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  1. Climaxia: Hey
  2. Alice: Hello
  3. Climaxia: ..Hey last night..
  4. Alice: ?
  5. Climaxia: You know..
  6. Climaxia: Um.. do you want to do it again? u_u
  7. Alice: Wow I didn't know that was your thing..
  8. Alice: Haha ok well lets start.
  9. Alice: You still there?
  10. Climaxia: Yeah sorry just getting ready
  11. Alice: Are you hard?
  12. Climaxia: Yeah..
  13. Alice: Do you have your dildo?
  14. Climaxia: ...Yeah..
  15. Alice: Be honest..
  16. Climaxia: Well I do but it's the plastic one
  17. Alice: Okay, good boy...
  18. Alice: but use the spiked on this time we need to stretch your slutty hole
  19. Climaxia: Okay, but I need to umm..
  20. Alice: #2?
  21. Climaxia: ..Yeah
  22. Alice: Haha okay then go ahead
  23. Climaxia: Right here?
  24. Alice: Yup!
  25. Climaxia: ..I can't, it will ruin my bed :|
  26. Alice: I thought this was your thing.
  27. Alice: Besides we can't get started until you empty yourself...
  28. Climaxia: Okay.. I'm doing it.
  29. Climaxia: ..This is kind of gross..
  30. Alice: ..but you like it right? :)
  31. Climaxia: Ehm.. .Yeah.. :|
  32. Climaxia: I'm done.. My bed smells awful
  33. Alice: *sticks finger in your pool of waste and licks it all up*
  34. Alice: Mmm, delicious.. :)
  35. Climaxia: That's sexy..
  36. Alice: Is your hole ready?
  37. Climaxia: Yeah..
  38. Alice: Then get started..
  39. Climaxia: ..Ahh, Alice, it hurts.
  40. Climaxia: Oh fuck, I'm bleeding.
  41. Alice: Your ass is just having its period haha
  42. Alice: I'm on my period as well..
  43. Climaxia: Mmm that sounds nice...
  44. Climaxia: Are you flowing right now?
  45. Alice: Yeah..
  46. Climaxia: Mmm take those pants off..
  47. Climaxia: Are you wearing a pad or tampon?
  48. Alice: Pad
  49. Climaxia: Mmm good
  50. Climaxia: Are your pants off?
  51. Alice: Yes sir..
  52. Climaxia: *takes off your bloody pad and licks it clean*
  53. Alice: Oh my..
  54. Climaxia: *licks your asshole up to your leaky bloody pussy*
  55. Climaxia: Mmm your asshole tastes so good
  56. Alice: Mmm thanks. Is yours any better?
  57. Climaxia: Yeah.. It hurts can I take it out?
  58. Alice: Yeah.. but when you pull it out pull it HARD
  59. Climaxia: OW FUCK!
  60. Climaxia: Ahh I think I tore my asshole
  61. Alice: *licks your bleeding ass to make it feel all better*
  62. Climaxia: *farts* Uh oh I'm sorry
  63. Alice: Mmm yummy.. :)
  64. Climaxia: *blushes*
  65. Climaxia: Um.. Can we do it now?
  66. Alice: No.
  67. Alice: I'm cramping.
  68. Alice: and really bloody now
  69. Alice: I have bathed either
  70. Climaxia: That just makes me want it more :)
  71. Alice: Okay.. but just for a little bit
  72. Climaxia: *shoves cock into your filthy pussy*
  73. Alice: Mmm it hurts so good
  74. Alice: Shove the spiky dildo bacck in your asshole
  75. Climaxia: ...Do I have to?
  76. Climaxia: It really hurts..
  77. Alice: We can stop this you know..
  78. Climaxia: ..Okay okay.
  79. Climaxia: Fuck it really hurts
  80. Alice: Oh it can't be that bad
  81. Climaxia: *shoves cock into your dirty asshole*
  82. Alice: Ahh! Climaxia?!
  83. Climaxia: :)
  84. Climaxia: I'm going to cum
  85. Alice: Mmm cum in my ass
  86. Climaxia: *shoots a huge load into your ass*
  87. Alice: Mmm so full
  88. Alice: Oh fuck I'm going to spill
  89. Climaxia: Spill?
  90. Alice: #2
  91. Climaxia: Oh :)
  92. Alice: Ugh now my be is all dirty
  93. Alice: Lick it clean before going to bed
  94. Alice: I'm going to sleep in my waste, you should too
  95. Climaxia: Um.. my mom is going to wonder what happened again
  96. Alice: Just make up an excuse and follow instructions
  97. Alice: Mmmm they're so warm..
  98. Climaxia: Imagining you sleeping like that is kind of hot
  99. Alice: Hehe
  100. Alice: Goodnight Climaxia
  101. Climaxia: Goodnight
  102. Climaxia: and thanks
  104. WOW GROSS~~~!!
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