Cold Edge Anon Part 21

May 29th, 2014
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  1. > You join Emerald and Andesite as they finish their last gems.
  2. "Good afternoon. How you ladies holding up?"
  3. > Andesite stretches like a cat.
  4. "Nothing we can't handle. Everyone's a little spooked about the visitors, though. What's with all the flowers?"
  5. "They're for absorbing surplus magic. And, sorry to say, the new ponies aren't visitors. They're immigrants."
  6. > Emerald frowns.
  7. "Where will they be staying, exactly?"
  8. "In houses and such, same as you. They tend to be a little more further in than the dragon dwellings, so there shouldn't be too much of a problem. If you do have a problem with them, please let me know. I have liaisons from each race living with me, so it should get sorted out pretty quick."
  9. > Andesite and Emerald look at each other.
  10. > Just then, Somber Alert trots over blushing furiously.
  11. "Thy betrothed is possessed of a indelicate tongue, brother."
  12. > Andesite's eyes brighten.
  13. "Oh? How so?"
  14. > Elbris notices the dragons for the first time, and chooses his words carefully.
  15. "She, ah, waxeth eloquent upon her husband's features and prowess. In fullsome and unwelcome detail."
  16. > Emerald nods sympathetically.
  17. "She does like to brag."
  18. > Sourbra shakes his head
  19. "'Tis not a matter of boasting, but of decorum. Such marital matters ought to be kept betwixt the performers."
  20. > He sighs.
  21. "Verily, it doth cause me to reconsider my purposing of thy estate. Should a visiting dignitary hear tell of such things..."
  22. > Andesite inquires,
  23. "Dignitary? And what's this about your sweet nest, Anonymous?"
  24. > Welp.
  25. "We're thinking about my home being the foreign embassy. The shadowkin liaisons are already going to be living there, and it is pretty close to neutral ground. It's still a good idea, even if I didn't like it at first. If you are worried about Frozen, don't be. She can be discreet when she wants to be
  26. In fact, I suspect this was in retaliation for dumping three mares on me without prior notice."
  27. > Sombrium chews on this.
  28. > Emerald timidly taps his shoulder.
  29. > He gives her a polite look, still conflicted.
  30. > Emerald breathes deep, then says,
  31. "We volunteer as tribute. I mean, as liaisons for the Dragonhold. We have proven that we can coexist with ponykind, and we hold no small station among our kin."
  32. > You look at Andesite in surprise.
  33. "Just how high up are you two?"
  34. > She wiggles a claw in a so-so gesture.
  35. "Nightshift dodecashaft co-managers. We're basically a few steps below the executive overseeing this little enterprise."
  36. > Sombrago frowns.
  37. "Wilt not thy absence be noted, upon the release of this workforce?"
  38. > Andesite shakes her head.
  39. "There are dragons a plenty with the qualifications to do our jobs. We're just the best at it."
  40. > He tilts his head to the side, thinking.
  41. "Very well. I am inclined to accept thy offer. What proof of interspecies harmony was this, that ye spoke of?"
  42. > Emerald blushes, and glances at you.
  43. > Andesite just grins.
  44. > Soa'umbra facehooves.
  45. "Brother, methinks thy element was given in haste. Clearly thy aspect of brotherhood is being unreasonably fortunate in matters of affection."
  46. > He sighs in resignation.
  47. "Thy offer is accepted, lady managers. Wilt thou join us in designating thy nation's haven within mine kingdom?"
  48. > They bow solemnly, though with smiles tugging at the corners of their lips.
  49. > The four of you join the other group, with full introductions all around.
  50. > Everyone's polite, but you can't help but notice some tension between the dragons and the shadowkin.
  51. > You are beginning to appreciate just what Tenchi went through.
  52. > It's not just normal girl jealousy, but also geopolitical ramifications, as well as massive property damage.
  53. > On your way back home, you realize that Wawasumbra and Discord are those two guys.
  54. > Of course, one is a king with burgeoning political power, and the other is an elemental of chaos.
  55. > Yep. That's your two best guy friends.
  56. > ...
  57. > Your life is so messed up.
  59. > Case in point.
  60. > Nore Ihi raps her fiery hoof firmly on the textured ice floor.
  61. "It is proper that the permanent citizenry be given more prominent representation and habitation."
  62. > Sounds reasonable. But then she says,
  63. "So I should be in the room directly across the Lord High Pouncelor's."
  64. > Ngee Chi glances at her with glowing violet eyes.
  65. "You mean we, don't you?"
  66. > Xylalon Dero isn't particularly happy, having to contract her cloudflesh just to fit in the hall.
