Blue Wish Resurrection + 67M Notes

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  1. Via my 67M replay:
  3. General things of note when scoring in BWR+ with the intent of going for the highest score possible:
  4. *Blue Peace is the only competitive ship.  Everything else loses due to Peace's homing shots giving so many tick points.  In terms of competitiveness: Peace >> Eden > Wish > Hope.  The other ships should only be for fun or in their own category.
  5. *About 90% of the time you will be using the homing shot with Peace to score higher thanks to tick points.  This includes boss fights as homing shot point gain outweighs the points you would lose taking longer to kill bosses. I will point out when shot is better to be used.
  6. *Ingot chests must be uncovered asap, my video will show the ones that can't be uncovered asap with any reliably.
  7. *Point blanking and aggression is key, you will need to get lots of point blank destroys and bullet cancel gem collections to maximize your score.
  8. *You must play with Autoguard Off for the most points.  You must never die at any point or the run is dead.
  9. *Bombing must not occur before stage 3.  On stage 4, you will use a bomb for each ingot turret cluster totaling to 3 bombs for all ships.  On stage 5, Wish and Hope want to power bomb the midboss twice on the first form, and once on the second form for optimal points due to extra enemies afterwards outweighing the end stage bomb bonuses.  All ships want to bomb the swarm section at the end of stage 5 as using invincibility to get 8x gem collects outweighs the bomb's worth at the end stage tally once again.  This leaves Wish and Hope with only two bombs for the 5th boss when playing optimally.
  11. Stage 1:
  12. *Overall a very tight stage to play optimally.  Expect lots of restarts.
  13. *Ingot chest collection can be memorized for the most part as the first two platform turrets are easy as demonstrated across several videos, the first big bullet cancel turret wants to be destroyed right as it is shooting it's 4th bullet cluster.  
  14. *First big bullet cancel ship wants to be destroyed when the circular pattern has spread out a little bit so you can collect some extra gems from the shot of the other ship on the left side.  I hold homing shot the whole time this big bullet cancel ship is on screen until it recycles it's attack, then I finish it off with the forward shot.  The left side ship should be kept alive until the smaller bullet cancel ship that comes afterward is destroyed for the same reason.
  15. *Worst part of this stage is the ingot fountain on the 2nd to last platform, it's extremely tight to be in the right position without getting point blanked to death while activating this chest ASAP.  I still cannot consistently do this.
  17. Stage 1 Boss:
  18. *Surprisingly the hardest boss to optimize as it's the only boss with destructible parts.  The best strategy in terms of effort to reward is to destroy one side pod while the boss uses the full screen attack in the first form followed by the 2nd side pod when the first aimed three shot salvo is finished showing up on screen.  After that you weaken the boss to near death with homing shot then secure the kill when three pronged shot appears again.
  20. Stage 2:
  21. *Overall more of a lax stage compared to the others.
  22. *The first notable thing is that when the first center bullet cancel enemy appears, to sit on the left edge of the screen so that one of your homing trails is off screen resulting in slightly less damage to the midboss until the 2nd ball cluster meets your ship which you will then get to the center of the screen.  Note the number of ball clusters and on the 4th one intersecting your ship, you will want to pepper the midboss with the forward shot until you get the bullet cancel and hopefully close collection bonus with the other mid sized ships' attacks too.
  23. *For the midboss, I prefer to work right to left.  Kill the rightmost turret immediately, then do your best to shoot just offside of the other right turret and blow it up when the first attack is coming to an end with the two focused bullet clusters.  Destroy the other two turrets in unison with the ball shots released and kill the midboss after that.
  24. *Use your forward shot to kill the 2nd center screen bullet cancel ship of the stage quickly and collect the final ingot chest faster as this nets more points than using homing shot the whole time.
  26. Stage 2 Boss:
  27. *Nothing noteworthy, holding homing nonstop is the optimal strategy.
  29. Stage 3:
  30. *The most lax stage overall when it comes to scoring.
  31. *Practice dual ingot chest turrets to where you can approach them the same way as in my video, this will later be required for stage 5 as well but that one is much more precise.
  32. *For the midsized green ships with a mini cancel effect, pepper them once with a quick forward shot tap for optimal destroy timing in terms of collection gains.
  33. *For the two giant tanks with ingot chests, hold homing on them until their first aimed shots are passing your ship then finish them with straight shot.
