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  1. Armos|Killing Me
  2. Petey Mac|Love Is The Answer (Extended Mix)
  3. High Noon At Salinas & Noah Shah|Siente El Sol (Extended Mix)
  4. Alex Hobson|On You (Extended Mix)
  5. Glaze|Rewired (Extended Mix)
  6. Ben Rainey x Ryan Nichols|Hey Yeah (Extended Mix)
  7. All Hail The Silence|The Alarm (Vince Clarke Remix)
  8. Rolo Green & Kolonie|Deeper (Kris O'Neil & Flynthe Club Mix)
  9. Martin Graff|Oya (Extended Mix)
  10. Paul Hawcroft|Surrender (Extended Mix)
  11. Matt Black|1994 (Extended Mix)
  12. Daniel Ortgiess|Horizon Dawn (Extended Mix)
  13. Charmes|Bounce (Extended Mix)
  14. Party Killers|Take Me Back (Extended Mix)
  15. DANK|LivInItUp (Extended Mix)
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