1.32 to 1.55

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  1. List of changes between 1.32 and 1.58, based on comparing scripts and my own observations.  There may be some features that didn't have dialogue attached to them,
  2. so any features like that likely aren't included here.
  4. • Pool - Located in the same section as the slide and trampoline.  The yukkuris will sometimes jump into the pool, but if they stay in for too long they will begin to
  5. disintegrate.  They can be held under the water in a similar fashion to holding a yukkuri against the ground, but it won't make them die any faster, just prevent them
  6. from escaping.
  8. Untranslated in the 1.32 script, so I'll include this - When a yukkuri is being abused in a situation where other yukkuri can't lick lick them, the yukkuri trying to help them
  9. will eventually give up on them, to the outrage ot the abused yukkuri.
  11. • Yukkuris will discipline each other, like telling a yukkuri to poo poo in the toilet.  Shitheaded yukkuri will refuse, causing the other yukkuri to administer punishment.
  12. The shithead will sometimes fight back, killing the other yukkuri, but I'm not entirely certain what determines whether or not that happens.
  14. • Seems as though multiple types of houses are available.  If they were available in 1.32, there wasn't dialogue for them.
  16. • When a food bowl is placed down without an autofeeder, nicehead yukkuris will wait for other yukkuris to arrive.  After a time, a waiting yukkuri can become
  17. impatient and start eating.
  19. • Lick lick - Lick lick no longer breaks the game, and niceheads will usually lick lick any yukkuris in distress, though they will occasionally run away instead.
  21. • Removing cut stalks causes parent yukkuris to look for their little ones - can induce anti-yukkiritis
  23. • Addition of viyugra - instantly erect peni peni
  25. • Refreshing - Adult yukkuris will sometimes create koyukkuris, complete with animations.  Can be induced with either viyugra or a rotor.
  27. • Sumo wrestling - occasionally when there are at least two yukkuris, they will choose to wrestle.
  28.  After the first match, any unoccupied yukkuris will join in.
  30. • Missing Parents - Yukkuri born from a stalk in a jar will ask where their parents are if the parents have been disposed of.   When they cry for them you can respond
  31. either positively or negatively.  Responding positively causes them to recognize you as their father,
  32. which boosts their affection for you greatly.  I assume that responding negatively informs them that their parents are dead,
  33. but I have not been able to translate that section due to the excessive slurring.
  35. • Yukkuris will now play ball together, though this will inevetably result in one being knocked back by the ball.
  37. • Yukkuri stacking - yukkuris can now be stacked on top of each other.  The yukkuri on top will be ecstatic, while any yukkuris below will be in pain,
  38. and will be crushed if left there for too long.
  40. • Training - Yukkuris can now be trained to increase their intelligence in one of three ways.
  41. 1. Counting - Click the yukkuri when the bar is full to have it successfully count, clicking any other time will result in the yukkuri responding with "lots",
  42. rather than a number.  I have been unable to locate the string for it, so currently that remains untranslated.
  43. 2. Reading - The yukkuri will be tasked with choosing the correct card, containing the hiragana at the beginning of the question.
  44. Clicking the yukkuri while it is jumping will nudge it in whatever direction it is facing, until the bar in the center of the screen runs out.
  45. 3. Reading with rewards - The same as #2, but the cards now have sweets under them.  The sweet under the incorrect card is spicy.
  47. • Changing your mind - If you have previously told a yukkuri not to do happiness or make little ones, you can now choose to let them do it again.
  48. They can be toggled at any time if the yukkuri likes you enough, and they will complain if you change your mind when they are refreshing.
  50. Untranslated in the 1.32 script, so I'll include this - When a yukkuri is being abused in a situation where other yukkuri can't lick lick them, the yukkuri trying to help them
  51. will eventually give up on them, to the outrage ot the abused yukkuri.
  53. Miscellaneous
  54. • Yukkuri celebrating not being crushed seems to have been broken at some point, assuming it worked in the first place.
  55. • Yukkuris can now get stuck while hiding.  They will be grateful if you pull them out of the tube.
  56. • In the absence of a trampoline, a koyukkuri will sometimes bounce on one of their parents instead.
  57. • Accessories can now be covered in poo poo.  The yukkuri will have to lick lick their accessory clean, complaining the whole time.
  58. • Yukkuris will now lick lick any dirty yukkuris.
  59. • Accessories can now be suspended by a hook, though the length can not be adjusted.
  60. • Squeezing yukkuris strongly will no longer kill them outright, instead poo poo will be squeezed out of them until they are below 50 health,
  61. after which they will be crushed to death.
  62. • Yukkuris have unique dialogue if they fall below 50 health on their first day with you.
  63. • Clicking on a yukkuri with the poo poo removal tool will result in them complaining that they are not trash.
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