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  1. Game 1
  2. In-Game
  3. magemagicc: xd
  4. magemagicc: can u not tilt
  5. magemagicc: ??
  6. magemagicc: the fuck are you doing
  7. magemagicc: retard
  8. magemagicc: we're literally winning
  9. magemagicc: fucking idiot
  10. magemagicc: fuck you draven really
  11. magemagicc: :)
  12. magemagicc: idc
  13. magemagicc: you are retarded
  14. magemagicc: wow so funny
  15. magemagicc: im toxic!!
  16. magemagicc: xD!!!
  17. magemagicc: im tyler!!
  18. magemagicc: literally lost us the game
  19. magemagicc: because u think its funny
  20. magemagicc: to be toxic and troll
  21. magemagicc: hope you are happy
  22. magemagicc: damn so cool
  23. magemagicc: i care about a game
  24. magemagicc: ???
  25. magemagicc: damn bro
  26. magemagicc: you're so cool
  27. magemagicc: wish i wasu
  28. magemagicc: lmfao
  29. magemagicc: draven smurf
  30. magemagicc: tilted after 2 deahts
  31. magemagicc: good one bro
  32. magemagicc: you are eso cool draven
  33. magemagicc: tilted after 2 deaths
  34. magemagicc: xDDD
  35. magemagicc: nice smurf
  36. magemagicc: XD
  37. magemagicc: wannabe tyler1k id
  38. magemagicc: xD
  39. magemagicc: pro smurf bro
  40. magemagicc: tilted after 1 death
  41. magemagicc: good one
  42. magemagicc: i wonder who
  43. magemagicc: im not duo with anyone
  44. magemagicc: kid
  45. magemagicc: seems like u're strugglign in gold too draven xD
  46. magemagicc: sure
  47. magemagicc: even worse
  48. magemagicc: cool
  49. magemagicc: dont really care
  50. magemagicc: its one game
  51. magemagicc: you probably have no friends irl so who cares
  52. magemagicc: so pro
  53. magemagicc: end
  54. magemagicc: and repotr draven :)
  55. Post-Game
  56. magemagicc: wow im so jealous bro
  57. magemagicc: damn
  58. magemagicc: how about you go outside
  59. magemagicc: :)
  60. magemagicc: ye
  61. magemagicc: and its just a game
  62. magemagicc: shame i dont care about it as much as u
  63. magemagicc: go outside bro
  64. magemagicc: :D
  65. magemagicc: so what
  66. magemagicc: lmfao
  67. magemagicc: i literally couldnt care less
  68. magemagicc: i play for fun
  69. magemagicc: i dont see you being a pro
  70. magemagicc: so
  71. magemagicc: you clearly suck
  72. magemagicc: :D
  73. magemagicc: because u are  bad
  74. magemagicc: but u are just toxic
  75. magemagicc: "oh im so good that im gonna troll you guys"
  76. magemagicc: "you dont deserev to win with me"
  77. magemagicc: hahahahhaha
  78. magemagicc: good one bro
  79. magemagicc: go farm some ego with your wins in silver
  80. magemagicc: have fun
  81. magemagicc: bye
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