Wizards & Warriors in Inform 7

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  1. Section 1 - Definitions
  3. A wizard is a kind of person.
  4. A warrior is a kind of person.
  6. A weapon is a kind of thing.
  7. A dagger is a kind of weapon.
  8. A sword is a kind of weapon.
  9. A staff is a kind of weapon.
  11. Wielding is a thing based rulebook. The wielding rules have outcomes allow it (success), it is too heavy (failure), it is too magical (failure).
  12. The wielder is a person that varies.
  14. To consult the rulebook for (C - a person) wielding (W - a weapon):
  15.         now the wielder is C;
  16.         follow the wielding rules for W.
  18. Wielding a sword: if the wielder is not a warrior, it is too heavy.
  19. Wielding a staff: if the wielder is not a wizard, it is too magical.
  20. Wielding a dagger: allow it.
  22. Section 2 - Example
  24. Dungeon is a room.
  25. Gandalf is a wizard in Dungeon.
  26. Conan is a warrior in Dungeon.
  28. The rusty dagger is a dagger in Dungeon.
  29. The elvish sword is a sword in Dungeon.
  30. The oaken staff is a staff in Dungeon.
  32. Instead of giving a weapon (called W) to someone (called C):
  33.         consult the rulebook for C wielding W;
  34.         if the rule failed:
  35.                 let the outcome text be "[outcome of the rulebook]" in sentence case;
  36.                 say "[C] declines. '[outcome text].'";
  37.         otherwise:
  38.                 now C carries W;
  39.                 say "[C] gladly accepts [the W]."
  41. The can't take people's possessions rule is not listed in any rulebook.
  43. Test me with "give sword to gandalf / give sword to conan / give staff to conan / give staff to gandalf / give dagger to gandalf / get dagger / give dagger to conan".
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