Rarity's curse

Nov 14th, 2016
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  1. A awkward gathering in the castle around the mirror table. Twilight, bloated chest and wide hips, reclines in her throne and sips on a soda.
  2. Rarity's the first one to speak. "Twilight, we're here today as your friends. We've been very concerned about you lately."
  3. "Are you concerned about wasting my time?"
  4. "We're worried about you. Ever since Starlight turned you down you've changed."
  5. "When I became a Princess I changed. When I moved here from Canterlot I changed. Life is change, what's your point?"
  6. "It's just... you're changing so quickly. Your dress, your hair, your... figure."
  7. "Oh man, is this about these? I'll hook you all up, just say the word. How 'bout you first Dash?"
  8. Twilight snaps her fingers and shoots a finger gun towards her athletic friend. There's a moment of pause before an ethereal glow surrounds her and her body starts to swell.
  9. "Hey! What gives!?"
  10. "They're awesome right? I'll take 'em away if you want, but you gotta at least play with 'em first. Maybe make Fluttershy suck 'em now that you're on her level?"
  11. Fluttershy meeps, the rest of the group is stunned. Rainbow Dash softly moans as she starts playing with her engorged nipples
  12. "Thought so. I'll give you a chance to get used to them, but later I'll bring you up to my size if you want."
  13. "You most certainly will not! Put her back this instant."
  14. "Oh shove off Rarity. I'll get to you in a minute. AJ? Pinkie? Who wants to go first"
  15. Pinkie looks between Rainbow and Twilight and hops out of her chair
  16. "Me! Pick me! Ooh, can I be as big as you? Or bigger!?"
  17. "Ha, you got it buddy. What do you think about helping me throw a party so I can get more of our dear citizens up to scale?"
  19. ==
  21. Rarity was at a loss. In the week since the gathering at the castle things had grown - quite literally - out of control. Rainbow Dash hadn't been seen since she asked for "enough milk to make the rest of the Wonderbolts like this." Applejack and Fluttershy had both since doubled in height. The former was now a tower of muscle while the latter was effectively the world's largest pillow. Under Twilight's guidance, Pinkie Pie had developed a recipe for bust-boosting cupcakes, gorged herself, and was now giving away trays as fast as she could make them.
  23. Regular stallions and mares were ducking through doorways. The average cup size had ballooned beyond reason. The rules of beauty and proportion and propriety had fallen to the wayside. It was only a matter of time before the rest of the world caught on and Ponyville became a laughing stock across the land, and no one seemed to care. She felt all alone, abandoned by her friends. "What would Twilight Sparkle do?" She asked herself. Not new Twilight, of course. But the meek bookworm who seemed to have all the answers?
  24. Rarity took a seat at her desk and began to write. "Dear Princess Celestia..."
  27. That evening, a a sharp rap on her door interrupted Rarity's nightly preparations. Not sure whether it the knocking would wake dear Sweetie or be one of her idiot friends to tell off, Rarity tightened her robe and headed down to answer the door. Whatever she had expected at her door, it was not a thick, purple whirlwind.
  28. "What the hell, Rarity!? Trying to go over my head!?"
  29. Rarity invited her in by stepping out of the way, but otherwise did not engage.
  30. "I knew you were jealous, but I really thought you would get on board. You know what? That's not even what really bugs me. Someone as 'socially conscious' as you should know a Princess would never interfere with another's territory. So what's all this taurshit about 'what's appropriate and good.'? Was this whole fuckin letter just trying to get my attention!? "
  31. She was utterly cowed. Rarity had expected Twilight would not take well to her activities being brought to daylight, but she had not expected this. "I, um"
  32. "Well you fuckin got it buddy. You are so fucking hexed you don't even know. Apparently fighting the future is your thing as much as generosity is, so welcome to wish-granting hell."
  33. "Twilight, please! Just think a moment about what you're doing and what you've done!"
  34. "What I've done? I've /improved lives/ over the past seven days. What the fuck have you done other than piss and moan about how things are changing?"
  35. "But Twili-"
  36. Twilight briefly considered magically muting Rarity but instead elected to simply talk over her.
  37. "Fluttershy tamed the herd of manticore in the Everfree."
