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  1. >wake up.
  2. >it's a slow process.
  3. >these sheets are unreasonably comfortable and the cloud mattress is just unfucking fair.
  4. "errrmmmmm"
  5. >you roll to your right and reach out your arms to wrap around....
  6. >nothing
  7. >dammit, you guess there really is no helping it.
  8. >you open your eyes.
  9. >the now familiar sight of the royal bedchamber greets you.
  10. >a big room even by human standards.
  11. >for ponies, its positively positively cavernous.
  12. >the whole thing is done up in deep blues and purples that call to mind a cool night.
  13. >even the thick, magically charmed sheets presently keeping you from plunging through Luna's mattress.
  14. >your mattress.
  15. >you smile as you clamber out of the bed and stretch, bending your neck back.
  16. >you hold it maybe a little longer than you needed too
  17. >the false night sky of gemstones in the roof still hasn't gotten old.
  18. >but all the grandeur notwithstanding, the castle tower is incomplete without its princess
  19. >where'd she get to anyway?
  20. >you pad into the attached bathroom and grab your robe off the rack
  21. >put it on and take just a second to splash some water on your face, brush your teeth, and comb your hair
  22. >getting used to the nocturnal schedule took a while, but its feels just like any old morning back home now.
  23. >but now you've got a pony to find.
  24. >you stride back out into the bedroom proper.
  25. >could she have gone to hold court?
  26. >she's supposed to be off today.
  27. >dinner/breakfast meeting with her sister?
  28. >usually mentions that kind of thing.
  29. >pulled away to a state emergency?
  30. >wouldn't be the first time.
  31. >in the library catching up on a thousand years of culture?
  32. >you don't think she has quite finished A Tale of two Griff...
  33. >oh, the door to the balcony is open.
  34. >has she not finished raising the moon?
  36. >Stepping out into the cool night air, you find luna on the balcony.
  37. >shes sitting with her forelegs up on the railing, her chin lying on the stone between them.
  38. >her face looks distant and sad as she stares out over the lights of the city below.
  39. >You walk up beside her silently and place your hand around her shoulder, the familiar tingle from touching her ethreal mane sendingpins and needles up your arm.
  40. >there is a light pressure on your hip as she leans into the hug.
  41. "something wrong, moonbeam?"
  42. >she snorts and buffets you with her wing
  43. >"I told you to stop calling me that. Its not dignified"
  44. "you'll have to keep trying. I can only be so stubborn, right?"
  45. >"mayhap I shall have the guards try their hooves at persuasion."
  46. >she lifts her head up to smile at you with amusment and just the barest hint of menece
  47. >"perhaps they would reach the limits of your stubbornness more quickly than I?"
  48. "mercy o wise and benevolent princess, take mercy upon your faithful servant"
  49. >after you finish quaking in faux terror you drop to one knee to get on eye level.
  50. "but seriously, what's wrong?"
  51. >her face falls a little, and she turns back towards Canterlot proper
  52. >a few long moments of silence stretch out between you until finally she sighs and begins to speak
  53. >"I'm just... musing over my own selfishness"
  54. >selfishness
  55. >thats a new one
  56. >you start to ask what she means but she continues on her own
  58. >"when I gave in to the nightmare and comitted treason against my own family, I couldn't have deserved anything but a quick death."
  59. >"yet, my sister went out of her way to save my life. she risked the very world to banish me and spare my life."
  60. >"when I returned again, bringing terror and strife to my homeland once more, I again could not deserve anything more than death or prolonged imprisonment."
  61. >"yet, Twilight Sparkle and her friends chased the shadows from my mind and set me free."
  62. >"When I came back to Canterlot disgraced and alone I could not expect anything more than a comfortable cage. the discraced royal relative, still loved but untrusted"
  63. >"yet my sister sat me upon a throne near co-equal to hers, and called me ruler of the night."
  64. >"when I ascended that throne I could ask for nothing more than respect. how could ponies come to love a ruler who for a thousand years was a monster from the storbooks?"
  65. >"yet the denizens of the little town of ponyville opened p their hearts to me"
  66. >"even so, I should have been content to sit my throne alone. A thousand years of culture, change, and progress lies between me and any stallion of equestria. how could I find romance with one so strange to me?"