  34. *For the 2nd mid screen full screen bullet cancel ship in the last quarter of the stage, work right to left with straight shot as there is a stray green tank that will give you problems if you don't handle it in this fashion.  When the smaller bullet cancel ship is coming afterward, lay off homing and use your straight shot to kill the green tanks of the left faster to setup for a bullet cancel.
  35. *I'm sure I don't need to say this, but if you don't get the hidden extend before the boss the run is dead.  Make sure all ingot fountains get uncovered as this is the hidden extend requirement while lasering the center of the screen at the end of the stage.
  37. Stage 3 Boss:
  38. *Nothing noteworthy, holding homing nonstop is the optimal strategy.
  40. Stage 4:
  41. *There is always some sorcery involved with the purple ships that have mini bullet cancel effects.  You can refer to my video for a glimpse at all of them as explaining each one specifically will take a lot of time.
  42. *Kill the center turrets with full screen bullet cancel effect asap with forward shot.  The ingot chest uncovering asap outweighs homing shot tick points.
  43. *For the three parts with the clusters of turrets that each hold an ingot chest, use a normal bomb when the first turrets are able to be destroyed and use your invincibility to uncover all the fountains asap.
  44. *Speedkill the midboss to get extra enemies with Peace.  You can't stray too far left or right or you won't hit it fully with your forward shot and you'll miss out on some extra enemies.
  45. *There is a bullet cancel enemy that comes out of the left side of screen after a small swarm (fast enemies coming out of sides of the screen).  Kill this enemy with forward shot asap so you have time to collect the two turret ingot chests that appear right after.
  47. Stage 4 Boss:
  48. *Nothing too crazy, you will want to pepper the boss for a few seconds with the forward shot to setup the optimal cancel time as it's first form attack is at it's end however.  The 2nd and 3rd forms are more straight forward, with 2nd form you want to hold off on destroying it for a brief moment while it shoots 3 way shots directly at you before destroying as seen in my video, but I did it a little too early.  3rd form just hold homing and survive.
  50. Stage 5:
  51. *This is an intense stage with lots of tight cancel timings and by this point the pressure is real.
  52. *One of the harder tricks is shortly into the stage when the dual ingot turrets show up, you want to time flying upward into the left turret right when the three popcorns in front of it are destroyed (use the 3rd heart from left for a point of reference, slight offside to the left of that heart as seen in my video.)  Get to right turret after and try to blow it up when it's released a full bullet salvo.  Keep the center turret after these two alive for a moment, you should hit about 2000 gems on a good run right before the gray flyers fly in from the left side in a single line column.  Destroy the center turret in unison with these gray flyers shooting two bursts of bullets over the center turret.
  53. *There are several bullet cancel big tanks through the stage, do your best to count the ball rings they shoot to use your forward shot to get these bullet cancel timings.
  54. *Gray flyers after the first big cancel tank, I will pepper my forward shot with a tap or two to clear these things out as they can cause a lot of problems unexpectedly and killing them more reliably is much better than a few hundred extra tick points from homing.
  55. *Kill the midboss asap with forward shot, it isn't bad just remember not to stay too far left or right of the screen for too long or you'll be missing shots.  If you don't get two mid sized bullet cancel ships after destroying the midboss with Peace, the run might be dead.
  56. *Use your forward shot on the center screen big ship full screen cancel enemies, the optimal strat of keeping it alive for longer to net extra bullets from enemies as it is flying away is super risky and if you don't have the patience to learn this strat don't go for it.
  57. *Remember to bomb the swarm at the end of the stage as the fast flyers start to fly in, you get more points point blanking them while invincible than what the bomb is worth at the end of the stage.  
  59. Stage 5 Boss:
  60. *I personally used my forward shot to weaken it quite a bit, used homing for a while and used a bomb for safety against the first form's attack as it is a pretty tricky attack.  Optimally never bombing and only using homing is the strategy to go with, but super difficult and scary.
  61. *2nd form you really don't want to bomb as homing shot only sets up for the cancel when it begins cycling 2nd form attack again very nicely.
  62. *3rd form is much safer to use some homing, then use two bombs and finish it with forward shot.  You don't lose more than a few thousand points per bomb due to the number of bullets on screen when bombing and since it's the end of the game, bomb bonuses no longer carry over from stage to stage as this is the end.
  64. I hope that this brings some form of enlightenment for those that may not see some of the finer details of my actions.  Please let me know if there is anything more that you would like clarified.
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