  38. "That's all well and good b-"
  39. "I don't think you understand. She didn't just pacify one with an obvious affliction. I granted her the body of a goddess, and she used it to tame a /whole herd/ of manticore. You bring a couple fish and they'll escort you as deep as you want to go. Can you even grasp how significant that is?"
  42. "Surely sh-"
  43. "And that's to say nothing about Applejack. She finished a month's worth of backlog in a weekend, trained Applebloom in the day-to-day, and now she's offering free labor around town. You'd notice the renovations in town hall and then /everywhere else/ if you ever looked outside yourself for once."
  44. "But that-"
  45. "Oh shove it. You're hexed now and that's it. Come find me in 24 hours and I'll think about releasing it."
  46. As Twilight stormed out, Rarity called out to her. "Wait! You can't just leave me cursed! You said curses weren't real!"
  47. Twilight yelled back, "if you haven't figured it out by lunch, go ask Spike. I've got ACTUAL PROBLEMS to attend to, I'll deal with you later."
  49. "Well then. That could have gone better. At least her so-called hex didn't seem to do anything."
  50. Rarity locked the door and headed back to her room. After checking both her Mirror of True Reflections and her Mirror of Best Angles, she was confident Twilight was simply trying to psyche her out. A princess wouldn't really enchant her subjects unwillingly, right?
  51. As she removed her robe and donned her sleep mask, she decided she would have a nice lunch with Spike, evening tea with Twilight and maybe an early visit to the Mayor just to see what had happened in City Hall. Tomorrow might be an unexpectedly busy day, but certainly nothing she couldn't handle.
  53. ==
  55. Rarity most certainly could not handle the day. She had hardly taken a sip of her morning coffee and she was already so done.
  57. It had not started well - she had emerged from her room to check on the burning smell from the kitchen, only to be taken down as a robe-clad Sweetie charged down the hall at a full sprint. Rarity felt her "little" sister looking her in the eye while helping her to her feet was just a touch unsettling. With a quick "Sorry!", Sweetie turned and resumed her rush to the kitchen.
  59. The second strike against the day had occurred a few minutes later. "Sweetie dear, is that one of my brasierres? It hardly fits you at all!"
  60. "Oh, um, I kinda left all mine at mom & dad's. Can I borrow this one?"
  61. "Of course, but here, let me cast Elasticity on it. It wouldn't do to have a growing girl like yourself crammed and restrained."
  62. A spark jumped from her finger to the bra. In response, Sweetie's bust ballooned out to its full, gravity-defying form. Rarity found herself enveloped in a very pillowy hug. After a (muffled) "Thanks!" Sweetie Belle took off and charged upstairs to get dressed.
  64. The third test of Rarity's patience occurred while she waited for the espresso machine. Sweetie came bounding down the stairs, dressed as the most conservative businessmare Rarity had ever seen. "Well? How do I look?"
  65. "Hun, it's your first day as Mrs. Rich's personal assistant, not as a morgue's receptionist. Come here a moment."
  66. Rarity climbed on a chair so she could reach her sister's neckline and charged a spell. As she dragged her finger down the top, it altered itself to open and reveal a vast valley of cleavage.
  67. "Much better! How's that feel?"
  68. "Um, good? I'm not too big, am I?"
  69. "Nonsense, I've seen the others in your generation and this seems to be par for the course. You are a bit top heavy, though."
  70. Rarity stepped off the chair and gave Sweetie a firm smack on the ass. It swelled in response.
  71. "There you are. Now off you go! Wouldn't want to be late."
  72. Sweetie looked at her watch, crammed a piece of burnt toast in her mouth, grabbed the bag she had left by the door, and was on her way.
  74. And to think, just yesterday she was complaining about being too small.
  76. ==
  78. If the powers that be in Canterlot wouldn't help, Rarity would have to go local. To that end, she was waiting in the lobby at City Hall. The secretary said it would only be a moment, and true to her word, Rarity had hardly taken a seat before she was ushered in to the main chamber.
  80. What she saw was astounding. Obviously the work of Twilight, Mayor Mare now stood (or sat, at the moment) a full two stories tall.
  81. "Ms. Rarity! I've been meaning to reach out to you. To what do I owe the pleasure?"
  82. Stifling her surprise, Rarity composed herself and replied. "A bit of a personal matter involving Princess Twilight. But you say you have business for with me?"