  67. >at this she turns back towards you and nuzzles against your neck, pulling you into a full hug.
  68. >"yet, from beyond my very stars comes another stranger in this strange land, so that we might be lost... together"
  69. >her grip around you tightens just a bit.
  70. >you wrap your arms around her, lacing your fingers through the feathers at the base of her wings.
  71. "that doesn't really sound selfish to me," you say. "It sounds like you appreciate what you have."
  72. >"mmmm"
  73. >she groans as she pulls back from you and drops her hooves to the floor.
  75. >"its not that..." she says. "it's that even though I've had five miracles in my life, I still want one more."
  76. >her front hooves work back and forth against the stone tile of the balcony and her eyes turn down to stare at them
  77. >she akes a deep breath and her shoulders hunch inward just a little as if she iss bracing for a blow
  78. >"Anon, I want a foal."
  79. >the words hit you like a hammer
  80. >a strange mix of frank terror and giddy happiness welling up in your heart
  81. >you reach out your hand towards her
  82. "Luna, of cour..."
  83. >the look in he eyes as she raises them to meet yours stops you dead.
  84. >you break away from her gaze to glance at your hand
  85. >your human hand.
  86. >oh. ohhhhhhhhh.
  87. "oh"
  89. >"yes," she says, drawing your eyes back. "it would be completely impossible for us right now."
  90. >she looks away again. this time back into the bedroom that you share.
  91. >"but I might have a way if you're willing to... to.."
  92. >she swallows hard
  93. >"If you're willing to let me..."
  94. >her words fade away to background noise
  95. >you cant hear anything over the sound of the blood punding in your ears.
  96. >is she about to ask you if she could sleep with some stalion?
  97. >pain and betrayal rise up within you.
  98. >how could she ask such an awful thing?
  99. >whould she be fine with you chasing tail around the castle?
  100. >of course not!
  101. >no
  102. >you get ahold of yourself
  103. >this isn't the right way to think about this
  104. >she isn't running around behind your back.
  105. >shes coming to you and asking permission right to your face.
  106. >not because she doesn't think you're enough.
  107. >she just wants to have a foal that the two of you could raise together.
  108. >in that context, can you bear with it?
  109. >its just sex, after all.
  110. >She wouldn't hold this stallion under her wing on the castle roof as she teeches him the name of the constelaions.
  111. >she wouldn't sit on the bed enraptured as the stallion put on clumsy one pony plays reenacting the fables of a distant world.
  112. >she wouldn't slowly dance with this stallion to gentle music outside of the gala and bury her face in his shoulder.
  113. >it would just be sex.
  114. >thats not so bad right?
  115. >yeah, maybe you could be alright with this.
  116. >as long as she didn't want you to watch.
  117. >you see that Luna has finished talking as you've worked out your answer.
  118. >You go to tell her 'maybe', but when you see her eyes so full of fear and desperate pleading there is only one thing you can say.
  119. "ok"
  121. >her face breaks into a wide, wondering smile
  122. >"do you really mean it, Anonymous?"
  123. "yes, I mean it. I would do anything for you. for us."
  124. >almost to your own surprise, you find that as the words leave your mouth you really do mean them.
  125. >what other answer could you have ever given.
  126. >"Oh, thank you. thank you thank you thank you. there's no way I could possibly tell you how much this means to me."
  127. >she pulls you into a tight hug again and flaps her wings, lifting you both just a little off the ground and spinning you around.
  128. >setting you back down, she stays just in the air, keeping herself at eye level
  129. >"I couldn't tell you..."
  130. >her eyes narrow and she gives you a smoldering look.
  131. >"but maybe I could show you" she purrs
  132. >her horn begins to glow with a deep blue light
  133. >what
  134. >before you can vocalize the question a bolt of magic catches you square in the chest
  135. >a wave of vertigo and not-pain sweeps over you as you are sent flying back into the room to land on the bed with an "oof"
  136. >you are promptly blinded as you become tangled in the sheets and your bathrobe
  137. >in fact, as you try to disentangle yourself it seems like the robe is far to large for you
  138. >finally, you get your head and arms free and...
