DTG Skirmish Maneuver Stats FINAL

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  1. Roxxanne: 150,000/150,000 HP. Level: 12; CR3 ACTIVE
  2. Zetta: 150,000/150,000 HP. Level: 12; CR3
  3. L00T: 24
  5. Welp, here you have it, AGs: The two most prolific PGs, Roxxanne and Zetta, are now actually vulnerable. Of course, Roxxanne and Zetta are perhaps more capable than they were before as an offset. Let's work through it, shall we?
  7. Partnership: Zetta and Roxxanne are not two heads on one body, and naturally they do not share HP pools. In fact, they're entirely different characters with different abilities. Switching from one to another is a free action but must be done at the start of a turn-any attack sent to Zetta on a turn where he switches to Roxxanne will still be directed at Roxxanne, however. If either are killed, it's temporary-they will be back. It'll take four actions to do so, though, and if they get any Co-stars it'll become longer, with 6 actions needed per respawn. However, if any live, a random one of them will immediately appear and do actions in turn if they must. The last man standing, if slain, will reduce the respawn counter of the one closest to living to one so a player can respawn next action.
  9. Back Support: The active member of the party isn't always the one attacking. Zetta and Roxxanne can attack while not being the active member. Bonuses, however, only apply based on the one in-front.
  11. L00T and LEVEL: The big mechanic behind leveling here is somewhat different. For each entity kill which Roxxanne/Zetta contributed to, they score one point on the L00T Counter and the Level counter. Nailing the last hit is two points. Boss kills are two points automatically, and four if it's a kill and my total spoil count did NOT go up (so I can off bosses for good reason again-and also to prevent me from not 'trading out' spoils for getting access to new ones). The L00T and Level for boss kills is retroactive, meaning that, for previous work, the current L00T and LEVEL counters actually starts off at 24. (Terror Medusa, Akron, Zombie Goku and Octoboss, making 2 each for a total of 8; then Dark Godcat, Lord Bernard, Lady Sparwick and Aetherderon, 4 each for a total of 16, adding up to 24). This also increases a character's LEVEL amount by the same rate-specifically, the person who did the most damage. LEVEL is critical to how far a character is along in their ability progression and determines which CLASS RANK they are at, while L00T is basically currency for other stuff. Because of previous work and simplicity, Zetta and Roxxanne have 12 levels each, which actually puts both of them at CLASS RANK 3 to start. The progression of LEVEL to CLASS-UPS are 5 total for the 1st, then 12 total for the 2nd, then 21 total for the 3rd, then 33 for the 4th, and so on-The cost to get to the next level is +2 from the previous and caps at CLASS RANK 15. If all else fails, L00T can be transferred to LEVEL on a 1:1 conversion but not vice-versa. Level and L00T cannot be sapped from by any means.
  13. Here's a list of CR level requirements just in Case you're confused on how many kills you need.
  15. CR1: 0
  16. CR2: 5
  17. CR3: 12
  18. CR4: 21
  19. CR5: 33
  20. CR6: 46
  21. CR7: 60
  22. CR8: 77
  23. CR9: 96
  24. CR10: 117
  25. CR11: 140
  26. CR12: 165
  27. CR13: 192
  28. CR14: 221
  29. CR15: 252
  31. At CR 15, any Levels you get can be 'stored' and sent to another character at half-rate, rounded down (so you need 2 levels to level up another character once). If everyone is CR 15, then all Levels gained are transferred to L00T instead at a 1:1 ratio...Somehow.
  33. Co-stars: Roxxanne and Zetta won't be the only two you deal with. Roxxanne is trying to raise up a credible mercenary foundation for her own purposes and Zetta is all to happy to help here if it means the fight sways his way. As she's got to finish this war, one way or the other, to really start this up, this means their first function is to help her fight you all back. This means that Roxxanne and Zetta can spend L00T to get these people on her side, permanently.
