Apr 17th, 2020
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  1. follow nidoking route until bill
  2. nido manip:
  4. at bill, only use escape rope, skip IT, fight dig rocket
  5. bellsprout manip: select buffer yoloball,
  7. switch bellsprout first, fight the optional in misty's gym:
  8. Growthx4, VineWhip x2
  10. Goldeen: Switch to Nidoking, Thrash
  12. Heal to full, save
  13. Misty: Growth x4, Vine Whip, Vine Whip x2 (try to be full before starmie)
  15. Heal at center (skip this if high on HP and you picked up ether), skip IT, set option to shift
  17. The next 4 fights are the same, bellsprout in front, switch to nidoking, thrash, send bellsprout again, repeat
  18. teach Sleep Powder over poison powder
  19. Enter the Body Slam room, fight the male trainer
  20. Enter Gentleman room, fight gentleman, pick up rare candy, get wepinbell, (use ether if skipped center), set option to set
  22. Save before Boat Rival: Sleep Powder, Growth x4 (sleep powder again when it wakes up), Vine Whip, heal if low, finish Pidgeotto with a last Vine Whip (wrap if you missed the range), Vine Whip Raticate, Vine Whip x2 Kadabra, switch to Nidoking, Trash.
  24. Shop: sell Bide, nugget, Bubblebeam
  25. Buy: 6 repels, 3 paralyze heals
  27. Menu: Potion to near full, teach dig to Squirtle, swap S.S ticket with repels, teach cut to bellsprout (over wrap)
  29. cans manip:
  31. Surge:
  32. Voltorb: Sleep Powder, Growth x4, Vine Whip (Cut)
  33. Pikachu: Vine Whip
  34. Raichu: Vine Whip x2
  36. Get bike voucher, dig out, take the center, get the bike, swap potions with bycicle, throw Thunderbolt, hop on bicycle
  38. 4Turn Thrash Girl: Cut everything to death, heal paralyze heal in battle
  39. Bug Catcher: Cut everything
  40. Pokemaniac 1: Growth, Vine Whip x2
  41. Heal to 40+, Pokemaniac 2: Vine Whip x2
  42. Oddish girl: Cut everything
  43. Hiker: Vine Whip everything
  44. Lass: Cut everything (vine whip meowth if low on cut pp)
  46. If you are low on hp and pp, consider centering
  47. Gambler: Cutx4
  49. Pick up hidden elixir
  51. Buy 7 super repels, 2 burn heals, 3 revives, 8 super potions, 2 pokedoll, 1 leaf stone, 1 fresh water, 9xspeed 7 attacks,2xspec
  53. fly menu: work in progress
  54. swap helix fossil with super repels, leaf stone, super repel, teach body slam over wrap, swap cut with xspeed, teach fly. fly to lavander
  58. Lavander Rival: Sleep Powder, Xatt x2, body slam everything
  60. set battle to shift
  61. Channeller: Sleep Powder, switch do squirtle dig, repeat for every channeller
  62. pick up elixir
  63. option: SET on a turn frame
  65. Swap slot 5 with xspeeds
  66. Rocket guys: Body Slam everything
  67. (try to save around 4/5 body slams for erika)
  69. fly to erika, dont take the center
  70. Exeggcute: Body Slam, Cut (you cant take damage from this fight, so if you are worried about PP management just cutx3/4)
  71. Erika: XAttack, Body Slam+Cut everything
  73. Take the center, go to silph
  74. Arbok: Body Slamx2, finish with Cut
  75. Throw awaya paralyze heals, heal to full, get sword dance on floor 7
  77. Silph Rival: Xspeed, Sleep Powder, Xattx3, Body slam everything, finish with cut
  79. Swap xattack with xspecial, Teach Sword dance, heal if low
  80. Rocket: XSpec, sword dance, VineWhip, Body slam, VineWhip
  82. Giovanni: Sword dance x2, xspeed, body slam everything, vine whip rhyhorn
  83. dig out
  84. Center if low
  85. snorlax: repel, swap xspecial with rare candies, poke flute
  86. safari menu: repel, hop on bike
  87. repel again at some point
  89. First juggler: Sword dance, Cut x4(drowzee cut is a range if crit, body slam kills everything. see how many you got left)Kadabra outspeeds you, maybe xspeed?
  90. 2nd juggler, sword dance, body slam, cutx2 (check if at +4 body slam kills hypno)
  91. elixir if out of body slam pp
  92. Koga: Sword dance x3, body slam everything (boom strats?)
  93. candy victreebell,
  94. surf menu: super repel, swap first useless thing with elixir, teach strength to nidoking, teach surf to squirtle, throw away first useless thing (xspecial/xattack)
  95. do mansion, pick up candy
  97. Blaine: Xspeed, Sword dancex3, Body slam everything
  98. bike to sabrina, get mimic on the way
  99. sabrina: body slam, sword dance x2(x3 if barrier? probably not needed), body slam everything
  101. Rhyhorn: Vine Whip
  103. BlackBelt: Sword dance, Body slam
  105. elixir, dont be low here giovanni: Sword dancex2,xspeed vine whip, body slam everything, vine whip rhydon
  107. heal to full, rival: sword dancex2, xspeed, body slam, vine whip, body slam everything. if pidgeot never agility, xspeed on growlithe instead
  109. take the center, buy full restores
  111. save, Lorelei: cut, sword dancex3, xspeed, body slam everything. dont be too low for cloyster/lapras
  112. you can heal at slowbro, do it
  113. Bruno: sword dancex2, vine whip, body slam x2, vine whip, body slam
  115. swap useless with full restores, teach mimic over vine whip, Full restore, rare candy: xspeed, sword dancex2, mimic night shade, nigh shades the ghosts, body slam everything else.
  116. beware of hitting yourself at +4, full restores a lot
  118. heal to full, elixir if you didnt use it at agatha,
  119. Lance:sword dancex3, Body slam,xspeed, body slam everything (do not be low for areodactyl, xspeed if gyarados just used hyper beam).
  120. if out of xspeed mimic agility from a dragonair
  121. Elixir, heal to full, Champ: (if pidgeot charge sky attack, swap out) sword dancex2s, xspeed, body slam, sword dance at rhydon body slam
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