  139. >and you see a pair of hooves at the end of forelegs covered in soft yellow fur
  140. >OF COURSE the solution would have been some sort of magic
  141. >how could you have been SO STUPID
  142. >you should really really work on not tuning people out
  143. >there is a flash of blue light from the balcony and then Luna comes galloping in through the door, a strange stumbling waddle to her gait
  144. >she rears up and brings her forehooves onto the bed just beside you.
  145. "Lunaaa"
  146. >your voice cracks, high and quaking.
  147. >you clear your throat
  148. "Luna"
  149. >better. higher than you're used too, but better.
  151. "Luna, that was a little sudden, don't you think?"
  152. >"t-tis true, Anonymous, but I have found in my time that once you have made a hard decision it is best to act on your decision right away rather than let it fester."
  153. >"now," she says leaning over you, "I have cast a spell to make myself ready as well. Shall we act upon it?"
  154. >Luna's face is flushed and her teeth are bared in a hungry smile. Before, you were taller than her and nearly equal in size but now, even with her lower body still on the floor, she looms over you.
  155. >it's an intimidating sight but also a titillating one.
  156. >your heart starts to beat a little faster in your chest.
  157. >this isn't really worse than her sleeping with some stallion is it?
  158. >in fact, you could even say its better
  159. >you hesitate just a moment before giving a single tentative nod.
  160. >that's all Luna needs
  161. >she's on you in an instant, lips locked against yours, tongue exploring your new and forigen mouth.
  162. >she's easily half again your size now and she handily pins you to the bed
  163. >as her tongue continues its exploration one of her forehooves snakes its way down your belly in between your thighs to tease at your sheath
  164. >you groan into her mouth as an electric bolt of pleasure connects the two points of contact
  165. >she withdraws her mouth just a little to let out a small giggle at your sound of pleasure
  166. >"you're enjoying the new body?"
  167. >you would answer, but her hoof is still working at you and you cant quite get the words out
  168. >she goes back to kiss your neck as you writhe under her ministrations
  169. >then down onto your chest
  172. >your belly
  173. >the hoof working at you withdraws and you breathe a sigh of relief and disappointment
  174. >your break doesn't last long though, because her mouth has reached its destination
  175. >as her tongue drags across you your eyes go wide, staring sightlessly at the starry ceiling, and your teeth clench
  176. >her tongue is relentless, moving up and down your sheathe
  177. >you moan and clamp your thighs tight around her head, squeezing so tight that they ache a little
  178. >it doesn't slow her down at all
  179. >she just plungers her tongue deeper until your back arches
  180. >oh god that feels good
  181. >a thought comes unbidden to your mind
  182. >how the hell is she still working your sheathe?
  183. >You're damn near finished, there is no way you don't have an erection yet?
  184. >the question is blown away as Luna rakes her tongue across you on final time then plunges it deep.
  185. >your vision goes white and you scream in ecstasy as one of the best orgasms of your life rocks your body.
  186. >you lie still for a while panting in the afterglow, staring at nothing
  187. >eventually though, you come back to yourself
  188. >"art thou prepared for the main event, Anonymous?"
  189. >lazily craning your neck towards the other weight you feel in the bed, you see luna standing over you
  190. >and quietly bobbing beneath her is a huge throbbing horse cock
  191. >it's thick and black, standing out even against her dark coat
  192. >the veins stand out proud beneath its taught skin, pulsing slightly with each of her heartbeats
  193. >the flare at its tip is enormous, like a fist at the end of an arm, and it's shining with the first few drops of precum
  194. >that would explain the lack of erection.
  195. >she wasn't playing with your sheathe, she was playing with your vagina
  196. >she didn't turn you into a stallion, she turned you into a mare.
  198. "wha.. I.. I dun..."
  199. >You try to force out half a dozen questions but your mind is still reeling from the orgasm and the shock of seeing Luna's penis and realizing your condition.
  200. >all you get out is a bunch of half words
  201. >Luna closes her eyes and scrunches her muzzle up
  202. >"ohhh, I'm sorry Anonymous I want to give you more time to recover but I don't think I can"
  203. >she brings her hoof to the tip of her cock and gently boops it, sending it swaying
  204. >she visibly shivers at the moment of contact
  205. >"this thing is... affecting me more than I expected. How do you stallions walk around with one all the time and act civilized"
  206. >her horn lights up and you feel the familiar sensation of her telekinesis wrapping around you.