  35. All Co-Stars cost 12 L00T.
  37. Flora: 150,000/150,000 HP. Level: 0; CR1
  38. Rosalind: 150,000/150,000 HP. Level: 0; CR1
  39. Grimsby: 150,000/150,000 HP. Level: 0; CR1
  40. Mai: 150,000/150,000 HP. Level: 0; CR1
  42. Guest Stars: In addition to the eventually-full party of six, in case there's no other reason to blow L00T, or they need something ULTRA-DESTRUCTIVE on the field, Roxxanne and Zetta can spend L00T to summon much STRONGER allies...Temporarily. They have their own Big Scenes and Star Powers (detailed below), and start off at Max CLASS RANK because they've spent much more time than anyone else here; they also deal high damage while being effectively invincible, or dealing absolutely insane damage. They are exclusive purchases: If one is out the other cannot be purchased, and there's a cooldown of 3 turns between purchases (effective when the temporary contract expires). All Guest Stars require 24 L00T and last for 3 turns. If they happen to spend the turns dead, well, Caveat Emptor.
  44. Rebecca: 350,000/350,000 HP. Level: 252; CR15
  45. Nihilo: 350,000/350,000 HP. Level: 252; CR15
  46. CEO Nine: 350,000/350,000 HP. Level: 252; CR15
  48. Fair Trade: Finally, if all else fails, L00T may be spent on Alchemies. Costs to be determined by the GM (though it should be semi-random).
  50. Bloster: In case of having nothing to urgently spend charge points on, assists can be converted into Levels at a 1:1 Ratio. Who they go to is up to me. Just in case you want to help out these wannabe adventurers become not-so-wannabe.
  52. Big Scenes: Akin to the Battle Techniques and Combat Operandis of DTG2, which I here blatantly Expy, all characters have a set of specials unique to them: The Big Scenes. Big Scenes are powerful maneuvers. They come in two varieties: Sequences and Climaxes. Both types of Big Scene can only be done every-other-turn but this can lead to serious pain.
  54. Sequences do not have any restrictions beyond the every-other-turn restriction and are basically quick attacks-they come in sets of 4 with varying levels, with higher-level attacks dealing more damage or having more dramatic effects than the previous. However, they pale in comparison to a TRUE creative attack, but in case you need to do a fast attack, these will suffice a lot better than "I swing my sword at X" or such.
  56. Climaxes, however, are much more dramatic (still don't beat out a real creative action on their own but can do some really impressive stuff), but cost resources: Film, Scripts, Props and Lights. It's Film-themed, wouldn't you know? Refilling the SFX Items requires action from SOMEONE, though it doesn't have to be Roxxanne/Zetta themselves; anyone can. The collective pot of SFX Items is 30 apiece, and starts 100% full-this can be upgraded with 5 L00T to add +5 item cap to a single item. All item costs are determined by the GM. Do realize that these aren't limited to attacks; some can bloster power by granting a super form, a temporary super-alchemy, deal status conditions, do 1-turn mind controls, and more unique effects.
  58. Everyone starts out with two Level 1 Sequences. There's a total of sixteen Sequences per character in 4 sets of 4, a new one unlocking every level, and of course, 3 Climaxes, which unlock at CLASS RANKs 5, 9 and 13. Sequences and Climaxes can be used in conjuncture with standard actions to improve effectiveness, by the way.
  60. Roxxanne
  61. -Mage Chorus/Resonance/(Rhythmic)CR5/(Crescendo)CR9 (Magic + Bass consecrutens)
  62. -Phoenix Breath/Sick Burns/(Ashes to Ashes)CR6/(Since the world's been turning)CR10 (Fire w/ Victor Ignis)
  63. -(Forme Shift)CR4/(Adaption)CR7/(Metamorphic)CR11/(Evolution)CR13 (Blood + Transformation)
  64. -(Shotgun Shuffle)CR8/(Akimbo)CR12/(Bite the Bullet)CR14/(Lead Lotus)CR15 (Metokinesis + Shotguns)
  65. * {Epoch()}CLASS RANK 5 (RedEpoch(), basically re-skinned Turn() that affects an entity of choice as well. )
  66. * {The Power} CLASS RANK 9 (Paradox+Hope+Stuff, TONS OF DAMAGE. )
  67. * {Magicka} CLASS RANK 13 (Magical girl transform, super mode.)
