Kyouteki wa Kashima-san! [Typeset]

Sep 11th, 2016
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  1. Kyouteki wa Kashima-san! Translation
  2. From
  4. >Kashima: Mr. Admiral/Admiral-san--
  5. >Kashima: I've made you some coffee.
  6. >TTK: Ah, thank you.
  7. >TTK: Thanks a lot, you've only just joined and I'm already pushing all the errands on you.
  8. >Kashima: Not a problem, I'm quite happy to serve.
  10. >Kashima: Do you want to take a break?
  11. >Kashima: If you don't mind, I'd be happy to lend you my lap.
  12. >TTK: That won't be necessary!
  13. >Kashima: Ufufu, how unfortunate.
  14. >Kashima: I've already finished up the documents from earlier.
  15. >TTK: Sorry about that, you're a lifesaver--
  16. >Kashima: Ufufu <3
  17. >[Rattle]x3
  19. >IKZC: How do you see it, Inazuma?!
  20. >INZM: Even if you ask me that,
  21. >INZM: Isn't that how the Commander always is?
  22. >IKZC: Hahhhh--!
  23. >IKZC: Of course you wouldn't be concerned, Inazuma! After all, you're always massaging (note: literally hammering) the Commander's shoulders!
  24. >INZM: I-I'm not always hammering the Commander's shoulders!
  25. >INZM: Plus it's not like I want to help massage Commander's shoulders...
  27. >INZM: I-it's the Commander's fault for letting people do such weird things....
  28. >IKZC: Ehhhh--! | You showing off now? You showing off?!
  29. >INZM: I---why would I show off to you?!
  30. >INZM: Although I don't know why you're so irritated,
  31. >INZM: If Kashima-san's behavior so irritates you, then just care for the Commander in the same way she does!
  32. >IKZC: That's it!
  33. >INZM: Uwaaahh, so arbitrary.
  34. >IKZC: I'm going out for a bit!
  36. >IKZC: Commander!
  37. >[Sticky]
  38. >IKZC: I made you some coffee!
  39. >[Sticky...]
  40. >TTK: What is this, did you dredge this from the beach?
  41. >IKZC: That's rude--!
  42. >IKZC: I just wanted to try making it a little Thiccer!
  43. >TTK: Coffee shouldn't be something so thick that you can pull out of the cup with a spoon! [are you crazy?!]
  45. >IKZC: Maybe it can if it tries hard enough!
  46. >[IKZC: Do your best!]
  47. >TTK: It's a matter of trying?!
  48. >Kashima: Ikazuchi-san--
  49. >Kashima: No matter how you look at it, Coffee that can be pulled out of a cup is a little...
  50. >[Kashima: It's a little hard to swallow...]
  51. >IKZC: Mm....
  52. >IKZC: I feel as if she's a little [scary]
  53. >IKZC: That gaze, and--
  54. >[IKZC: Her chest is frightening too.]
  56. >TTK: Oy, Ikazuchi--
  57. >Kashima: A-admiral-san, let me help clean up-- | ah.
  58. >TTK: Careful!
  60. >TTK: K-kashima, sorry!
  61. >Kashima: I-it's fine, I'm fine...
  62. >[IKZC: The hell] [Is this love comedy crap? (literally: [What is][This stench of Love Comedy])
  63. >IKZC: Co...
  64. >IKZC: Commander, you big breast fetishist--!
  65. >[IKZC: Uwaaaaaahhh]
  66. >TTk: That's not it! [this was a mistake!]
  68. >TTK: Nonononno, it's not like that, trust me! Don't make that kind of reaction!
  69. >TTK: That girl--
  70. >Kashima: Admiral-san
  71. >Kashima: Could you leave this issue to me?
  73. >IKZC: Who cares about the commander!
  74. >IKZC: What's he all embrassed about?!
  75. >Kashima: Can I sit besides you?
  76. >IKZC: Kashima-san...
  78. >IKZC: it okay to leave the Commander alone to find me...?
  79. >Kashima: Mhmhm, I've already gotten permission from Admiral-san.
  80. >IKZC: ...Is that so.
  81. >Kashima: Ikazuchi-san,
  83. >IKZC: Pfffffft--
  84. >IKZC: Why are you doing that all of a sudden?!
  85. >Kashima: When people meet me for the first time, they always feel scared and then avoid me.
  86. >Kashima: I've always wondered whether it was because my gaze was too intimidating or something.
  87. >Kashima: Although I feel as if this is something that can't be helped, it doesn't stop me from feeling hurt.