  207. >"sorry, Anonymous but please bear with a little hastiness"
  208. >Luna flips you over onto your stomach and raises your rear end up until your back hooves are planted firmly on the bed
  209. >you feel your tail instinctively flick to the side in preparation for what's about to happen
  210. >finally, your voice comes back to you
  211. "Luna could we mayUGHHHmmmm"
  212. >but you are cut off as she mounts you, her weight coming down on your shoulders and driving your face down into the pillows
  213. >that's when you feel it.
  214. >a building sense of pressure down below i what you now know to be your fresh virgin marehood.
  215. >you clench your teeth and groan into the soft pillows as you clench your thighs tighter together to stop it.
  216. >but it isn't enough
  217. >there's a faint popping sound and a sudden sensation of contented fullness
  219. >"Oh, Anon, that feels divine!"
  220. >the sensation spreads deeper into your body as she sinks into you
  221. >you clench your eyes shut, blinking out tears as she bottoms out deep inside of you, her brand new pair of balls resting against you.
  222. >it feels like there's a cannon inside you, like you're damn near about to be split i half.
  223. >it also feels right.
  224. >She pulls out and you whimper at the sudden feeling of emptiness, but before you can even question it she thrusts back in, hard, rocking you forward.
  225. "oooonnnahhh!"
  226. >you cant quite scream out her name with a moth full of sheets, but you damn well try.
  227. >she begins to build to a steady rhythm, fucking you relentlessly down into the the cloud mattress.
  228. >driving your body deeper and deeper down into it on each thrust
  229. >she cries out your name again and again, so loud that you're sure ponies sleeping down in Canterlot have been woken up.
  230. >you don't care.
  231. >all you're thinking about right now is the endless plunging penetration in your marehood.
  232. >you start throwing your hips back in time with her thrusts, hoping to get just a little more of her cock inside you
  233. >"by that stars!"
  234. >Luna apparently approves
  235. >in what feels like no time at all or maybe forever, she leans down to speak into your ear
  236. >"Anon. Huh Hah. I'm almost. huah. there."
  237. >you can't reply at all at first
  238. >but then you feel her teeth clamp down on your mane at the base of your neck and pull
  239. >you scream at the sudden burst of pleasure at the sensation
  240. >your first loud and free scream of the night, as your head is yanked up from the mattress
  241. "Oh god, yes! fill me up inside, Luna!"
  242. >that seems to be all the encouragement she needs
  243. >she redoubles her efforts, pounding away at you even harder
  244. >the bed is even moving now, the heavy oaken frame sliding inches across the floor with every thrust
  245. "yes, harder!"
  247. >your voices are reversed now, yours piercing the air and Luna's deadened by her mouthful of mane
  248. >with one last mighty thrust Luna plunges deep inside you and holds it tight
  249. >you scream wordlessly in pleasure as yon feel a wave of fluid blasting into you
  250. >the world goes white again as you are rocked off your hooves by the second colossal orgasm of the night.
  251. >you come to a few minutes later, being held tightly in Luna's hooves as she spoons you
  252. >she seems to be out cold.
  253. >you blink lazily, looking at nothing in particular.
  254. >that was... quite something.
  255. >you nuzzle up closer against Luna's chest and pull her forelegs tighter around you.
  256. >later, you'll confront her and she'll explain, again, about how dangerous it would be for a foal to grow within a body with as much magic as she has.
  257. >she'll talk you around again on how solid the plan for you to carry the foal is.
  258. >she'll tearfully apologize for not realizing that you didn't grasp it, and berate you for not listening.
  259. >you'll come to grips with it with your rational mind and make the decision again one way or another.
  260. >you certainly won't ever tune out an important conversation again, just because you think you know where its going.
  261. >but all that reasoning is for later
  262. >you close your eyes and focus on the feel of Luna's heartbeat thumping against your back
  263. >right now is nothing but feeling
  264. >and as you fall asleep in Luna's hooves, with her semen leaking out of you delightfully sore marehood and rolling down your thigh, you only have one word to describe how you feel:
  265. >perfect.
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