  69. Epoch(): In-use, Roxxanne and an entity of her choice go into Epoch(), gaining HEXTUPLE actions. For Roxxanne, this allows her to target six things at once with equal damage (no targeting the same entity twice for her), while it gives the entity Hex actions for the one turn. This does NOT give bonus actions. High cost, natch.
  71. Zetta
  72. -Mind Killer/Dreambreaker/(Ego Eater)CR5/(Oblivion)CR9 (Telepathic assault)
  73. -Disaster Master/Gaia's Wrath/(Calamity Trigger)CR6/(This is it)CR10 (Doom Majjyks)
  74. -(Smashforme)CR4/(Items On)CR7/(Wombo Combo)CR11/(Final Destination)CR13 (Smashforme shenanigans)
  75. -(Saltwater Strike)CR8/(Seven Seas)CR12/(Whirlpool)CR14/(Bottomless)CR15 (Brine)
  76. * {Providence} CLASS RANK 5 (Oblivion's Topper shenanigans, Mind Control for 1 turn.)
  77. * {Insanity} CLASS RANK 9 (Summon temp. Insanity for 2 turns, control like regular entity.)
  78. * {Dream Cycle} CLASS RANK 13 (Dreambubble Explosion, TONS OF DAMAGE)
  80. Flora
  81. -Nihilokinesis/(Null Lance)CR2/(Void Rift)CR5/(The Lacking)CR9 (Telekinetic Void assault)
  82. -Lance Wave/(Big Shock)CR3/(Arc Thrower)CR6/(1.21 Gigawatts)CR10 (Stun Lancer Shock Baton)
  83. -(LOVE)CR4/(Beta)CR7/(Gamma)CR11/(Omega)CR13 (PK LOVE)
  84. -(Batter Up)CR8/(Base Theft)CR12/(Home Run)CR14/(Grand Slam)CR15 (Baseball)
  85. * {Dark Event} CLASS RANK 5 (Call Advent, screw with Players)
  86. * {Franklin} CLASS RANK 9 (Lightning Strike, mass damage + stun)
  87. * {The Liberated} CLASS RANK 13 (Alien Assault, HUEG DAMAGES)
  89. Dark Event: Two of the following can happen. Flora cannot choose which occur-the GM does. Any event that buffs or debuffs last for 2 turns unless otherwise specified.
  90. -Infestation: 3 Cryssalids Spawn. They inflict Cryssalid Poison on hit-it does low damage but requires an action to heal. if an entity dies while poisoned they turn into a reasonably tanky gestator for weaker Cryssalids. Crysallids do not depsawn-they must be killed. They have 10% Evasion and 10% AC reduction but are pathetically weak, and their spawn even more so.
  91. -Viper Rounds: All allied entities poison on-hit with a 50% chance on any action involving targeting enemy entities. If this action already poisons, extend duration and severity.
  92. -Armor Research: All allied entities gain small amounts of armor, reducing damage by an additional 10%.
  93. -Rapid Response: 2 Elite Advent Troopers and 1 Elite Advent Captain spawn; the Captain is stronger than the Troopers and can mark entities for dodge ignorance. They're not too strong, though.
  94. -Rural Checkpoints: Entity charges do not progress, bar those of allied entities. Don't ask how this works.
  95. -Minor Breakthrough: +1 to all charges and alchemies currently in my production.
  96. -Alertness: +15% dodge and +15% dodge ignorance for the whole faction.