  88. >Kashima: Sometimes I also wonder if it's because everyone dislikes me--
  89. >IKZC: That's not true!
  91. >IKZC:
  92. >Kashima: That's what the Admiral told me too.
  93. >TTK: I quite like you,
  94. >TTK: So don't just arbitrarily belittle yourself like that.
  95. >IKZC: That's just like him.
  96. >Kashima: The Admiral is a little strange,
  97. >Kashima: But he treats me like a Real Human Bean.
  98. >IKZC: ...I get that too.
  99. >Kashima: This makes me really happy.
  100. >Kashima: So nowadays, I think that if I can be closer with everyone--
  101. >Kashima: With Ikazuchi-san, it'd be even better.
  102. >IKZC: What should I do...
  104. >IKZC: Kashima-san
  105. >IKZC: Is actually a--
  106. >IKZC: really nice person.
  107. >IKZC: But I,
  108. >IKZC: immediately took her for a bad person.
  109. >Kashima: Maybe I should just give up--
  110. >IKZC: I have to apologize--
  111. >IKZC:
  113. >IKZC: I'm really sorry!
  114. >IKZC: At first I thought Kashima-san was a little scary...
  115. >IKZC: It wasn't just fear, there was something close to jealousy or admiration in there too...
  116. >Kashima: I-it's fine, I'm used t-
  117. >IKZC: But!
  119. >IKZC: But now that I know that Kashima-san is a good person
  120. >IKZC: I want to become closer to you too!
  121. >IKZC: There are a lot of things! That I want to tell you!
  122. >IKZC: So--
  123. >Kashima: That makes me happy--
  124. >[Kashima: Mhmhm...]
  126. >Kashima: T-then, will you let me listen to the many many things you want to say?
  127. >IKZC: Of course!
  128. >Kashima: Well then, allow me to teach you how to make a good coffee.
  129. >IKZC: Mm!
  131. >Kashima: Ara, Admiral-san, have you not had enough sleep?
  132. >TTK: Ahhh, it's because there were a few documents I had to deal with--
  133. >Kashima: In that case, please enjoy--
  134. >Kashima: This coffee, specially made by Ikazuchi-san--
  135. >[Jittery]
  137. >IKZC: If you don't want to, it's okay if you don't drink it...
  138. >[TTK: What is with that worried expression]
  139. >[TTK: How unlike her.]
  140. >[TTK: When you make a face like that]
  141. >[TTK: least this one's clearly a liquid.]
  142. >TTK: --I'm digging in.
  143. >[TTK: What can I do except drink it?]
  145. >TTK: --It's good.
  146. >IKZC: Really?!
  147. >IKZC: Kashima-san taught me how to brew it!
  148. >Kashima: Well, Ikazuchi-chan gave it her all, so it was a good teaching experience.
  149. >IKZC: It's because Kashima-san was very patient with her teaching!
  150. >TTK: ....Ah--
  151. >TTK: Shouldn't you be bad at dealing with Kashima?
  153. >IKZC: How could that be true?
  154. >IKZC: We're best of friends
  155. >IKZC + Kashima: Right--
  156. >TTK: Until now, I always thought that those two couldn't see eye to eye...
  158. >TTK: Well,
  159. >TTK: If they're getting along now, it's proof that they've gotten closer. (literally: that the distance between them no longer exists)
  161. [Postface]
  162. >Hi everyone, I'm (ching chong)! Here I'm going to give you guys who bought this doujin my sincere thanks!
  163. >Kashima-san looks as if she gives off a mature older sister kind of feeling. At first i wasn't that attracted to her (literally: At first I wasn't that AIDS magnet to her, if Google Translate's definition of 滋磁 is correct). But after getting to know how cute her personality is, I ended up making this doujin. I really wish I could live every day drinking Kashima-san's coffee. Even I feel that this kind of thinking is too simplistic.... ^q^
  164. >Well then, I will see you in the aftewards!
  165. >[IKZC: Here, Commander, drink a bit of coffee!]
  166. >[TTK: This is well beyond a bit. (literally: You made too much)]
  168. >[Hagikaze: Well then....f-fellow readers,][Please don't forget Hagikaze...]
  169. >This Doujinshi is my second work about [KANTAI cOLLECTION!]
  170. >I'd like to hear you guys' comments and suggestions! Just use your phone to scan this QR ccode on the bottom right and you'll be able to leave your thoughts! Please try it out, everyone! Please!
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