  67. "Ladies, I want prime access to that barrel just as much as you, but it's really not practical. Look at me! I can barely squeeze in here!"
  68. > Andesite lets out some smoke through her nostrils.
  69. "Exactly. It's the dragons who should get prime access. We were here first, and we will have naturalized citizens of our own once this job is over."
  70. > Nore Ihi glares at her.
  71. "You've had your fun, now it's our turn."
  72. > Emerald puts a restraining claw on Andesite's shoulder.
  73. "Aren't we forgetting something? This is not yours nor our decision to make."
  74. > The girls stop arguing, and look at you expectantly.
  75. > Wait. They aren't looking at you.
  76. > Frozen steps forward.
  77. "You forget yourselves, ladies. This is not dragon nor shadowkin land. We are in the Equestrian embassy. Prime accommodations are reserved for the princesses, should they visit."
  78. > The girls go silent at that. They are confident about being able to deal with each other, but against the princesses...
  79. > Your wife nods at their understanding.
  80. "As such, you will have to have adjacent complexes suited to your individual needs and natures. It would not do for beings such as yourselves to live in such pedestrian environs."
  81. > Nore Ihi bows formally.
  82. "It shall be as you say."
  83. > Frozen sniffs haughtily.
  84. "Of course it will. Beloved, if you would be so kind as to house these poor, impressionable maidens?"
  85. "Of course. Emerald, Ngee Chi, it looks like you get houses today."
  86. > Frozen bats at you playfully, while the two you mentioned blush.
  87. > You give in.
  88. "Oh alright, houses for everyone."
  90. > As you jot down the specifics for the dragon embassy, citadel input informs you that Maud is coming this way.
  91. > You get an idea.
  92. "Brother king, art thou able to conjure armor for thyself, or mayhap another?"
  93. "Yea, 'tis no great labor. Doth thou anticipate such danger in thy construction?"
  94. > You hold back a smile.
  95. "It merely seemeth unto me prudent, that ye protect thyself and the esteemed Rocktor. I shall tend to the others myself."
  96. > He looks at you in confusion.
  97. > You jerk your head to the approaching mare.
  98. > You turn back to the dragons and hold up your hoof, conjuring a small replica on it.
  99. "This about what you wanted?"
  100. > They peer inside, turning it this way and that.
  101. > Emerald taps the main atrium.
  102. "This will be roofed in, right?"
  103. > You nod.
  104. > Andesite rubs her chin.
  105. "And how difficult will it be to modify, once you erect the real thing?"
  106. > You shrug.
  107. "Shouldn't be too hard, depending what you have in mind."
  108. > They nod at each other.
  109. > Andesite turns to you.
  110. "Make it so."
  111. > It takes more willpower than it really should to not say "number one."
  112. > You start by calling up a half-dome shelter for everyone.
  113. > ELOmbra fills Maud in on the situation, black crystal flowing from his horn and over his usual plate-mail.
  114. > Maud blushes slightly at his offer to do the same for her, but gives the affirmative.
  115. > That blush deepens as her armor flows around her, perhaps following her every curve a little too well.
  116. > The girls look expectantly at you.
  117. > You grin, and do the same for them.
  118. > Frozen bears it with a faint smile.
  119. > The dragons snort some steam, flexing their wings in what you are beginning to recognize as excitement of some sort.
  120. > Nore Ihi's armor anchors on the floating rods and stays a fair distance from her skin, such is her heat.
  121. > She sniffs impatiently.
  122. > Ngee Chi teleports at the first contact, and after a few more false starts, opts for a smaller, personal dome.
  123. > Her embarrassed blush is worth the trouble.
  124. > Xylalon lets out little cries and moans, saying things like,
  125. "Careful where you put that, big guy!"
  126. "G-gently, please."
  127. "Nnnn, yeah~, right there."
  128. > By the time she's done, everyone is rather flustered.
  129. > She grins shamelessly.
  130. > You cough.
  131. "Yes, well, I'll begin now."
  132. > You focus your wishy powers on a spot within the cleared field by your mansion.
  133. > You whip up a spiraling wind of snow, mostly for show.
  134. > From the center, ice surges and halts in waves, building up a shallow bowl.
  135. > Rooms rise, ledges jut, balconies abound, and the winds intensify.
  136. > You let some shards of ice get whipped away and shatter on your shelter.
  137. > The building rises, a honeycomb of halls, rooms, and balconies overlooking a center atrium, deep and empty, awaiting it's proper hoard.
  138. > High walls surround the embassy, topped with sharp spikes.