  97. -Encryption: this one is mean-may need removing.. All assists are halved for enemy players that aren't sent towards allied ones, rounded down (so +1s don't even register). Only takes effect after the turn of use, and only for that turn.
  98. -Raids: The next 2 enemy summons are delayed by 1 turn, during which time they are open to attack and have removed/weakened defensive passives. Lasts until expended.
  100. Rosalind
  101. -Sacred Language/(Poisoned Words)CR2/(Rhetoric)CR5/(The Argument)CR9 (Runes)
  102. -Lady of the Swarm/(The Nest)CR3/(Pestilence)CR6/(Infestation)CR10 (Insect Command)
  103. -(Regal Orders)CR4/(The Servitude)CR7/(Noble Six)CR11/(The Ordeal)CR13 (Thrall Command)
  104. -(Forecast)CR8/(Chance of Storms)CR12/(The Warning)CR14/(Class 6)CR15 (Weather Majjyks)
  105. * {The Fortune} CLASS RANK 5 (L00T and murdering people with it; goes up in damage with amount of L00T but has a baseline.)
  106. * {Arachne} CLASS RANK 9 (Transform into titular, superforme)
  107. * {The Essay} CLASS RANK 13 (Runes up to 11)
  109. Grimsby
  110. -Sleuth Diplomacy/(Case Closed)CR2/(Improptu Caucus)CR5/(Ceasefire)CR9 (guess)
  111. -Hunter's Trick/(Powder Keg)CR3/(Mass Grave)CR6/(Slaughter)CR10 (Hunter's Weapons)
  112. -(Bloodborne)CR4/(Red River)CR7/(Vein Matters)CR11/(Baptism of Blood)CR13 (LOTS OF BLOOD)
  113. -(The Sight)CR8/(Grim Knowledge)CR12/(Psychoanalyze)CR14/(Evil Within)CR15 (Seer of Rage)
  114. * {Beast Within} CLASS RANK 5 (Wolfkin Transformation, superforme)
  115. * {Your Best Nightmare} CLASS RANK 9 (Make Entity Go Insane; inflict tons of status conditions)
  118. Mai
  119. -The Arsenal/(Orbital)CR2/(Glass)CR5/(Dust)CR9 (Planet-Obliterating Firepower)
  120. -Will of Steel/(Unyielding)CR3/(Terminator)CR6/(The Stand)CR10 (Being nigh-unkillable)
  121. -(Japonophile)CR4/(Name of the Moon)CR7/(Z)CR11/(One Punch Woman)CR13 (Ripped from the Animes)
  122. -(The Forge)CR8/(Prototype)CR12/(Beta Testing)CR14/(Mass Production)CR15 (Engineering Massive Guns)
  123. * {The Steeline} CLASS RANK 5 (Parental Power, superform)
  124. * {Mugen Mulligan} CLASS RANK 9 (Tap Into Infinity for Critpower)
  125. * {Gravity Hurts} CLASS RANK 13 (Exploitation of Space, Epic Piledriver, Epic damage)
  127. Rebecca
  128. -Paladin Power/The Sanctity/Holier than Thou/The Paragon (Lawful Good-ness)
  129. -Blood Eater/The Drain/Red Scourge/Black Rose (Blood Theft)
  130. -Pure Muscle/Vitality Carat/Going the Distance/Megaton (VIIIIIIIIIM)
  131. -Blade on a Stick/Javelin/Spin2Win/Aran's Revenge (Polearm)
  132. * Divine Retribution (Counterattack)
  133. * Atlas (Throw a Planet, HUEG DAMAGE)
  134. * Don't Go (Resssurection on recently-deceased)
  136. Nihilo
  137. -Bloodlust/War Frenzy/Red Paint/Khorne Reborn (Rampant slaughter)
  138. -Forbidden/Unknowable/Madman's Knowledge/The Horror (Mind-Melting secrets)
  139. -Frozen Fury/Frostbiter/Chillin' and Killin'/Ice Age (Frost)
  140. -Buzzsaw Rampage/Torque Blow/Psycho Assault/Execution (His Buzzaxe)
  141. * Overlord (Daemon Rulership, multi-stun by way of AUTHORITY)
  142. * Dark Aura (Clone Spam, temp. entity)
  143. * Infinity Cannon (THE LADLE IS BACK BABY, GIT GUD)
  145. CEO Nine
  146. -Booming Business/Company Buyout/Executive Orders/Fiction 500 (Respawn Inc. Literally crimefighting with cash)
  147. -Icicle Fall/Hailstorm/Perfect Freeze/Diamond Blizzard (Spellcards of hers, natch)
  148. -Inversion/Freezer Burn/Smoke and Mirrors/Inferno Within (Achi Cirno thingy)
  149. -Fae Fury/Play Rough/Naturally/The Winter Fury (Fairies. A LOT of Fairies.)
