Polaris Academy form — @crybabyjoon

Nov 11th, 2016
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  1. [ The Rain ]
  2. full name — Moon Haru
  3. nicknames —
  4. moo ; friends & family, usually use to tease her, because she doesn't move much just like a cow.
  5. hikaru / kouru ; friends, depending on how she's acting, she'll be called either one of these. also because her name ends with "aru / ru"
  6. moonie ; friends & family, because she stays up late most of the time, wen the moon is out.
  8. birthday — July 10, 1997
  9. age — 20
  11. height — 160cm
  12. weight — 40kg
  13. blood type — AB
  15. birthplace — Seoul, South Korea
  16. hometown — Daegu, South Korea
  18. nationality — korean
  19. ethnicity — asian
  21. languages —
  22. —korean (100%)
  23. —english (100%)
  24. —spanish (94%)
  26. [ Playing With Fire ]
  27. slot — The Gamer Student
  28. backup slot — The Foodie Student
  30. face claim — jungyeon (twice)
  31. backup face claim — eunice (dia)
  33. background — haru was adopted when she was still a baby, not looking like her parents or older brother, who was also adopted. the fact did bother her, because who would want to be in a family of people you look nothing like, and be told so everyday by outsiders. when haru got into middle school though, she let out all her anger in gaming, a thing boys at school told her would help. as years went by, she started caring less about what others thought and started paying attention to herself, school, family, and friends. as well as gaming & food which were two big important things in her life.
  35. personality — haru is someone whose very bright and positive, sees the great in everything and will stand up for anyone. she's optimistic and believes in second chances, thinking everyone should deserve another chance because that's her way of thinking. though haru's known for being the girl you can go to when in trouble or needing any type of help, she has a surprisingly realistic side to her. obviously, being smart comes with its pros, she can remember everything and she'll use her memory against anyone if needed. if someone was being bullied or was bothered in a rude way, even though she's a soft marshmallow, she won't think twice about bringing someone down, physically or emotionally. haru isn't the type to hurt someone, she's all about talking about latest animated games or even the animes she's currently seeing.
  37. family —
  38. —Moon Jin Ho / 49 / father / lawyer / 95%
  39. —Moon Hee Sun / 47 / mother / market owner / 98%
  40. —Moon Han Byeol / 24 / older brother / CEO / 100%
  42. [ Deepened ]
  44. —spicy chips
  45. —milkshakes
  46. —anime / dramas
  47. —mortal kombat
  48. —rap music
  49. –mystic messenger
  50. —strawberry scented perfume
  51. —fanfiction
  52. —fruits with salt, lemon, & spicy chile
  53. —visiting her family / friends
  54. —neat & clean notes
  56. dislikes —
  57. —cheesy chips
  58. —rude & ignorant people
  59. —when the first kiss takes to long to arrive in dramas
  60. —games that have poor graphics
  61. —foreign music
  62. —poorly made concept
  63. —men's cologne
  64. —poorly written books
  65. —really sour candy
  66. —being pressured & too busy
  67. —disorganized anything
  69. talents —
  70. —can go four days without sleeping
  71. —lifting weights
  72. —dancing
  73. —getting get high scores
  74. —finishing ramen in less than five minuets
  75. —can have a deep conversation with someone while still make it in first in a game
  77. hobbies —
  78. —going out for store food
  79. —exercising
  80. —dancing
  81. —eating
  82. —playing video games
  84. habits —
  85. —hurriedly doing homework to play, getting half of it wrong or not understandable
  86. —trembles unintentionally
  87. —ruffled her hair up when she loses something or is just easily stressed
  88. —cracks her knuckles even when they've been cracked before already
  89. —sitting with her legs opened
  91. pet peeves —
  92. —being told to stop playing
  93. —too sit like a girl
  94. —when told to stop being so loud / exaggerated
  95. —being told to eat healthier
  96. —losing a game
  97. —being distracted
  99. trivia —
  100. —she has two pet cats, name Mona & Lisa
  101. —really likes museums and staring at the art
  102. —convenience store food is her favorite food to eat
  103. —her family is actually fairly rich but she's always asking other people to treat her
  104. —works as a part-timer at all of her family members businesses
  105. —biggest jay park fan you'll ever meet
  106. —though she's always indoors, she won't miss an opportunity to go out and have fun
  107. —likes the drink cranberry juice
  108. —all her social medias are @/haruuuu imitating a wolf
  109. her favorite drama of all time is Playful Kiss
  111. [ Crush ]
  112. love interest — shownu
  113. backup — minhyuk
  115. how you met — as usual, haru was talking about the anime she was recently watching, walking with a few of her friends from the same class. he (love interest) overheard, his ears perking up as haru said "and then, the younger character started turning into this bat like monster, getting ready to attac– ah, hello?", getting closer to listen to her rambling. "are you talking about noragami?" she excitedly nodded her head, "oh great! you know it too! let's talk about it!"