  83. "Yes, as you can see I've been having a bit of wardrobe trouble. I was hoping you could alter my outfits to scale, or take a custom order if not."
  84. In addition to her incredible size, she was also incredibly naked.
  85. "Oh, of course! Send over what you want adjusted and I'll begin right away! Here, for the time being-"
  86. Rarity hiked down her panties and fished her bra out of her shirt. As they levitated through the air, they grew to fit the giantess. Rarity ducked a tree-trunk leg as the mayor stretched to put the underwear on.
  87. "Much appreciated. This will do nicely for the time being." The mayor paused to heft her bust, which had inflated to Rarity's generous proportions as soon as she clasped the previously loose-fitting garment. "Quite nicely. But enough about that. You had business for me?"
  89. "Yes, I'm afraid it's rather grim. Princess Twilight has placed something of a curse on me, and I was hoping to call in a favor and have you officially request she remove it."
  90. As soon as Twilight's name dropped, Mayor Mare's demeanor skewed negative.
  91. "A curse, huh? She shrink you or something? That why you're so short?"
  92. "What? No! I'm not-"
  93. "Then what'd she do? Surely if you have some sort of spell on you there would be an effect."
  94. "I... I can't tell!"
  95. "Then I can't help you. Look, you're the smallest of Twilight's friends, but you're still her friend. Go talk to her, and stop wasting my time."
  96. "Yes, of course. My apologies."
  98. As Rarity made her exit, the mayor's raven haired aide pulled her aside into an office. "You'll have to excuse her... curtness. She sort of outgrew her favorite toy and has never been particularly adept at pleasuring herself." She opened a desk drawer and revealed an equine mass of silicone. "She's sort of been on the edge lately. Being so exposed didn't exactly help."
  99. "Oh. OH! Say no more!"
  101. Rarity focused, and the toy doubled in size, then doubled again. She paused before doubling it a third time. "Forty eight inches should do, if my math is right. I assume you're the one who wore the straps and did the honors?"
  102. Raven nodded and laid the massive tool on the table.
  103. "You'll hardly be able to manage this beast now, shall I fix that as well?"
  104. "Please do."
  105. The secretary was bathed in a sparkly blue light, and began to stretch towards the ceiling. Breaking from her trance and swallowing a moan, the secretary spoke. "Not too tall, please. Wouldn't want to draw attention away from the mayor herself."
  106. "Good point." Rarity dismissed the spell, her target scant inches away from the ceiling. "We'll do this, then."
  107. A wave of strength crashed through. While her outfit had (mostly) grown with her, Raven was dangerously close to exploding out of it.
  108. "Aaand I'll just reinforce your clothing a bit. There! That should work!"
  109. "Wow, yes, this should do. The Office of the Mayor thanks you. I'll have her measures and wardrobe sent over tomorrow for alterations."
  111. At Twilight's castle, Spike had invited Rarity in and the two were strolling towards the lounge.
  112. "You know, Spike, with everything Twilight has been doing, I'm surprised she hasn't hit you. I thought you'd be more..."
  113. "More of a musclebound monster-man? Tried that a few years ago, remember? Didn't care for it."
  114. "Ah, but Twilight-"
  115. "She's been behaving strangely, but she's still Twilight. She wouldn't cast anything that's directly against the subject's wishes."
  116. "But then what's all this about a curse?"
  117. "She said it's similar to that Inspiration Manifestation thing you had that one time. Only instead of changing things at the whim of an evil book, you're giving people what they want or need."
  118. She stopped in the hallway, and placed a hand on Spike's shoulder.
  119. "Well then, what can I do for you?"
  120. He gulped and stared down into her sparkling blue eyes. He couldn't answer, but apparently he didn't need to.
  122. After only a moment, he was eye to eye with her, and then only up to her shoulder. There seemed to be a brief pause as he reached chest height, but the magic continued and soon he was looking up at her magnificent bust.
  123. "Darling, you can almost see up my skirt. How far would you like this to go?"
  124. "You-you're not wearing underwear?"
  125. "No, I'm not. Had to give them away. I think I see where this is going, would you mind if I cut to the chase, so to speak?"
  126. Rarity turned, took a step, and took a seat on the floor.
  128. Spike was, fortunately, not crushed. He was hardly even smooshed - the same magic that shrank him also enveloped him and kept him from harm. Which isn't to say he wasn't sat on - he was definitely becoming intimately familiar with Rarity's ass. While he had long fantasized about this moment, he had never expected it to turn out quite like this.
