weapon and nodded towards the cameraman, her helmet shifting forward and covering her eyes
  25. >"Okies, all you hafta do is hit her, annnnd action!" Bed looked down at the seated baby as she tilted her head with curiosity, chewing on another car
  26. >The armored girl frowned sadly, she really didn't want to do this, she brought her blade skyward, and with much hesitation, brought it down with enough force to split the earth
  27. >*Bop*
  28. >Lulu blinked as the cardboard tube very lightly bonked her forehead, barely even touching her, the baby's eyes went wide as she was suddenly pulled into a hug by a crying Bed
  29. >The little mutant looked very confused and concerned at the tiny asian girl holding her, whispering pleas for forgiveness through over dramatic sobs
  30. >"Good job Bed! It turned out great, I"m gonna go edit in blood and splosions and stuffs" Lizy happily skipped off
  31. >The monster had been slain. the world was saved
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