  139. > You let the winds die down, and reveal your creation.
  140. > You don't bother guessing why Pinkie has her tongue stuck to it.
  141. "It'th good!"
  142. > You facehoof, eliciting general giggles.
  143. > The dragonettes saunter off to check out their new digs.
  144. > Emerald calls over her shoulder,
  145. "Thanks, 'Non! We'll pay you back later!"
  146. > Andesite runs a wingtip slowly down her flank.
  147. "We're not rich, but we'll work something out."
  148. > You wave. You just wave.
  150. > Turning to the other delegation, you say,
  151. "So what sort of things do you gals need?"
  152. > Sombra and Maud head off to help Pinkie with her tongue.
  153. > Xylalon Dero drapes her hooves on the side of her cloudflesh, her ice armor letting out a dull clink.
  154. "Big open spaces, and really wide windows. And you know, drapes for when we want to have some hanky panky."
  155. > You turn to Nore.
  156. "Is she always like this?"
  157. > The beacorn nods despondently.
  158. "It is in their nature to be puffed up in some way or another."
  159. > Xylalon flicks back her chin-length mane vainly.
  160. "What can I say? If you got it, you flaunt it."
  161. > Ngee Chi taps your shoulder.
  162. "Wide open spaces are convenient for a lot of things. Also, I would prefer shutters to drapes. The fewer things that can move suddenly, the better."
  163. > Nore Ihi adds,
  164. "And it would be best to cover load bearing sections in stone. I do not have much confidence in your ice's ability to withstand my fire."
  165. > a few models and some discussion latter, you are ready.
  166. > The girls are once again behind your shelter, but you are at ground zero.
  167. > It's the stone. You wish you could get Somthro Tull to help, or even a contingent of dragons would be nice.
  168. > Unfortunately, involving the king would defeat the purpose of making the embassy, and it would take too much time and effort to involve the dragons.
  169. > So instead, here you are, making your ice percolate into the ground.
  170. > It's not so bad; there's a fair amount of permafrost that you can just skip through.
  171. > Finally, you have surrounded enough slabs and boulders for your purposes, and you give it a heave.
  172. > The ground surges up about a foot, but no more.
  173. "Huh, this usually doesn't happen."
  174. > Frozen comes trotting up.
  175. "Need a hoof, beloved?"
  176. "What can-"
  177. > Suction, right.
  178. "- actually, yes, I could definitely use your help."
  179. > She comes beside you, and leans heavily into your brand.
  180. > You take a deep breath.
  181. "On the count of three. One, two, three!"
  182. > Stones and dirt rise like a slow motion explosion.
  183. > It takes all of your concentration, but you guide the building materials in a loose ring around the site.
  184. > You let the dirt fall back into the hole.
  185. > This time, the raising of the building is much slower, having to match irregular stones into a structurally sound jigsaw.
  186. > There are a number of partial collapses, but eventually you get the hang of it, and building speeds up somewhat.
  187. > The building itself is like a sectioned off parking garage, with a concentric ramp climbing all the way to the top.
  188. > It extends a fair ways below ground level, with minimal amounts of ice holding everything together at those levels.
  189. > Beacorns can be such a pain.
  190. > When you asked Nore why she wanted it that way, all she would say is,
  191. "It is fire's fate to be surrounded by darkness."
  192. > The way she said it, it sounded more like dogma than a platitude.
  193. > Whatever.
  194. > As you near the end, you feel the drain of whipping two large buildings out of nothing.
  195. > When you let the snowy wind settle, the girls are suitably pleased.
  196. > They pass you on their way to inspect their new home.
  197. > Ngee Chi bows low.
  198. "My last waking thought shall be of thee."
  199. > You nod uncertainly.
  200. "Ah, you're welcome?"
  201. > She gives you a mild smile and moves on.
  202. > Nore Ihi pauses.
  203. "I shall reserve my thanks until I have seen for myself the quality of your construction."
  204. > And moves on, leaving steaming hoofprints in the frosty ground.
  205. > Xylalon floats on by, and winks at you.
  206. "You're welcome in my quarters anytime."
  207. > You give her a blank look.
  208. > She sticks out her tongue, and continues on.
  209. > You turn to your wife.
  210. "Let's take a break. I don't about you, but that took a lot out of me."
  211. > She smiles tolerantly, and leads you to your home.
  212. > You give your regards to Slotbra, and he leaves, the Pie sisters in tow and deep in conversation.
  213. > When you finally reach the master bedroom, you barely manage to wait for your wife to lay down before you surrender to your weariness.
  214. > You fall asleep to gentle humming.
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