  130. His reflection was interrupted by a *pop* of teleportation that left him sprawled out in the palm of Rarity's hand.
  131. "I didn't overdo it, did I?"
  132. He shook his head madly.
  133. "Oh good. I am rather hungry, you wouldn't mind if I fixed myself something to eat, would you?"
  134. A shrug and a head shake.
  135. "Good, I'll just tuck you here for safe keeping."
  136. Rarity's chest sure was soft. And warm. And deep. But it wasn't meant to be. Spike heard a muffled pop of magic, a brief conversation with Twilight, and two more pops as they both vanished.
  137. From this perspective, Rarity sure had tall. Tall enough that there was enough time for Twilight to reappear, cast a quick spell, and vanish again.
  138. Spike didn't land nearly as hard as he should have. He wasn't hand-sized either. He stood up to be about half his former height. Plenty tall enough to head for the kitchen and prepare lunch for when they returned.
  140. ==
  142. Rarity found herself in a dream-like cloudscape.
  143. "W-where are we?"
  144. Twilight stepped up, and seemed to sigh in relief.
  145. "That's not really important. What is important is that you made it here. None of the others have managed it, but I'm hoping you can help with that."
  146. Rarity replied with a flat "what."
  147. "Look, that 'hex' you had on you? It's called 'Princess for a day'. You've been slinging Alicorn magic, let's see what you did with it."
  148. Twilight reached out and directed a floating screen, and started to review the events of the morning.
  149. "Well, you gave Spike fap-fuel to last a week. Not particularly noble, but that's why I weaved in an enchantment to keep you from noticing. Didn't want things to get too weird."
  150. She moved her finger in a circle to rewind the display.
  151. "Here's a great example. Raven wanted to serve Mayor Mare, and you equipped her to do so. Mayor Mare wanted clothes and needed release. The fact that you gave her your cup size is hilarious, but mostly irrelevant."
  152. A bit further back.
  153. "Ooh, almost missed this one. I had given Daisy a bit of a whammy yesterday, you walked by Rose and Lily freaking out this morning and brought them up to par on a whim. You probably didn't even notice it."
  154. "Um, no, I suppose I didn't."
  155. "Look at you, casually solving problems."
  157. Rarity was aghast as the screen rolled back to show her sister. "Oh my! You have to take me to her so I can set her back! I must have lost control!"
  158. Sweetie Belle, who had been barely pushing 5' this morning was now easily 10'. She had grown out just as dramatically.
  159. "She wouldn't let you if you tried. Look, she wanted to stand out -" the screen showed images of her larger classmates overlooking her "- and she needed to hold her own at her first day on the job." Now it was images of Spoiled Rich browbeating her previous assistant to the point of tears. "Let's see how she's doing now..."
  160. Sweetie Belle was holding dozens of bags and helping Mrs. Rich select new kitchenware. "See? She's doing fine - and it's all because of you."
  161. Rarity sighed. "Alright, you win. Bigger is better. Blow me up like a balloon."
  163. "I'd love to, and probably will later, but that's not the point I was trying to make. I granted you nigh-unlimited power and you took to it naturally to selflessly help others. You have a better understanding of what others desire more than anyone. Do you know what that means?"
  164. "I..."
  165. "By the power vested in me by this weird space-room, I hearby grant you the title - including all powers and responsibilities thereof - Princess of Generosity."
  166. Ribbons of light surrounded and flowed through her as her glowing silhouette stretched and expanded. When all was done, Princess Rarity stood before, and utterly dwarfed, Princess Twilight.
  167. "Holy fuck. I thought I had gone a bit too much with myself, you make Celestia look small!"
  168. "Well, first impressions are important. And I've never been one to shy away from attention."
  169. "Fair enough. Can you feel the magic? Read me, what do you see?"
  170. "Hm, you really want this for the rest of the Elements. A noble cause I believe I can help with."
  171. "Good, what else?"
  172. "There's a burning need within you. Is this why you've been acting out lately? It's so powerful, it must be..." Rarity felt a heavy weight unfurl between her legs. "Oh, duh. You need to get laid? Yes, I think I can help you with that."
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