  150. * Planet Nine (Absurd conspiracy + Nineball meme = Pain)
  151. * Let it Go (NEGATIVE K, widespread freezing)
  152. * Heroes Never Die (Give an entity a single Respawn; STUPIDLY HIGH COST.)
  154. Star Power: In addition to the unique Big Scenes every character has, each character also has various minor passives that also unlock over time-Their Star Powers. Regular characters have four total. To start, one is immediately available. The other 3 are unlocked at CR3, CR7 and CR11. The two Guest Stars have five that are all unlocked immediately, being who they are (granted one is the same). Passives only work while the member of the party is the active member. Entities can also be affected by passives.
  156. Roxxanne
  157. -Aptitutde: Roxxanne gains +1 Level per any kills she makes.
  158. -The Shadows: 15% Dodge chance on yourself, cannot be negated by any means.
  159. -Outfoxed: 10% Dodge Ignorance for you and your entities. CR7
  160. -Climatic Summoning: All entities gain a minicrit and are invincible on their turn of summon. CR11
  162. Zetta
  163. -Hate Within: 35% chance of minicrit on Hostiles for all of your Entities as well as yourself. If chance procs while minicritting, upgrades to crit. If procced while critting, crit is not expended. Only works on Hostiles.
  164. -Determination: His Entities resist all Mind Controls successfully. (Zetta and the crew can't be MC'd to begin with, because they're players.)
  165. -Providence: His Entities have an additional 25% resistance to any status effect that would cost them their turn. CR7
  166. -Faking it: Zetta doesn't die on having HP turned to 0, but rather retreats tactically. He respawns 1 action sooner because he's gotten good at it at this point. (if he's the first to respawn on TPK he can act immediately.) CR11
  168. Flora
  169. -Schism: Any negative status effect you inflicted comes with a 50% chance of inflicting another random, minor status condition. Doesn't work on attacks with a 100% chance to inflict a status condition.
  170. -Psi Network: Her Entities have 20% dodge ignorance. CR3.
  171. -Reanimate: All killed allied entities that aren't summoned by other entities will automatically spawn one Psi-Zombie. It's REALLY weak, but it doesn't die if you do, ignoring how it works in XCOM 2. Psi-Zombies remain if you switch out. CR7.
  172. -Shock Baton: Any basic attack has a 10% chance of stunning the victim. Only one stun through this passive per turn. CR11.
  174. Rosalind
  175. -Word Structuring: Rosalind automatically loses -3,000 Damage on all attacks and -3,000 HP on all healing, but a tally for each time she has done an action involving attacking or healing consecutively is made. Upon doing the opposite, this tally is expended for an additional bonus of 4,000 damage/healing per point on the tally, with no cap. Big Scenes do not count for this passive but do not reset it either. Any other action will reset the counter to 0. Dying also resets the counter in case it wasn't obvious.
  176. -Unite Synchronize: If her entities attack the same enemy as she did in a turn, +10,000 bonus damage to the entities each. Only works if she attacked the entity twice. CR3
  177. -Class: Rosalind gains +1 L00T for every kill she makes. CR7
  178. -Spiderweb: Rosalind gains +2% chance of Minicrit per each entity under her control. CR11.