  117. his personality — when not being talked to or just looked from afar, he seems like the rude type and who will be obnoxious with a high ego. though, once you actually talk to him, he's nice and helpful, as well as a little cute & awkward ball.
  119. his first impression of you — he wouldn't think a girl like haru, who looks like she wouldn't even think of anime, would like animated shows. he thought she was cute but wasn't sure of her yet.
  121. your first impression of him — she's never seen him, and the moment she laid eyes on him, she somewhat wanted to burst because he was attractive and his voice was nice. thought he was friendly for his looks and wanted to understand him more.
  123. how he acts around you — he's touchy, wrapping his arms around her shoulders or waist, grabbed her hand in his, even just rubbing his shoulder against hers. he acts cool around his friends, but around haru, he'll let all out. he makes jokes, is protective and won't leave her side unless he really hasn't to. he tread her with care & is most likely either talking about her or about what she likes.
  125. how you act around him — haru can be a little bit more shy when round him, restraining herself from being extra loud or rambling about her passions. when he hugs her, or holds her hand, or anything having to do with skinship, she'll act oblivious and innocent. acting as if she doesn't know where he's going with it. though she's shy, she can't help but wanting to squish his cheeks and play with his hair.
  127. relationship throughout story —
  128. beginning — it's the regular old "haru-yah" & "(interest) oppa" relationship. they'll somehow bump into each other in the hallway & have a nice friendly but honorific filled talk.
  129. middle — they've bumped into each other a lot, figuring out they have a lot of similar friends and begin to hang out like real friends. still have honorifics but they've died down a bit. gotten closer and seem real close.
  130. end — now, they're really close, can touch the other without asking for permission and are seen together almost all the time. they know their feelings for one another yet are still really shut about the facts.
  132. relationship statues throughout story — acquaintances, friends / best friends
  134. relationship at end of story —
  135. dating (if it's ok with you, of course)
  137. requested scenes with interest —
  138. —they were suppose to hang out with a group of friends, but the friends drop the plans suddenly and they both go out together.
  139. —he's walking with his friends, talking, but haru suddenly comes out of the bus, walking. so, he leaves his friends and runs towards her, his friends cheering him.
  140. —haru stayed after school to finish some work, it being really late & interest was waiting outside for her. though, haru starts getting whistled at by men that are passing by, asking if she's busy / has a boyfriend. & interest comes in, "babe, are you okay? you must be tired, let's go home." and he shoots glares at the men.
  142. [ The Light ]
  143. your major — Computer Major (?? as in she does animations and is legit real good on computers)
  145. your main classes —
  146. calculus, biology, history, literature
  148. special classes —
  149. photography & cooking
  151. after school activities —
  152. —dance club (Monday's & Friday's only)
  153. —anime club (Wednesday's only)
  154. —helps clean around the classes (sometimes)
  156. best subject —
  157. literature
  159. worst subject —
  160. calculus
  162. go to outfit —
  163. —skinny jeans / high waisted shorts
  164. —oversized shirt / sweater, tucked in
  165. —dark, neutral colors
  166. —comfortable or worn out sneakers / open toed shoes
  168. which slot are you close to? — The Party Animal Student
  170. which slot are you not close with? — The Fashionista Student
  172. who's your roommates? — The Foodie Student & The Clumsy / Confused Student
  174. requested scenes with friends —
  175. —one of the boys accidentally & innocently threw food at one of the girls, resulting in a food fight in the dorm room.
  176. —the girls plan to have a sleepover, the boys overhearing and barging in, with their blankets and pillows. also, wearing pajamas
  177. —one of the girls was getting pushed by another group of girls, another of the girls close to the one getting pushed ending up getting into a fight. as well as the other girls, it being one big cat fight. resulting in the boys having to pick up the girls from jail, because it had gotten to the extent of being locked up for a few hours.
  179. [ Ping Pong ]
  180. extra — lolol everything is fine!
  182. message to bet friends — guys, let's try hard in school and never give up no matter what!
  184. message to monsta x — honestly, please treat us right because if you don't I swear I won't hold back~
  186. message to le marshmallow — yo yo yo~
  187. hi, it's me, ur mom. it would be awesome if you chose my form but I'd stil read if you didn't!! & omg I'm gonna use the pickup line in the description. yes.
  189. password — stuck (istg if I didn't get it imma punch myself)
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