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  1. Byond Key: Rayaith
  2. Character Name: Cassa
  3. Alignment : Chaotic Neutral
  4. Applying For: Saiyan
  5. Topic: You have gone Oozaru for your first time. Explain what happened and the aftermath
  7. The ground passed underneath her too quickly for her eyes to pick out the finer details of the things she was rapidly passing by. All she managed to make out of the scenery were the blurred grays and dark browns that made of the surface of Planet Vegeta, glowing with a faint blue light radiating from the ki blast that traveled beside her. As she raced, her aura flared, her energy leaking from her form as her muscles strained to continue generating the energy that had engulfed her. As the blast began to race ahead of her, the saiyan let out a loud and thunderous yell of anger. It was a battle against her own energy, a battle against her own limits, and she wouldn't let herself fall to such a simple test of will.
  9. With that burst of primal anger came a second wind, lending itself to increase her own speed. She rapidly gained on the blast, surpassing it, only to keep going. Switching her stance from parallel to the ground to perpendicular, she rapidly slowed, turning towards the blue light that she had managed to pass. With her arms drawn up in an 'X' in front of her chest, she did what she could to prepare herself. The unstoppable ki met the immovable saiyan in a flash of exploding light. As it began to fade and recede, faint trails of smoke began to appear. They served as a remnant of the struggle that had taken place - Cassa left still in her stance, her arms damaged and her body drained, but victorious.
  11. Cassa smiled at herself, thrilled that she had finally managed to out pace her own blast without having held back when she first fired it. Exhausted, the saiyan let themselves give in a little, harmlessly floating down to the ground to lay out flat against the dirt of Vegeta. Her eyes shut, lungs inflating and contracting as her blood re-oxidized after such a strenuous test. Feeling she was ready to return to her hut, she finally let her eyelids open. Up above she saw it, for the first time, the glorious sight of the full moon - beaming an eerily white color.
  13. At first Cassa didn't even consider it anything other than a welcoming sight, at least until she felt her body reacting violently. Thoughts raced about whether or not she had over done it in her test. Perhaps she had caused her muscles to cramp after putting so much strain on them? Except, this didn't feel like a normal muscle cramp, and whatever it was was attacking every fiber of her being and only getting worse. Up she sat, suddenly feeling several feet taller than she had before. The saiyan's skin began to rapidly grow fur, her mouth opening to scream only to produce a guttural roar of rage. As she raised to her feet the transformation only continue to take shape until Cassa was no longer her normal self, she was now a towering ape filled with pure and uncontrolled rage; Her consciousness now pushed to the back of her mind, forced to watch whatever had taken over rampage through the clearing.
  15. A massive foot was slammed down near a grouping of trees, bending and snapping them clean from their trunks. Again she opened her mouth to scream, only to hear that same roar which was chased down by a blast of ki originating from the back of her throat. The only thing that managed to remain as the blast flew was a trench in the dirt that it had dug, the blue glow continuing on until it vanished over the horizon. Turning to her left, the ape was presented with a near mountain. Legs bent, building energy until it dashed outwards, sending the apes form toppling through the stone and dirt, sending shrapnel made of pebbles and rock in different directions. The ape burst through nearly half way before the moon's light was no longer visible, and stopped.
  17. There in the cavern it had created, the beast glanced from side to side. An animalistic snort of it's primate nostrils flared out as it turned to head back out the way it came. It didn't make it far, it's form shrinking after the first few steps, leaving an exhausted Cassa in it's path. The woman grimaced and growled, confused about what had just happened and clearly not pleased. Exhausted as she was she couldn't even leave the cave until the next morning, left to fume in the cavern the great ape had dug.
  19. It took until the next morning for Cassa to finally crawl her way back out into the fresh air. She paused at the lip of the newly created cave, eyes narrowing on the sight. That beast that had suddenly claimed her body had managed to do more destruction in five minutes than she would have managed in five hours. That trench stretched as far as her eyes could see, water flooding into the bottom of it. It formed a new lake, one that was feeding into the crater produced by the creatures stomp, combining to form a new lake.
  21. Rocking herself to a seated position, Cassa let her legs dangle over the mouth of the cave. There she sat quietly for a few minutes, eventually breaking her silence with an amused, if not pained, laugh.
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