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  1. ❝name❞
  2. ღ Sunstra Park (선 스트라 파크)
  4. nicknames
  5. ღ Sun
  6. ღ Moom
  7. ღ Bubblegum
  9. ❝birthdate❞
  10. ღ 8th of August, 1997
  12. ❝birthplace + hometown❞
  13. ღ Phuket, Thailand
  14. ღ Daegu, South Korea
  16. ❝nationality + ethnicity❞
  17. ღ Thai
  18. ღ Thai and half Korean (her father is from Korea)
  20. ❝languages❞
  21. ღ Korean (100%)
  22. ღ Thai (70%)
  23. ღ English (95%)
  24. ღ Japanese (she knows how to read and speak but doesn't really know how to write)
  26. ❝height❞
  27. ღ 5'4"
  29. ❝weight❞
  30. ღ 46
  32. ༶•┈┈⛧┈♛ ♛┈⛧┈┈•༶
  34. ❝background❞
  35. ღ She was born in Phuket but at the age of two she and her parents moved to Daegu. Both of her parents were very supportive and cared very much for her. Her family was pretty average and she likes it because she didn't want things get handed to her all though in one period of her life they had some problems. She always had a love for music and her parents helped her develop that passion. Her grand parents from her dad's side didn't really want her to have a job in the music industry because they didn't think it was a normal job.
  37. ❝personality❞
  38. ღ Sassy. She is THE sass queen and doesn't like people telling her what to do. She always has a smartass answer for everything.
  39. ღ Funny. She has a great sense of humor when she doesn't even try to be funny. She always wants to make people laugh or smile.
  40. ღ Charismatic. She is very good at inspire, attract and influence people. She is also charming.
  41. ღ Fiesty. She is very determined and always achieves something that she wants. She can put anyone in their place. She always voices her opinion.
  42. ღ Passionate. She is very passionate about the things she likes and can talk for hours about them. She thinks a life without passion isn't a life at all.
  43. ღ Soft. She is really soft with her loved ones and although she may teases them a lot, she would do anything for them. She also hugs them a lot.
  44. ღ Hard working. She is a very hard working person and she likes doing things herself. She can work a lot of days to a project.
  45. ღ Sarcastic and savage . She is incredibly sarcastic without realizing it and she can't control it. She can also be really savage with the people that annoy her and even sometimes with her friends.
  46. ღ Dirty minded. She just can't help it. She will say some inappropriate jokes and stuff sometimes while smirking.
  47. ღ Athletic. She is really likes sports even if she isn't the most energetic person ever. She isn't the type of person that will always watch sports on TV but once in a while she really likes going in baseball and basketball games.
  48. ღ Temperamental. Some times she can be really moody and mad with everyone. Those days are rare but once ina while still happens.
  51. ❝trivia❞
  52. ღ She is really good at sports, especially basketball
  53. ღ She is a gryffindor
  54. ღ She calls herself Sunny because a lot of people tell her that her smile lights up a room and because she of her name
  55. ღ She is a big fan of Halsey. She has actually met her and they are very good friends.
  56. ღ Her favourite songs are "Rap god", Colors", "Nightmare" and "Boy with Luv"
  57. ღ She learned herself how to play guitar while her father taught her how to play the piano.
  58. ღ She admitted that she actually fell asleep in class one time and her math teacher never caught her.
  60. ❝likes❞
  61. ღ dogs and cats
  62. ღ gum
  63. ღ hugs / cuddles
  64. ღ skateboarding
  65. ღ milkshakes
  66. ღ listening to music
  67. ღ sports
  68. ღ fashion
  70. ❝dislikes❞
  71. ღ racism
  72. ღ sexism
  73. ღ cheaters
  74. ღ spiders
  75. ღ too arrogant people
  76. ღ people who haven't worked to achieve their goals
  78. ༶•┈┈⛧┈♛ ♛┈⛧┈┈•༶
  80. ❝skills❞
  82. vocal: 7,5/10
  83. rap: 9,5/10
  84. dance: 8,5/10
  86. production: 9,5/10
  87. songwriting: 9,5/10
  89. confidence: 9/10
  90. stage presence: 8/10
  91. visual: 8/10
  92. charm: 9/10
  93. variety: 7/10
  95. ❝training period❞
  96. ღ 2 years
  98. ༶•┈┈⛧┈♛ ♛┈⛧┈┈•༶
  100. ❝love interest❞
  101. ღ Min yoongi
  103. behaviour towards l/i:
  104. ღ She is very playful towards him at times and likes teasing him because she knows that he can't do anything to her. She likes roasting him once in a while. She can be very caring towards him and really sweet and she kind of admires him.
  106. status:
  107. ღ They are very close friends at the moment but they are almost always flirting and a lot of people think they are together.
  109. ༶•┈┈⛧┈♛ ♛┈⛧┈┈•༶
  111. ❝face claim❞
  112. ღ Lisa Manoban
  114. ༶•┈┈⛧┈♛ ♛┈⛧┈┈•༶
  116. anything i missed?: -
  117. message to me: Heyy
  118. suggestions: I have some ideas. Whatever I say you can use it for mine trainee and everyone's else if you want. You can do something like an interview, ask questions and the trainees give you the answers. Something else you can do is articles/news about them and the loves interests (before and after they start dating. Either rumors or the truth). Maybe hate articles (mostly for drama but that just an idea), articles that fans made because they really like someone. [Also there are pretty good manips at the Internet so you could use some of them in articles, news, etc]. I can help you if you need anything.
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