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  1. Lincoln’s new bus station will start operating on January 28 despite rumours that the roof was not tall enough for double decker buses.
  3. The City of Lincoln council posted photos of the station’s test day on January 14 to quash these rumours; stating that service would commence for real two weeks later.
  5. Steve Wesley, communication manager at the City of Lincoln Council, said: “This project shows our commitment to the city.
  7. “To invest £30m into a project implies that Lincoln is worth investing in. We’re an ambitious council and we want to continue to grow the city and make it a fantastic place to be.
  9. “We’re confident that Lincoln is going places.”
  11. The station has screens that display timetables and service information, public toilets, and driver facilities.
  13. Buses will park in a chevron pattern and doors to the concourse will not open unless sensors show that they are parked properly.
  15. Passengers will then be reversed out of the stands and exit the station onto Norman Street.
  17. The station is part of the £30m transport hub scheme which includes a state-of-the-art bus station, a 1,000 space multi-storey car park, retail space and a new pedestrian plaza.
  19. The majority of the car park opened Friday November 17, although contractors are waiting for the weather to improve before finishing the upper floors.
  21. David Reid, operations manager at Willmott Dixon construction firm, said: “Spaces in the car park will be a different colour to help people park, and each space is 2.5m wide which is bigger than the standard.
  23. “This job is a catalyst, the re-development of the Corn Exchange and Cornhill would not be happening without this.”
  25. The temporary bus station at Tentercroft Street will be transformed back into a car park by the end of March.
  27. Work started on the scheme in September 2016 and wasn’t expected to be finished until March. The project cost is currently sitting at £29.7m, £300,000 under budget.
  29. The project received £11m funding from the Department for Transport and £2m funding from the Greater Lincolnshire Local Enterprise Partnership. It was also backed by Lincolnshire Co-op, East Midlands Trains, and Lincolnshire County Council.
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