  180. Grimsby
  181. -Pulchritude: His Entities have a 10% chance of minicritting randomly.
  182. -Grim Times: Attackers have a 5% chance of Terror upon hitting Grimsby. CR3.
  183. -Blood Rally: If harmed, Grimsby and his entities can attack the entity responsible. If successful, a third of the damage dealt is transferred back as HP. CR7.
  184. -Lead by Example: His Entities have a 30% chance of minicritting if attacking an entity he has attacked that turn. CR11.
  186. Mai
  187. -War Machine: 5% Damage increase and 1 AC point that cannot be ignored.
  188. -Bombardment: +5,000 damage on all attacks that hit multiple targets you make. Applies to all targets. CR3
  189. -Flexible Form: 15% chance of ignoring any status condition that causes a loss of action. If successful, all other effects of that status condition are also nullified for that turn. CR7
  190. -Self-Repair: 1 HP Regen, cannot be nullified. CR11.
  192. Rebecca
  193. -Indomitable: Immune to all stuns or any other status condition that could cost her action. All other negative effects of those status conditions are also ignored. Also cannot be removed by any means other than death.
  194. -Beacon of Hope: Her Entities remove status conditions twice as fast. One-turn status conditions are cured immediately. Incurable status conditions are now removed every other turn (per stack if need be).
  195. -Goddess of VIM: Cannot be damaged under normal circumstances, takes extremely reduced damaged if overcome. Godmodder attacks automatically count (in case it comes up), but nothing else. Immune to Instant death effects.
  196. -Nobility: Enemy entities do halved damage to her entities, have halfed chance to inflicts status effects on her entities, and doubled chance to miss her entities.
  197. -Sanctuary: Her entities ignore all negative field effects of any variety. 'Field Effects' will refer to any negative status condition that afflicts the whole field.
  199. Nihilo
  200. -Indomitable: See Rebecca.
  201. -Decaying Presence: 33% Chance of Withering on-hit. Withering is a poison that also negates all forms of healing while it is active. Damage dealt through Withering heals Nihilo by the same amount.
  202. -World-Wrecking Force: Overkill damage on entity death is splashed to a random entity of the same faction. Ignores bodyguards. If the entity that was killed was bodyguarding an entity, the damage goes to that entity automatically. This Chains, if that comes up.
  203. -Writ of Bloodlust: Hostiles automatically obey his orders while he is out, no matter what.
  204. -Vengeful: Deals retribution damage equal to 1/2 damage dealt to the attacker, or an allied entity (preferably an entity controlled by the attacker) of the attacker if the attacker is a Player/otherwise invulnerable.
  206. CEO Nine
  207. -Beacon of Hope: See Rebecca.
  208. -Eternal: Nine just cannot stay dead. She respawns INSTANTLY from all deaths, not even missing an action. This will restore her to full HP and cure all conditions, positive or negative. Don't waste your energy trying to kill her; stunning her is infinitely more effective if you want to get rid of her, but stunning a player character is already pretty hard...
  209. -Freezing Touch: 33% chance to Freeze on-hit. If she attacks a Frozen entitiy, she deals minicrit damage but does not free them.
  210. -Money to Burn: While active, she can assist her entities (as in +1 them), which grants them a buff of her choice: Minicritting, Regen +10,000 , Evasive 30%, Fortified 20% (defense buff, removes that much damage from every blow), or Safeguard (Cures negative status conditions on-application and protects from further). All but Minicritting last for 2 turns. She can only +1 an entity per turn.
  211. -Secretaries: When brought forth via contract, Nine comes with two Secretaries. They come with Auto-Bodyguard and Auto-Retaliate (meaning they can instantly defend an entity and automatically deal their attack to any attackers), but are weak beyond this. They respawn after 1 turn and leave with Nine.
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